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Being a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the summer break, the halls of the Beacon University dormitory were as empty as ever. Most people that didn't go home for the break were out having fun, but in one of the second floor common rooms, there were four girls sitting around, three of them teasing the other about her underwear choice.

"My underwear is not boring!" Pyrrha whined. "It's part of Mistrali-"

"Yeah yeah yeah we know!" Yang interrupted. "It's part of Mistrali culture to usually not wear underwear! But Pyr, the last time I checked all you had was white and tan." She managed before bursting into laughter.

"When were you looking at my underwear??" Pyrrha questioned, cheeks tinting pink, causing Yang to stop laughing.

"Oh here and there. Not important." Yang deflected with a smirk.

"What of course it is! Yang did you go through my underwear drawer?!" Pyrrha pressed as she looked at Yang, blushing intensely at the cheshire grin before her.

Weiss sighed. "Ignoring Yang's lack of respect, she is correct, you do need an upgrade in your wardrobe, specifically in the lingerie department." An unusually quiet Ruby suddenly seeming interested, peeking over her comic.

"I... I don't..." Pyrrha stammered.

"Yeah! Let's go get you some sexy underwear! To impress a certain someone..." Yang teased as she leaned over to nudge Pyrrha.

Pyrrha tried to look away, continuing to blush wildly. "There's no someone..."

Yang wrapped an arm around Pyrrha, who tried to squirm away. "Oh come on! We all know you've got the hots for Ren!". Which caused the redhead to stiffen in her seat.

"Ren is a dear friend... and Nora loved him first..." Pyrrha mumbled, gaze dropping to the floor.

"So you're admitting it?" Weiss asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I... uh... it's just a... little crush..." Pyrrha murmured.

"Oh sure, that's why you stare at him constantly." Yang pointed out.

"And you studied his religion to understand him on a deeper level." Weiss added with air quotes.

"And I think I've heard you moan is name before!" Ruby burst, to which Pyrrha's cheeks heated up once again.


An uncomfortable silence settled before Yang spoke up. "I've heard it too."

"Can we please just talk about something else??" Pyrrha begged.

Weiss rolled her eyes before flinching as her phone vibrated with a very familiar tone.

"Oh! That reminds me! You don't need to worry Pyrrha! Ren and Nora never went out!" Ruby beamed. "Besides, Nora's with Blake's friend! Uh... shoot Yang what's her name?"

Yang laughed. "It's Neon, Rubes. And Pyr, I'm sure he's got eyes for you too! I mean, who wouldn't?" She cooed with a wink, causing Pyrrha to blush again.

As quietly as she could, Weiss slowly rose from her seat, attempting to sneak away. Unfortunately, her action did not go unnoticed. "Where ya going Weissy? Gonna go try to get some?" Yang wondered with a sly grin.

"Of course not." Weiss denied. "I'm simply going to go study."

"Seriously?" Ruby scoffed. "We're on holiday Weiss, lighten up!"

"I have been, but now it's time to start preparing for the next term." Weiss defended.

Yang rolled her eyes. "Fine then miss I'm gonna go study, we'll make sure not to disturb your studying." She mocked, miming air quotes.

Refusing to dignify Yang with a response, Weiss huffed, turning on her heal and walking away.

"Man, it makes ya wonder girls, when is she gonna get laid?" Yang joked.



Blake chuckled breathlessly at the sight before her, beautiful in ways many would never understand nor know. Her efforts always left them satisfied, but this time it was even more special, a spur of the moment idea made manifest, it deserved to be shared.

Blake shuddered, pulling her phone free. "This one is going to everyone." She purred, opening the photo app and snapping a picture. "I wonder what they'll think of you now."



As the sunshine dulled through curtains, Ilia awoke to an empty bed.

Stretching, she pulled herself up and sleepily made her way out of the room, only to be struck by a delicious scent. The scent of her mistress making lunch, stir fry from the smell and sound. Her favourite.

Approaching the kitchen, she was met with the a beautiful visage tending to the stove.

"Good afternoon mistress." Ilia greeted with a smile, hands clasped submissively behind her.

Feline ears twitched, and she was met with the gentle smile of her beloved. "Good afternoon my sweet." Kali Belladonna greeted. Leaving the sizzling wok to meet her in a loving kiss, Ilia shuddered as she broke away, almost chasing after the sweetness of her lips. "Todays lunch is your third reward." Kali purred, planting another kiss on Ilia's cheek before gently pushing her back, returning to her efforts. A familiar heat ignited in her stomach as the prior nights activities flashed in her minds eye. She had worked hard to serve, she always worked hard to serve. Her mistress deserved no less.

Leaving the kitchen, Ilia settled onto the couch, turning on the television and flicking through the channels. She heard her phone go off, vibrating on the coffee table, surprising Ilia. Wasn't her phone in the bedroom? She picked it up to find a message notification from Blake, at first she was excited, her best friend messaging her on this wonderful day, but then she opened the message, and was left stunned by the image before her.

A mixture of feelings ran through her mind, jumbling and fighting for dominance, before resignation reigned supreme.

She couldn't hide her worries anymore, she needed to tell Kali.