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5 Times McKay Overworked and Sheppard Was There and 1 Time He Wasn't

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McKay watched as Sheppard read the latest results. He really wasn’t in the mood for this. He hit his head against the table when Sheppard did that confused look at him.
Groaning he moved over to his whiteboard and started from the beginning again, explaining it as if Sheppard was 5. McKay knew that he was being unnecessary snappy and rude, but he didn’t care.
He had spent the last three weeks either on an off-world mission or dealing with an issue on Atlantis. And to top it all off, they’d just had an inspection from Earth.
The inspector had just left when Sheppard barged in asking questions for an upcoming mission.
McKay shook his head, realising that he’d stopped talking for some time. He tried to continue with his point but the world around him was to fuzzy.
McKay fell backwards, Sheppard catching him just before he hit the table edge.
Setting him down Sheppard called for Carson. He pulled out the IV he’d nicked from medical and quickly got it into McKay. Removing the empty IV just before Carson entered.
Carson gave him a lecture on overworking people and banned him from going anywhere near McKay for a week. Price worth paying.