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easy now with my heart

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Since he was young, Yosuke was told that he had the most beautiful right eye. No one commented on his dull, brown left eye, but focused on the silver eye of his soulmate. It made him jealous of course, but he couldn’t help but agree with them. Eye colors were unique, but he would’ve never guessed that he would get one that different from everyone else’s. With a shining silver eye, he had more of a chance to find his soulmate than others.

However, he knew the math. He knew the chances of anyone meeting their “actual” soulmate was less than thirty percent. His parents weren’t each others’ actual soulmates, but it didn’t stop them from falling in love. Their permanently mismatched eyes weren’t an issue unlike whose turn it was to wash the dishes.

There were a lucky few he knew that were actual soulmates. Chie and Yukiko for example had known they were soulmates since they were young. They were inseparable, even though Yukiko had become the spotlight in Inaba as the “Amagi challenge.” Her heart was forever Chie’s as she often said. Watching the many and seemingly endless hoard of guys get their asses kicked was always a source of amusement for Yosuke.

Still, even with the odds as low as they were, Yosuke never stopped hoping that he’d find the person with the silver eye to match his own. He often daydreamed about what they’d be like. Were they a good cook? Or perhaps they were too excitable to cook without burning something. Maybe they were really artistic, or a poet. Whatever they were like, Yosuke knew he’d be able to love them. How could he not?

What am I even doing here? Yosuke thought as he watched the messages arrive at an alarming rate on his computer. He couldn’t keep up with how fast the website’s chat was moving, but it wasn’t like he had expected anyone to respond to him anyway.


djfrog: hi uh im lookin for any1 w/a silver eye n a brown eye? silver on the left preferably…


As other searches and responses sped through, he let out a heavy sigh and switched to a different tab. Even though he thought the attempt to be fruitless, a small part of him wanted to hear the chime if someone messaged him. Who knows, maybe his soulmate was just as desperate as he was at this point.

At 22 years old, Yosuke had never dated anyone much less found the person who matched his eyes. He was stubborn to a fault and never gave up on searching for his other half. Even when his friends or family shot him sympathetic and pitying looks, he didn’t stop. Chie often called him an idiot for it, but she didn’t know what it felt like to not have hers. How could she understand the emptiness in his chest? He couldn’t understand how his parents were able to live with it.

A sudden ping interrupted his brooding. He almost fell out of his chair in surprise. Was someone actually messaging him back? He wasted no time in switching back to the tab and checking his DMs.


sexygirls3719: hey cutie ;) heard you were looking for a hot girl… wanna video chat and see?


Yosuke’s head slammed onto his desk. It was a porn bot. He really shouldn’t have been surprised, those fuckers were everywhere. Raising his head, he proceeded to report the ‘user’ before blocking them. Hopefully the site was one that actually listened to the user’s complaints.

Deciding to give up for the night, he closed the window and opened his games folder. He’d give it another try when he could figure out how to work the website. For now, there was a RPG calling his name.

“Don’t tell me you actually signed up for one of those stupid sites,” Chie said, snatching the biggest piece of steak before Yosuke had the chance to. “The people there could be rapists or stalkers! Or even worse, they could trick you into falling in love with them and turn out to be a 40-year-old sleazebag who still lives with his mom.”

“That sounds very specific,” Teddie replied, taking a sip from his pineapple soda. “Has that happened to you before, Chie-senpai?”

“Of course not, you dummy! You just hear about those kind of situations on the news a lot.” She scowled at the younger boy, sitting up straighter. “I just want to look out for your brother. He isn’t exactly the brightest person I know.”

At this, Yosuke decided to finally join in on the conversation, previously just content with listening to the two bicker. “I’m not that dumb, Chie. Besides, I’ve only gotten one message so far and it was from a porn bot. I’ll be fine.”

“Yeah! Onii-chan can handle anything,” Teddie exclaimed. The blond looked at Yosuke with pure adoration. Teddie was born with already paired eyes, a rarity. The fact that he didn’t have a soulmate didn’t bother him though. He was content with his friends and family. Yosuke sometimes felt bad for his little brother, but it often subsided when he thought about how uncommon it was for someone to find their soulmate anyway.

Chie rolled her eyes, pushing away from the table. “Whatever. At least it’s not another one of those ads you put in the newspaper. That was the most pathetic thing I had ever seen,” she teased. Standing up, she gathered her belongings. “Come on, Komiyama Shoten finally got Rinko Kawauchi’s latest photobook.”

Another gift for Yukiko? Chie, you useless lesbian,” Yosuke shot back. He rose to his feet as well, cleaning up his and Teddie’s mess. “I need some new posters anyway, so why not? Do you need anything, Ted?”

Padding over to the side of his brother, the blond shook his head. “Nope! Unless there’s a pack of pocky in there somewhere.”

With that, the trio began to make their way to the store. Chie, of course, went straight to the second floor in search of the special photobook. The boys stayed on the first, content looking through the common Japanese books and artwork.

As Yosuke was walking through one of the halls of towering books, he accidently jostled someone already standing to the side. He closed his eyes on instinct, taking a couple of steps back before opening his left eye to look at the other person.

In front of him was the most handsome man he’d ever seen. Silver hair matched silver eyes to a fault, framing a square face. With a pang, Yosuke realized that the others’ eyes were identical, as in he had already found his soulmate.

“Sorry about that, man! I should’ve been watching where I was going,” Yosuke apologized. He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, feeling his face flush in embarrassment.

Shock morphed into understanding as the other shook his head. “No worries. It’s my fault, too. I shouldn’t have been standing in the middle of the aisle.”

He let both eyes open before averting his gaze. Staring was rude, even if it was like the other’s face was magnetic. Sheesh, he was starting to sound like Yukiko or Chie with how he was going on about this stranger. He needed to stop before anything happened.

Teddie, thankfully, found the perfect time to interrupt the awkward situation. “Yosuke! I found some matcha tea pocky! Can I get it, please?” He whined loudly, running until he was at Yosuke’s side.

Turning, Yosuke tried to say goodbye to the stranger, but the man was already gone. Shrugging his shoulders, he looked back to his brother and grinned. “Didn’t I say you could? C’mon let’s go see if Chie’s ready.”

However, Teddie seemed frozen solid. His eyes were wide and the hand holding the box of pocky covered his mouth. “Yosuke… your eyes are one color! Did you meet your soulmate?” He exclaimed, looking around as if he could find the one who had silver eyes.

“What are you talking about? My eyes are still…” He trailed off, Teddie’s phone suddenly being shoved in his face. For the first time, his eyes were identical. Does that mean that man was my soulmate? He thought, feeling as though time had slowed. Frantically, he tore through the store to look for the man who had the matching hair and eyes, but he was gone.