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Oh, brother

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“You have a brother?” Beth squeaks.

Maisie hisses, “shut up!” As she drags her into the foyer.

Beth clamps her lips closed in surprise, her back pack hanging off one shoulder and her hair a sloppy, sticky ponytail in the sun. “Did I miss somethin’?”

Maisie rolls her green eyes sky high and drags Beth deeper into the house, darting a nervous glance to the kitchen. “Shut up for two seconds an’ I’ll spill the beans.”

Beth raises her eyebrow at her long time friend’s behaviour and waits patiently, letting her backpack slide to the carpet when Maisie successfully shoves her into the den. With the door a solid click behind them, her friend blows her copper curl out of her eye and glares at Beth with a face full of freckles.

“Okay, don’t talk. Just listen.”

So she does.

Maisie fills her in.

Seems that her Daddy Michael had himself a little love child some forty years ago, ten years before he met Maisie’s Mama and twenty years before Maisie herself was conceived. A grand total of twenty three years before having Declan, Maisie’s younger and only sibling. The love child’s name is Daryl.

“Daryl Dixon?” Beth presses. “Hold the fuck up. The violent guy down on the trailer park? That Daryl?”

“Er, yeah,” Maisie flushes and she’s so pale she’s pink instantly.

Poor girl takes after her Mama so much with her cat features and red hair. Unfortunately she also carries her Mama’s fair skin too.

“He’s here,” Maisie adds. “An’ Mama got called to work so it’s just me, him an’ Daddy. It’s so awkward in there Beth, you gotta save me,” her friend pleads.

Beth blows an incredulous breath. “That guy threw a beer at my head once. A glass bottle. Glass! M’sorry, you’re on your own, Mais.”

“No!” Her friend shouts as she grips Beth's wrist. “Please, I’ll do your biology homework for a week, I swear to God. He’s so moody! He makes me feel bad for even breathin’!”

Beth smothers a smile. “A week is not enough.”

“Two!” Maisie adds a little desperately. “An’ you can ask Jimmy to the prom.”

Snorting, Beth shakes her wrist out of her friends grip. “I’ll stay but I’m goin’ up to your room.”

Maisie gapes. “What am I bribin’ you for!?”

“An’ excuse to get away from him an’ leave him with your Daddy. It’s his mess, not yours,” Beth laughs, picking up her backpack. “See you upstairs!”

When she swings the door open, she takes in a startled gasp, her stomach clenching in surprise. Daryl is emerging from the kitchen. He looks cleaner than she’s ever seen him before and his eyes are more focused. Last time she saw him he was a drunk in a wife beater. Then again, that was nearly five years ago, she’s just been too chicken shit to ever go near the trailer park again. Maybe he’s cleaned up his act. Maybe he always had it together and she prejudged him. Even still, he’s Daryl Dixon and everyone knows about him. He loses his temper faster than anyone Beth’s ever seen. He’s also well known for shouting at the kids that have the displeasure of walking past his trailer, especially if they’ve been dared to touch his bike.

“Er… hi,” she breathes awkwardly, shuffling in her dorky t-shirt and jeans.

“Hey,” he rumbles politely, his voice like gravel that makes her skin prickle.

Maybe he doesn’t remember her at all.

“I’m Beth. Beth Greene,” she introduces herself, suddenly remembering her manners.

Daryl’s closer to her Daddy’s age than hers so it should have been instinct to greet him correctly but there’s something about the rugged guy: his broad shoulders, small beard and blue eyes that doesn’t make her think of an old man.

“I know,” he grunts, his eyes darting to Maisie when she comes out behind him. “Ya Maisie’s best friend.”

“Yeah,” Beth smiles. “Knew her all my life.”

His lips part but he says nothing and she blushes, wondering if she’s crossed some kind of line. She knows his sister better than him because two families kept a secret.

“Erm, see you… then,” she rushes out.

“See ya.”

Hurrying past him, she darts her eyes to Maisie who flares her green pools in a please don’t leave me gesture but there’s no way Beth’s going back down there.

Her heart is still racing.

It’s 4.23am, according to her phone.

Beth blinks up at the ceiling and wonders why she’s awake. It’s only when she hears the moans of a woman that she understands. She cringes, immediately thinking of Maisie’s parents but the moan of the woman is young, soft. It sparks a stirring between her legs. Maisie’s family have an expansive home and they have not only a den downstairs but something similar upstairs too. The one downstairs is more for her best friends parents but the one up here is next to Maisie’s room before the bathroom. The second floor only consists of two bedrooms, the bathroom and the den, Mr and Mrs Samuel's having the whole third floor to themselves.

Beth wonders for a second if Declan is watching porn but his room is too far down the hall. Unless he’s in the den, although that seems a bit brazen. Pushing up from the bed, Beth slides out of the sheets and heads out the room quietly, blinking into the muted light of a television from down the hall. The moans are fainter, like Declan realised the volume was too loud and hastily turned it down. Beth heard it though and her pussy is responding to it. Licking her lips, she peaks in, expecting to find Maisie’s brother and well… finding Maisie’s brother.

The other one.

Daryl is nestled in a very comfy looking pile of blankets, all of them rich and soft furs, she knows from many years playing in here. It smells like nostalgia and she smiles until her eyes find the TV. It’s a film, not porn but it practically is porn. There’s a sex scene on, turned down low now so that she has to strain to hear, even stood at the door. The knob is tight under her palm, her knees trembling as the guys arms flex on the girls thighs, his hips slamming into her. The camera has an amazing view of his ass, all the rippling muscles in his back and the sleek, golden brown legs of the woman beneath him.

He slams home once more and the woman on screen turns her head into the pillow with a cry, the camera panning out so the audience can see her peaked, dark nipples. Beth gapes softly. She’s never seen brown nipples. Her own are soft pink and Maisie’s are too, she’s seen them plenty enough to know. There’s not many other examples for her to draw from and as the guy collapses and lights up a cigarette, Beth is transfixed by the sight of the woman’s nipples.

“You lesbian or summin’?” A low voice rumbles.

Beth startles, taking in Daryl’s head tipped over the back of the sofa. “What?”

He nods his head to the TV, a beer loose in his grip. “Seem plenty interested in her.”

“I’m interested in both of them,” she answers without thinking and blushes even hotter in the dark room.

“Oh, swing both ways, huh?” Daryl mutters. “Close the door if you’re stayin’. Need to turn it up, can’t hear shit.”

Beth’s silent in the face of both the invitation and proclamation. Does she swing both ways? Is that what her interest in that woman’s nipples was? Desire? She clears her throat and glances back down the hall at her friend’s room, where she should go back. Something feels like it’s brewing though, here inside the den. Stood in the literal and figurative doorway. To close the door behind her in the den or the hall? She swallows as she steps inside, enclosing her heating body into the dense darkness. It’s hot in here, the curtains pulled tight and windows shut. Her cheeks instantly feel red, her bare thighs clammy. Realising she’s in her sleep shorts makes her feel both embarrassed and brazen.

She steps around the sofa to the free side and sits down, intending to hang onto the edge with her ass. It’s too comfy to resist though and the furs are like heaven on her flushed skin. Beth let’s them hold her, cradle her as she gets comfy, her bare legs raising to tuck beneath her. Daryl glances down when she does that and she freezes, not having realised how little space there was on the sofa.

Clearing her throat she makes to move them but he stills her with a large, hot palm on her ankle. “S’fine.”

“Thanks,” she croaks thickly.

“Want some’a this?” Daryl asks, offering his beer.

“I’ve never drank alcohol before,” she hesitates. “My Daddy has issues.”

He snorts. “You ain’t gonna become an’ alcoholic, girl. Just take a sip, clear your throat. Sound all backed up, s’nasty.”

Beth smiles at his rough mannerisms. He’s charming in an unexpected way and she takes the offered beer with a smile. It tastes awful but it does help her throat to clear up and she can breathe easier after.

She passes it back as she settles back into the sofa, covered in soft furs. “Y’know, you threw one of those at my head once.”

Daryl blinks at her slowly, like she’s speaking a whole other language. “Shit, I did?”

Beth’s lips curl as she nods. “Like… five years ago.”

“Oh,” he mutters, eyes flickering to the the TV and then back to her. “Yeah, sounds a ‘bout right. Was going through some shit.”

She hums in acknowledgement, not wanting to pry and Daryl doesn’t offer anymore details so she looks back to the TV too. The scene is still the two naked people although they’re now covered where they need to be. Just the guys rippling muscles and the girls nipples, which Beth’s eyes are drawn to again. She sees Daryl’s head turning in her peripheral vision and she swallows softly.

“You like her don’t you?” He asks and his voice is so quiet in the room she doesn’t even startle.

Goose bumps walk down her spine instead and she presses into the blankets more like she can get away from it, get away from what she wants. “Why you so interested?” She replies, turning her head to face him.

Daryl shrugs, playing with the remote in his hand. “Like seein’ a girl get off on another girl.”

Beth blushes, her legs squeezing together in surprise. She didn’t expect him to be so explicit. Being in only tiny sleep shorts, Daryl’s eyes are eager on her clenching thighs and she stills like a worm sighted by a bird. There’s something about him that makes her feel hunted.

His next words are husky and broken, pure sin, “an’ you’re close to gettin’ off.”

“I don’t even know you,” she breathes for lack of anything to say.

Daryl hums, his fingers playing over her ankle and lower leg. She wonders if he’s always this lax or if the beer unwound him. He finishes the bottle and puts it on the table near to him, his hand playing over the remote again until he comes across a babe station.

Beth snorts even as she blushes. “Fake moans don’t get me off.”

“Oh no?” He whispers and she’s stolen by his gaze, by the heat there as she shakes her head. “Y’wanna hear real moans?”

Breathlessly, she nods her head. She faintly feels like a fly being wrapped in a spider web. The dark room, the stifling air and her hot cheeks all lending to this sense of entrapment, though it’s one she sought out. Daryl wiggles on the sofa and then pulls his phone out of his back pocket. Beth sits up in interest, crowding closer to him so that her unbound breasts brush his bicep in her vest top. He glances at her and their faces are so close they could kiss but don’t, eyes glued to each other instead before Daryl looks away. She watches his fingers fly over his phone until he brings up his videos. There’s a still image of skin and body parts but she can’t work out what it is until he hits play.

The breath rattles to a stop in Beth’s throat as Daryl hurries to turn the volume down, angling his phone for her to see. "Is that…” she can’t even finish the question, her voice breathy and heart racing as the video keeps moving.

“Yeah, s’me,” he whispers in her ear, his large hand stroking her bare leg.

Beth’s pussy clenches as she keeps watching. The angle isn’t great, the camera shaky but quite clearly it’s Daryl’s cock slamming into a wet, rippling pussy. The woman underneath him, bent on her hands and knees is screaming herself hoarse as he fucks her, big round ass jiggling. He’s hard and ruthless, thrusting like he’s already close to cumming and Beth feels all her skin go hot the longer she watches, something painful vibrating between her legs. Breathing shakily, she says nothing when Daryl’s hand climbs higher, his mouth at her ear as she keeps watching the phone.

“S’that gettin’ you wet girl?” He whispers.

The smooth honey of his voice makes her want to slide her eyes closed and just bask in it. In the soft, dark heat of the room and the pounding excitement in her body, in the tugging between her legs and the breath of air on her ear. She doesn’t though, simply because she can’t tear her eyes away from the phone screen.

All she can do is nod.

The woman underneath Daryl is shaking, every inch of her golden legs trembling as he pulls out, showing Beth for the first time his swollen cock. She whimpers, watching with hot cheeks and wide eyes as liquid pushes out of the woman’s cunt, soaking the bed beneath them while Daryl groans loudly. At the same moment, the living, breathing Daryl next to her let’s his rough fingers slip beneath her loose sleep shorts, fingertips fumbling at her panties. She pants with an open mouth into the darkness, her eyes reverted to the screen. Everything she sees heightens everything she feels and when Daryl touches down on her clit, she feels like she’s gonna come apart.

Beth moans softly, her eyes half lidded and struggling to keep watching, her legs spreading so he has more room for his large hand to rub her clit, his fingers scooping up her wetness and playing with it. Her pussy lips feel so swollen that every nudge of his wrist makes her tremble. The video finishes abruptly, stopping before Daryl came but he simply flicks his thumb and puts on the next one, his hand still playing between her legs with an agonisingly slow pace. When the next video starts up it’s pretty much where the last one left off but his breathing is different and the woman’s moans are weak; tired.

Fucked out, Beth thinks and her pussy tightens so dangerously she sees stars in the corners of her vision. Daryl groans softly and it’s echoed by his video, the groan that presses through the speakers obscenely loud. Biting down on her lip, she moves her hips a little more with him, so close her stomach is burning with it.

“You a virgin?” He whispers in her ear and she stops looking at the video only long enough to turn and nod.

He jerks his head like he expected her answer and she looks back at the phone, mouth drier than the dessert as his hips begin to snap against the woman underneath him, sending her up on her knees even as she slips. Beth lets out her first, fully rounded moan of arousal, her pussy trembling. Daryl’s breathing grows deeper and he presses a little harder into her clit but doesn’t go any faster, leaving her in the same slow, torturous glide. Her legs shake with the pressure, hot sweat burning at her temples as the orgasm pounds against her spine. Any second now, any second now…

On the phone Daryl’s cock buries deep and stills, the most stunning, dirtiest groan Beth’s ever heard flooding out into the room as he cums, the woman underneath him collapsing into the bed. When he pulls out, white cum in a sticky line comes with him and his hand not holding the phone parts the woman’s cunt. Her lips are swollen and red, driving Beth so high with need she pants, her chest rising rapidly as her heart races. The orgasm is right there, Jesus, God and then as Daryl’s fingers parts the woman’s slick pussy lips on the screen and her walls contract, pushing out a runner of cum, Beth feels herself explode.

Eyes squeezing shut against the brute force of it, she turns her face into Daryl’s shoulder and howls, shuddering so hard a noise punches out of her every time she does it. There’s the click of the phone and then his hand on the back of her head, his other one still between her legs.

“Fuck,” he breathes against her hair as she pants against his shirt, inhaling his scent. “You were amazin.”

Beth blushes, not understanding this term, not understanding what the hell just happened at all except that she wants more of it.

Daryl’s prickly mouth presses to her ear, his voice thick and dark, “how’d you feel ‘bout home movies?”

A laugh bursts out of her and her teeth nip lightly at his exposed collar bone. “Like I wanna make one.”