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Bleached And Fucked

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"And I don't want to see your fucking happy go lucky face ever again." Max yelled at David.

David reached up and felt a sting from the mark of a child's hand that just formed on his cheek. 

Max's eyes began to tear up as he grabbed his clothes and threw them on. David stared at the small ten year old boy as he walked toward the door of the counselors cabin. 

"Max? I'm sorry,  I-" Max cut David off before he could say anymore. 

"I told you before not to take it that far. " with that Max walked out of Davids cabin,  giving the tall man the finger as he exited. 

It was currently the middle of the night and David was not tired at all, especially after what just happened with Max. David laid in his bed with his sheets cascaded across his mattress because of the struggle he had with Max. David slipped his tongue and now it cost him. 



The next morning David woke up to a rather backwards wake up call. 

"Goood morning David!" Gwen said as she kicked open David's door. 

"Good morning Gwen! Wait,this feels backwards?" 

Gwen agreed to David's question,  then she explained to him why she was so excited. There was a newsletter advertisement hiring a co counseler. David was concerned at first, but was distracted when he heard a knock on his cabin door.

Gwen opened it ready to welcome the new Co Counseler,  until she seen who it was.  

A tall man with familiar features, wearing all white stood at the door. Being very discouraged Gwen steps out of the way of the now interested David. 

"Hello, I'm Daniel and I hope I'm not too late to submit my resume." Daniel said as he set down his suitcase. 

"Too late? You're the first one. The name's David." David grabbed Daniel's hand and shook it. 

The two counselors continued to chat as Gwen slowly walked away and into her car. Gwen drove out of camp Campbell quickly, saying she was taking her vacation leave. 

David gladly pulled Daniel into his cabin to finally sign him into being a Co Counselor. David began to debrief him on all the campers at the camp. 

"There's also Dolph, he may act like a ... Nazi? but don't worry about it, he loves to paint. You can usually find him in the art section of camp. And last but not least there is a kid named Max. oh, um,  Max. He ... is a special case."

Daniel seemed interested, especially when David began to blush slightly at the thought of Max. "Is he more special to you that the others?" Daniel said smiling and raising an eyebrow, implying something. 

David struggled to get his words out. "N-no no, I just - uh, Max is just ... more outspoken than the other campers." David's blush settled. "And right now he is avoiding me,  so I can't tell you were he might be."

Daniel hummed to himself when he thought about what kind of character Max might be. Daniel also couldn't wait to meet everyone else so that he could convert them and trick them into being brainwashed victims of his next murder.

"Alright! The papers are done, wanna go meet the other campers?" David offered cheerfully.

" Of course,  I'd love to meet those lovely children." Daniel perked up at the thought of finally leaving David's overly positive cabin. 

David was able to gather all the campers into the dining hall. David looked around for Max, he still wanted to apologize to the ten year old,  but Max was no where to be found. David tried asking Nikki and Neil, campers that Max tolerated, if they had seen him at all that morning. 

Neil spoke first. "He wasn't in the tent this morning so no I havent seen him."

"Oh!  I seen him walk into the woods with only pants on this morning! Really early." Nikki exclaimed as she jumped around.

David and Neil gave Nikki a questionable look for why she was up that early. 

"What? I had to grab fresh mud for my pockets, I was running low from the last time I threw it at David."

David winced at the thought of another mudball being thrown at him randomly by Nikki. He walked back over to a smiling Daniel. 

David introduced Daniel as camp Campbell's new Co Counselor, telling the campers to treat Daniel the same way they treat himself. And as if like clockwork, Nikki launched a mudball straight to Daniel's perfectly white shirt. David was worried if that would make Daniel mad and make him snap, but Daniel just swiped the brown mess off his shirt,  which didn't stain somehow, and told the kids how he has activities planned for getting to know each other and being one with ascending. 

"Well, since it seems like you have everything alright, I'm going to go find our hidden camper." David announced to Daniel, wanting to find Max before he got hurt, by something's other than David and his stupidity. 

Daniel stopped David in his tracks, "David,  wait, you said Max is still angry with you so why don't I go and find him. You can help with preparations for the activites." Daniel offered.

David thought about it, knowing how dangerous Max can be when he is really mad. "I mean if you are up to it, he can get really rough if you try to bring him back here physically." David tried to discourage Daniel, but David saw the caring Daniel. "Well,  alright. I can take care of the preparations while you go find Max. Good luck though. I don't know where he might be, but you can start in the forest."

Daniel hands David a list of objects he needs from the store outside of camp, and starts out the door. "Don't worry David me and Max will be back sooner than you can recite the camp Campbell motto." Daniel assured. 

David watched as Daniel left the dining hall, his kind smile falling to a slight frown. Space kid walked up to David and tugged on his counselor shirt. "Are you alright David?"

"Yeah, I'm just worried about Max."


"Because.... I love him." David slipped again. What he told Space kid would imply what him and Max kept a secret. Luckily Space kid wasn't that smart. 

"Aw, do you love me too. You must love everyone, because you're David." Space kid said. 

David showed a smile of relief. "Yes Space kid,  I do love everyone." With that Space kid skipped away from David, who's smile once again sunk. 

David looked at the list that Daniel handed to him. "Rat Poison? He must want to teach a lesson on rodents or something. Daniel is such a nice man." David said. 

David then told everyone what they were to do to get ready for Daniel's activates, then David left the campers and went into town. 


Meanwhile on Daniel's end of the camp, he was still searching for Max. Daniel didnt know where to begin looking, he didn't know anything about Max except for the fact that he was a troublemaker that David blushed over. 

"Since that cheerful man blushed over such a bad boy, either David has a fetish for kids that need discipline, or Max is a seductive little boy. Either way, it sounds like Max is going to be my favorite camper." Daniel whispered as he evily smiled while looking in bushes. 

While looking around, Daniel found a blue hoodie. Further along a path, he found shoes and a yellow shirt. Daniel could now track down Max. 

Max, currently hiding in a tree, stared down at the man dressed in all white. "What the fuck David? Just because you put all White clothes on, doesn't mean your a fucking angel or shit!  You're still nothing but a bastard!" He yelled angrily at Daniel not knowing he wasn't David. 

Daniel turned around looking for Max,  but still couldn't find him. "Oh Max is that you,  I've heard so much about you. Why don't you come out so we can introduce ourselves properly?" Daniel tries to influence the boy to come out. 

Max still not convinced was getting more aggravated the more he thought about the reason he hated David. "You even dyed you hair, going so fucking far to change yourself already. It isn't like the shit you said to me won't disappear."

"Oh Max," Danial said, "I'm not David. I'm your new Co counselor, Daniel. I'd love to see you, why don't you come out. come on."

Daniel heard the bushes behind him rustle, hearing slight footsteps. Ready for anything, Daniel turned around reaching for his dagger. 

"Now this is much better,  seeing each other, face to face." Daniel said smiling with lustful eyes.

Max was shirtless, with his tribal markings across his chest, neck, and arms. "Fuck, it seems like you aren't David. Well why the fuck are you out here anyway? Cause you aren't taking me back to that shithole camp. Especially where that fucking bastard David is waiting for me to return." Max whispered that last part, while slightly blushing. 

Daniel's smile stretched as he tilted his head to the side. "Oh, I didn't know you had such a dirty mouth, David only told me you were troublesome." Daniel said walking closer to the ten year old boy. 

Max tensed up. "Oh,  I see what the fuck is going on, David sent you out here to get me. Fuck that shit. I bet he told you all kinds of things to make me sound like a bad kid." Max pointed his finger at the tall blond angrily. "Bet he didn't tell you he's a fucking pedophile. Instead of finding me, you should find some damn cops and arrest that man."

"You know, Max, have you thought maybe you're the problem?"

"What? "

"I mean, why would you strip your clothes, making a path towards you, and cover yourself in those seductive tribal markings on your adorable, fuckable, body? Hmm? I believe you only wanted to be fucked, but sadly I'm not who you were expecting. You wanted David to find you, and then you wanted him to fuck you." Daniel slowly inched up on the small child. 

"Did you really just put the blame on me? And stop getting closer to me you freak! " Max said as he slowly backed away from Daniel. Max seen the noticeable bulge coming from Daniel's white pants, Max's stomach turned. .

"Oh Max,  it seems I've walked into the trap you set for someone else. I'm sure I can still satisfy you." Daniel annouced as he lunged the dagger towards Max's chest. 

Max fell to the ground, trying to collect his thoughts. "Oh fuck no,  I'm not being raped again. And I'm not dying either." With that Max jumped to his feet and ran away from the man. 

Unfortunately since Max was so short, and Daniel had such lengthy legs, Daniel quickly caught up to Max. Daniel got a hold onto Max's arm and lifted him to his eye view. Max was exhausted and terrified as Daniel brought the dagger to Max's chest. Max tried to struggle his way out the man's grip, but once the blade pierced the boys soft tan skin, Max whimpered and cried. Trying to grip on the crooked knife only failed Max. 

Daniel didn't cut deep enough to kill Max,  but it would leave a scar. The cut was a single line from the center of Max's ribcage to the tip of his belly button. Daniel dropped Max to the ground, the boy grunted from pain. Max tried to stand and run again, but Daniel kicked him back to the ground, making Max land on his belly. 

"Oh we can't have you trying to run away again. Let's just fix that problem." Daniel said as he grabbed Max by his ankle and sliced his left foot from his toes to his heel with the already bloody blade. Max screamed in pure agony as Daniel repeated the process to the right foot. Daniel dropped the crying boy on the ground, then undid his white belt, giving his bulge slight relief.

Max noticed his erection and whimpered at what he knew was coming next. "What? You going to fuck me like my dad did?"

Daniel pulled out his shaft and felt the precum on his head as he laughed. "Max, don't be scared. I'm going to be better than he was. You can call me daddy to make it more efficient."

"Fuck. No." Was all Max could get out,  knowing he couldn't do anything about what was about to happen. 

Daniel grabbed the bleeding boy again and placed him on a nearby bloulder. Even though Max was suffering enough to not fight back anymore, Daniel bound together Max's hands with his white belt. Max's hands were placed behind his back, crossed to a point of discomfort. As if Max wasn't in enough pain. 

Placing Max on his back, Daniel stripped Max of his final under garments, the only thing hiding Max's child size penis. Max continued to whine and scream as loud as he could to possibly get anyone's attention, eventually he began to call out David's name. Daniel did not like that. 

 Even though Daniel continued to smiled, he spoke and rubbed on Max's sliced stomach angrily. "Oh Max, calling for another man while I express my love to you. You do know that I love you right?" Before Max could answer, Daniel stuffed Max's mouth with the bottom of his tribal clothing, Max muffled under the fabric as he struggled to scream for help. 

Finally being able to pleasure himself, Daniel began to finger the poor defenseless boy. Pushing in, pulling out, slowly stretching Max's anus, Daniel prepared the boy for his erected member to enter. Max couldn't do anything but let this happen. 

 "I hope I've prepared you well, I can't wait any longer." Daniel began, "Your body is just calling me and it's begging me to release my ascending juices into you and I know you will enjoy it, especially once you're used to it. You will beg me for more." Daniel said as he finally penetrated the ten year old, watching as his and Max's fluid mixed. Max's blood and tears mixing with Daniel's sweat and cum. 

As Daniel fucked Max, he felt that something was missing. Daniel got out his blade and continued to slice at the boys abdomen. He cut two diagonal lines that connected to the original single line. By doing that Daniel carved a bleeding letter 'D' that was permanently to scar the body. It stands for Daniel, Max was now Daniel's property. Max wiggled from the new pain of the blade, this only excited Daniel more, he found what was missing. Daniel got pure enjoyment out of the pain Max went through. So Daniel continued to cut small cuts that wouldn't scar like the main one, but made to be the most painful. 

Max couldn't think of nothing but the pain that was being forced through his body. He tried his best to think of good thoughts, but nothing came to mind. Just his shitty memories at camp Campbell. 

How he parents sent him there every summer so that they didn't have to deal with Max. Max was close to suicide, trying escape the neglect and child abuse that his parents gave him. Especially his father. He would go into Max's room every night that his mother drank herself sleep, his father having no self remorse. Max's father would just fuck him senseless. Max thought he would escape sex with adults whenever he left home and went to Camp Campbell, but then Max met David.

David. The only person to ever love Max for who he was, and would wait until Max was ready and then advance. And when David did so, he was gentle and he took his time with the sexual intercourse him and the boy had. Max remembered how he would return David's words of love whenever they had sex, and then he remembered the last words of hate he said to David.

But in Max's eyes, David was in the wrong. David said things that hurt Max, accidently, but at the time Max didn't see it that way. And now it was too late.

He was once again being fucked in the ass roughly by a man he didn't love at all, and David was the only person who would actually care about him. But Max sent him away, saying he didn't want to see him again. Max deserved what was happening to him. 

He deserved the bleached version of David pounding into his asshole and moaning his name, while pulling on his locks of hair. He deserved the discharge that came after the loud orgasm Daniel had. He deserved it all, and more.

Max gave up on trying to fight Daniel once he realized that there was no use. Daniel smiled wildly, he was still having the aftermath of the amazing sex he just had with the ten year old. He loved it and wanted more.

"M-max. You know, you have such a lovely body ... and I'd love to see it more often. How about once I convert you and the other campers to my cult. And before I kill you all, I'll let you become my favorite and I keep you longer than anyone else."

Max couldn't even process all of what Daniel said to him. Daniel removed the clothing from Max lips. Drool dripped from his lips to the fabric. "K-kill... Love? You l-love me? No one loves me." Max confessed as Daniel leaned down and kissed the Max. As if Daniel was trying to eat the inside of Max's mouth, the two shared a sloppy, wet kiss. Daniel pulled from the kiss, humming from the sweet taste. 

Daniel lifted the boy and held him bridal style, Max was motionless, trauma making him limp in Daniel's arm's. On the way back to camp, the sun set and it was almost time for the camp to set in for bed. Max was already dozing off, once the pain eased slightly. Daniel found Max's jacket once again on the way to the camp, so he placed it over the boys chest to hide the obvious sign of torture. Sadly though Max's feet were still shown when they got to the campsite. 

David was the only person outside at the time, everyone must've went to bed. "Daniel!! Oh my god! You found Max." David said as he ran up to the two cheerfully and relieved. "Is he alright? where was he? What happened ... oh no. What happened to his feet?" David was suddenly almost brought to tears. 

Daniel pretended to be miserable, so that his acting was adequate. "I-I don't know. I think he was chased while he was out there, maybe a bear or something. I found his clothes scattered and his was barefoot,  maybe he cut his foot on some debris."

David believed Daniel, he wanted to hold the poor hurting little Max. Max was sound asleep though, so he must not have been in too much pain. "Here Daniel, let me take him. I'll go patch him up with the first aid kit in the infirmary." David said as he reached out to grab Max from the blonde man. 

Daniel pulled away from David. "No." He paused. "You seem tired, you must have stayed awake to wait for me to return. You can go rest,  I'll wrap his wounds." Daniel assured. 

"So. You don't need my help?  I mean I-" David tried to find a way to somehow assist Daniel in recovering Max, but Daniel stopped him.  

Daniel didn't want David no where near Max, he didn't want David to touch his property anymore. "It's okay David,  I bet you've helped me enough today by getting those supplies. Right?" Daniel began walking toward the infirmary, his back turned to David, with an angered crease in between his eyebrows. 

David followed. "Oh! Yes, everything on the list. And the other campers built the ... shed?..  that you left the blueprints to. What's that for anyway?"

"It's a sauna, whenever anyone feels too down or depressed, they can sit in the sauna and ascend." Daniel said as he smiled. "If they finished building it, I'll equip it tonight. it will be ready by morning. You should go to you cabin, so you can wake up bright and early and we can show it to the campers together. Does that sound good?"

David smiled. "That sounds swell Daniel, and thanks again for finding Max. Um, once you bandage him, his tent is over there with Neil. Good... Luck." David said as he stopped following Daniel and said his goodnight. 

Daniel continued to walk, his happiness was rose once he heard that his machine was built. He was getting close to converting the whole camp. And Max was going to be the first one. Daniel smiled wildly. 

Once inside the infirmary, Daniel wrapped all of Max's wounds. He made sure the obnoxious cut on Max's chest was thoroughly cleaned and covered. Daniel didn't want to hear Max's whining, just in case. Max's feet were really damaged and he would not be able to walk on them for a while, but Daniel wrapped them anyway. Daniel at least wanted to keep his property in good condition until he sacrificed Max himself. 

Daniel's plans were falling through perfectly, he thought while walking Max to his tent. "You can get up bright and early too, I want to make sure you are the example to the other campers. And David. I want to show him that you aren't his anymore." Daniel laughed maniacally as he laid Max in a sleeping bag that was empty in the tent.

Daniel kissed Max on the forehead. "Good night, Max." With that Daniel walked to his machine and began working.