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2017-05-16 18:26:47,460 DEBUG QUERY check_status

2017-05-16 18:26:47,512 DEBUG ProjKuron.ContextSynthesis Day 27 Status: Synthesis Ongoing


Hunk loved working with his hands.

That was how he'd always thought of himself.

If Project Kuron needed reskinning because the previous material was prone to tearing, he'd do it without even noticing that he'd started. Picking up on a bug in the nervous system wasn't frustrating, it was a possibility for improvement. A failed test meant a challenge. It was the AI part of things that he didn't like to touch. Could he maybe, sort of, kinda, slowly pick his way through a bit of code? Yeah, sure. Was it better to leave that stuff to the person that could code in her sleep, though? Absolutely.

But Pidge was gone. 

She'd stormed off four months ago over philosophical differences and still refused to talk to him. Last he'd heard from Allura, she was now working on her own AI project. One that would be limited to existing on a stationary server, but would probably turn out way more rational and perfect than Project Kuron.

Philosophical differences.

That was a euphemistic way of saying Pidge didn't want Hunk teaching her baby "that sappy crap."

Hunk sighed and sat back in his rolling chair, spinning slightly. 

If that's how she felt about Shakespeare, he really hoped she never asked him what else he'd ended up transferring into PK's knowledge-base since she'd left.


2017-05-19 14:32:56,121 DEBUG QUERY check_status

2017-05-19 14:32:56,159 DEBUG ProjKuron.ContextSynthesis Day 31 Status: Synthesis Ongoing


There was little for him left to do.

He'd fussed over PK's teeth yesterday. The day before that, he'd given him a whole new haircut. For a second this morning, it had looked like the cyborg heart might be going into arrest and the diagnostic tools had gone all screwy. Hunk had stood around looking like a dumbass, holding a glorified jumper cable and watching PK's chest rise and fall. When he was sure PK was going to continue breathing normally, he'd set down the cable and worked on fixing the diagnostic tools.

PK's status hadn't yet switched to "Synthesis Resolving" so after lunch, he transferred some essays he'd found about the dangers of something called high modernism. "Something something, building utopias often over-relies on logic and reason and undervalues the simple, beautiful things humans need to thrive." It sounded like an important thing for PK to be aware of. Especially if Pidge's AI went all Age of Ultron.

At the core, that's what Pidge had fundamentally misunderstood about this project.

Hunk didn't start this all and invite her to join because he wanted to build an AI. He wanted to build a complex system that could love and feel. What was the point of a cyborg who could only reason, solve puzzles, and tell people how to live their lives? It would be way cooler to have a buddy that could laugh with you and say the right or wrong thing when you're down. For that, you needed sappy crap. You needed critical crap. You needed every mundane and intellectual and contradictory thing you could get your hands on.

Pidge's vision for an AI could live in a box and be happy. Hunk's would be distraught. 


2017-05-19 23:17:22,806 DEBUG MESSAGE Status Change Pending

2017-05-19 23:17:22,841 DEBUG ProjKuron.ContextSynthesis Day 31 Status: Synthesis Resolving


Hunk had fallen asleep with his face in a volume of The Antichrist. It was just one of the things he'd fed PK over the last few months but hadn't previously read himself. He'd also added every classic novel that seemed to approach the human condition, the books about those books, the books criticizing the existence of classics entirely, a good load of fanfiction, every modern bestseller book available for digital download, and every favorite movie and show that he and Lance had ever watched. Along with random news articles, essays about how reading news was bad for you, and essays about why staying informed daily was important. Music, photos, funny cat videos — everything that Hunk imagined a machine would need to not only understand the world of humans but to also perceive it both critically and compassionately.

Most importantly, he'd included the footage of how he'd worked on PK. And Pidge. The joy, the frustration, and the love that went into this project were all on display for the knowledge compiler. 


2017-05-20 05:55:18,601 DEBUG MESSAGE Status Change Pending

2017-05-20 05:55:18,665 DEBUG ProjKuron.ContextSynthesis Day 32 Status: Online...

2017-05-20 05:55:18,665 DEBUG MESSAGE Knowledge-base compilation shut down. Concurrent synthesis now live.


"That feels nice," Hunk mumbled into Nietzsche's soggy pages.

Someone laughed. They stopped. A gasp. A louder gasp.

The hand in Hunk's hair disappeared with a jerk.

Hunk shot up from the couch.

Seven hundred and thirteen pounds of synthetic cyborg stood over him with with his fingertips to his own mouth, wide eyes watching Hunk.

Hunk took a step away. "PK?"

PK lowered his hand, and slowly, frowning at the ceiling, carefully sounded out, "Shiro, actually." He grinned, looking very pleased with himself. "Hello, Hunk."