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Prologue: Adventure Game

“Everything ready?”

“Yes, Boss Wu, Boss Wei. I’m now Level 20. Now to create the guild o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ”

“Mmm. Keep going,” a voice made rough with years of chain-smoking This is the first time our Guild Happy is colonising a new server. We’d have asked Shameless Ye for it but he’s got other stuff to do. HQ and National Team stuff...”

“Boss Wei, do you have what I asked for?”


“Boss Wei~”

“...I have to hand it to you. Who else would demand a scaled-down version of that extra-as-fuck umbrella in their contract? You’re not even on the team!”

“Well, I’m God Ye’s fan, of course I want an Umbrella! I’m a core member of Guild Happy!”

“You...” the rough male voice sighed through their Skype conference. “Whatever. Just make sure you terrify the other idiots in the twelfth server. Open your equipment editor. When you specified your account we got it ready. So... go nuts there, girl.”

After what the collective guild leaders of the Club Guilds called the appearance of Glory’s final BOSS, it was almost a relief to flee into the twelfth server. The selection of guild leaders was far more cautious this time – everyone knew that Guild Happy was up to something, which was why, on midnight of December 4 20XX, when the twelfth server’s guild listing came up (and was filled in seconds), most guild leaders looked up the member list.

“Endless Song,1 Level 21 Battle Mage.” Blue Brook Guild’s twelfth server leader read out Guild Happy’s twelfth server leader’s name. “Must be a fangirl of God Ye or Goddess Tang... Battle Mage, Launcher... Qi Master? Ah, God Fang is also in Happy, and he made the National Team...”

A QQ window popped up on his desktop, from a friendly enemy in Herb Garden.


Ginkgo: !!!!

Ginkgo: Oh, sorry, I’m from Herb Garden. You’re Brushstroke, right? On the 13th server? Main account Flying Brushstroke?

Ginkgo: Not Blue Bridge?

With that name, which other guild could you be from? Flying Brushstroke kept these thoughts to himself. As for Blue Bridge...

Tears fell down his eyes. You think I want to be here too, brother? After that mess in the tenth server, we’re lucky that he didn’t just quit his job outright! I don’t want to be the next victim of Lord Grim!


Brushstroke: Hi hi! Yes brother?

Ginkgo: I just saw Guild Happy’s new guild leader. That can’t be Dawn Rifle.

Brushstroke: Dawn Rifle is a Launcher. You forgot that behind Guild Leader Wu is also Boss Wei.

Ginkgo: En... that sister is holding an umbrella.


Dread pooled in Flying Brushstroke’s stomach before the game window had a pop-up flash:

System Announcement: Your friend {Herb Garden} [Ginkgo] has just been killed by [Endless Song], Level 21 Battle Mage

The QQ window shook.

Ginkgo: Eh... the umbrella is real. It transformed into a spear before she killed me with it.

“Boss!” Flying Brushstroke got up to run to the guild leader’s office. “Bad news! The umbrella... Lord Grim... Guild Happy’s creating another Myriad Manifestations Umbrella! It’s in the twelfth server right now!”

1 沈吟至今 – this comes from a line in ‘Short Song Style’ by Cao Cao 但為君故,沈吟至今 “You are the cause, of this song without pause”.