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A love to live

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This is the last day that we have to be here.

An Ancient Temple of Solasan

Cassandra, Sera, and Cole. We have collected all shards and manage to unlock all the doors this morning. These damn things almost make us mad, because they speard to almost everywhere in Thedas. The sun slowly rises. I can feel the heat of the wind touching my skin.

It's so hot like everyday we spend in the desert of Orlais. The war of their politics would be over. The inquisition saved the Empress. Celene has already exiled her beloved cousin "Gaspard de Chalon". And we think peace will be with us long enough for us to rest and breath peacefully.

Dahlia is the first one who wake up in this early morning as always. She gets out of her tent and go to the waterfall in the oasis alone to refresh herself. There's no urgent duty call her. So she has more time to relax.

When this quest is done. She will go back to Skyhold and spend time with her beloved Commander soon. She's out here for several weeks. And try to avoid fighting the most dangerous high dragon in the Emprise Du Lion until she ensures her magic is strong and stable enough to defeat it.

"Dahlia! Inquisitor! Hurry up!. We are dying to get out of here and go back to Skyhold".

Cassandra is eager to complete this quest as much as Dahlia wants. We don't know what is waiting for us behind those doors, but Cassandra is our strongest warrior to handle this for us. No...she doesn't fight alone. We fight together.

"Alright!...I'll be there in a..."

My word doesn't complete...and I feel a lightning pain shooting to my neck. And then the world goes black...I only hear my companions fighting someone I think I've met before, but my consciousness fades so fast...

"Who are you? Get her back!"

"It's nice to fight you, Seeker Cassandra. I just want to borrow your dear inquisitor for a while".

"I won't allow..."

Cassandra didn't think that the mysterious man has an unexpected artifact. He and inquisitor disappear to nowhere.

"Urgh! I never thought he had that trick. How can we know where they go to?"

Cassandra swings her swords to a nearly unlucky tree, and feel useless. Sera wants to calm her down, but just feel like she'd better let her release the anger to somewhere else, than scold her instead.

"Cassandra...we can't do anything here. Let's go back to Skyhold. We will find a way."