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"Happy Birthday, dearest."

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Sara checked the clock, sweeping her gaze over the room for what must have been the hundredth time. Where could he be? She wondered to herself, feet shuffling back and forth across the shiny airport floor. Of course, the rational side of her brain knew he must be in line somewhere; standing for what seemed like forever among the ranks of rushed and jetlagged people, but Sara was growing impatient. Today was the day Tom, her love, was to return: just in time for her birthday, as well.

As time ticked by, Sara’s finger compulsively turned her phone on and off every so often, not able to rest for long without knowing what time it was, trying to imagine how long it would take before he would emerge. The young woman tried to listen to some music, but her thoughts, tinged with nervousness, would not allow her to concentrate on it. She attempted to stroll around, taking glances at the overpriced goods the airport shops had to offer, but her eyes kept straying towards the gates.

Some time later, Sara had given up on trying to amuse herself and simply sat sideways on a plastic bench, lethargically checking for texts from Tom every once in a while, although she wasn’t expecting to receive anything. It surprised her greatly, then, when her device buzzed- and it was Tom! With deft fingers, the brunette opened the message. What she saw, however, soon broke down the smile which had been building within her.

TOM: Hello, dearest. I’m terribly sorry, but there appears to be some sort of delay. You had better have a meal without me, as I do not know how long I might be stuck here. Lots of love, TH.

Sara stared at her phone’s small screen. Really? She thought. The young woman then sighed and tilted her head back, meaning to lean it against the wall… but instead, she shot upright.

Across the room, emerging from the gates, came mr. Tom Hiddleston himself. He was dressed head to toe in black: his favorite jeans paired with a beautiful, double-breasted coat; whose dark color perfectly set off his well-groomed hair, which glowed red in the light of the setting sun pouring through the windows behind him. One hand was in his coat pocket, and he took long strides towards Sara, impossibly elegant and impressive as always. This regal demeanor was compromised, however, by his smile. Tom’s smile was brighter than that same sun behind him, filling the room, sparkling in his eyes. However, it was not a smile of love alone: Sara rolled her eyes as she caught the hint of mischief coming from deep within it.

In an instant, she was standing, all hints of fatigue dispelled. Shamelessly, she ran across the room towards him, dodging tourists and businessmen pulling large suitcases and rushing about their business. Sara didn’t stop until she was standing right in front of him.
Being so close to her love again, after all this time, being able to smell his warm scent and see the quirks of his smile, made Sara melt inside. But she felt the need to call him out on his cruel text, first. In a joking fashion, she crossed her arms and surveyed him.

“What was that all about? I had just resigned myself to another hour of waiting, and then—“

Tom surprised and silenced her by laying a soft finger on his lady’s lips. Damn it. Feeling his touch again sent chills up her spine- and with one look at his smug expression, she could tell that he knew exactly what he was doing. Sara inhaled and prepared to retort, but Tom simply winked and pushed up his glasses, removing his hand from his pocket to do so.
“How has my lady fared during my absence?” He asked, closing the distance between them. Sara shrugged, trying to appear nonchalant, though their height difference, along with his beautiful blue-grey eyes boring into her hazel ones, not to mention the temptation to simply bury her face in his chest gave her a significant disadvantage.

“I-I’ve been very well,” she said, matching the mock-aristocratic air he was putting on. Tom watched her silently for a couple more seconds, before suddenly breaking into a laugh. “Sara, my love. I am so happy to see you again! Please forgive me for my jest; a mischievous soul must have his fun, after all.”
Mouth widening into a smile, Sara laughed as well. “Oh, you silly. Of course I forgive you. How was your trip?”
Tom seemed relatively uninterested, and shrugged. “Pleasant, as always. Although,” he said, dropping his posture to whisper in Sara’s ear, “I missed you.”

At that, Tom suddenly lifted her up, ignoring her giggles and the strange looks from passersby. He strode forward, carrying her out of the airport building into the dusky air, where he set his love down, gazing earnestly down into her eyes. “You know very well that I cannot enjoy my ventures nearly as much when they are without you.”
Sara’s smile was tinged with almost a hint of sadness, and she finally let her cheek fall against his chest, feeling his coat’s soft fabric, filled with his scent; the rise and fall of his ribs as he breathed. Her hands twined with his and she mumbled against him, wanting to stay like that forever, protected by his warmth. “I don’t want you to leave me for that long again.”

She felt his breaths against the top of her head. “My love… this ties in wonderfully with the good news I bring. My manager told me that from now on, if I am to be gone more than nine days, arrangements are to be made for you to accompany me.”

The girl in his arms stayed silent, so Tom carried on speaking. “We will see the world together,” he whispered.

Sara gave no answer. Instead, she pressed her hands against his lean torso and stood on her toes to give her love a kiss. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you forevermore, dearest,” he answered, as the sun fell beneath the horizon. “Happy birthday.”