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The sound of creaking floor boards pulled you out of a dreamless sleep.  You blinked awake turning towards the noise to see a man silhouetted by the light of the doorway.  You recognized the figure in an instant.

“Billy?” you called, your voice still rough with sleep. “Is something wrong?”

He didn’t answer right away.  There were dark circles under his eyes, but he was clearly awake and alert as he came further into the room, watching you closely. His eyes then darted around the room, switching between the window, your closet door and even under your bed.  It was then you noticed, he was wearing his gun belt.

“Billy, what is going on?”

Your voice snapped him back to reality.  His shoulders relaxed, and his expression turned sheepish.

“I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

He said it so quietly, you weren’t even sure your heard it, but his face told you enough.

Your eyes softened as you moved over in bed and beckoned him to you.

The man didn’t hesitate.  He took off his gun belt and slid under the covers, taking you in his arms.

Neither of you said a word, content in each other’s touch and warmth before sleep took you once more. 

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“Please tell me you have an actual plan,” you snapped as you gripped the co-pilot controls for dear life.

“I have a plan,” Cassian growled. “It’s called getting the hell out of here. And drop the attitude.”

“My apologizes captain, I get snippy when I’m being shot at.”

Just to prove a point, another blaster shot rocked the ship, nearly knocking the pair of you out of your seat.  Through the window, you could see the Tie-fighters turning for another pass.

“Kay!” Cassian snapped.

“I’ve almost finished the calculations,” the droid replied smoothly.

Another shot rocked the ship.  Warning sirens blasted in your ears as the console lit up in an array of red lights.

“Any time now,” you yelled.

The second you said it, a different blue light flashed.

Cassian didn’t hesitate, and slammed the hyperdrive.  The stars stretched into star lines and you were off.

The moment the cabin window turned into the white blue of hyperspace, you let out a relieve sigh.

“I think that went rather well.”

“Do you always have to say something smart,” Cassian said sardonically. 

“I can’t help it.  It’s part of my charm.”

“It’s a pain in my ass.”

You two fight like an old married couple,” K-2 interjected.

The pair of you snapped your head towards the droid.  You then looked to each other, a small smile appearing on each of your faces.

“Well, we are,” you conceded.

“We’re not that old,” Cassian countered.

“Well, I’m not.”

Cassian simply rolled his eyes before turning back to the console.  You were impossible, but that was why he married you.

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Your whole body shook as a cold wind snapped at your spine. You wrapped your coat tighter around yourself as you moved closer to the fire, but to no relief. 

“You’re still cold?” Vasquez asked. 

You answered the outlaw with a hard glare.  You swore the bastard had a fire burning in his veins making it impossible for him to be cold under any circumstances.  He was wearing a jacket as well, but it was opened to the elements and he didn’t so much as shiver. 

He only smiled at your look, before rising to his feet and walking over to you.  He grabbed one of the saddle blankets and took a place next to you, wrapping the blanket around your shoulders and pulling you close to him.

Your pride told you to protest, but your body gave in, thankful for the warmth and the man giving it to you.

“You’re worse than an old woman,” Vasquez teased.

“It’s your own fault,” you countered. “I’m pretty sure I’ve aged ten years since meeting you.

“It’s a good thing I don’t mind older women then, eh.”

You wanted to say something smart, but you huffed out a laugh instead, curling further into him. He wrapped his arms tightly around you in response allowing you to rest your head in the crook on his neck.

“You’re impossible,” you mumbled.

“That’s true,” he conceded. “But you still love me.”

“Damned if I know why,” you said, smiling. “I never meant to fall in love with you, I just did.

Vasquez didn’t say anything right away.  His fingers brushed against your cheek causing you to look up, straight into his warm dark eyes.  Without a word, he leaned down, gently brushing his lips against yours.

“I’m glad you did,” he said softly.

You grinned up at him, returning the kiss in kind.

“So am I.”

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Poe groaned as a tapping on his door, snapped him back to the waking world.  Unless the base was under attack, who ever woke him would have hell to pay.  He rolled out of bed, not even bothering to put on a shirt as he stumbled to the door.

“Listen–” he started, but stopped the moment he saw you on the other side. His grogginess evaporated and his whole body went on alert. “Y/N. Are you alright?  Did something happen?”

“N-no,” you stumbled.  “I mean, nothing bad. I’m fine.  I just…”

You stood awkwardly, your eyes never meeting his as you shifted from one foot to the other.

“I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have bothered you.”

You turned to walk away, but Poe was faster, grasping your hand before you even took a step.

“Y/N,” he said softly.

A warm heat crept up your neck and to your cheeks at the sound of your name on his lips.  You turned to him, finally meeting his gaze.  The sight had to melting on the spot. 

I can’t sleep,” you confessed quietly.  “Can I stay with you?

Poe didn’t answer.  Without a word, he pulled you into his room guiding you by the hand to the bed.  You got under the covers, making yourself comfortable as Poe slipped in beside you.  He wrapped his arms around you pressing your back against his torso and keeping your securely against him.  You breathed out a sigh on contentment as you settled into his warmth and drifted off to sleep.

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Cassian hated seeing you like this; laid out on a white bed, an oxygen mask over your face, bruises marking your skin, and your eyes completely closed.

He gripped your hand tightly, waiting for the moment you would return the pressure.

“Just open your eyes,” he whispered.  “Please. Just for a moment.”

You didn’t respond.  The only evidence you were still alive was the steady beep of the heart monitor filling the empty void.

“I can’t do this without you,” he continued. “I can’t lose anyone else.”

He could feel the pressure of tears behind his eyes.  He tried to blink them away and gripped your hand even tighter.

“I love you.  I never meant to fall in love with you, I just did.”

He looked to your face, desperate for some kind of sign you could hear him.

Nothing happened.  You didn’t move, and neither did Cassian. Eventually his eyes grew heavy, and he rested his head on the bed, his hand never leaving yours.

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The smell of burning metal and smoke filled your nose as you snapped back to reality.  You yanked off your helmet, coughing hard.  Everything was in a haze, but you fought through it, trying to get your barrings.  You were laying on the floor of your Tie-Fighter.  The haul was a burning wreck and every part of your body ached. 

You tried to sit up.  You barely got two inches off the ground before collapsing to the ground again, your vision blurring.  You needed to move.  You would suffocate if you didn’t, but every limb was refusing to take orders. 

Suddenly, a pair of hands hooked themselves under your arms and dragged you from wreckage.  You blinked in and out of focus, one moment you saw the flashing lights of your control panel the next moment a uniform grey sky lay above you.  

“Hey, First Order, can you hear me?” a muffled voice asked.

You blinked again.  Above you was handsome man with dark curls and darker eyes.  Unfortunately, he was also wearing the orange flight suit of a New Republic X-Wing fighter.

The world snapped into focus as you jerked away, your hand going to where you blaster should have been.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay,” he assured.  He reached out to you, but you slapped his hand away.

“Get off me,” your growled.

“No, I don’t think so,” he said, moving toward you once more.

You tried to fight him off, but it was a exercise in futility. Your arms were still too weak and you could feel a steady throb growing in your left leg. 

He helped sit you up, keeping a hand on your back as he glanced up at the storm clouds forming over head.

“Put your arm around my shoulders,” he instructed.

You answered with a hateful look, but he only rolled his eyes.

“It’s either that or I carry you,” he said honestly.

You stared him down, but after a moment, you did as he asked. He gave you a small smile of thanks before lifting you to you feet.

You muffled a cry as you did, the throb in your leg turning into a sharp spike of pain.  If the pilot heard you, he made no mention of it.

“So, what’s your name,” he asked conversationally.

You kept your eyes forward, putting all your energy into keeping your expression free from emotion or pain.  

“I don’t talk to traitors,” you answered stiffly.

“Oh, so you can talk,” he said sardonically. “Well, I’m Poe, Poe Dameron.  I take it you’ve heard of me.”

The name did surprise you, but you kept it off your face.

“Only in passing.  Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

To your surprise, he actually laughed.

“Funny, I hear the same thing about you.”

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“How long will you be gone?” Poe asked.

“A couple weeks,” you said.  “Why? Gonna miss me Dameron?”

He didn’t say anything and instead hummed a yes into your neck as he pulled your closer to him. 

The pair of you were currently in bed together.  Each of your laying on your sides facing each other, and your limbs in a tangled mess.  Poe was content to have his arms wrapped around your torso as his hands trailed up and down your back, pausing from time to time to play with the bottom of your shirt and brush the exposed skin.  You smiled each time he did as your own hands kept busy with his hair and shoulders.

His lips stayed on your neck, kissing and nipping lightly at your skin.

“What am I going to do without you,” he mumbled.

“Dramatic aren’t we?”

He pulled away then, just enough to brush his nose against yours.

“Hardly,” he said, with a charming smile. “According to everyone, you’re basically my impulse control.  Who knows what I’ll do without you here.”

“Just so long as you don’t blow up the base, I think you’ll be fine,” you teased.

“I don’t know.  Now that you mention it…”

You let out a laugh, pushing him away from you.  Poe didn’t falter for a second, grinning madly as he kept his grip on you, rolling you over so you were pinned underneath him.

A wide smile spread across your face as you stared up at him.

“You’re an idiot Poe Dameron,” you said, shaking your head. 

“Well, I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot,” he countered.

You let out a light laugh before running your hands through his hair and pulling him into a passionate kiss.  You couldn’t argue with that. 

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You stared at the screen in front of you, blinking to stay awake.  You could feel yourself going crossed eyes as the streams of codes and numbers blurred in your vision, but still your persisted. 

Just behind you, you heard the sound of padded footsteps.  You didn’t need to turn around to see who it was.

“Y/N, come to bed,” Poe said gently. “It’s late.”

“In a minute.  I’m almost done.”

“You said that an hour ago.”

You shrugged as an answer, not even bothering to turn away from the screen.

Poe sighed taking a place just behind your chair.  His hands went to your shoulders, rubbing small circles into your stiff muscles.

“Fine, don’t sleep, but at least take a break.”

You wanted to protest, but his fingers felt so good the words died in your throat.  You nodded leaning into his touch and he massaged your muscles. He kneaded the spot between your shoulder blades and took special care of the back of your neck.  He really was the master with his fingers.

As you body began to finally relax, you felt his body lean down closer to yours. Suddenly, his lips brushed against you skin, trailing up and now your neck; his warm breath sending a pleasant shiver up your spine. 

“What are you doing?” you breathed.

He smiled, moving up just enough to place a kiss behind your ear.

“Helping you relax,” he whispered.

He moved back down again, placing an open mouthed kiss right where your neck met your shoulder, before sucking on the now sensitive skin.

“Stop doing that,” you said, halfway between a protest and a moan, “it’s turning me on.”

The bastard had the audacity to laugh, before continuing his course.

“That’s the idea.”

“I thought you were trying to help me relax.”

“Same thing.”

You breathed out a laugh.

Carefully, you placed your hand on his head, carding your fingers through his hair, before sharply pulling him away from you neck.  He let out a groan in protest, but was quickly silenced as you laid a hard kiss on his lips.  He caught on immediately, parting his mouth for you to slip in your tongue.  You breathed in his air, savoring his taste as he moaned into your mouth.  You didn’t give him a chance to return the kiss before pulling away, breathing hard.

“Let’s take this else where.”

Poe didn’t protest.  In a flash you were pulled from your seat and into his arms, your legs wrapped around his waist. 

You weren’t going to get any more work done anyway.

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You ran as fast as you could as another blaster shot whizzed past your ear.  You didn’t dare look back, firing blindly behind you before ducking behind the nearest archway.

“Y/N,” a panicked Bodhi called over your comm, “Y/N.  Can you hear me?”

Your hand went to your belt, pulling out the comm.

“I’m here. Ran into a bit of trouble.”

“Where are you?”

“Two blocks south from the plaza.  They must have heard we were coming.”

Bodhi cursed under his breath.

“Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

You took a chance, and peaked your head out from behind the wall.  A volley of blaster fire shot past the entrance, but you had gotten a decent look.  A whole squadron of Stormtroopers coming specially for you.

“Not an option,” you snapped.  “Meet me five blocks east of here.  Be ready.”

“On my way.”

You both clicked off.  Digging into your sachet you found a single grenade.  It would be enough.  You pulled out the pin, counted to three and tossed toward the approaching troopers. 

A teeth rattling boom met you ears and you ran.  You fired into the smoke as you crossed the street, ducking and weaving between vendors and pedestrians.  You took a fast turn up a nearby alleyway, as you heard the clatter of armor coming up behind you.

Right as you reached the mouth of the alley, a speeder jolted to a stop in front of you.

“Get in,” Bodhi yelled.

You didn’t need to be told twice and jumped into the passengers’ seat. You were off like a shot, just in time for two speeder bikes to come right on your tail.  Turning in your seat, you took aim at the bikes, only for Bodhi to make a sharp left turn down a side street.

“What the hell?” you snapped.  “I had them.”

“Trust me,” Bodhi said.  “I can lose them.”

You opened your mouth to protest, when another pair of bikes came up the street heading right toward you.  Bodhi didn’t slow down, instead increasing the speed as the troopers opened fire.  You ducked below the dashboard, a shot missing you by inches. 

They were getting closer.  You braced yourself for impact, but it never came.

At the last second, Bodhi launched the speeder upward, gaining enough altitude to clear the bikes before slamming back down.  You turned hard in your seat, just as the bikers realized their mistake. They prepared to turn back around, but not before the other bikers chasing you came up the side street and straight into their partners.  All four of them clashed in the air, their bikes exploding on impact.

You stared in astonishment, a disbelieving laugh escaping your lips.  You then looked to the pilot, still keeping his eyes focused on the road ahead of him.

“Where did you learn to do that,” you asked, dumbfounded.

“Street racing,” he answered simply.  “You don’t know everything about me.”

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You fell back on the bed, laughing against Poe’s lips as you pulled him down with you.  Poe responded in kind, continuing to kiss you as the pair of you moved further up the bed.  The moment your head hit the pillows, you wound your fingers into his hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss.  He didn’t protest, nestling himself securely between your legs.  You parted your lips allowing him to slip his tongue into your mouth.  He rolled his hips against you eliciting a moan from your throat, as you felt exactly what you were doing to him.

Right at that moment, your cellphone rang. 

“God damn it,” you cursed, pulling away from Poe and reaching toward your nightstand.  Poe was faster, snatching the phone before you could and bringing it to his ear.

Hello,” Poe answered.  “Oh, hey Rey.  We’re actually in the middle of something.”

There was a small pause, and you prayed he wouldn’t say anything stupid.

“Well, I don’t want to go into too many details, but it involves me tearing all of Y/N’s clothes off, so if you can just call back–”

Your eyes widened in horror.  Before he could even blink, you tore the phone from your boyfriend’s ear.

“Hello? Rey! Don’t listen to him, he’s an idiot,” you shouted.

“I’ll just call back,” Rey answered, sounding more than a little flustered, before quickly handing up.

You covered your face with one hand still holding your cellphone as you let out a groan of embarrassment.

“I hate you,” you said, muffled behind your hands.

Poe only laughed, prying the phone from your fingers and putting it back on the nightstand.  He then carefully pulled your hands away from your face.  Grinning down at you, he placed and warm kiss against your lips.

“No you don’t,” he said sweetly.

Despite your better judgement, you kissed him back.

No you didn’t.

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The evening air brushed pleasantly against your skin as you and Red Harvest walked down the street from the restaurant.  You had expected it to be a lot cooler, but the sky was clear and the company alone was enough to keep you warm.  You therefor weren’t too surprised when Red Harvest took off his jacket. The man had a furnace burning inside him.  You honestly didn’t know why he even owned a jacket.  However, you were surprised when he decided to drape it over your shoulders. 

“What are you doing?” you asked.

He gave a non-nonchalant shrug, but there was something in his eyes you didn’t trust.

“It’s cold, you should take my jacket,” he said simply.

You opened your mouth to tell him, no it actually was not that cold, but the words died on your lips.  He was wearing too proud a smile at the sight of you enveloped in his clothes. 

You felt a small blush rise in your cheeks, but covered it with an eye roll as slipped your arms into the sleeves.  His smile grew just a little wider and he slung his arm around your shoulder as you continued your way down the street. 

There was nothing wrong with being a little warm.

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You and Faraday lay on the couch together with one of his arms wrapped around you while you lay your head on his shoulders.  The popcorn bowl in front of you long since empty as the last of the movie credits rolled by.

“Damn, that was good,” you said.

“Yeah,” Faraday croaked.  “Not bad.”

You were taken aback by his tone and looked up toward his face.  Even in the dim light of the TV, you could still see the glistening in his eyes.

“Are you okay,” you asked.

He didn’t look at you, as he stiffened in his seat and blinked a little faster than usual.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

It was then you noticed some of the streaks down his cheeks.  A smile smile formed on your lips.

“You know,” you said carefully, “it’s okay to cry…”

“I’m not crying.”

He tried to make it sound convincing, but he also knew you didn’t buy it for a second. 

You rolled your eyes, before leaning up and kissing him on the cheek.

“You’re an idiot.”

He finally looked to you then, a half smile on his face.

I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot,” he mumbled.

You let out a laugh and shook your head.  You couldn’t argue with that. 

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“Faraday? Are you okay?”

He didn’t look at you, poking the fire with a stick as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Yeah, fine.”

“You don’t seem like yourself tonight.”

He sighed, pulling the stick out of the fire. 

“Just a long day,” he said, before throwing the stick somewhere in the darkness.

“More like a long couple of days,” you countered.

He didn’t have anything smart to say, which only made you worry more.  Instead, he leaned back against the rock, crossing him arms and completely ignoring you.

“When was the last time you slept?” you asked.

“I’m fine, Y/N.”

“You need sleep.”



That got his attention. He finally met your eyes, realizing just how worried you actually were.

“Please,” you whispered.

For a moment, you thought he would go back to ignoring you, but he didn’t move.  He held your gaze, keeping his jaw tight until, slowly, his shoulder fell.

“It’s just bad dreams,” he admitted roughly.

Your expression softened.  Carefully, you rose to your feet and walked over to the man.  You took a place beside him, guiding him into your arms, and placing his head on your shoulder.

“I’m not sleeping,” he grumbled, but he made no move to get up or brush away your hand combing through his hair.

“You don’t have to sleep,” you said gently, “just close your eyes.”

He knew your game, but did as he was told.  In minutes, his breathe began to even as he drifted off to sleep.  You held him like that for the rest of the night, until sleep finally took you as well.

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The moment you heard Poe had come back, you ran.  Leia didn’t give you hell for it as you jumped out of your chair in the command center, and tore off your headset halfway through a briefing.  Even if she did, you wouldn’t had cared.  Poe had been radio silent for almost a week and had only just reported in with a different ship than the one he started with.

You made your way to the tarmac at the exact moment an unfamiliar freighter touched down.  You bolted to it, stopping only a few feet away as the ramp came down.

Poe was a mess.  He jacket was torn.  His shirt was covered in sweat and dried blood and you tried not to think about where it came from. But he was home.  He was alive, and he was smiling at you.

The second his feet touch the runway, you jumped to him, throwing your arms around his neck.  He responded instantly, pulling to closer as he wrapped his arms around your torso and rested his head on your shoulder.

“I’m okay,” he mumbled.  “It’s alright.  I’m okay.”

It seemed wrong to have him be the one to comfort you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care.  You just wanted to hear his voice.

“I thought I lost you,” you managed, holding back tears.  “When we lost contact, I thought–”

You haven’t lost me,” he promised. “I’m here.  It’s alright.”

You breathed him in, some of your fear beginning to fade.  Pulling away, you finally got a good look at his face.

The idiot was still smiling at you.  His eyes shining with warmth, looking at you as if you were the center of the universe.  You reached out, cupping his cheek, and savoring the rough of his stubble underneath your fingers.  He melted into your touch, closing his eyes in contentment before you moved further up his face.  Carefully, you brushed some of the lose curls away from his forehead, causing him to wince in pain.

You snapped your hand back as if you had burned him.  It was only then you noticed he was favoring his right leg.  The only reason he was even standing was because he was holding you.

Without a word, you turned your body allowing you to hold him by the waist and guide his arm over your shoulder for support.

“C’mon,” you said gently, “let me take you to the med-bay.”

He didn’t argue as the pair of you slowly made your way across the tarmac.  He leaned against you, burying his nose in your hair as you walked.

“I love you,” he sighed.

You smiled, never minding the weight of his body against yours.  He was back.  He was safe, and that was all that mattered.

“I love you too.”

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You stood at attention as General Draven looked over your mission report.

“Thank you Captain Y/N, we were worried when we lost radio contact, but it seems you were able to complete your mission regardless.”

“Thank you, sir.”

He nodded an acknowledgement before a small rare smile crossed his lips.

“At ease soldier.  Get some rest, you’ve earned it. Dismissed.”

You didn’t need to be told twice and marched out of the command center.  As soon as the door opened, you notice Cassian leaning against a nearby wall, his arms crossed over his chest, clearly in deep thought.

The door closed behind you with a small, click, making Cassian look up, and right at you.

“When did you get back,” he asked.

His expression was unreadable, but his eyes held an intensity which make you want to crawl away and curl into a dark corner.  You didn’t back down, meeting his gaze head on.

“About an hour ago.”

He gave a small nod, his jaw tightening slightly as if holding something back.

“We lost contact three days ago.  What happened?”

“The line was compromised,” you said, keeping the same tone you used to report to Draven.  “The Imperials were listening to everything we were saying.  I couldn’t risk it.”

Again he nodded, but something slipped through.  The fear and worry he had been feeling for three days straight, flashed across his face as he stared at you, amazed you were even still alive. He tried to bury it again, but the damage was done.

Carefully, you walked over to him, your eyes never leaving his for an instant. You reached out and placed your hand over his.  The moment you touched his skin, he broke.  He pulled you to him, holding you tightly in his arms as if at any moment you would disappear again.

“I thought I lost you,” he whispered. “They kept saying you were captured or –”

You haven’t lost me,” you said, not wanting him to think about what might had happened and instead focus on what did.  Namely that you were back in his arms, safe and sound. 

Cassian responded by pulling away, only to to capture your lips with his own.  You melted into the kiss, trying to assure him without words that everything was going to be alright.

He pulled away, breathing hard against your lips as he rested his head on your forehead.

“Just don’t scare me like that again,” he breathed.

You nodded, before placing a softer kiss on his lips.

“I promise.”

Chapter Text

A pounding headache woke you from a dreamless sleep, making your groan in pain.  You wanted to just fall back asleep and forget the whole thing, but the steady throb of your skull was making it impossible.  You knew if was your own fault for drinking so much, but it didn’t mean you had to enjoy the consequences.

With an effort you rolled over in bed, only to be greeted by the face of a sleeping Poe Dameron.

You had never sobered up so quickly in your entire life as you shot up from the bed.

“What are you doing in my bed?” you snapped.

You immediately regretted your own tone, as a spike of pain went through your skull.

It didn’t seem to have the same effect on Poe as he only groaned slightly before blinking his eyes open.

“Well, this is a nice sight to wake up to,” he mumbled.

You couldn’t tell if he was joking or being perfectly serious.  The smile he was wearing gave you no clues and only made you flushed with embarrassment.  The only thing keeping you from hiding in a dark hole forever, was the fact you both were still completely dressed.

“What happened last night?” you asked.

Poe looked at you in confusion.

“You don’t remember?”

“The last thing I remember was taking shots with Paige.”

Poe huffed out a laugh, shaking his head.

“Stars, that wasn’t even an hour in.  You really can’t hold your liquor.”

“I’m not that bad,” you frowned.

“Tell that to all the glasses you smashed when you decided to hop on the bar for karaoke.”

You whined in protest before burying your face in your hands, letting out a long muffled, “Noooooooo.”

Poe only laughed as you felt the bed shift underneath you.  His hands went over your, prying them away from your face.

“Alright, alright, calm down, it’s not that bad, ” he promised. “You’re too young to get an ulcer over this.”

“No I’m not,” you grumbled. “I’m pretty sure I’ve aged ten years since meeting you.”

“Well, you look good for your age.”

For the first time that morning, you actually smiled.

“Putting that aside, you didn’t answer my first question.  What are you doing in my bed?”

“You didn’t want me to leave. So, I didn’t,” Poe shrugged. 

You were pretty sure you cheeks were the same temperature as the sun by that point, as you averted your gaze.


“I don’t mind,” he assured.  “You’re just cuddly when you’re drunk.”

Every word he said was somehow making everything worse.  Suddenly the image of crawling into a hole didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

He laughed again, before leaning over and kissing you on the cheek. 

“C’mon, let’s get some food in you.”

He moved off the bed and started looking for his shoes, but you stayed perfectly still.  You could still feel the kiss on your cheek, as your heart rate spiked dramatically.  It was going to be a long morning.

Chapter Text

You stood by the stove, waiting for the butter to melt as a handful of eggs sat on the counter, ready to be cracked.  Your boyfriend, Bodhi Rook, was still in bed, and so you decided to surprise him by making breakfast for the two of you.  There wasn’t much, considering military rations, but it wasn’t horrible.

“Morning,” a rough voice mumbled.

You turned to see the man himself, rubbing sleep from his eyes as he leaned against the kitchen doorway.

“Morning,” you said, smiling. “Hope you like eggs.”

He hummed a yes, but he didn’t move any further into the kitchen.  Something stopped him as he dark eyes became focused on you. 

You looked down at yourself.  You were in your underwear, only covered by the length of his shirt, which brushed loosely against your thighs.  It certainly wasn’t a conservative outfit, but it was nothing he hadn’t seen before.

“What?” you asked.

“Nothing, it’s just…” he trailed off, looking you up and down in wonder. “Who gave you permission to be that sexy?”

You felt like you needed to say something clever, but couldn’t find it in you to do so. Your cheeks grew decidedly warm and a small smile spread across your lips.  It seemed strange to be embarrassed considering your current position, but even with a line like that Bodhi managed to sound completely sincere.  

You turned back to the stove and cracked the eggs over the pan, allowing them a moment to cook before scrambling them. 

It was then you felt Bodhi’s arms wrap around your torso and his warm body press against your back.  You didn’t push him away, enjoying the way he pressed his lips against your skin, trailing kisses up and down your neck and shoulder.  However, you still had breakfast on the stove and didn’t want to give in to him so easily.  So, you kept your attention on the eggs frying the pan.

Bodhi wasn’t one to give up.  His hands started to wander across your body, rubbing small circles into you sides, moving further downward.  Eventually, he got to the bottom on your shirt, playing with it lightly before sliding his fingers back up and under.  His touch sent a pleasant shiver up your spine, made worse by his low moan muffled against your skin as he began to suck on your neck.

“Stop doing that,” you groaned, “it’s turning me on.”

He didn’t detach himself from you, but he did pull away just enough to trace his lips up your cheek to your ear, his nose nuzzling into your hair.

“Good,” he whispered. 

A warm smile spread across your lips at the word, knowing there was no point in fighting it any longer.  Turning in his arms, you took his face in your hands and pulled him into a deep kiss.  Bodhi responded in kind. His own hands gripping your thighs before lifting you into the air.  Your legs immediately wrapped around his waist and your lips never broke contact as he carried you back to bed.

It was over an hour later by the time you remembered you had left the stove on. 

Chapter Text

           You and Peter stumbled onto the ship, the pair of you dragging your feet the entire way.  It had been a long and hard mission.  Everyone was beat.  Groot had already fallen asleep and was being carried over Drax’s shoulder.  Gamora and Mantis weren’t in much better shape, but each of them still managed to stay up right. You were just thankful Rocket and Kraglin had stayed behind with the ship and could still pilot the thing while you caught some shut eye.  

           Rocket spotted the pair of you as you walked in, giving you a snide smile.

           “Long day, huh?” he asked.

           Peter didn’t have it in him for a comeback and only groaned in frustration.

           “You wanna pilot the ship,” Rocket offered sarcastically.

           “You pilot the ship,” Peter said, sounding more like a whiny child than a guardian of the galaxy.

           “Please and thank you,” you amended.

           Rocket just waved the two of you off.

           “Yeah, yeah, yeah, get out of my sight you weirdos.”

           You hummed a thank you as you finally made your way to your room.  

           Somehow you managed to slide open the door without incident.  Peter was leaning against you pretty heavily.  His head rested on top of yours as his nose nuzzled into your hair.  At the same time, he was holding you by your waist, helping to guide you to the bed.  

           He didn’t even bother to take off his shoes before he collapsed onto the mattress in an unceremonious heap, taking you down with him.  You landed right on top of him, forcing a huff of air from his lungs and a slight groan of pain.

           “Sorry,” you mumbled, sliding off of him.  

           You didn’t get far as he arms wrapped around you, bringing your head to rest on his chest.

           “It’s okay,” he breathed.  “I like you on top of me.”

           Under normal circumstances, you would had said something smart, but you were already too far gone.  You relaxed into his touch and warmth and closed your eyes.  You’d think of something good in a few hours.

Chapter Text

           Under normal circumstances, you imagined the idea of sitting in a space ship with a God of Thunder, a talking and racoon and a tree would be a set up for lame joke.  And yet, it was anything but.  You watched Thor as he stared out the window of the ship, all his usual liveliness and smiles gone.  You could hardly blame him.  The last twenty-four hours didn’t even feel real.

           Hulk was gone.  Half of Asgard was dead.  Heimdall was dead and this time, you suspected, Loki was gone for good too.  You didn’t know them as well.  You had joined Thor on his quest after he left Earth years ago.  Hell, for a long time you would had considered Loki your enemy, but they had become your friends.  It hurt, to think about.  You could only imagine how much worse it was for Thor.  Everyone he had known, all he had left; it was gone. You didn’t even know how Thor was still standing.

          It was then you noticed a small reflection against his cheek. He hid it away quickly, but the damage was done.  He was crying.

          “Thor,” you said softly.

          “It shouldn’t take us long to get there,” Thor said, his voice tight as he kept his eyes forward.  

          You didn’t back down and moved closer to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.


          He looked to you then, his one eye gleaming with tears he was trying desperately not to let fall.  He wasn’t angry.  He wasn’t looking for revenge.  He was just sad and oh so tired.  

          Without a word you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a warm hug.  He returned the gesture, immediately wrapping his arms around you as well.  His head rested on your shoulder as his breaths became ragged.

          “It’s okay,” you whispered.  “It’s alright.  We’re going to figure this out.  It’s going to be alright.”


          You paused a moment, trying to think of a good answer, but you couldn’t lie to him.

          “I don’t know,” you sighed. “But we will.  That’s what heroes do, right?  We don’t give up.”

          It was small, but you felt his lips twist into a smile as he pulled you in just a little tighter.

          “I’m glad you’re with me,” he said, gently.

          You gave a sad smile.  Nobody as kind as Thor deserved this.  You weren’t going to let him down.  You would find a way to fix everything, one way or another.

          “I’m not going anywhere.  I promise.”

Chapter Text

           It took a moment to get everything squared away.  The teenager, guy in the suit, and the wizard were all there to fight Thanos.  The wizard apparently could see into the future with his necklace and now all you could do was sit and wait.

           This definitely made it into your top ten weirdest days of your life. 

          Drax and Peter kept themselves busy checking their weapons for the fight, but you couldn’t help but watch the rest of your companions. The wizard, in particular couldn’t help but grab your attention.  Or, more specifically, what he had wrapped around his shoulders.

          “Hello handsome,” you greeted with a smile.

           Strange raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

           “I wasn’t talking to you.”

           He stared at you in surprise and confusion.  He looked like he was about to say something smart, when his cape lifted up its collar, peering in your direction.

            “Yes, you,” you said.  “Though, your master isn’t bad either.”

           It shook its shoulders then as if to laugh, earning a glare from Strange.  The cape them lifted itself off his shoulders and drifted over, cautiously.

           “I don’t bite,” you promised.  “May I?”

           The cape shrugged, and you quickly closed the gap, looking over the fabric carefully.

           “You really are something else,” you commented, walking around it appraisingly. “How old are you?”

           It bristled, and you quickly realized your mistake.

           “I’m sorry, it’s rude to ask someone their age.”

           The cape lifted one of its corners, brushing off your comment.  It then reached out and took your hand.  You took a step forward allowing it to bring your hand to its collar and brushes itself against the back of your hand.

           “You’re too kind sir,” you teased, giving a small curtsy.

           “Oh please,” Strange mumbled with an eye-roll.


           “Hardly, you’re flirting with a piece of fabric.”

           “Believe me Doctor, I’d much rather flirt with you, but I didn’t think you were game.”

           He opened his mouth to say something smart, but never got the chance as you teleported yourself from the cape to right in front of him.

           “Now this is interesting,” you said, taking his hand and examining the ring on his finger.  “Don’t tell me your married.”

           “It’s a sling ring,” he corrected, pulling his hand away.

           “Be still my heart,” you said with an exaggerated sigh of relief. “Is that what allows you to create portals?”

           His eyes narrowed in suspicion. “What did you say you did?”

           “Just saved the galaxy a few times.”

           He gave you a look telling you to cut the bullshit.  

          “Before that crime,” you amended. “I do have a taste for rare artifacts.”

           “You mean expensive ones.”

           “Same thing.”

          You then took a small step forward, looking up into his eyes with a sideways smile. “I also take an interest in the people that wield them.”

          “Buy me a drink first,” he said sarcastically.

          “Gladly, when?”

           It was at that moment Quill gave a not so subtle cough, forcing you to break eye contact.  You looked back to Strange and gave him a wink.

           “To be continued, Doctor.”  

Chapter Text

You walked down the streets of New York City, ducking and weaving through the crowd like only a local could.  Of course, every now and then, accidents couldn’t be avoided. After effectively side stepping a crowd of business men coming back from lunch, you ran sidelong into a block of a human being. You stumbled back, but were caught at the last minute by a steady hand.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the man said politely.

You were about to dismiss it, when the words stopped in your throat at the sight of him.

“Oh my God,” you gasped. “You’re Thor.”

The god gave a small smile and shrugged it off as if it were not big deal.

“That I am.”

Your eyes went wide, as your mind worked on fast forward to figure out what was happening.  Thor the God of Thunder was standing right in front of you.  An Avengers bumped into you on the streets. Thor bumped into you, because he wasn’t looking where he was going.

“Are you lost?” you asked.

“What?” Thor said, sounding oddly defensive. “No.  My friend gave me some directions, but it just seems that I’m…” He trailed off, side eyeing the street signs as if they held some sort of clue. 

“You don’t know where you’re going, do you?”

“Of course I do,” Thor said with confidence.

“Really, then where are we?”

Thor creased his forehead looking around the crowded streets.  There were no real land marks around you.  Just shops, a deli, buildings, and tourist lining the streets. 

You crossed your arms in front of you waiting for an answer.

“Um…Manhattan?” he finally answered.  He looked at you expectantly with an innocent expression. It was oddly endearing.

“Well, you’re not wrong,” you conceded.  “Do you ever follow directions?”

He looked a little guilty at that as his hand rubbed the back of his neck.

“I thought I was taking a short cut,” he admitted.

At that moment he looked exactly like a lost puppy.  How this same man could somehow bring lighting down to smite an alien army was beyond your comprehension.

“C’mon, I’ll take you,” you said, nodding your head down the street.  “Unlike you, have the power of Google maps on my side.”

He beamed a smile as bright as the sun at that, gaining back some of the confidence he had lost.

“Lead the way.”

Chapter Text

You sat in the window seat of the Asgardian library, enjoying the warmth of the sun against your skin.  Loki sat across from you, his legs out stretched and brushing against yours.  He was presumably reading as well, but it didn’t take long for you to feel a pair of eyes on you.

“You’re staring,” you said, not bothering to look up.

“Am I?”

You smiled to yourself, keeping your eyes on your book just to annoy him. 

“You are,” you said.  You turned the page for emphasis.

Loki gave a low chuckle as you heard his book drop to the ground.  Once again, you kept your eyes on the page in front of you, even though you had long forgotten what it was you were reading.  A small shuffle of clothing against upholstery and a creak of the bench brought him closer to you before he carefully lifted the book out of your hands.

You finally met his eyes to see his face hovering inches from yours.  His hands on either side of you, effectively trapping you were you sat. You attempted to look put out as you stared him down.

“I was reading that.”

He gave you a lopsided smile as he shook your head.

“No you weren’t.”

You didn’t say anything back, but the small grin starting to take over your features told him he had won.  His eyes then took a moment to wander across your features, taking in your eyes and cheeks and nose and lips, pausing every now and again as if discovering something entirely new. 

“What are you thinking,” you breathed softly.

He stopped then, meeting your eyes once more.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are,” he asked, sounding oddly serious from the tone you were used to. 

You tried to dismiss it, giving a sideways smile. “You can stand to say it more often.”

He didn’t answer right away.  Instead, he leaned forward carefully brushing his lips against yours.  It was so tender and foreign, you almost had to question if the man kissing you was truly the Loki you knew.  But as he pulled away, leaving you breathless, you knew it couldn’t be anyone else.

“I should tell you everyday,” he whispered against your skin.  You got the impression it was more a comment to himself than to you.  “You are beautiful.  You are the sunshine.  You are my sunshine.

He pulled back further, staring right into your eyes and your heart with an intensity you only ever caught in moments.

“Are you mine,” he asked. 

You wanted to question him.  You wanted to ask why here, why now, but the words never left your thoughts.  You just nodded, your eyes switching from his eyes to his lips and back again.

“I am,” you confessed.

A grin spread across his features, as he leaned forward.

“And I am yours,” he promised, before capturing your lips once more.

Chapter Text

“Concentrate,” Strange repeated sounding just as frustrated as you were feeling.

“You know, shockingly, when somebody tells somebody else to “concentrate” it usually has the opposite effect,” you said sarcastically.

You kept your hand up all the same, making circles in the air as you tried to summon a portal.  You hadn’t been at Kamar-taj long, but just long enough to discover you attraction and frustration with the protector of the New York Sanctum, Doctor Stephen Strange. He, in turn, seemed to have the same problem with you.

“If you were actually concentrating, than it wouldn't be a problem,” he said.

You suppressed a growl in your chest, trying your best to picture your destination in your mind.  But Strange was standing too close, his voice was too deep, and he was agonizingly right.  You dropped your arms, not even being able to create a spark.

“I need a break,” you mumbled, walking away.  You barely made it a few feet before Strange grabbed you by the arm, forcing you to a stop.

“You’ll break when I tell you to,” he said.  “You’re closer than you realize.”

“Yeah, too close to you,” you bit back.

You attempted to make it sound more like an insult than a confession.  You were unsure of your success.  The good doctor released your arm, but his eyes never wavered. There was something about the intensity of his gaze that was getting to you more than you would had liked to admit.

“You think I’m standing too close,” he asked.

“I think the words “personal” and “bubble” some how slipped your vocabulary.”

“You always have to say something smart, don’t you.”

“Can’t be helped,” you shrugged.  “My hobby is making fun of you when you talk.  Besides, I thought you found my sass charming.”

“Try annoying.”

“I have, doesn’t seem to fit.  Charming I think is a much more accurate–”

You never got to finish your sentence as Strange silenced you with his lips, kissing you deeply.  His hands cradled the sides of your face, bringing you further in.  You didn’t fight it, kissing him back as your hands rested on his shoulders.

He pulled away first, leaving you dazed with half-lid eyes. He smirked at your response as his chest swelled with pride.

“Finally,” he teased, “an effective way to shut you up.”

“Not that effective,” you breathed.  “You’re still an ass.”

He gave a small laugh before kissing you once more.  You smiled against the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck and his hands wandered down to your waist. 

“Your ass though, right?” he asked against your lips.

“Without a doubt.”

Chapter Text

Cassian Andor stumbled into his bunk, aching, tired, and filled with regret.  The mission had been a success, but at a great cost.  He could hear the screaming in his mind.  He could see the dead behind his eyelids and the blood on his hands despite having washed over and over again.  A part of him wanted to forget, but he knew he couldn’t.  He’d remember the faces of the dead from now, until he joined them.

He was so lost in his own thoughts, he didn’t notice the noise he was making until he saw a motion from the bed out of the corner of his eye.

“Cass,” you asked, your voice rough with sleep. 

His whole body immediately relaxed at the sound as his eyes softened.

“Hey,” he said gently.  “I didn’t mean to wake you up. Go back to sleep.”

You shook your head, rolling over in bed so you were facing him. “Too late, I’m up now.”

A small smile crossed his lips despite himself.  Finding a balance between quietness and speed, he out of his clothes and slipped into bed beside you.  You quickly wrapped your arms around him, bringing him closer to you, so he had no choice but to do the same.

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked.

Cassian shook his head, keeping his eyes on yours the entire time.

“It’s more of the same.”

You nodded in understanding.  Slowly, you leaned forward and placed your lips gently against his own. 

You kiss was so tender and loving, he felt unworthy of it.  He felt unworthy of all of it.  Who was he to have you after all the things he had done?  Who was he to come home and have you look at him with kindness? It wasn’t right.

“Why are you with me?” he breathed.

You stopped your motions and pulled away with a confused look.

“Because I love you,” you answered, as if it were the most obvious thing in the universe.

Cassian shook his head. “But, why? You deserve better than me.

“Don’t say that–”

“It’s the truth,” he cut in. “I’m not a good man.  I try to be, but I’m not.”

“You are,” you said. “You are good man, Cass.  We’ve all done bad things, but I think the fact your regret them speaks more for you than you give yourself credit for.”

Cassian closed his eyes, ducking away from your gaze.  But you wouldn’t stand for it.  You gripped his face, pulling his back to face you.

“Look at me.”

He did as he was told.  Opening his eyes, he was meet an intensity he had only ever seen when you were about to head into battle.

“Do you trust me?” you asked.

He didn’t have to think about his answer.

“More than anyone.”

Your eyes softened at the words, but your voice lost none of it’s conviction. “Then trust me when I say that I love you and I’m not going anywhere.”

“But you–”

“It doesn’t matter what you or anyone else think I deserve,” you cut off. “It’s about what I want.  And I want you Cassian.  Now and always.”

He stared into your eyes, waiting to spot a lie or even a flicker of doubt, but there was none to be found.

“You have me,” he promised.

You finally smiled, nodding your head in approval.  “Then there’s nothing more to say.”

Cassian agreed and without another word, captured your lips in a passionate kiss, pouring in all the love he possessed.  He was yours after all, now and always.

Chapter Text



“But look at him.”

“Y/N, we’re not going to steal someone’s dog!

“And what did you do with Lucky exactly?”

Clint let out a long groan of frustration as he ran his hand down his face.

“That was different and you know it,” he countered.  “Besides, I didn’t steal him.  He just kinda followed me.”

“And I’m not stealing this guy either,” you said, holding the pup a little closer to your chest. 

You couldn’t name the breed exactly.  Your best guess was a pit bull hybrid of some kind.  You and Clint had been walking home when you heard a whimper from the alleyway.  Before Clint could say anything, you peered around a large dumpster to see the little guy tied to it be a rope.  By the looks of his ribs, he’d been there a few days. 

“Somebody obviously left him there,” Clint said.  “They’ll probably be pissed to see him gone.”

“Left him there to starve,” you mumbled darkly.

Clint heard you loud and clear.  He looked like he wanted to argue the point, but could see you were right.  His eyes then turned to the puppy in your arms and his resolve cracked.

“Fine, but if anybody goes asking around for him we give him right back.”

You pushed down your squeal of delight into a wide grin instead. 

“Thank you,” you said, kissing Clint on the cheek before continuing on your way.  “What about Arthur?  Is Arthur a good name for a dog?”

“We’re not naming him,” Clint protested.  “If nobody claims him we’re giving him to Kate.”

“Alright, alright, but we can’t just call him “Dog”. How about Harry?”





You continued one like that all the way back to the apartment.

Nobody ever claimed the dog and Clint never got around to asking Kate if she wanted your little Buddy.

Chapter Text

The crowd cheered as the X-Wings touched down the the tarmac.  You paid them little mind as you pushed past the bodies.  All you could focus on was the black striped X-Wing and the little orange droid being lowered out of it.

The top opened up revealing Poe Dameron with his stupid perfect face and his stupid perfect hair.  How dare he.  Half way through the battle his radio was shot out.  Everything was complete chaos and you didn’t know if he was dead or alive.  How dare smile as if nothing had happened.  You were ready to tell him exactly what was on your mind until he looked right at you and it all melted away.

He was alive, safe, and back home.

He slid down the ladder, making a bee line for you.  In a moment he had his arms around you and kissing you like it was the end of the world. You threw your arms around his neck, deepening the kiss as the other pilots whistled their approval.

Eventually the two of you had to pull away for air.  Poe grinned at you like an idiot and suddenly you remembered your annoyance.

“Don’t scare me like that,” you snapped, slapping him on the arm.

He groaned a little in pain, but still laughed at the effort.

“Duly noted,” he said with a sideways smile.

You were ready to let him have it, when once again his lips met yours.  You didn’t relist and kissed him.  You’d worry about it later.

Chapter Text

You were in trouble.  Then again, being with Loki meant you were in trouble most of the time.   In this particular instance, trouble found you in the form of some rather put out guards chasing the pair of you down the dark streets of a far off realm. 

Loki lead you by the hand and the pair of you ran for your lives.  The cobblestones beneath your feet seemed to echo across the empty street while the clamor of armor rattled not far behind you. Loki tried his best to keep you into the shadows, but the command to halt were only growing louder.

“If you want to break out your illusions, now’s the time,” you snapped.

“Not just yet,” he answered coolly.

Without a warning, he tugged you into an nearby alleyway and pushed your back against the wall.  You opened your mouth to say something smart, when he covered it with his hand.  He placed a single finger to his lip telling very succinctly to shut up, before turning his head out of the alleyway.  You followed his eye-line.  There, in the middle of the street, was a perfect copy of both you and Loki.

The illusions paused a moment, looking back towards the oncoming soldiers before sprinting out of sight. The real Loki then pressed his body closer to yours, keeping his attention on the opening of the alleyway.  You both stiffened and the squadron came into view.  They didn’t so much as pause before continuing forward.

Only when they were well out of ear range did you allow yourself to breath properly. 

Loki released his hand from your mouth, giving you a sly grin.  “I think that went rather well.”

You rolled your eyes at him, despite the smile on your face. “Generous assumption.  I think it might of went a little smoother if you didn’t trip the alarm.”

“And who’s fault is that?”


Loki’s brows furrowed in annoyance.  You kept a straight face, raising an eyebrow waiting for him to say something smart.  However, nothing happened.  His expression turned to something completely unreadable. It was then you realized his chest was still pressed up against yours.  His hands gripped at your sides and his lips were tantalizingly close.

It was clear he was starting to realize this as well, but made no action to move.

“I want to do something,” he said, his voice rough, but careful.  “Will you permit me?”

You nodded limply, unable to tear your eyes away from his.  “Kiss me.”

He did.  His lips burned you with their passion, causing a small moan to escape your throat.  It spurred him on, deepening the kiss as he pressed himself closer against you.  You could feel the fire inside you only growing until the shouts of soldiers broke the moment.

The pair of you pulled apart, gasping for air as the voices grew louder and louder.

“We’re finishing this later,” Loki promised, before taking your hand and leading you further down the alley. 

You always seemed to be in some kind of trouble with Loki.  But trouble was exactly where you wanted to be.

Chapter Text

They had failed.  Hong Kong had fallen and Dormammu was on his way.  Strange eyes searched desperately for you among the crowd.  You had stayed behind with Wong to fight.  He hoped against all odds you were somehow still alive.  At any moment you would come running to him and between the two of you, you could come up with some kind of plan. 

It never came.  Instead, he spotted you on the ground half buried in a pile of rubble.  His feet moved before his mind did, dropping to his knees.  You weren’t breathing.  He pulled you into his arms, hoping against hope to feel your heart beat only for his hands to become stained with blood.  You were dead.  You had been for some time.

“It’s too late,” Mordo said. “Nothing can stop him.” 

Strange stared down at your body as time seemed to come to a sudden stop. 


The word resonated in his mind.  It filled his heart and his head until everything came into sharp focus. 

“Not necessarily,” he said darkly.

Rising to his feet, he placed his hands in position and opened the Eye of Agamotto.

Kaecilius saw what he was trying to do and came charging towards him.  Strange kept his eyes forward.  All of his energy and concentration focused on the faint hope it would work.

Kaecilius leapt toward him and then, time began to slow down.  Time stopped, and time began to reverse.

Rubble, cars, people all began to move backwards.  Strange paid it little mind as he stared down at you. The fallen debris which covered your body moved upward in the air.  The blood staining your torso moved back into your body and your eyes blinked open. 

Not wasting a second, he pulled you out of the loop as you rose to your feet.  You stumbled slightly on shaky legs.  Strange caught you, holding you by the arms while you got your bearings.

“Stephen,” you gasped.  “What’s happening?”

There was so much he wanted to say.  So much he wanted to do, but the chaos around him told him, ironically, there wasn’t time.

“The spells working,” Strange said.  “We’ve got a second chance.”

You stared at him, time reversing in the street, and the glowing green of the Eye around his neck.  You didn’t need any further explanation than that.

The three of you dodged and weaved around the ensuing chaos.  Strange kept close to you the entire time, not letting any of Kaecilius’ men come near you. You moved ever closer to the Sanctum, stopping only when you saw Wong’s body laying in a heap.  Just as it had happened with you, the debris fell away and Strange pulled him out of the loop.  You were prepared to defend the sanctum once more when Kaecilius finally knocked Stephen to the ground, breaking the spell and stopping time in it’s tracks.

“Get up Strange,” Mordo ordered.  “We can finish this.”

“You can’t fight the inevitable,” Kaecilius said as he strode toward them, gazing up into the sky.  “Isn’t it beautiful? A world beyond time.  Beyond death.”

“Beyond time…” Strange mumbled back to himself, staring up at the sky as well.

He looked to you.  You stood next to Mordo, your weapon poised and ready for a fight. Ready to die all over again.  The same no as before echoed in his mind and he knew exactly what he had to do.  Without a word, he flew into the sky to face Dormammu.

His plan worked.  The time loop did it’s job trapping him and Dormammu in and endless cycle. The creature taunted him.  Reminding him over and over again of the pain and torture he could instill upon him.  But Strange never yield.  Every moment before his death he thought of you and would welcome the pain as a friend.  Eventually, it became too much for the creature and Dormammu left, taking Kaecilius and his followers with him.

“You know, he really should have stolen the whole book,” Strange said idly as Dormammu disappeared from the sky.  “Because the warnings…the warnings come after the spells.”

It was then Wong actually began to laugh, earning a look of confusion from everybody.

“Oh, that’s funny,” he said, trying to get a hold of himself.

Despite the situation, you started to laugh a little as well, grinning up at Strange.

“You always have to be so clever, don’t you,” you teased.

His eyes softened at the sight. Without another word, he took your face in his hands and pulled you into a passionate kiss.  He poured into it every ounce of himself, never letting you doubt for a moment how he felt. 

Slowly he pulled away, suppressing a proud smirk at your dazed state.

“Not that I’m complaining,” you finally managed. “But, I take it something happened.”

He didn’t say anything right away, savoring your features as he brushed a stray hair out of your face.

“Just tired of wasting time.”

You didn’t believe him, not fully. One day he would tell you all of it.  But, for the moment all he wanted was you in his arms, smiling and breathing against his chest.

This was his second chance, and he was going to take it.

Chapter Text

You were happy.  You were in the middle of a party, surrounded by your friends with a brand new engagement ring on your finger.  Your fiance was elsewhere, helping with drinks and making sure everyone was comfortable.  He had proposed to you a week ago and the glow on your cheek had yet to fade.  Nothing could ruin your evening.  Until, of course, something did.  Or rather, someone.

Loki, your ex, the man who had torn you heart in two, appeared right in front of you as if by magic.

“Hello, love,” he greeted.  His smile was calm, but the look in his eyes could only spell trouble.

You didn’t bother to ask how he heard about your party or how he got in.  The answer to the first question was certainly Thor and the answer to the second didn’t matter.  He was here.

“Loki,” you said, coolly, “could you do something for me?”


“Get the hell out of here.”

“Now darling, there’s no need for that,” he soothed.  “I just came here to congratulate you.”

“Well you have.  Now, leave.”

You started to push him towards the door.  Unfortunately, due to his frost giant lineage, he was much heavier than he looked.  You would had had better luck pushing a boulder up a hill.  The smirk on his face was also doing little to improve your mood.

“Have I ever told you, you look adorable when you’re annoyed?”

“Considering that’s just my face when I’m around you, I wouldn’t be surprised,” you said, sardonically.  “What are you doing here? Really?”

The smirk faded.  His expression turned unreadable and he shifted his weight.

“Like I said.  I wanted to congratulate you.”

His eyes drifted downward to the ring on your finger, and for the first time, you felt the need to hide it.

“Thank you,” you said, stiffly.

There was a long pause between you.  The spark of anger you initially felt had now faded until there were barely embers left.  The only thing you could think to do was stand there.

Loki looked just as lost as you did.  He took a glance around the party, idly looking at the passersby.

“So, do I get to meet him?” he asked.

“I think that would be a very bad idea.”

He gave a small chuckle.  It was a hollow sound.  One you weren’t used to hearing from him.  It was wrong.

“I suppose that is to be expected,” he said.

There was another pause.  He looked to you then, staring right into your eyes.  You could feel him trying to convey a million things he couldn’t say out loud.  Apologize and regrets jumbled together until none of them had the impact you knew he meant them to have.  All you were left with as a feeling of emptiness.

“Does he make you happy,” he asked.

You nodded your head, even as you felt your heart tighten.  “Yes.”

Loki averted his gaze, but he accepted the answer without verbal protest. Carefully, he took a step forward and extended his hand to you.

To your own surprise, you took it without question.  The coolness of his fingers felt comfortable and familiar, even as he tightened his grip.  It was as if he were afraid you would change your mind.

“I am happy for you,” he said.  “Truly.”

Despite years of experience telling you otherwise, you believed him.

You needed to step away.  You had been holding his hand too long.  He was standing too close.  But, you didn’t.  You stood perfectly still, as he worked his magic on you.  The irony being, this time at least, you were certain he wasn’t aware he was doing it.

He then leaned forward, and placed his lips against your cheek.

You closed your eyes at the sensation.  You mind screamed for you to pull away and slap him across the face, but your body relished in the feeling of it.

“Goodbye, my love,” he whispered.  And just like that, he was gone.

You kept your eyes closed for a long while as the sounds of the party started to fill your ears once more. 

You knew the moment you opened them again, you would have to face your friends and your fiance.  You would have to explain how your glow as now gone.  The happiness you had been so certain of was a jumbled mess, all thanks to a god who couldn’t help but bring mischief where ever he went.

Damn Loki.  Damn him straight to hell.

Chapter Text

Poe’s lips were on yours and he backed you into the door of your bedroom.  You moaned against him, your fingers working to undo his flight suit.  Meanwhile he was focused on the buttons on your shirt.  He managed to fumble with a few, before giving up entirely and pulling the damn thing over your head.  His attention then when to your neck sucking and nipping at the skin.  

“You know? I’m starting to think you you take these long missions on purpose,” you breathed.

“What gave you that idea?” he teased before capturing your lips once more.

You smiled, pushing him back while never parting your touch.  Poe’s legs hit the edge of the bed, taking you both by surprise as Poe took you down with him.  You landed hard on top of him, causing you both to laugh. 

“No reason,” you said, sitting up so you were now straddling him.  “I just think you’ve got a thing for reunion sex.”

Poe gave you that boyish grin you loved so much as he hands went to you pant line.

“I can’t help it if I miss you.”

You smiled in return as he leaned over him and kissed him hard.

“Neither can I.”

Chapter Text

Your voice pierced the air calling Strange’s name in warning.

He turned on his heel, ready for a fight to see you standing in front of him.  You stared at him with wide eyes and a blade piercing through your side.

“Stephen,” you whispered before tumbling into his arms.

He caught you, holding you close.  He could feel your blood seeping into his own tunic, but he pushed it aside.  His training took over and his mind went into sharp focus.


“Go!” his friend called.

Strange gave him a nod in thanks before forming a portal in front of him.  The sparks opened up to reveal the stark white of a hospital wing.

He gathered you carefully into his arms.

“Hold on Y/N,” he pleaded.  “Please, just hold on.”

All you could do was groan, but it was enough for him.

“Christine!” he yelled down the hallway. 

He praised his luck when he saw the familiar pony tail of Dr. Palmer.  She spun toward him with a lecture ready on her lips only for it to die the moment she saw you.

“Oh my God, Y/N,” she exclaimed. 

A swarm of nurses were around them in seconds.  Strange lowered you onto the bed, listing off where you were injured, how deep the wound seemed to be, how long ago you were stabbed, blood type, allergies, and anything else he could think of to save your life.

“We’ll take it from here Stephen,” Christine promised as they wheeled you into the surgical suite.

The door closed behind her, leaving Strange on the other side of the glass. 

He watched in anguish as an army of surgeons and doctors surrounded you.  For the first time in his life, he wasn’t securitizing them.  He was only watching you. Your skin was so pale.  You were normally so strong.  Your face lit up with a teasing smile and bright eyes.  He just wanted to see them again.  He just needed you to wake up.

The doctors started to speak more frantically. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, but a glance at your heart monitor told him enough.  They were losing you. His instinct was to burst through the door, take the surgical tools and do it himself, shaking hands be damned. But he couldn’t.  There was nothing he could do.  

A long single beep pierced the air, and Strange felt his heart stop with yours.

“Clear!” someone called from within.

A spike came on the monitor.


Please, Stephen begged.


Another spike.  Nothing.

Y/N, please.

“We’re losing brain activity.”

I can’t lose you too.

One last spike.  A long pause. 

And then, a beep. 

And then another.  And another.

“They’re back,” one of the doctor’s said.

Stephen allowed himself to breath once more.

The doctors did their duty.  You were stable, and Christine promised you would wake up in a few days.

He only left your side to tell Wong you were alive, and for a change of clothes.  To many in the hospital, who had only known Strange as the egotistical surgeon, the entire behavior seemed odd.  Only Christine seemed to fully understand, and she did her best to keep as many unwanted eyes away from you and Stephen.

It took you three days to finally open your eyes.

“Stephen,” you groaned.

Strange sat straight in his seat, before gently grasping your hand in his.

“Hey,” he said gruffly.  “Don’t try to move.  Your safe now.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” you mumbled.

For the first time in three days, Stephen smiled.

You looked at him, examining his features with pursed lips.  Slowly, you lifted you hand and pressed it against his cheek.  Strange lay his hand over yours keeping it there as he traced his fingers against your skin.

“How long have you been here,” you asked, concerned.

Strange shook his head.  “It doesn’t matter.”


“It doesn’t matter,” he repeated.  “The point is we’re both still here.”

“What do you mean, still?”

He didn’t answer for a long while.  The stress and fear he had been trying to suppress streamed across his features.  He moved your hand from his cheek, and pressed a kiss on the palm on your hand, savoring the warmth and life the pumped beneath the surface.

“You were dead for almost a full minute on the table,” he said.

He waited for the outburst of surprise, but it never came.  You simply stared for a moment, before nodding your head in understanding.


“Oh?” Strange bit back.  “You died!”

“And I saved your life,” you said calmly.  “Do you want me to apologize?”


You raised an eyebrow at him.

“I mean no,” he amended.  “I mean…don’t do it again.”

You let out a sigh.  “I’ll try my best, but with the life we lead, I make no promises.”

Stephen shook his head.  He wanted to argue the point, but he understood it would get him absolutely nowhere.  He also knew that if the roles were reversed, he would have done the exact same thing.

With great care, he brushes a stray strand of hair from your forehead, as he looked down at you.  Your eyes were open, bright and staring up at him with the love he knew were reflected in his own.  He leaned down and kissed you gently, as if afraid you would turn to dust the moment he touched you. You kissed him back, reassuring him that you weren’t going anywhere

Chapter Text

“You’re mean.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“I can’t help it if you’re short.”

Tony fumed at this, but he couldn’t think of a counter argument he hadn’t used a million times before.  He wasn’t that short.  Five foot nine, was a perfectly reasonable height.  You were just unreasonably tall…and mean.

“Don’t make me beg,” he mumbled.

“I wasn’t, but sense you put in on the table…”

He groaned at the hole he just dug himself in.

You just grinned down at him, making sure to stand at your full height. 

“I’m waiting,” you teased.

Tony looked up at you, pouting like a small child.

“Just one kiss, baby,” he asked. “Please.”

You pretended to give the matter a great deal of thought.

“Hmmm, well, sense you asked so nicely.”

You leaned down, finally catching Tony’s lips with your own.  His arms wrapped around your neck keeping you there, bent over while he stood on his toes.

It certainly wasn’t the most comfortable position, but damn it if wasn’t worth it.

Chapter Text

Slowly, but surely, you opened your eyes to the morning sun.  You let out a small huff.  You didn’t want to be up now.  It was the weekend.  You could sleep in.  But your body was still on a work day schedule.  On stubbornness alone, you willed yourself to fall back asleep. 

You closed, your eyes ready to sleep to take you once more when you felt your boyfriend’s arms tighten around you.  His lips brushed against the nape of your neck as his beard tickled your skin. You groaned in protest which only make him laugh.

“Morning beautiful,” he said, his already baritone voice even rougher and deeper with sleep.  You wanted to curse the man.  How dare he be sexy in the morning. 

His lips moved up and down your neck, moving ever slowly up ward to the underside of your jaw and behind your ear.  He broke you.

Rolling over, you met his lips with yours.  It was short and tender and perfect.  He pulled away from you then, looking down at you with those ridiculous blue eyes of his.

“Do you want some breakfast?” he asked.

You shook your head, the sleep still clinging to the inside of your brain.

“Can’t we stay here for a while?”

His lips formed into a half smile before leaning down and kissing you once more.

“I can do that.”

Chapter Text

“This is ridiculous,” you mumbled against Fred’s lips.

“It’s not that bad,” he said, turning his attention back on kissing you senseless.

“We’re in a broom cupboard.”

“Details, love.”

You rolled your eyes, and opened your mouth to continue only for him to start kissing you again.  You persisted anyway, getting a word in for every kiss.


He let out a sigh, knowing he wasn’t going to get any further until you actually talked it out.

“You’re the one that said you didn’t want to make a big deal out of it,” he said.

“That was when we were first starting out.  It’s been a month, Fred.  Don’t you want to…you know…tell people?”

He shrugged, his expression turning uncharacteristically sheepish. 

“I don’t know.”

“Are you embarrassed by me?”

“Hell no,” he said quickly.  “It’s just…I’ve like having you to my self for a bit.”

It was clear his ears were a bright shade of red, even in the dim light. You held back saying anything teasing, but you couldn’t stop the smile. 

“How about a compromise,” you said, adjusting his tie.  “We’ll tell everyone, after a little while longer in here.”

A wide smile spread across his face.  “Fine by me.”

Chapter Text

You didn’t bother to look up as you heard a pair of familiar footsteps enter the library.  

“Can I help you with something Strange?” you asked, placing another book back in its proper place.

“Doctor,” he corrected, lightly.  “And no, I think I know exactly what I want to take out.”

You turned to him, holding the remaining books close to your chest. “And what is that?”

“The librarian,” he said matter of factly.

You huffed out a laugh, causing Strange to chuckle as well.

“That might be the worse line you’ve slipped me,” you said, shaking your head.

He only shrugged shooting you a teasing look. “Well, it’s worked so far.”

You rolled your eyes.  “So far.”

His lips turned into a sideways smile as he took a small step closer to you.  Without another word, he leaned down kissing you gently against your lips. You took it gratefully, kissing him back.  He reached a hand out to your side, in an attempted to pull you closer, but your arm full of books stood in his way.

With a small hum of frustration, you broke away.  “I’ve got to finish this.”

“Finish it later,” Strange said.  He took the books from your arms and lay them on a nearby table. “I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“And who’s fault is that,” you countered.

It was his turn to roll his eyes before kissing you once more. You placed your hands on his shoulders and his arms wrapped around your waist pulling you closer.

“I’ve missed you,” he said, gently.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting soft on me Strange.”

“Only a little.”

“You’re both disgusting.”

You and Strange whipped your head towards the entrance to see Wong standing there staring right at you.  At a passing glance, Wong looked like his normal strict self, but upon closer inspection one could see the laughter behind his eyes.  

“Wong,” Stephen greeting, wincing slightly in embarrassment.

Wong gave him a passing nod before turning his attention to you.

“Y/N, don’t you have work to do?”

“On it,” you said, unable to make eye contact with either of them as your cheeks burned hotter than the sun.

As you all but ran down the row of shelves, you could hear Stephen’s voice not far behind you.

“You’re never going to live this down, are you?” he asked.


Chapter Text

You moaned into Poe’s mouth as he pushed you back against of the stacks of crates scattered around the cargo hold.  You didn’t know how you had found yourself in this position as of late, but you couldn’t find it in you to care.

“I’ve got to be back in the hanger in ten minutes,” you warned, taking the moment to breath.

He groaned in protest, attaching his efforts to your neck instead.

“Can you make it twenty?” he mumbled against your skin. 

You let out something between a laugh and a moan.  “Tempting, but I’d rather save it for tonight.  I want us to take our time.”

“Or we can do both,” he suggested, rolling his hips against you to show exactly what you were doing to him. 

“We’ll get caught,” you protested, without any conviction. 

You felt him smile smugly against your skin, knowing he was winning.  “That’s the fun part.”

You wanted to argue the point, but were silenced as soon as his lips found yours once again.  Unfortunately for both of you, you ended up being right.

“Hey Dameron! Can you not shove your tongue down my mechanic’s throat?  I need help on my hyperdrive.”

Poe tore away form you to see Jessika standing standing on top of the railing looking down at the pair of you with an annoyed expression.  He gave her a embarrassed smile and half salute.

“Will do Jess,” he called back.

She rolled her eyes before making her way out of the room.  As soon as she was out of sight, Poe and you turned your gaze back to each other.  There was a small pause and then laughter.

“I’ll see you tonight,” you promised, pecking him lightly on the lips.

That apparently wasn’t enough, as Poe pulled you closer deepening the kiss and leaving you breathless as he pulled away.

“Count on it.”

Chapter Text

“That’s it, love, just concentrate.”

You headed Loki’s words, focusing all your energy outward. The lesson of the day was illusions.  You had gotten rather good at replicating small objects.  The next step was creating a projection of yourself. 

You took another deep breath, closing your eyes and picturing yourself standing clearly in front of you. This was your fifth attempted and all you had managed was a glimmer of light. 

You started to feel something, as if a thin layer of cloth were draped over your skin and clothes, molding itself to you.  You held onto the feeling until it clung to you like a second skin.  Then, carefully, you pushed the feeling away, trying to retain it’s shape as it drifted away from you. It only stayed for a few seconds before the shape slipped form your grasp.

You let out a breath, opening your eyes and breathing hard. The only thing in front of you as empty air.

“I’m never going to get this, am I,” you lamented, feeling exhaustion over take you.

“Nonsense,” Loki dismissed.  “This is only your first day.  However, I do believe you deserve a break.”

You nodded in agreement, and wandered over to the table where a spell book was laid open.  Taking a seat, you took a moment to admire the artwork and calligraphy of the tome.  It felt as if the author had attempted to capture the magic within the pages.  Every stroke of the quill was calculated as the spell it was describing. It truly was a sight.

“What are you thinking about,” Loki asked, taking a place beside you.

You looked up at him with a half smile.  “I’m just starting to understand how little I actually know.”

“Is that so bad?”

You shook your head.  “Quite the opposite.  It means there’s more to learn, and I have a very patient teacher.”

His eyes softened at your words.  It was a sight seen by few and one you felt honored to witness.  He leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss on top of your head.

“Only for you.”

Chapter Text

You would think you would get used to being in tight spots when it came to General Kenobi, but it never failed to take you off guard. 

“I think it’s best if we retreat, general,” you shouted, sending a voile of fire at the oncoming legion of droids.

“I’m inclined to agree with you, captain,” Obi-Wan said, before turning on his comm. “Cody pull back.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll get him out in my ship,” you assured.  “Get out of here!” 

“Copy that, everybody, move out!”

Looking up toward the ridge line, you could see the line of fire starting pull away.  A platoon of the droids split of to follow the clones, leaving you and Obi-Wan to face the rest.

“R3,” you called into your comm.  “You there?”

A series of beeps and whistles followed, assuring you the droid was primed and ready.

“Get the ship ready, we’re going to need a fast exit.  Keep the cargo bay open.”

R3 gave a surprised whistle in response.

“Just do it!”  You turned to Obi-Wan.  “Cover me.”

He gave you a nod of response before jumping out from cover.  A barrage of fire came his way.  Every shot either missed or hit his lightsaber, sending them back to the droids.  You followed behind, pulling out a thermal detonator from your bag.  While the droids were distracted to threw the detonator over Obi-Wan’s head landing right in the center of a cluster of droids.  Never missing a step, you pulled Obi-Wan behind cover, just before the deafening boom.

The explosion left the droids in chaos, giving you the opening you needed.

“Let’s move,” Obi-Wan said, taking your hand and sprinting towards your ship. 

“Three, get her up in the air,” you shouted into your comm.  “We’re coming to you.”

The droid beep an acknowledgement just as you turned a sharp corner towards a cliff’s edge. 

Neither of you stumbled a step, charging straight toward the edge just as your ship rose into view.

You turned to Obi-Wan, giving him a sideways smile.  “You first.”

He grinned in response, taking a few strides ahead of you and jumping straight into the cargo hold.  You were right behind him, launching yourself into the air and right into your ship.  You stumbled on the landing, only for Obi-Wan to catch you keeping you steady against him.

The cargo bay door closed as R3 moved the ship skyward and away.

Both of your breathed a sigh of relief, taking the moment to catch your breath.

“Nice move, captain,” Obi-Wan commended with a smile.

“Thank you, general.”

There was a pause.  The smiles faded, but neither of you let go.  A tension was building in the air.  You were at a loss as to what to do.  If you were smart, you would have stepped back and walked away.  But you had a habit of doing exactly the wrong thing. 

You closed the gap between you and kissed Obi-Wan gently on the lips.  For a moment he whole body went stiff.  Your stomach plummeted.  In a panic, you started to pull away, but you never got a chance. To your shock, he kissed you back.  His grip tightened around you as he deepened the kiss.  It was all so much more than you thought it would, you pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” you said quickly. “Are you sure you-”

Obi-Wan cut you off with another kiss, cupping your face in his hand as he did. Your doubt faded away, and you took a moment to savor the feeling while you could.  All to soon, he pulled away, leaving you breathless.

“I’m sure about you,” he said gently. 

A soft smile spread across your lips at his words, but a small fear still lingered. “This is going to be tricky.”

“Darling, tricky is our specialty.”

Chapter Text

        Most of the time, it was easy to forget Thor came from a different world. He blended into the rest of Earth culture surprisingly well.  There were times you’d have to explain how to work an email or he’d slip into a more formal way of speaking than your average person, but nothing that would hint he came from somewhere else in the cosmos.  But then there were moments that would break the illusion all together.

       “I still can’t believe Asgard doesn’t have ice-cream,” you lamented.

       “Well, you don’t have winged horses, but you don’t hear me complaining about it,” Thor countered.

       You huffed out a small laugh, earning you a beaming smile from your boyfriend.  After he had told you about Asgard’s lack of frozen diary confectioneries, you immediately dragged him to your favorite local ice-cream parlor.  Soon enough, the two of you were up to order.

       “What do you want to try first,” you asked.

       “Surprise me.”

       You were tempted to start him out on one of the more exotic items the shop had like Guinness or Green Tea, but you opted to stick with the classics on the first go.

       “One mint chocolate chip and one chocolate, please.”

       Moments later you were walking out of the shop, cones in hand; mint chocolate chip for you and chocolate for Thor.

       “Okay, eat up,” you said.

       You immediately regretted your choice of words as Thor went to take a chomp out of it like it was a piece of meat.  You darted your hand in front of his mouth before he could make contact.

       “Slowly,” you instructed.  “You don’t want to get brain freeze.”

“What’s brain freeze?”

       You opened your mouth hoping the explanation for brain freeze would come out on its own.  It didn’t.  

       “You don’t want to know,” you answered.

       Thor looked at his cone suspiciously, as if at any moment it would try and bite him.  You quickly realized you would have to be the one to show him how to eat it. You took your first lick, humming in contentment.  

       He took your hint and licked his as well.  His eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas, as he turned to you in wonder.

       “This is amazing!”

       You grinned at his response as you continued to eat your ice-cream.

       “Keep going, you don’t want it to melt.”

       Thor complied, grinning happily as he scarfed down the rest of the cone in record time.  

       “Can we get some more?” he asked.  

       You were still working on yours, but you knew he had a much bigger appetite than you did.  

       “Sure thing.”

       You ended up spending most of the day there as Thor tried every single flavor the store had to offer.  You had a feeling the only reason they didn’t cut him off was one, he was Thor, and two, the fact that he was Thor meant more customers were coming in just to see Thor the God of Thunder eat ice-cream.  

       He kept up his smile the entire time, even as he turned his nose up at some of the odder pairings. Who decided putting meat in ice cream was a good idea anyway?  

       The sun was going down by the time you wandered home with Thor’s arm wrapped around your shoulders.

       “Sorry, we spent so much time there,” Thor apologized. “I know you wanted to explore the city today.”

       “It’s fine, I still got to spend the day with you. Plus, free ice cream,” you said, holding up the pint the store had given you on your way out the door.  

       Thor grinned, kissing you on top of your head as you walked.

       “You’re amazing, you know that?”

       “I know,” you said.  “C’mon, let’s hurry it up.  I want to show you some of the different toppings we can put on this bad boy.”

       “There are toppings?!”

Chapter Text

           It was over, you had done it.

           Thanos was defeated.  The gauntlet had finally been destroyed, and slowly, but surely, they were coming back. Everyone was coming back. 

           Bucky was first.  Dirt rose from the ground, twisting and turning until they formed a full person. The man barely got a firm footing before Steve enveloped him in a tight hug.  

Soon, everyone else followed. Quill, Groot, Drax, Mantis, Gamora, Wanda, Vision, T’Challa, Sam, everyone solidified and were quickly embraced by loved ones. When Peter Parker came back, you thought for sure Stark was going to have a full-on meltdown, as he embraced the kid like it was the end of the world.

           “What happened, Mr. Stark?” he asked. “Are you okay?”

           The man laughed it off, through tears.  “Just relieved kid.  Your Aunt was going to kill me.”  

           Even Loki somehow managed to come back, much to the relief of his brother, and few others.

           “This is becoming a bad habit,” Thor commented, lightly.

           “Well, I must keep you guessing,” the other countered, only just disguising the surprise at his own resurrection.

           It was all well and good, but you had yet to find the man you were looking for. You scanned the crowd, hoping to spot the familiar red cloak and white temples, but you couldn’t find him.  You could feel the pressure of tears start to build behind your eye the longer you searched.  He couldn’t be the only one who didn’t make it.  He had to have come back.

           You were starting to lose hope, when a blur of red came barreling toward you. The Cloak of Levitation wrapped itself tightly around you in a crushing hug before you even knew what was happening.

           “Cloak!” you yelped in surprised, but you didn’t have time to dwell on it as it spun you around, so you were faced to face with Stephen Strange. He looked the same as he left you; tired, blood stains on his forehead, but alive. Solid, real, and one-hundred percent alive.


          He whispered out your name as if the moment he said it, you would disappear before his eyes.  Relief, fear, joy, guilt, all streamed across his face. 

          You wanted to be angry with him.  You wanted to scream at him for leaving you behind, believing you had lost him forever, but in that moment, none of it mattered.

          You ran to him, throwing your arms around his neck and kissing him like there was no tomorrow.  Strange quickly obliged, wrapping his arms around you and kissing you back in equal fever.

          “Wow, you really would miss me,” Strange teased, breathing softly against your lips.

          “Don’t push it, I’m still mad at you,” you countered.

          His expression shifted, as guilt took over his features.  He kissed you once more.  The urgency was gone, but the passion hadn’t left.  He moved slowly, deliberately, trying to tell you, without words, just how much he missed you too.

          “I am sorry,” he said. “It was the only way Y/N.  Please, believe that.”

          You opened your eyes, finally meeting his gaze. You nodded your head in understanding, despite the ache still lingering in your chest.  Stephen took notice and pressed his forehead against yours.

          “I knew you could do it,” he said.  “I never doubted for a second.”

          “That makes one of us,” you quipped.

          He gave you a half-smile at that, leaning in to capture you lips one more time. The hesitation was gone, and the joy and relief could come forward.  None of it mattered anymore.  You were back in each other’s arms.  And nothing was going to tear you apart.            

          “Get a room!” Stark called, from somewhere on the sidelines.

          You groaned in frustration, pulling your lips away from Strange, and turning your head towards the man. “Piss off Stark.”

          He only smirked, giving you a half salute before wandering over to Steve and the rest.

          Strange chuckled lightly at the exchanged.  “You know,” he said, leaning to whisper in your ear, “a room doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”

          You smiled at the suggestion. The pair of you did have a lot of catching up to do.

Chapter Text

         “You’ve got to be kidding me.”           

          “Thor isn’t here, and you’re the only one powerful enough to contain him.”


           “That’s an order, Y/N.”

           You let out a huff of frustration.  It was always hard to talk Steve Rogers out of something once he made up his mind, it was downright impossible when he went into Captain America mode.

           “How long until you guys get back,” you asked, defeated.

           “Two days at most,” Steve assured.  The authority had gone from his voice, but you knew better than to question him.

           “Alright,” you said, with a long sigh.  “Let’s go meet him.”

           Steve gave you a thankful look and quickly led you to the other side of the compound.

           You were one of the newest recruits of the Avengers.  It was the bizarre and annoying circumstance of wrong place, wrong time that had given you your powers. One minute you were completely average nobody, the next you were in a hospital with a splitting headache and the ability to move objects with your mind.  Luckily, the Avengers had found you before anyone else could and you had quickly found a home among their ranks.  And, it was also around this time, somebody new had joined as well.

           Steve knocked on the door of one of the bedrooms at the end of a long hallway.  A smooth voice answered.

           “The door is unlocked.”

           You both entered to see Loki, God of Mischief, relined on his bed, book in hand, with an utterly bored expression on his face.

           He had come to the compound not long after you had.  Thor had spoken on his behalf, promising the rest of the Avengers of Loki’s change for the better.  Needless to say, everyone was still suspicious, being that Thor was exactly the type of person who would pet a rabid dog if it promised not to bite him.

           You were among those who still distrusted the god, and so kept your distance as best you could.  Unfortunately, the man seemed to be fixated on you. At first you thought he was trying to manipulate you and use your powers for his own cause, but he never so much as mentioned your powers outside of a general curiosity. He just seemed to always be there, whether you were reading, watching TV, training, or anything else. You couldn’t understand it.  

           “Captain,” Loki greeted, not bothering to put down his book, “to what do I owe the pleasure.”

           “Me, Thor, and a few of the others will be going out on a mission,” Steve said.  His Captain America voice was on full display, letting anyone within its blast to know he meant business.  “I’m leaving Y/N in charge until we get back.”

           “Have a done something to warrant needing a nanny,” Loki asked.  His eyes finally peaked out over the page, raising an eyebrow to the man.

           Steve grimaced.  Technically, he hadn’t. Since coming to the compound Loki had done absolutely nothing to cause trouble, the occasional verbal jab at Tony or Cap notwithstanding.  He mostly kept to himself or Thor whenever possible, aside from the times he seemed to be in your presence.

           “Let’s just say I’d rather be safe than sorry,” Steve said.

            Loki gave a slight smirk. “Tactically sound, as always Captain.” He then put down his book, turning his attention directly onto you.  “And what have you to say on this?”

           You blinked, surprised either of them had remembered you were in the room.

           “I think if you try anything, I’ll gladly pin you to a wall, and spend the rest of the weekend binge watching Game of Thrones.”

           Loki’s eyebrows shot up to his hair line as his lips formed into an impressed smile. You weren’t really sure how to feel about it.

           “I guess that settles it then,” Steve said, trying to hide some of his own pride in his voice.  He turned to leave, but not before shooting you an assuring smile on his way out.

           The door closed behind him, leaving just you, Loki, and an awkward silence.

           Loki’s eyes didn’t waver from yours.  He sat up right on the bed, one arm casually draped on his knee as a strange look came into his eye.

           “Do you really think you’re up to the challenge,” he asked.  “Braver than you have tried.”

           “I think I can handle a half-ass magician,” you said, dryly.

           “Oh darling, you couldn’t handle me if I came with instructions.”  He slipped off the bed, rising to his feet.  Your back stiffened, and your hands balled at your sides, ready for an attack.

           It never came.

           “I think you under estimate me,” you said, keeping your chin high even as your heart pounded.

           “Oh, believe me, I don’t,” he said. He took a casual step towards you, continuing his way until he was right beside you. Slowly and with purpose, he lowered his lips to your ear.  

          “I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun.”  

Chapter Text

          “Well, this is fun.”

           “Seriously?” Billy questioned, “we’re trying to hide a body.

           “What else am I supposed to do on my Friday nights?”

           Billy huffed out a laugh under the strain of the dead man held between you.  Goody had gone on ahead and started on digging the grave, which left the two of you to do the heavy lifting.

           Said dead man, had tried to pick a fight with Billy in the bar.  Billy had declined knowing perfectly well he could kill him before the man could even reach his gun.  The man had insisted, until finally Billy had enough and disarmed the man, breaking his wrist in the process.

          Unfortunately, the man was white, and a friend of the sheriff. The sheriff found that Billy was being the unreasonable one and no so subtly ordered the three of you out of town. That would have been the end of it, if the man hadn’t decided to hunt down Billy and try to shoot him in his sleep.

          Billy killed him, but it was obvious Billy wasn’t going to get a fair trial. So, there you were, hauling a body in the dead of night through the California desert.

          “Moments like this, you regret coming along with us,” Billy asked.

          “Are you kidding?” you countered, dryly. “Imagine how boring my life out be without moments exactly like this.”

          He shook his head trying his best to suppress a smile.  “I love you.”

          “I would hope so,” you said. “I’m helping you hide a body after all.”

Chapter Text

           “You’re wrong Jim.”

           “I’m never wrong about things like this.”

           “She’s a sweet girl, why do you always have twist everything around in that sick brain of yours.”

           “I’m telling you Bones.  She may seem like lollipops and rainbow, but I bet behind closed doors she’s latex and whips.

           McCoy scoffed at the notion as he continued his way around the medbay.

           “Doctor Y/N is a highly competent officer who happens to have a much better bedside manner than I do.  She is not disguising some secret dark side.  I work with her Jim.  She couldn’t hurt a fly even by accident.”  

           “It’s the quite ones that get yah,” Kirk said, with more confidence than McCoy felt he had a right to.

           “What about the quiet ones?” you asked, with a curious expression.

           “Nothing,” McCoy said quickly, shooting a hard look at Kirk.  “Just that dismissing some rather stupid assumptions about people.”

           Kirk raised his hands in surrender.  “I just call them like I see them.”  He then turned to you and gave you a playful smile on his way out.  “Doctor.”

           “Captain,” you acknowledged.

           He walked out the door leaving a small silence in his wake.

           “So, not to bring up something that doesn’t necessarily need to be brought up,” McCoy said carefully. “But, how much of that conversation did you actually hear?”

           You raised an eyebrow as a small smile formed on your lips.  “Latex and whips, huh?”

           McCoy winced at the words.  “That was completely unprofessional.  I swear it’s just him—”

           “You don’t have to explain,” you assured, with a raised hand.  “Honestly, I don’t care what people think of me, so long as it doesn’t interfere with my work.”

           “Well that’s more mature of you than I can say for our dear Captain,” McCoy said, feeling some of the tension leave his shoulders. Thank God, Kirk hadn’t scared off another doctor form his medbay.

           “Well I’m nothing if not mature,” you said, lightly. “Do you require my assistance?”

           “No, Doctor Y/N, that will be all.”

           You nodded in acknowledgment and started your way out the door. It slid open, but you paused before you could walk out. Turning towards him, a sideways smile spread across your face.  

           “Just to clear the air. I prefer when others use the latex and whips.”

           McCoy choked on air, feeling the heat rise up his neck and spreading all around his face.

           You only smirked, giving him a playful wink. “Goodnight, Doctor.”

Chapter Text

           Moments like this, never seemed real.  So much of your life was consumed by spells, and demons, and gods, that lying in bed, safe and sound, with your boyfriend felt as if you were stepping temporarily into somebody else’s life.  You lay facing each other, simply enjoying the peace and warmth.

           “Tell me a secret,” he said.  His voice was low and deep by the creeping promise of sleep. It sent a pleasant shiver down your spine.  

           “What kind of secret?” you asked.

           He shrugged, as his fingers gently traced the top of your arm.  “I don’t know.  Anything.”

           “Well,” you said, taking the time to think.  “I’m deathly afraid of needles.”


           You hummed a yes.  “Absolutely terrified. I always have to close my eyes whenever I get a shot, and I can't go with in thirty feet of a tattoo parlor.”

           He let out a light chuckle.  “Brave of you to date a doctor then.”

           “Former doctor,” you corrected.

           He narrowed his eyes at you, which only caused you to laugh.

           “Alright, your turn,” you said.  “Tell me a secret.”

           He smiled, looking ready with an answer, when, strangely, it faded.  His eyes lingered on your features, carefully taking in your eyes, and nose, and lips. His hand drifted away from your arm, landing gently on your cheek.  You had long gotten used to the roughness of the scars, and savored the tenderness of the gesture.

           “I think, I turned out liking you more than I originally planned,” Stephen confessed, softly, as if speaking to himself.

           “And how did you originally plan it?” you asked, gently.

           His eyes turned to yours, as a small smile spread across his face.  “I didn’t,” he said.  “That’s what makes it a secret.”

           “It’s not a secret if even you didn’t know about it,” you teased.

           “Are you kidding?  That’s what makes it the best secret.”

           You rolled your eyes, trying to suppress a smile.

           “It’s your turn,” Strange said, with a grin.

           You met his gaze, knowing exactly what secret to tell him next.  “I’m in love with you Stephen Strange.”

           He didn’t say a word.  Cupping your check, he moved towards you capturing your lips with his in a gentle kiss.

           “I love you, too,” he whispered against your lips.

           “That’s not a secret,” you said.

           He smiled, kissing you once more.  

           “I would hope not.”

Chapter Text

           “Billy, are you ready?” you called from the bathroom.

           You didn’t get an answer.  A little concerned, you quickly made some final adjustments to your costume, and peeked your head out into your bedroom.

           Billy was laid out on the bed in a full cowboy costume, complete with a set of intricate throwing knives he insisted on wearing.  You had told him that cowboys didn’t go around with throwing knives, to which he countered he was a cowboy assassin, at which point you just gave up.

          His eyes were focused on the TV.  It was obvious he hadn’t even realized you were in the room.


           His head snapped to you, blinking in surprise.

           “Hey,” he said, sounding a little distracted, “you ready?”

           You had to suppress a smile.  It wasn’t often you got the jump on him.

           “Yes. What are you watching?”

           He gave a nonchalant shrug, gesturing to the TV. “Alien was on.”

           You looked to the screen to see the facehugger already attached to John Hurt’s face.  You had seen Alien at least a dozen times, but you found yourself drawn to the screen, as the scene played out.

           “We should probably go,” Billy said.  “Goody will be pissed if we’re late.”

           However, he didn’t turn off the TV, nor did he move to get off the bed.

           “We can be a little late,” you said, never taking your eyes off the screen.

           There was a slight pause, before Billy nodded in agreement.

           You ended up not going at all, as you spent the rest of the night watching scary movies and snacking on the pile of Halloween treats you had stashed around the house.  You knew you would get an earful from Goody the next day, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. It was the best Halloween you had had in years.

Chapter Text

           Stephen Strange had gained everything in his life through practice and study.  It was how he became a great surgeon, and, eventually a master of the mystic arts. He even joked it was how he won you over.  However, this also meant he often took his dedication to extremes.

           Strange had been barricaded in the library for days, pouring over scrolls and tomes.  You knew it was for a good reason.  Reality wasn’t going to protect itself after all.  But, that didn’t stop you from missing your boyfriend.  So, you resolved yourself to pull him away from his studies, by any means necessary.  

           It was almost midnight when you wandered in. Stephen was exactly where you had left him that morning; hunched over an open page with intense concentration. The only difference was one pile of books had been moved over to the other side of his table.

           You made sure to make your footsteps a little louder on the floor so not do startle him.

           “Stephen,” you called softly.

           Despite your efforts, he jumped at your voice. He spun his head toward you.  His eyes were still not all there, as if some part of him was still in the pages in front of him.

           “Y/N,” he said, blinking back to reality. “What time is it?”

           “Late,” you said. “I think you need to put those away.”

           He shook his head.  “It’s okay, I’m almost done.  I’ll join you later.”

           “You said that last night.  And the night before.”

           He winced and his hand went awkwardly to his neck. “Well, yes, but I am really almost done.”

           You rolled your eyes.  “Fine, if you’re not going to bed, neither am I.”

           “Trying to guilt me into it,” he asked.


           He gave a low chuckle, shaking his head. He then gestured to a chair beside him, knowing there was no fighting you on this.

           You took the invitation but diverted your destination at the last second, and took your seat across his lap.

           “This isn’t going to make me go any faster,” he protested, even as one of his hands gripped your waist to keep you from sliding off.

           “You can still read the page,” you shrugged, wrapping your arms around his neck.

           If he had anything smart to say, he kept it to himself.  His eyes once again found where he had left off, and soon they were far away from the library and you.

           For a time, you let him be.  Your fingers played with the hair on the back of his neck and your head found a comfortable place on his shoulder.  But, as the minutes ticked by, your patience started to wear thin.

           Slowly, you leaning your head forward, allowing your nose to brush against his skin.

           He made no outward acknowledgement of your actions, save for his grip on your waist tightening ever so slightly.

           A small grin spread on your lips. Carefully, you moved a little closer and pressed light kiss on his neck.

           His breath hitched.  It was all you needed.

           You pressed your lips harder against his skin.  Your fingers tightened their grip on his neck.  You began to suck and nip, until, finally, a small moan escaped his throat.

           “I know what you’re doing,” he grumbled.

           “I would hope so,” you countered before continuing your assault, this time moving upwards towards his cheek and behind his ear.

           He tried to fight it.  He kept his eyes forward, trying in vain to focus on the tome in front of him.  But, the words swirled and all he could focus on was your touch.

           With a groan, he gave into the feeling. He spun his head toward your lips and pulled you into a deep kiss.

           Your own moan was muffled against his lips as his other hand gripped your thigh, pulling you closer.

           It was a cheap trick.  Cliché even, but it had worked.  You had successfully pulled him away from his studies.  The pair of you didn’t step foot in the library for a solid twenty four hours, content to instead, spend that time reviewing some forgotten material in your bedroom. 

Chapter Text

          “Mathew Michael Murdock!”

           Matt stuck his head out of the bed room with a completely innocent smile on his face.

           “What is it dear?”

           You fumed.  You hated it when he called you “dear”.  He only used it when he knew he was being an asshole.

           “Where is the step-stool,” you asked, trying to regain a calm demeanor.

           He shrugged.  “Maybe Foggy took it.  He mentioned he’d been meaning to get one for he and Marcy’s apartment.”

           “Don’t you drag Foggy into this.  The man is a saint, and you know it.”

           Matt laughed, which only made your annoyance grow.

           “What do you need the step-stool for,” he asked.

           “You put the cereal on the top shelf,” you said, dryly.  “Again.”

           Once again, that innocent look appeared. “Sorry, old habits.”

           You rolled your eyes, and you got a feeling Matt knew it.

           Without another word, he came to the kitchen. You kept your arms crossed as he took a place beside you and he hand reached up into the cabinet.   His eyes looked in your general direction, a sideways smile on his lips the entire time. He then pulled down the cereal, keeping it still just out of your reach.

           “This it?” he asked.

           “Yes,” you said, reaching up to take it.

           He only raised it higher above his head.

           “Give me a kiss first,” he teased.

           You glared at him.  “You’re lucky I don’t punch you in the gut.”

           “You would hit a blind man,” he asked, feigning shock.

           “I’d punch an asshole,” you countered.

           He nodded his head from side to side in consideration.  “That’s fair, but I would say a kiss is a lot safer, and more pleasant.”

           You thought you might hit him, for that remark alone, but you let it slide.  He was being charming again, and damn if it wasn’t working.

           With only superficial resistance, you placed your hands on his shoulders, and went up on your tippy toes.  Matt made up the distance and leaned down pressing a soft kiss on your lips.

           He pulled away, with a smile which you couldn’t help but match. He then placed the cereal on the counter before wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close.

           “You know, you could just ask me to kiss you in the morning,” you said.

           “I’ll keep that in mind.”

           Before you could say another word, he captured your lips once more.  

           You would find the step-stool later.

Chapter Text

          Billy was mad at you.  He didn’t say anything.  He didn’t have to.  His face said it all.

           One of the men who had bet against him in his latest back alley fight was still sore about the matter.  He had confronted him while you were heading out of the bar. You had stood between them, trying to defuse the situation and had gotten a knife in the side for your troubles. Luckily, Goodnight showed up just in time and was able to convince the authorities to let you and Billy go before things could get worst.  It was also high suggested by the authorities that the three of you get out of town.

           You did as you were told, which led the three of you to set up camp just outside out town. Goodnight had done a good job patching you up, and had left you and Billy alone for a time to gather some firewood.

           It had been a long awkward since then.  One you weren’t sure how to break. Ultimately, it was Billy who finally spoke.

           “Why did you do it?” he asked.

           You blinked in surprised, not fully understanding what he meant.

           “I could have handled it,” he continued, as if hearing your thoughts. “You put yourself in danger for nothing.”

           “Well, that’s a fine way to say thank you,” you said, sardonically.

           “I’m serious, Y/N,” he snapped. “I need you to promise me you won’t do that again.”

           You shook your head. “I’m not going to do that.”

           “Why not?”

           “Because you would do the same for me,” you said, simply.

           “That’s different.”


           “It just is.”

           “How,” you insisted.  “How is it even a little bit different.”

           Billy kept silent for a long while.  His eyes bore into you, rooting you to the spot. Then, he did something, completely unexpected.

           His hand cupped your cheek, pulling you into a tender kiss. It didn’t last long, but if was enough to leave you in a daze as he pulled away.

           “I love you,” he said softly.

           Those three words brought you back to reality. Without a second though, you grabbed the lapels of his jacket and pulled him into another kiss.  He responded immediately, taking your face in his hands and kissing you back in a fever.

           Eventually, you had to pull away for air.  Neither of you went far, keeping your foreheads pressed together as you regained your breath.

           Carefully, you pressed your lips against his once more, matching the tenderness he had first given you.

           “I love you too.”

Chapter Text

           You didn’t know what is was about Poe Dameron. Maybe it was his boyish charm. Maybe it was his easy laugh.  Or maybe it was just hormones.  But somehow, the man made you feel like a teenager again, minus all the acne and gangly limbs.  You felt a kind of bubbling energy around him that made you do things you would never have dreamed of doing as a full-grown adult currently working alongside one of the most respected senators and generals in the New Republic.  But, there you were, held up inside a broom closet with Poe Dameron, as he kissed you senseless.

           “This is getting ridiculous,” you whispered against his lips before he pulled you into another kiss.  

           “Do you want me to stop,” he teased. He pressed his lips against the corner of your mouth, kissing his way across your cheek and down your neck.  

           You held back a moan as best you could, but it didn’t stop him from hearing it in such a small space.  

           He smiled against your neck, before sucking gently on the skin.  His body pressed against yours trapping you between him and the wall.

           You loved all of it.  You loved the way his body felt against yours.  You loved his sent and how you could feel his rough stubble rub against your skin.  It was enough to send the logical part of your brain packing. But, you had been preparing this speech and you were not about to let him win so easily.

           “I’m just saying,” you said, attempting to get your breathing back in check.  “Would it be so bad if people knew?”

           He stopped.  His lips moved away from your neck, but you still couldn’t see his face. There was a small pause.  You could only guess what he was thinking.

           He then pulled further back, finally meeting your gaze.  He let out a small sigh.

           “I guess not.”

           “Then why don’t we? Tell people, I mean.”

           He shrugged, averting his eyes as he ran a hand awkwardly through his hair.

           “It’s not that simple.”

           “Why? Are you embarrassed by me?”

           “No!” he said, quickly. “No. That’s not even close to the problem.”

           “Then what is it?”

           He shuffled slightly, and he didn’t seem to know where to put his hands.  For some strange reason, you felt the urge to laugh.  Maybe you weren’t the only one who felt like a teenager again.

           “It’s just,” he started.  “Look, I know you and Leia are really close and I also know she trusts me.  But, that doesn’t necessarily mean she trusts me with you.  You’re like a daughter to her, and I just…”

           He trailed off, but it was more than enough for you to get the picture.

           “You’re scared of Leia?” you asked, unable to keep the laughter out of your voice.

           “Yes,” he answered in earnest.

           You did laugh then, causing Poe to frown.

           “I’m serious,” he insisted.

           You let out a breath, getting a hold of yourself. “I know, but you really don’t have to worry.  Leia knows I’m a big girl.”

           Poe still looked doubtful.

           Rolling your eyes, you wrapped your arms around his neck.  Poe responded in kind, and placed his hands on your waist, pulling you just a little bit closer.

           “Do you love me?” you asked.

            “You know I do.”

           You smiled at that and pressed a gentle kiss on his lips.

           “Then you’ve got nothing to worry about,” you promised.

           Poe responded with a kiss of his own, pulling you in deeper into the kiss until you were lost in it.  Unfortunately, the moment was short lived.

           The door swung open bringing in the light of the hallway, and the stern face of Leia Organa.

           “General!” Poe said, taking a step back from you.  “We were just…”

           Leia held her hand up stopping Poe from saying anything else.

           “There’s no need to explain Commander.  I just need Y/N for a moment, if you can spare her.”

           Poe’s entire face was going red.  You had to suppress your laughter.  His own embarrassment was somehow making your own easier to bare.

           “I’ll be right there,” you said.  You pressed a kiss against his cheek and gave his hand a quick squeeze before walking out of the closet and down the hallway.

           Once you were out of ear shot.  Leia turned back to Poe with a hardened glare.

           “Just so we’re clear.  Y/N is free to make her own decisions when it comes to who she’s involved with.  However, that won’t stop me from demoting you to janitor duty on a trash barge if you break her heart.”

           Poe straightened up at that, allowing his military training to take over his motor functions.

           “Ma’am, if I ever hurt Y/N like that, I’d let you.”

           Leia appraised him for a moment, then slowly, an approving smile graced her lips.

           “Well said Commander.”

           She started to turn to follow you, when she stopped herself.

           “You might want to straighten yourself out before you go back on duty.  You look like you just got back from Zeltros.”

Chapter Text

           The alarms blared as red warning lights flash throughout the ship’s hallways.  Resistance members raced to their stations, some shouting orders or while others zipped up their flight suits mid-stride.  And you were right in the middle of it.

           Running down the line of corridors, you headed toward the secondary hangers where your bomber sat waiting for you.  You didn’t so much as blink as Poe came up alongside.

           “Sounds like it’s going to be a party,” he said, breezily.

           “Just don’t hog all the action,” you countered.  “I know how you like to get greedy.”

           “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

           You each stopped at a dead end of the corridor. To the right lay the primary hanger, and Poe’s X-Wing.  To the left your bomber.

           You each paused to look at each other.

           “Be careful, Y/N,” Poe said, his voice transitioning into a softer tone.  “Seriously.”

           “I will,” you promised.  “Promise not to do anything stupid?”

           “Only if you do.”

          You didn’t know why you did it.  This wasn’t the first time the both of you were about to run into danger, but in the moment, it just felt right.

          Before he could get a word in, you crashed your lips to his.  

          It took him a second to catch on to what you were doing, but the moment he did, he met you with enthusiasm. It couldn’t last, even as Poe cupped your cheek hoping to prolong the kiss just a moment longer. You each had your duties.

          You pulled away, gazing up at him with a sheepish smile.

          “Okay, now I promise not to do anything stupid.”

           Poe shook his head, a wide smile spreading across his face.

           “It wasn’t stupid.”

           The alarms continued to blare, and a new wave of pilots moved passed. Poe looked up at the lights, bringing focus back into his eyes.

           “We’re finishing this conversation later.” Looking back at you, he took your face in his hand, and gave you one last kiss before running off into the fray.

           You smiled after him before turning around and running toward it yourself.  Now it was your job to make sure he kept that promise. 

Chapter Text

           This was a power trip for him, wasn’t it?  It was the only explanation you could come up with. Why else would Strange take such joy in your suffering? That damn, stupid perfect smirk always appeared on his stupid perfect face every single time he could use his height against you.

           Couldn’t reach the books on the top shelf? Smirk.

           Tea too high up in the cabinet? Smirk.

           Unable to reach his face to give him a smack for smirking? Double smirk.

           But the worst, the absolute worst, was when he decided to be a tease.  

          He would come up behind you in the library or kitchen or where ever the two of you could be alone.  He’d wrap your arms around you and hold you close, resting his chin on your shoulder. It was a kind moment, an intimate moment.  One that was hard to find given your devotion to the mystic arts. That is, until the point you turned to kiss him.  He would pull away just enough to miss your lips, and that smirk would appear on his face.

           “What do you want?” he would ask.

           Sometimes you’d protest, not wanting to play into his little game.  But other times, all you could say was, “Just kiss me.”

           And he would, bending down to capture your lips as you stood on your toes to meet him.  

           It could be annoying at times, but like his stupid smirk, it was too perfect to pass up.

Chapter Text

Doctor Stephen Strange gazed out into the ocean below. The waves were an inky black and crashed so violently against the cliff side, for a moment, he thought the ground might give out beneath his feet. 

A small tug came from his collar, effectively putting an end to the thought.  The Cloak wasn’t about to let him fall any time soon.  Still, perhaps, it was better to back away from the foreboding cliff side straight out of the climax of a Gothic novel.

“We’re going,” Strange assured, taking a step back.  He turned his back to the cliff, looking up the hillside to the decrepit palace which lay at the top. 

He raised an eyebrow, at the image. This dimension was reminding him more and more of a 1930s horror movie. The dark sky above effectively made the world around him black and white, with the only exception being the flicker of yellow in the distant windows. 

He adjusted the Cloak all the same, and started forward.  He had a princess to rescue, after all.

Chapter Text

In retrospect, there was no way this could have gone right. Loki had a habit of making plans just a little too complicated, for no other reason than to prove he could pull them off.  It was a lesson in self-sabotage.  One he failed to learn from, despite years of experience.  Sigyn speculated it was because 60 percent of the time, he could pull it off.  Loki would argue it was closer to 80, but semantics weren’t going to help them now.

“Don’t tell me this was part of your plan,” Sigyn murmured as the pair of them were lead down a narrow hallway, surrounded by all side by armored guards.

Loki remained unphased by her tone, retaining that confident smirk she usually found charming, but now just irritated her.

“A minor set back,” he assured.  “The wizard is still around here somewhere.”

Sigyn’s lip tightened.  They didn’t know for certain Strange hadn’t been captured either.  She trusted the man’s abilities, but this entire quest had become more complicated than even she had anticipated.

“Possibly,” she admitted.  A thought struck her and her brows furrowed.  “Since when do you trust him?”

“Right around the moment he saved your life,” he answered, simply.

He didn’t elaborate. He didn’t have to.

A small tug to her chest.  If it weren’t for their current situation, she might have smiled. 

The guards came to a sudden stop, forcing the Asgardians to do so as well.

Sigyn took a breath, hoping beyond hope, this would turn out to be the 60 percent of the time.

Chapter Text

“You could have me,” Loki offered.


“Would you marry me, Sigyn?”

She stared at him in astonishment, unsure whether he was joking or being completely serious.

“No sir.”

He seemed mildly surprised by her refusal.  He took a step forward, leaning down as he eyes bore into hers.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know you.”

“Any better than you know Theoric?”

“He is my fiance.”

“And do you love him.”

She opened her mouth waiting for the “yes” to come out as easily as it did before, but it never came.  The irony was not lost on her.  In front of a man notorious for his mischief and lies, she could only speak the truth.

“No,” she confessed.  “But I could do much worse.”

“And I’m worse, is that it?” Loki asked.  His tone was light, but Sigyn could still feel the slight jealousy behind it.

“No,” she said, and she meant it.  “I can honestly say, you are the most interesting man I’ve ever met.”

That earned her a small smile from his lips.  He reached out his hand, carefully tucking a stray hair behind her ear.

“Then why do you still refuse me?”

“What do you get out of it?”

“Would you trust if I answered with “you”?”

“No sir.”

He laughed then, shaking his head.

“If I marry you then I get to take away something Theoric feels is his by right, rather than something he has earned.  I get to stir some trouble among the nobles.  And I get a beautiful, intelligent woman to call my own.  Is that answer enough for you?”

Chapter Text

“You’re an idiot,” I said, trying to hide a smile.

“That’s obvious,” Poe countered, making no effort what so ever to hide the wide grin taking over his features. “You like it though?”

I gazed around the room.  Flowers of all types, lay in every corner of the room, effectively making a greenhouse of your small quarters. 

I had mentioned to Poe how much you missed having a garden.  It was one of the happiest memories I had of home.  Being on the move with the Resistance, however, made the possibility of starting one virtually impossible.

I had come to terms with the fact, I would have to wait until the fighting was done to have one of your own.  But, Poe had a strange talent of making the seemingly impossible, possible.

I turned to him, wrapping my arms around his neck, and pulled him down into a tender kiss.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he teased.

“Yes,” I assured.  “That’s a yes.”