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Puppy Kisses

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I went from a dream about chasing butterflies to snorting awake as I opened my eyes. Where the hell had the floor gone? Who smelled like beer? An arm held me tightly, along with a wad of blankets. A big hand flopped onto my head, petting between my ears clumsily. I wiggled and shifted to see who my captor was. Dean looked back at me sleepily, half his face still smashed into his pillow. He patted me again.

“Good boy.”

Really? I cocked my head, trying to make my dog face frown. This was the same guy that wanted to toss me out to the nearest shelter and now it was cuddling, pats on the head and good boy? Ha!

I put my Corgi body in reverse and ducked under the covers, turning literal tail and crawling my way to the bottom of the bed. If I was gonna lay around with a half naked man in bed, it was gonna be with Sam. I could hear Dean chuckling as he rolled the covers back and scooped me up into his arms.

Dammit! I thought bitterly. He rolled me onto my back and laid me across his arm, rubbing my belly. Gah! As much as I wanted to protest…it felt really nice. I let my little paws go limb. Fine. He won that one.

“Alright, alright. Back to Sam,” the older Winchester sighed, swinging his legs out of bed. He carried me along through the chilly bunker halls slowly, swaying slightly as he walked. I kind of got the impression he was tipsy or something.

The lights in the bunker were all dimmed down. It had to be late. Sam must have given up on me. The thought made me a tiny bit sad.

Dean paused outside a big door with ‘21’ on it and knocked. It must have been Sam’s room. Where was Castiel, though? He should've gotten here by now.

The door pulled back and Sam looked out at us through tired eyes. His hair was all fluffed up and he was wearing the same clothes he had had on earlier. His shirt was really wrinkled. The moment that he spotted me, he broke into a sad smile, holding out his arms.

“You found him!”

“Yeah, he was under my bed.” Dean rolled me over and handed me off to Sam, giving my back a final pat.

The second Sam had me in his arms, he was stroking my ears and planting a loud kiss on my head. I couldn’t help it. I was grinning like an idiot, tail wagging away. Was this how a baby felt? Being kissed and cuddled all the damn time? Lucky little bastards…

“Thanks Dean,” Sam said sincerely, grabbing Dean’s shoulder. Dean waved a hand, using the other to cover a yawn before he went on his way.

“Yeah, no problem. Get some sleep, Sammy.”

“Goodnight!” Sam carefully closed the door. Then he hoisted me up WAY over his head, grinning. The aerial view of his room would have been terrifying if I had been a real puppy. “Why’d you run off, puppy? Were you scared of Cas? He’s a nice guy. He really likes animals! Though, he did interrogate a cat once…”

He flopped down on his back on the bed, sitting me on his chest. I sat there like a lump, staring at him. He smelled amazing. He looked amazing.

Alright, alright, I thought. I had Sam all to myself. Time to pull out all the puppy cliches!

I crawled up and licked his face, which won me a warm chuckle. Sam squirmed and turned his face away, smiling. He rubbed my back and hugged me to keep me from reaching his face again. Hell yeah. I was puppy AF!

“Okay, okay! You haven’t eaten anything since you got here. I get it. How about some dinner, boy?”

Food? Bleh!

Sam cradled me against his chest again, ducking back across his room. He poked his head back out into the hall, glancing both ways before he made his way quickly back to the main room. Why was he being quiet? Dean was probably out like a log. We arrived in the kitchen and he yanked the fridge open.

“Alright. Let’s see here… Leftover pad see ew, fries, fried chicken.” He clunked some stuff around, but I wasn’t paying attention.

Something had moved in the main room. I perked my little ears and listened. No footsteps. Just…soft clicking. Like claws. I barked.

“SHH! Shh!” Sam whispered, hugging me and ruffling my ears. “Dean’s trying to sleep. Come on.”

Whatever it was skittered away from the kitchen door. I couldn’t really make out anything other than the sound of far off scratching. Hell no. Nope! I kicked my little legs and yipped again. I almost got free, but Sam shifted his hold on me, gently grabbing my nose.

“Stop! Jeez! Hotdogs it is!” He grabbed a pack of cheap hot dogs (barf) from the fridge and hurried back the way we had come. I scanned the main room as we passed through it. Nothing seemed out of place at first glance, then I noticed a tipped over cup of coffee. It wasn’t much to go on. Winchesters didn’t usually waste coffee, though.

With Sam’s long legs, we were back in his room and on the bed in no time.

I couldn’t decide if I should be concerned about the thingy in the main room or not. I mean, they dealt with supernatural things all the time. What was one more? I was here to be a puppy until I made my escape. That’s it. No chasing rats or whatever.

A stinky, cold hot dog was stuck in my face suddenly. I leaned back. Ugh, it smelled terrible!

“Come on,” Sam cooed, waggling the gross meat stick at me. “You must be hungry.”

If I was a real puppy, yes, I thought in reply. Maybe I could just bite it and roll it off the bed. Would that be weird for a dog? Yeah. Yeah, that’d be weird. Bracing myself for the taste of molecules, I took a bite.

Oh. My. God. Hopefully, Sam didn’t hear me retch too loudly. I chewed as fast as I could, woofing down the other half that he held before he could shove it at me again. Then I focused every scrap of my willpower to not think about the taste in my mouth. I looked up at him, hoping to transmit my thoughts over to him.

NO MORE PLEASE, SAM. As he reached his hand into the packet again, I dove over and snuggled up against him. I flopped onto my back and wallowed there, kicking my tiny legs. Please be distracted by my cuteness, I prayed.

Sam sat the hot dogs on the table by his bed and rolled over above me, leaning on his elbows over me and rubbing my belly.

Ahh. That was the good shit. I let my tongue loll out. When I looked up again, Sam was looking down at me, smiling happily. The way he was looking at me made my heart flutter. I wish he had looked at me like that when I was real me. Even once.

“Stay,” he said, rubbing his face against my tummy. Then he got up, stripping his shirt off over his head.

I rolled over. Ooh la la. Dinner AND a show! Sam changed over to a soft looking white tee and a pair of dark gray plaid pajama pants. I was a little disappointed that he kept his boxers on, but eh.

Hopefully he didn’t think all my slobbering meant I was hungry again. I couldn’t eat another hot dog. I would puke myself to death.

“Bedtime,” the sexy brunette said, crawling into bed and lifting me up carefully up over the covers. I snuggled up to his side as he lay down. He hugged an arm over me, smiling. “Good boy. Sleep tight.”

I sighed. Now this was heaven.