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Puppy Kisses

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It was showtime!

I paused long enough to roll in the wet, muddy grass by the sidewalk. Then I tucked my tail between my teeny little legs and whimpered with all my might.

The brunette’s arms were loaded with a big stack of books with a coffee balanced on top. He stopped so fast the coffee fell and popped on the sidewalk. I yipped loudly and ran under the park bench. Not too far – just enough that I could stare up at Sam Winchester with my adorable puppy eyes.

Just like he had done. Way back when I killed his brother a bunch of times. Ooh boy. Good times.

“It’s okay!” Sam said softly, dropping his armload of books onto the bench. He dropped to his knees and plucked me off the ground in one motion. I didn’t have to fake pawing the air in surprise. Then…he cuddled me.

Before that moment, I had no idea how weak my willpower was. He tucked me up under his chin and stroked my back with such love, whispering to me nicely.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you. Shh,” he hushed me and rocked me. I lay there limp and beyond happy. Why hadn’t I done this before? It wasn’t like they’d figure out it was me!

I whimpered and snuggled into him. Ah my freakin’ stars. He smelled amazing. SO amazing. Like old book and coffee and what I could only describe as wonderful. I would have stayed there forever if he hadn’t lifted me up in front of him to look me in the eye. He smiled, his entire face glowing with the emotion. I mean, hey, I was a cute puppy. What’s not to like?

“Look at you. Where’s your owner, huh boy?”

Without warning, he kissed my head and hugged me in his big, manly, strong arms again. Drool. Still keeping me against his barrel chest — again, drool — he picked up his books again.

“Dean!” He shouted. I flinched. NO! Not Dean! God dammit! I just wanted five minutes alone with Sam and his love of dogs!

“What?” I heard a gruff voice shout back. Then Dean groaned. “No, Sammy. We can’t keep it!”

“He doesn’t have a collar or anything,” Sam said, dumping the books into the car. He went to open the door and Dean hissed.

“No! We’re not taking it with us.”

Sam ignored him and got into the car, cudding me on his lap. It was my time to shine! When he leaned down to snuggle me, I lapped his cheek with my wet puppy tongue. He laughed. He actually laughed! The sound was so warm, I felt my tail wagging. Stupid thing! I was trying to be pathetic, not happy!

Dean got in the car, growling and grumbling. He jabbed a finger in my direction.

“If that thing pisses in here, it’s going out the window.”

“God, eat something. It’s just a puppy. You’re being an asshole.”

Pft. He was. I finally looked up at Dean. He was as smokin’ as ever.

All thoughts left my mind when Sam smooched my head again. My tail wagged again, too, like the traitor it was.


- - -


Riding around on Sam’s lap had been fun and all, but I had to go. As soon as the Impala parked, I’d hop out and be on my merry way. As the lovely black car purred to a stop outside of the Men of Letters bunker, I readied myself. No more cuddles. No more Sam kisses. Oh yeah, and I had to haul ass or Sasquatch would catch me. As soon as I was out of sight, I could fly. Just not as a puppy. They’d be suspicious.

Then we drove down, past the bunker. I froze, sticking my nose up to peek out of the window. What the hell? They were going into the garage? Crap! I whined and squirmed, but the only response I got was a pat on the head.

As the Winchesters got out into the garage, I kicked off Sam with all my might. The garage door was closing. I could make it!

“Hey!” Sam gasped, chasing after me. I dodged between car tires, staying where he couldn’t just grab me.

I had to loop back once to confuse him, then I was home free. All four of my little paws were pounding the ground, the garage door no more than a foot off the cement.

A hand caught me, hoisting me up into the air. I wiggled as hard as I could but Dean hugged me against him. He rubbed my head as I continued to fight for freedom.

“Where do you think you’re going, buddy?” The older brother said, a hint of irritation still in his voice. He had caught me for Sam. I hadn’t considered that. Why hadn’t I considered that? I thrashed, trying my best to scratch him through his stupid leather coat. I kicked myself that I didn’t need to pee right now.

Sam scooped me out of Dean’s arms, snuggling me and comforting me. I howled as the door clunked shut.