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Ficlets from Tumblr

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Erik was fast asleep when he heard the soft knocks on his door. Really, it was only thanks to him always being alert that he was capable of hearing them over the battering of the rain. He reluctantly sat up and opened the door and turned on the lights with a flick of his wrist. It was no surprise to see Charles on the other side, as no one else would dare to bother him. What did surprise him was the nervous glances and fidgeting. Whatever had brought Charles here, it must be serious, and considering how reluctant Charles was to ask for anything, Erik was sure the uneasiness in his stomach was completely justified.

“What’s wrong, Charles?” he said while getting up and coming closer to Charles.

“Well, I know it’s quite late, but I was just wondering if you’re up for a game of chess?”

Only then Erik noticed the chess set in Charles’ hands, who was holding it in front of him like an offering.

“Chess? At 1am? Did you wake me up for that? What is really going on?”

“I just… want to play! And I know you don’t really need to sleep that much, so I figured that…” in that moment, a lighting shortly followed by a loud thunder interrupted him. It was impossible to miss the way Charles almost jumped, even if he hadn’t uttered the cutest yelp ever.

Really, Erik couldn’t help the way his lips curled upwards. “You are afraid of lighting?”

“No!” Charles denied vehemently. “It’s just that I was having trouble sleeping and…” Again, a thunder interrupted him and Charles jumped forward and crushed Erik in a tight embrace. “It’s just that I hate loud noises.” He said in a tiny voice.

“It’s alright, Charles, I don’t mind sleeping with you, in fact, you should be aware by now how much I enjoy it” Erik assured him, with a suggestive smile.

“Don’t be an arsehole”

“But I’m serious Charles, I don’t mind sharing my bed for perfectly platonic cuddling, even if you asphyxiate me with the next thunder. Come on, let’s try to get some sleep.”

Charles was slightly snoring and Erik was finally on the verge of falling asleep again when once more, a knock on the door roused him. When he opened, he wasn’t entirely surprised to find a pale faced Raven, but he didn’t expected Sean clutching a teddy bear, a sheepish looking Hank and a quite angry Alex behind her. Erik sighed and opened the door wide, letting them in.

“Just look for a spot where you won’t bother Charles, or me” he said grumbling.