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The Chemical Reactions of the Heart

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Garcia and I were finally able to run a mile in less than six minutes. It was a lot of hard work, but I'm glad that we were able to buckle down and succeed. This morning, Garcia and I were stretching when Morgan walked up to us.
“Morgan, what are you doing here? We have to take the endurance test.”
“Well, it's a good thing that I'm here because I'll be the one Proctoring the test,” He was smiling large as can be.
“Why are you Proctoring?”
“I'm Proctoring because there really isn't a test,” He was practically cracking up.
“What do you mean?” Garcia was the one who asked this time, I was too shocked to say anything.
“Reid, you have enough case hours and Garcia, you work in the IT department. You both don't need to deal with the test,” He said, full on laughing now.
I was so angry and I started to chase him, Garcia and I jumped onto Morgan. He fell to the ground, I knew that he fell on purpose and I thought that was really cute. Morgan is cute, but you didn’t hear that from me.
A few days later, Morgan wasn’t laughing every time he saw me. Over the last few days, I realized that I had some type of feelings for Morgan. I am completely shocked that I have feelings. I cannot have feelings for Morgan, I cannot have feelings for anyone. I do not have anything in common with anyone. I try to get through the rest of my paperwork from the last case we worked, I pretended not to notice that my eyes seem to follow Morgan around the room. Can I really have feelings? For the first time, I do not understand something.
After work, I decided that I am going to Google my feelings. I type into the search bar “weird feelings for a coworker,” the first thing that popped up was “7 Ways You Know You Have a Crush on a Coworker.” When I read that, my heart stopped, figuratively. I clicked on the link, I quickly realized that I fit none of the criteria. That was a good sign, right? I walked over to my bookshelf, figuring that the internet would not help me in my situation. This is a terrible sign, usually, the internet holds at least half of an idea. I look through my books and realize that astrophysics will not help in this situation. In the morning I plan on heading to Barnes & Noble to find some research books. As I am planning a book catches my eye, The Chemical Reactions of the Heart. To be honest I do not remember buying this. “What the… when did I buy this? Why would I buy this?” I opened the cover of the book and saw writing in it, honestly, the only writing in a book should be in a personal journal. The writing stated:
Hey Reid,
I’m terrible at picking gifts for you, but I honestly hope that you like it. I was unsure of what books you have already read and what books you own. I went to the Fiction section of Barnes & Noble, I really hope that you don’t have this book at home. It was the only book I could think of reading myself. Now, I realize that I am rambling, so Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever else you celebrate.
With love,
Derek Morgan
I chuckled reading the note, he really was rambling, but I thought it was cute. “Cute. I need to stop thinking that.” I close the book and walk to my bedroom and start getting ready for bed. Once I finished, I was able to lay in bed and start reading the book. It was obviously a work of fiction and I quickly realized that this book would have all the answers to my questions. But, the first that needed to be answered immediately: Why did it have to be Derek Morgan?