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Our Happiness Was Planned

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Jimin wakes up on a normal Monday morning, a bit too late to take a shower before his vocal lessons but not too late to eat breakfast, thankfully. So after running a brush through his blonde hair, he puts on some jeans and throws a shirt over his bare torso as he shuffles to the kitchen, greeting Jungkook and Taehyung on the way.

Jungkook is on the couch holding a trembling Taehyung in his lap, and, being as tired as he is, Jimin doesn't take full notice of the scene until he's had a cup of coffee and is eating a piece of toast. He stops mid-chew to question his dongsaengs.

“Uh, Jungkookie...” he tilts his head to the side, “are you knotting Taehyung?”

“Yeah. His heat came this morning and hit him hard.” Jungkook chuckles darkly, a certain glint in his eyes, and the omega in his lap whines softly in the back of his throat.

“Ah.” Jimin rubs the back of his neck and laughs nervously. He knows exactly why Jungkook is chuckling like that. “Well, I gotta go to my vocal lessons. I'll see you guys later.”

“Alright, hyung. Have fun.” Jungkook waves Jimin goodbye as the older slips into his shoes and walks out the door, panic rising steadily in his chest. He'd heard a rumor as a teenager that if two or more omegas live together for long enough, their heats will eventually sync up and happen at the same time. Jimin had thought that was ridiculous, until he started living with a group of six other hybrids, two of which were also omegas. It had taken about a year and a half of living together and constantly being around each other for their monthly heats to start happening within the same week, and then another six months for them to start within a day or two of each other.

After that, it had really been only a matter of time until they started getting their heats within a few hours of each other. Which means if Taehyung is in heat now, Jimin could get his at literally any moment.

As Jimin is walking through the studio door, his phone buzzes with a text from Seokjin, the group's third omega.

Jinnie-Hyung: Jiminie, I feel my heat coming on but I won't be home until this afternoon. Have you gotten yours? What about Taehyung?

Jiminie: No hyung not yet, but I think it'll be soon. Taehyung got his early this morning. I'm going to my vocal lesson now though but I'm worried~

Jinnie-Hyung: Okay. Take care of yourself yeah? Don't be worried! Our alphas will take care of us!

Jiminie: I know, hyung. Thank you! You too ^^;

Jimin pockets his phone as he greets his vocal coach, who is very well aware of BTS's hybrid status and is a beta, so he won't have to worry about an angry alpha (Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi, or Jungkook) coming after him for scenting one of their omegas. The two greet each other with a bow and move to their respective places on the opposite sides of the room as Jimin does his vocal warmups.

The singer easily moves through his lessons and coaching for about an hour until he starts feeling a tingling in his lower stomach and a dull ache in his muscles. “Oh no not now...” he murmurs under his breath. Determined to finish his lesson so he can be better prepared for their comeback, he pushes all other thoughts from his mind as he works to get closer to hitting the high notes for his solo track.

He begins to sweat and feel slick trickling down his thighs, and he clenches his fists at his sides to keep from touching himself, feeling the heat slowly burning through his veins. The vocal coach acts calmly and trains a couple of fans to blow on Jimin on full blast, and it helps for most of the rest of his three-hour session. The only other hindrance is how aroused he starts to feel, and he instantly regrets wearing jeans as his sensitive hardening cock rubs against the rough fabric.

When he suddenly feels an overwhelming feeling of arousal and cramping in his lower region that causes him to double over, he whimpers and says brokenly “C-can't” which the coach understands immediately. Not outwardly alarmed, he helps Jimin gather his things and supports him as he walks home, the omega clenching his thighs together to hopefully keep his slick from completely ruining his boxers. It takes every ounce of self-control that Jimin has to not palm his crotch as the walk home feels about ten times longer and he gets more desperate for some kind of release.

The whole time he's walking, one thought repeats itself over and over in his head: 'I need Yoongi'.

He makes it home and thanks his vocal coach as well as he can, and, still doubling over, he opens the door only to be grabbed by Namjoon and shoved against it, moaning desperately as the older invades his mouth with his tongue and palms his crotch. He pulls away and laves his tongue over the sensitive skin on Jimin's neck, making the younger whine in desperation. “Alpha~”

“Mm, hi Jiminie” Namjoon chuckles lowly. “When did your heat hit you?”

“N-not sure.” Jimin murmurs. “I got here as fast as I could. Is Yoongi here?” He ruts against Namjoon's thigh half-consciously, his eyes rolling back into his head. The older alpha's strong hands wrap around his waist and encourage his movements as he leans down to whisper dirty things in the omega's ear.

“Yoongi is at the studio. But do you want me to fuck you nice and hard? Have my thick knot inside your pretty little ass pumping you full of my cum over and over?” Namjoon growls. Jimin moans loudly as his first orgasm hits him just from hearing Namjoon's words, his eyes rolling back into his head, but it isn't enough. His cock is still hard and he clings to the alpha's biceps to ground himself. Namjoon chuckles lowly in his throat. “Such a desperate little slut you are, Jimin-ah.”

“Yes please Alpha please, need your knot please~” He gasps. “N-need Yoonie but please help me hyung!”

Just then, Jimin registers the sounds of loud moaning and skin smacking against skin, and he looks over the alpha's shoulder to see Taehyung bent over the couch with Hoseok pounding into him at an animalistic pace, his fingers leaving visible bruises in the younger's hips. Jimin moans and feels himself leaking copious amounts of slick just at the sight of it, knowing exactly how Hoseok utilizes his dancer's hips to fuck the omegas in ways they'd never dreamed of before.

Jimin then fully realizes the situation they're in: Two omegas in heat and three alphas ready to help them through it in any and every way possible. Jimin vaguely registers the fact that Jungkook is probably in his room trying to keep himself from tearing Taehyung apart because it's clearly Hoseok's turn, and Jungkook tends to get very possessive. Jimin knows this from experience.

More slick gushes from his hole at the thoughts he's having and from the sight of Taehyung getting fucked so hard, and Namjoon's nostrils flare as Jimin's pheromones intensify. “Omega.” he growls low in his throat. “Strip.” His voice is sharp and low, and Jimin keens at the dominance exuding from his entire being. He struggles to rid himself of his clothes, cringing as he peels his drenched boxers from his legs, and then immediately groans in pain when a wave of heat washes over him.

“Alpha please...” he whimpers weakly. He's panting heavily as his hips buck up into the empty air.

“Please what?” Namjoon asks, smirking as Jimin shakily settles onto his hands and knees. The alpha takes his own clothes off and licks his lips as he watches slick running from Jimin's hole and down his thick thighs.

“Hurts...” Jimin whines, “Knot me alpha please?” He arches his back, and Namjoon's mouth positively waters at the sight of the slick oozing from the omega's hole.

“You're lucky.” A voice suddenly speaks, making Jimin jump in surprise. He looks over to see Hoseok on the couch with a satiated Taehyung in his lap and pressing soft kisses to the alpha's neck. “If I wasn't locked inside this pretty little omega right now, I would be fucking Jimin right now.” The words and the low timbre of Hoseok's voice make Jimin moan with need.

“Am I pretty hyung?” Taehyung asks softly, lifting his head weakly to look into the alpha's eyes.

“You're beautiful, Taehyungie. You're so beautiful and so good for your alphas.” He presses a soft kiss to the younger's forehead, and the omega keens at the praise, wrapping his arms around Hoseok's neck to kiss him deeply.

Jimin's whining steals Namjoon's attention from the scene in front of him. The omega's face is flushed with arousal and twisted in pain, and, with a glance around and praying Seokjin doesn't come home anytime soon to find them fucking in the middle of the living room again, Namjoon settles into his knees behind Jimin. “I've got you, baby. Shh.” He runs his hands over the younger's back gently, knowing his cool touch soothes Jimin's heated skin. “What do you want first?” Namjoon asks softly, his fingers lightly tracing around Jimin's rim. “My fingers or my tongue?”

“I just need your cock alpha~” Jimin's always so desperate when he's in heat, especially when he first gets it, and Namjoon and the three other alphas always love that about him. It's a miracle he hasn't gotten pregnant yet with how often he gets fucked. “Just need your cock, please? Please, just need your knot, please Daddy~”

The last word makes Namjoon's inner wolf perk up in a predatory manner. He looms over the omega, growling dominantly as he pushes his upper back down to the floor, and Jimin's hands scrabble to spread his supple ass for the alpha. Without any warning or another word, Namjoon's hips rut forward of their own accord and he immediately enters Jimin's hole, groaning loudly as his nails dig into the omega's hips. He curses under his breath when Jimin rolls his hips and clenches around the alpha's thick cock. “You're so wet, Jiminie.” He growls out as, unable to control himself, he begins pounding relentlessly into the omega.

“F-fuck!” Jimin's slick oozes out of his hole around Namjoon's cock and pools on the floor between his thighs, but he can't find it in him to care about the mess he's making. “Harder p-please harder!” His thick ass is sticking out so invitingly that the alpha just has to smack each cheek, the sound resounding throughout the living room and mixing with the sound of the alpha's hips snapping repeatedly against Jimin's as he obeys the younger's wish to fuck him harder. They hear Hoseok's soft chuckles but they're too lost in their own pleasure to care about being watched.

Taehyung starts feeling aroused again and he moans quietly into Hoseok's neck. “Alpha~” he whines.

Hoseok growls quietly as Taehyung starts rolling his hips. “Jungkook!” he snaps. “You'd better get in here or I'm going to fuck Taehyung again!” Immediately, Jungkook dashes into the room and gently extricates the omega from Hoseok's lap. The omega whines at the loss of contact and clings to Jungkook. The two rush into Jungkook's room and the door slams shut.

Jimin's cries of “More alpha please!” and Namjoon's growls of approval rise steadily in volume, and Jimin approaches his orgasm first, spilling his release all over the hardwood floor with a sob of ecstasy. Namjoon's knot swells until it's nearly too big to keep out of the omega, so he pounds into him at an even more rapid pace, growling when his knot swells large enough to lock them together. Jimin moans wantonly as the alpha's cum fills him, and feeling Namjoon's knot harshly jabbing his prostate triggers another orgasm.

Namjoon wraps his arms around the temporarily satiated omega in his arms. Not wanting to risk hurting the younger while standing up with them locked together, he carefully lowers them to the floor and holds Jimin close, kissing his neck gently. Namjoon smiles fondly and murmurs words of reassurance and praise into the omega's ear as he comes down from his high. When Namjoon's knot has swelled enough for him to pull out, he does with a low groan, sad to leave the omega's tight heat. “Thank you, hyung.” Jimin smiles cheekily and kisses the tip of Namjoon's nose, making him chuckle.

“Don't thank me yet. You and the others still have four days of this, you know.” He helps Jimin stand up, and the omega blushes prettily.

“So, what now? Should we-” His next words are cut off as a panting, sweating Seokjin slams the door open and barrels into Namjoon's arms.

“Alpha help~” he moans. His pupils are blown wide with lust, his body is covered in a sheen of sweat, and there's a visible tent in the front of his basketball shorts. It takes every bit of the restraint and self-control Namjoon possesses to speak calmly and without a growl.

“Baby, I just helped Jiminie. I need a break for a minute. How about Hoseokie?” Seokjin keens and whispers a soft mantra of 'Please, alpha' into Namjoon's ear and buries his face in the alpha's neck, lapping at his scent gland and moaning against his skin.

Hoseok tilts his head with a dark smirk as he comes back into the room. “I would be glad to help you, hyung.” He comes up behind Seokjin and slowly strips the omega of his clothes, hands skimming over the older's heated skin and making him squirm. “Knot you so good you'll beg me to stop.”

“Please..” Slick gushes out of Seokjin's hole and drips down his thighs as he turns in the alpha's arms and kisses him deeply. At about that time, Jimin gasps and moans as he clings to Namjoon when another wave of his heat hits him.

“We need Yoongi-hyung,” Namjoon murmurs. Seokjin and Hoseok waste no time in engaging in a heated makeout session and stumbling to the couch. The oldest omega keens as Hoseok manhandles him to straddle his waist and immediately thrusts into his sopping wet hole.

“F-fuck Hoseokie right there!” Seokjin moans and rolls his hips in time with the alpha's thrusts, only to have him stop.

“Ah ah, what do you call me?” Hoseok smirks. Jimin moans at the display of dominance Hoseok is exerting over Seokjin and begins stroking his own cock, groaning out his release less than ten minutes later, but it isn't enough. His hands are never enough when he's on his heat.

“Alpha~” Seokjin whimpers, desperate for friction. “H-hurts alpha please!” Tears fall down his cheeks, and Hoseok starts thrusting up into him at a frenzied speed, never able to say no to the beautiful omega. “Right there fuck yes!” Seokjin moans out.

“You're so gorgeous, hyung,” Hoseok pants, “so pretty for alpha. So fucking pretty. I'm gonna make you cum so fucking hard you won't be able to walk.” The last word comes in a growl as the omega clenches around him, slick pooling on the alpha's thighs, clearly pleased with what the younger is telling him. It doesn't take much longer after that for the pair to find their releases, locking them together temporarily.

Jimin tears his eyes from the way they're lovingly kissing one another and goes to close the door that Seokjin left open, when a panting Yoongi rushes through and looks around him with wide eyes.