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The 3rd Brother

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Harrison Nitro had been in solitary confinement for 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 27 minutes and 46.21 seconds. He was past the point of bored now. It wasn’t even funny anymore. He wasn’t allowed any visitors! He hadn’t seen his daughter for so long; all he had of her was a little picture he kept in his pocket.  And what had he done to deserve this? Well… it wasn’t such a mystery. Let’s just say, Robin Blightly, one of John Abruzzi’s gorillas, would never walk again after what Harrison had done to him. Anyway, for what he said, Harrison thought the man was lucky to be alive. Harrison didn’t take shit from anybody, especially not from Abruzzi or his goons. Blightly had called him T-Bags bitch, and ok, so maybe he followed the guy around and hung onto every single word he drawled, but he wasn’t his bitch. He wasn’t anybody’s bitch, and he never would be. 

Suddenly, shouts and the sounds of hammering footsteps ripped Harrison from his deep thoughts. He shuffled over to the small window in his door and peered out.

“Harry?” Someone shouted in a sing-song voice.

“Trokey!” Harrison exclaimed excitedly, if not a little confused. “I’m in here!”

Trokey and a couple of other inmates thundered over to his cell and began to unlock his door. When the door opened Harrison flung himself into Trokey’s arms.

“What the hell are you doing here? How’d you get the keys?” Harrison asked, untangling himself from a surprised, and flustered, Trokey.

“Well, basically. My mum was at this bar one night and she was drunk so this guy offered to take her home and...” He started.

“Ok, not what I meant! I meant, how did you get out of your cell and shit?” Harrison interrupted.

“Oh, well there was a riot in gen pop and the pigs didn’t get us back in our cells before they called lockdown. And as for the keys, we took… or rather the bull willingly handed to them to us with a plea of ‘Please don’t hurt me!’” He laughed and Harrison joined in.

He hadn’t been out of his cell in months! He was free! Well, at least for a little while.

“Where you fellas off to then?” Harrison inquired.

“Dunno? Might see who else are in these cells and need a little taste of freedom.”

“Alright, mate, well I’m gonna head over to the cell block and have a look for Teddy.” 

Trokey nodded and they both exited in opposite directions.




General population was in absolute chaos. There were bodies lying motionless on the floor; toilet paper strewn carelessly around the tiers; feathers from pillows scattered here and there.

Harrison skimmed the crowds of inmates in search of Theodore. When he couldn’t see him, he sauntered up to a small, timid looking boy and asked:

“You know a guy called Theodore Bagwell. T-Bag, maybe?” The boy flinched as soon as the first couple of words left Harrison’s mouth, as if he has made the kid jump.

The boy nodded “He’s up there, I think.” He pointed to a cell on the tier above. “I’m Seth, by the way.”

“Cool” Harrison said, already turning towards the set of stairs closest, “I don’t care.”

Seth’s face fell a little in disappointment, perhaps thinking because Harrison had spoken to him, they were going to become friends or something as stupid as that.

Harrison all but sprinted up the stairs. When he arrived at the cell Seth had pointed to, he found one of the new C.O.’s, Bob he thought might be his name, and…

“Teddy.” He whispered, a light smile tugging at the corners of his pink lips.

Theodore stood up, bewilderment crossing his face. “Harry?”

Harrison threw his arms around Theodore’s neck and hugged him tight.

“What the hell are ya doin’ here, boy?”

“Trokey stopped by to let me out.” Harrison grinned, staring in awe at, in his opinion, the handsome face of Theodore Bagwell.

“Good old Trokey.” Theodore almost whispered and Harrison could feel the ghost of his breath on his face. Teddy’s lips began to inch closer and closer to his, until…


“Ok, yes. That’s still my name! Why does everyone feel the need to remind me every 10 seconds?” He turned around, “Linc!” He gaped.

“That’s my name…” Linc grunted as Harrison rolled his eyes and embraced his brother tightly. Linc threaded his fingers through Harrison’s strawberry blonde hair then pulled back, looking into the green eyes that were identical to his own. He ran his thumb over the freckles that dusted Harrison’s nose and prominent cheek bones.

When Linc looked over Harrison’s shoulder and saw T-Bag standing there, watching them, he let go of his baby brother as if he’d turned red hot.

“What the hell is he doing here?” He shouted angrily, at the same time Fernando Sucre and John Abruzzi crawled out from an opening in the wall behind the toilet.

Harrison stared open mouthed at the whole in the wall. Were they breaking out? As the two cons straightened up, Linc yanked Sucre out of the cell, yelling fiercely, then when Abruzzi’s eyes fell on Harrison, he charged at him, pinning him to the wall.

“How did you get out?” He demanded furiously.

“Calm down, Johnny.” Theodore warned. “Let the kid go.”

“No.” He grunted, lifting the smaller man away from the wall, then slamming him back again as Harrison huffed, almost impatiently. He gripped John’s hands that were fisted in his shirt and whispered:

“Careful, John, you don’t wanna be doing something you’re gonna regret now, do ya?” Harrison moved his tongue around inside his mouth and managed to get a grip on the razor blade hidden under his tongue and wedged it between his teeth to show John how serious he was. He spared a glance and Theodore and was pleased to find he was grinning proudly back at him, having been the one to teach Harrison that handy trick.

“Let him go John.” Linc walked back into the cell, Michael and Sucre close behind, and John reluctantly backed away from him.

Michael raked his eyes over Harrison and stepped closer to him.

“Hey,” He breathed.

“Hi,” Harrison responded, grasping Michael and holding him close. He sprung away from his older brother panicking and muttered, “I gotta go!”

“Right, me too.” Added Lincoln. “Let’s go!”

He grabbed Harrison’s upper arm and tugged him out of the cramped cell.

When the brothers got back to Ad Sag, Harrison headed back to his cell and lounged on his bunk lazily, looking like he hadn’t moved from that position all day.




The next day Harrison was called to Pope’s office.

“Please, Mr. Nitro, take a seat.” He said.

Harrison complied and seated himself opposite the warden. He raised his eyebrows expectantly, waiting for the man to speak.

“I was told that when the guards arrived in the solitary block, they found you completely blood free and looking like you hadn’t left you cell at all during the riot. Is this true?”

“Yes,” Harrison lied easily, remembering how as a teenager he has been diagnosed as a narcissistic, pathological liar with  psychopathic tendencies. He mentally grimaced at the memories of all the different doctors that had spoken to him throughout his time in juvie.

“On that note,” continued Pope, “I will allow you to go back into general population. But you step one toe out of line, and you’re going straight back to the hole. Got it?”



“Harrison Nitro transferred back from solitary.” Stated Brad Bellick as he walked Harrison through the open bars and lead him into the cell block.

They stopped at a cell where the boy Harrison had spoken to during the riot, Seth, was standing, holding a box, like Harrison, with his belongings in it. And behind him stood Theodore Bagwell, a huge smirk on his face which Harrison more than gladly mirrored.

“Open on 16!” Bellick yelled and the bars slid open, allowing Seth to leave and Harrison to enter. “Have fun ladies.”

“Oh, we will.” Theodore murmured not taking his eyes off Harrison and taking a step closer to him. He thought Teddy was going to hug him as he brought his arm above Harrison’s shoulder, but then the cell dimmed and he realized Theodore had pulled down a sheet, shielding them from prying eyes making him smile a little at his own stupidity.

 Then he pushed Harrison into the bars and kissed him hard wiping the smirk clean off his lips. Theodore held onto the sheet covered bars, knuckles turning white with how hard he was clutching them. His body was flush against Harrison’s and he could feel Teddy’s hard-on against his thigh. As they broke apart, gasping for air, Harrison let out a breathy chuckle.

“What?” Theodore raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Nothing.” Harrison said, a seductive look on his face as he rubbed his now hard, clothed dick against Theodore’s thigh to show he was into it as well.

“Oh how I’ve missed you.” Teddy whispered into his ear, sending a shiver of anticipation up his spine.

“You’ve missed my ass, you mean?”

“That too.” He laughed, slapping said ass and squeezing it firmly, drawing a low moan from the red haired boy.

They joined at the lips again, in a fierce, but passionate, kiss. All tongues and teeth. Harrison wrapped his legs around Theodore’s waist,  the older man hoisted him up with strong hands supporting him while needing his ass.

Teddy carried Harrison over to the bunk and laid him down, settling between his legs and not breaking their kiss.

When Theodore finally broke away, he mouthed at Harrison’s neck and rocked against him, their clothed cocks rubbing together to create delicious friction. By now both men were panting and Harrison was moaning quietly. Theodore ran his hands up and down Harrison’s chest, finding hard nipples under his white vest.

“You’ve gotten thinner.” He observed, feeling Harrison’s ribs too clearly.

“Yeah, the food was shit in there.” He explained while the Alabaman pulled Harrison’s vest over his head and off, tweaking his nipples without a layer of clothing in the way now, causing a “God, Teddy!” from Harrison and a string of moans to follow.  

Theodore untangled the boy’s legs from around his hips and cupped Harrison through his pants saying:

 “These need to come off too,” and began undoing the buttons of his issued prison pants. He pulled them down Harrison’s skinny legs, and found he wasn’t  wearing any underwear.

“You were going commando?” The older man chuckled, staring in appreciation at what he’d discovered.

“Surprise.” Harrison giggled cheekily, his green eyes twinkling with mischief and Theodore laughed even more, falling heavily onto the boy beneath him and nuzzling his neck making the boy squirm and laugh harder. “Your goatee… It tickles!” He managed to wheeze out.  

Theodore moved down his body and blew raspberries on the boy’s stomach, making him squeal with laughter.

“Please Teddy!” He forced out and Theodore sat up, straddling Harrison’s thighs.

Harrison sat up too, placing his hands on Theodore’s ass and pulling him closer, grinding against him. He leaned in and kissed his way down the older man’s neck then pulled his top off and continued to kiss along his shoulder and down his chest to a nipple.  He rolled the bud with his tongue then pinched it between his lips. Theodore groaned as he threaded his fingers through Harrison’s hair and pulled his head harder into his chest.

He pried the boy off his nipple then pulled off his pants and underwear. He pushed Harrison back down onto the bunk then flipped him over and spread his legs. He bent one knee and pushed it up to Harrison’s side, opening him up more. Theodore reached under the mattress and found a small bottle of lube, he didn’t use it very often, only if one of his boys had been particularly well behaved, but he believed Harrison deserved it from being in solitary for over a year.

Teddy squirted some of the cool lube onto his finger and looked down at Harrison, who had his face buried in a pillow, then moved his finger down to the boy’s entrance. He circled it once, causing Harrison to jump.

“Hey, hey. Calm down, Baby.” Theodore soothed gently, just circling the puckered hole.

“Sorry,” Harrison laughed nervously. “It’s been a long time.”

“Yeah.” Theodore whispered, “Too long…” then finally pushed his middle finger into Harrison’s searing heat.

He let out a high pitched moan making Theodore chuckle lightly.

“People are gonna start thinkin’ I got a little girl in my bed.”

“Shut up.” He groaned, slamming his face into the pillow that smelt of Theodore.

The Alabaman began slowly pumping the single digit in and out of Harrison’s ass, drawing whimpers and moans from the writhing boy in front of him. When Theodore added a second finger, Harrison felt the drag of the the digits inside him, scissoring him open.  

Suddenly the fingers were gone, but then three were back a few seconds later, slicker with more cold lube. The fingers hit Harrison’s prostate, almost sending him tumbling over the edge and he let out another loud moan, pushing back against Theodore’s hand, trying to hit the same spot again.

Theodore pulled all the fingers out and Harrison could hear a zipper being pulled down and buttons popping. The older man flipped Harrison over again and kneeled between his already  spread legs. He didn’t usually fuck people face to face, but Harrison was different. There was something about him that he just couldn’t explain.

“You alright?” He asked.

“Never better.” Harrison replied closing his eyes contently while discreetly trying to push his ass against Theodore’s long, hard dick. He felt the blunt end of Teddy’s cock brush against his entrance and he whimpered quietly.

Then Theodore slowly pushed forwards and didn’t stop until he was balls deep inside Harrison. He pulled back then grabbed the younger man’s thighs and pulled him closer to him and back onto his dick. They groaned in unison. Harrison wrapped his legs around Theodore’s waist again and pulled him into him in time with the man’s thrusts.

Theodore let go of Harrison’s thighs when he saw the boy reach down to his own leaking cock and grabbed both of his wrists, holding them above his head and loving the moan of disappointment Harrison let out.

He set up a punishing pace; thrusts hard and fast, hitting Harrison’s prostate every time and making Harrison cry out every time.

Theodore lent down and mouthed at the boy’s neck and across his shoulders. He sucked at the juncture where Harrison’s neck met his shoulder and bit down hard, making him shout and as he came without being touched at all and at the same time he clenched down on Theodore’s dick inside him causing the other man to come soon after.

The older man collapsed onto Harrison’s rising and falling chest, releasing his wrists. Harrison placed a hand in Theodore’s hair and massaged his head slowly as Teddy pulled a blanket over the top of both of them.

Harrison kissed the top of the Alabaman’s head in an almost loving gesture. “We should probably get cleaned up.” He murmured against Theodore’s fluffy hair.   

“Mmhmm…” He replied, still not moving.

“Teddy?” Harrison said in a sing-song voice a couple of minutes later, nudging him with his knee.

Theodore groaned, and pulled out of Harrison, making them both hiss. They both got up and Teddy wiped them both down with a wet cloth, then pulled on a pair of boxers, pulled down the sheet and got back into the bottom bunk.

Harrison joined him a moment later, slightly limping over to the bunk, wearing a vest and boxers. Theodore was laying with his back against the wall, facing Harrison who had his back to him. He wrapped his arms around the small boy and pulled him close against his chest, burring his face in the warm nape of his neck. He kissed it softly then muttered sleepily:

“Night, Baby boy.”

And he fell asleep without a care in the world for anyone, but the 19 year old curled up peacefully in his arms.

 Thank God it’s lockdown so there’s no count, thought Harrison before he too drifted off to sleep.