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It was the word that he had come to hate more than anyone should hate when they were never affected by a villain, or never fought as a hero.  Yet Aizawa had been doing nothing but hearing it his entire life.  Since his quirk developed when he was five years old, it was what people equated it to, people always said that he would be a villain, no one ever wanted to play with him as a child.  No one wanted to be around the child who could erase quirks.  It was difficult to hear such stern words at such a young age, and the more he heard it, the more isolated Aizawa became.  He took to wearing sunglasses from a young age to hide his eyes so no one would be able to see if he was looking at them, and so no one would see the tears that threatened to fall as one by one the children he played with at school stayed away from him.

It had been his grandmother who had filled out his application to UA, and Aizawa had not been sure how to handle that information.  He had resigned himself to a life of solitude and out of the limelight.  It just wasn’t meant for him to be a hero.  So he wouldn’t be.  He had accepted that as painful as it had been.  It had been a long time dream of his to become a hero, to be someone that others could look up to. His quirk wasn’t flashy, it wasn’t even that good of a quirk. He had turned to other means to learn how to fight without it.  It was how he had developed a surprising knack for martial arts at a young age.  But his grandmother…she had hated seeing him so sad each day when he would get home from middle school and had sent in the application. She told him that he would become the hero he wanted to be, she knew he would. 

The practical part of the entrance exam had nearly been enough to send him running.  The exam was explained to them all in detail, and the one kid who was next to him would not shut up about it.  It wasn’t that he was a bad guy, he was just loud and it made Aizawa’s skin crawl uncomfortably. Fighting.  They were going to have to fight using their quirks to defeat robots to earn points. Shit. Fuck. Damn. He was screwed. Absolutely screwed.

As he stood in front of the doors, the blond kid no where in sight, a plan hatched in his mind.  It was not a good plan and it certainly was not going to win him any points but…As the doors open, he ran in with the rest and instantly went for high ground.  His eyes scanned the area and fixed on each student who was going for a robot.  The second they were about to attack using their quirks, Aizawa erased it.  One by one he erased their quirks.  The points were staying at zero for everyone.  If everyone failed, then to him, he did his job. It meant that no one else would be able to pass. His hair whipped around his face, and he could hear the frustrated and angry shouts of the others in the exam because none of them could figure out what exactly was going on.

Well…they did after the exam. They knew exactly who had been the one to cause all of them to remain at zero points. The looks started, the angry shouts, the threats from the others.  Behind the sunglasses, Aizawa refused to cry, refused to look at them because he had done what he had set out to do, and he had made sure everyone of them failed with him.  Flashy quirks be damned, he was strong, he was and he would become a he-

The wad of mud hit him square in the back of his head, causing him to lurch forward.  The laughs and shouts of villain started back up again. It was no different than middle school, and really he should not have expected it to be any different.

As the exams went on, Aizawa’s confidence began to waiver.  What if he had taken the wrong approach?  He had watched as all the students in his exam group had stormed off towards the teachers to complain, only the blond haired kid coming over to him to see if he was okay.  Hizashi Yamada, that was his name. He was the only one Aizawa figured was worth his time, and made sure to at least stay closer to him during the week of examination that consisted of the second part of the entrance exams.

“Yo Shouta man don’t look so gloom and doom all the time! We got this in the bag!” Yamada said walking backwards away from UA on the last day of their exams. “You and me, we’re gonna be heroes! Just you wait and see!”

It was like it was impossible for him to stay quiet.  Aizawa flashed him a small smile, still hiding behind his sunglasses as he had since he was little.  “You will. Not sure about me.”

It wouldn’t be for another couple weeks before acceptance letters went out.  The day it came for him, Aizawa fully expected to open it to find a rejection letter but.  It wasn’t. He had done it. He had gotten in to UA.  Aizawa let out a laugh, rushing to show his grandmother that he had done it.  He had gotten in.  It specifically said that they admired his ability to think creatively to use his quirk to his advantage, which was why despite having scored zero points on the entrance exam, they were allowing him into UA.

The first day of school he approached, still not used to his uniform he was fidgeting uncomfortably.  He did not like it, none of this.  It only got worse when he was knocked off of his feet and swept up into a hug by Yamada who was spinning him in a circle.

“I told you man! We’d both get it!”

“Put me down,” Aizawa grumbled at Yamada, giving him an annoyed look.  Yamada did, but kept his arm around his shoulder as they walked towards their class.  A wave of relief washed over him as they stepped into the room and Aizawa did not see a single one of the people from his entrance exam in the room.  Some of them had to get in right?  He had just been about to reach up and take off the sunglasses when people turned and stared at him. Oh…so everyone knew how he had gotten in then.

Aizawa sunk down into his seat, Yamada taking one right beside him.  It would not be until the Sports Festival that he would remove his sunglasses permanently. Even then, it had been at the encouragement of someone else.  Every day since school started he was left out of activities with his fellow classmates, except for Yamada who had apparently decided they were good friends, and someone in their class named Tensei Iida who was just so in awe of his ability that he wanted to get to know more about him.

At the Sports Festival, Aizawa purposefully lost. Each round he came in dead last and put in the least amount of effort possible. It as his way of trying to stop all the rumors that were spreading about him, the whispers and the names.  Villain.  Villain. Villain. It wasn’t helping though.  In fact it made it worse. It was during the recreation games during one of the breaks that it got bad.  He had not meant to over hear the other students.

“Yeah you see that black haired bitch from Class 1-A? Keeps fucking losing on purpose as if we aren’t good enough for him. Kid’s a villain in the making, lookin’ down on those of us with quirks that. You see.”  Aizawa had stayed silent in the locker room, holding his towel to his face to keep any noises from escaping.

As he heard the two leave he slammed the locker door and stormed out, not just out of the locker, but out of the arena and into the woods near by. He slammed his fist into the nearest tree, letting out a frustrated shout as that word kept repeating over and over in his mind.  Villain. Villain. Villain.  “I’m not a villain!” He shouted, sinking down to his knees.

A hand appeared beside his face, and he looked up to see one of the third year students, a teen with blond hair and blue eyes reaching out to him.  His gym uniform looked tight across his shoulders, and he had to wear it open, showing the black tank top he wore underneath it. “I know you’re not.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“My name’s Toshinori, you’re Aizawa right?”

“Right…” Aizawa said cautiously eying him, making no move to take his hand. “Why are you helping me?”

“Why? Because you have an incredible quirk. You could help so many people by making it so the villains couldn’t even use their own quirks.”

His jaw must have dropped open because Toshinori let out a laugh.  It as such a pure sound, so happy and full of life.  “Look I don’t listen to what the rest say and you shouldn’t.”  Aizawa took his hand and let the other help him up. “You got a lot of heart and how they treat you is not fair. I heard what they said about-“

“Everyone’s heard what they say about me and how I got into the school.”

“Creative.  That’s what it was. You’ll be a hero, just in your own way.”  Toshinori put his hands on his hips for a moment, looking over Aizawa. “I do have one recommendation.”

“What’s that?”

Toshinori reached up and removed the sunglasses from his eyes, holding them out to Aizawa.  “Let them see your eyes. You have nothing to hide.  That power is yours.  Don’t let the rest tell you otherwise. Fight. Fight to prove them wrong. You are a hero Aizawa.”

His fingers curled around the sunglasses, watching as Toshinori turned to go.  They fell from his grasp and into the grass as he followed after him, going to rejoin his class.  It was the first time since they started that his classmates saw his eyes, and they all stared at him as he waved to Toshinori then walked into their section of seats. 

At the very least, following the Sports Festival, his classmates started to treat him differently, more like he was one of them.  Without the sunglasses to hide his eyes, they knew if he was using his quirk or not, and that seemed to help.  Sure, Aizawa was still significantly anti-social, but that just seemed to be something about him that they all accepted.  They became as protective of him as Yamada and Tensei were. It was an odd feeling to see his classmates finally start to accept him as one of their own, but oh did he like it.

The minds of others changed as well as the years went by, and by the time he graduated from UA, most seemed to realize and finally decide that his quirk alone did not make him a villain.  That he was a hero, just like the rest of them.  It was at graduation that he spotted Toshinori, now the number one pro known as All Might, in the back.  The smile and the thumbs up made his heart jump, but Aizawa smiled and nodded as if to say ‘you were right.’

“I told you you would become a hero,” Toshinori said during the small reception.

“You were right,” Aizawa said, titling his head slightly. “Seems I got to change the rest of their minds too.  Not everyone but-“

“But it’s good, not to feel so alone anymore.”

“Yeah. I’m a hero. Just like you.”

And best of all, he no longer felt completely and utterly alone.