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darling, it's incredible

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Selina has lived in this building for years. At first she had no one. Just a boyfriend on the other side of a computer screen. Then there was a party and madness and terror and out of all of that, friends. People who thought she was worth something. She'd never been worth something before.

Then, just as quick as she had found them, she lost them. And so it was just her in this old building with a machine to keep running. She had to keep it on. For Fenly, for Emmett, for all of them.

But she missed her friends. She wanted them back. The ones who she could never forget. The ones in her DNA.

So she searched. Searched for a way to get the back without letting him out.

And after years, years of loneliness and hard work, she did it. The portal opened, purple sky over a white desert and there, right in front of her after all this time, real, were her friends. The ones who where worth it, who thought she was worth it.

There was a moment.

A brief unending moment.

Then they ran. And this time, no one got left behind.

One by one they tumbled into the room behind the wall in Emmett’s bathroom, laughing and sunburnt. Jude and Abigail and Emmett. There were hugs and tears and happiness and they were back. They were back. To stay. Real.

And that’s how they stayed for the rest of their days, in that building, keeping the machine on, having parties on the roof. Together and there and real.