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Love in a Thousand Universes

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Akashi Seijuurou had a dilemma, and it was a big one.

You see, he had finally gathered up the courage to confess his love to the person of his affections. He had even gathered a trusty wingman, well… He isn’t so sure about trusty, but a wingman nonetheless. Kise had had many partners in the time that Akashi had known him, so he had decided to ask of his help in this mission.

But the problem is, the person whom Akashi wanted to confess to, is Kuroko Tetsuya. And that wouldn’t be a problem if only Kuroko wasn’t so goddamn dense when it came to relationships!

He had already tried the easy way, by simply saying ‘Tetsuya, I like you’. But Kuroko had just replied with a monotone, ‘Yes, I know. We are friends, and friends usually have to enjoy each other’s company to be able to call each other friends’, much to Akashi’s displeasure and Kise’s amusement.

“Maybe I should just give up, he probably doesn’t even see me the same way…” Akashi sulked, slightly scaring Kise. He couldn’t bare seeing Akashi looking so pathetic and out of character. But, it filled him with determination to get him back to his normal and scary self!

“Oh no Akashicchi, we’re just getting started!” and so Kise had decided that in order to catch Kuroko’s attention, they needed to go bigger and better.

And that’s where we are now, in the basketball gym where Seirin practise, with Akashi wearing a large love-heart costume, holding a large pink sign that read ‘Kuroko Tetsuya, I have feelings for you!’ with many hearts decorating the spare space.

The Seirin team were very confused after seeing the usually intimidating leader of the Generation of Miracles, in such a ridiculous outfit. While Kagami was holding his nose and trying his hardest to hold back the laugh he so desperately wanted to release. (He knew he’d be dead if he did, by either Akashi or Riko).

All in all, Akashi was feeling quite mortified, and he couldn’t even see Kuroko.

“Ah... Akashi-san, Kuroko isn’t here yet, we’re not sure where he is” said Riko with a soft voice, and pity in her eyes.

Akashi nodded and left, Kise following close behind.

“Ryouta, I feel humiliated. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be…”

Kise didn’t know what to do now. And as he was about to console Akashi, he was interrupted.

“-Akashi-kun? Why are you dressed like that?” said an amused Kuroko.

Akashi flushed, and turned to Kuroko and held up his sign, “I’m in love with you”

Silence filled the air as the bluenette walked towards Akashi, dropping his basketball bag along the way. Kuroko smiled and Akashi and leant in to peck the taller boy on the cheek, slightly flushing as he did so.

“I love you too, you goof. And what in the world are you wearing!” he giggled, while Akashi blushed in embarrassment. “Ryouta made me wear it…”

Kise waved from slightly behind Akashi, before laughing too “But he looks pretty cute in it doesn’t he, Kurokocchi!! I’d call this a mission success”

Kise high-fiving himself was a sight that Kuroko had decided he didn’t need to see again as he dragged Akashi away.

“You get it Akashicchi!!”

And Kise only just dodged the basketball flying at his face.



Art that flufflecakez on Tumblr made for this work!!