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Broken Wings

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Sonny Carisi Jr. groans at his alarm, turning over to hit the dismiss button. He sits up, stretching out before standing to his feet and walking to the kitchen.

He pulls the coffee grounds from the top shelf and puts two cups in the machine. He presses brew, and sits against the counter, arms crossed, waiting for the coffee to be done. He hears footsteps padding into the room, seeing a shirtless Rafael in his boxers. He furrows his eyebrows before wrapping his arms around Sonny's midriff.

"Good morning, Mr. Barba." Sonny smiles, wrapping one arm around Rafael.

Rafael mumbles something incoherent, nuzzling into Sonny's chest.

"Coffee’s almost done love." Sonny says quietly, kissing the top of Rafael's head.  He turns around, grabbing Rafael's favorite coffee mug, pouring him some straight black coffee. He turns around in Rafael's arms and grabs his hand.

"Here you go, love." Sonny says softly, handing Rafael the coffee. Rafael smiles, taking a small sip before looking up at Sonny.

"Hmm?" Sonny asks. Rafael puts the coffee down onto the counter behind Sonny and leans up to kiss him chastely. Sonny smiles as Rafael takes his arms from around his waist and takes his coffee into both hands before walking to the kitchen table.

Sonny walks into their shared bedroom, grabbing one of his suits and pulling it on quickly. He picks out a bluish tie with little fish on it and comes out of the room as he's tying it.

He smiles at Rafael, who wasn't quite as snarky in the mornings.

"You could at least wear an adult tie." Rafael smirks.


"I've had this one since I was 14." Sonny says.

"I know. But you could look more like a cop than a 14 year old going to his first school dance." Rafael chides as he begins to sip his coffee.

Sonny walks into the bathroom, gelling his hair and shaving quickly. Brushing his teeth as well.

Sonny looks at the time, seeing he was slightly late.

"Hey, I gotta get going." Sonny says as he walks into their bedroom, seeing Rafael getting into one of his three piece suits. He was buttoning up the waist coat.

"Mi Amor." Rafael says quickly. Sonny looks at him, before seeing puppy dog eyes.

"It's not like I was gonna just leave you without a morning kiss."  Sonny laughs. "I'd never do that to you." He strides to Rafael, putting a hand at his waist, playing with a button on his waist coat. He leans down and kisses him softly.

"Be careful today." Rafael says, looking up at him.

"I always am. We still doing lunch?" Sonny asks.

"Rita Calhoun asked me to go to lunch with her, if that's alright. She and I need to hammer out a plea before she goes to her client today."

"That's fine. Lawyer stuff." Sonny smiles. He walks to the door, pulling on his shoes quickly. He checks for his phone and keys, before walking out the door.

*  * *

"Shane Barton." His Lieutenant, Olivia (he usually called her Liv, or Lieu) says as she hands everyone a file. "Beat and raped Adam Forrester last night a little before midnight."

Sonny nods his head, looking over the man's record. Looking at his picture. Brown hair. Dark eyes. Tattoo on the neck of a paw print.

"Have we picked him up yet?" Sonny asks.

"We can't find him." Fin says quickly. "He's in the wind."

"Carisi. Go tell Barba we need a warrant for his phone records."

"Will do Lieu." Sonny says as he walks out of the squad room.

* * *

Sonny walks into Barba's office, smiling at him.

"Hey Rafi.." Sonny asks sweetly.

"Yes?" He looks up from his file. One eyebrow perked up.

"Could I maybe get a warrant for some phone records?"

"Whose." He asks.

"A Shane Barton. He raped a guy last night."

"Yes yes I've seen the case. You do know I'm prosecuting it right?" Rafael chides. "Dump his phone and search his apartment. I already got those warrants like an hour ago. Keep up Detective."

Sonny walks around the desk, and kisses his cheek softly. "Thank you, love."

"Mhm." He smirks.

Sonny walks out of the room, down the stairs and out the door.

He gets into the squad car, texting Liv.

"Hey Lieutenant. Rafael had already gotten that warrant for us and the one to search his apartment. I'm on my way back." He sends it

He pulls into the road, driving to the office.

* * *

Rafael walks into their shared home. Sonny sitting on the couch.

"Hey love." Sonny smiles, eyes barely opened.

"You sleepy?" Rafael asks. It was nearly 2 in the morning.

"Mhm.. was waiting on you to get home so we could go to bed together."

"How sweet." Rafael says sarcastically, easing the snark with a smile. He walks over to Sonny, kissing him softly. Sonny stands up, kissing Rafael again, wrapping his arms around his neck.

Rafael puts his hands on his hips and tilts his head back to kiss him more.

Sonny pulls away first. "As much as I'd love for you to fuck me on the kitchen table, I really am tired."

"Yeah, me too." Rafael replies. "Lets go to bed."

Sonny begins to walk away, before Rafael grabs his arm. "Wait."

"Hmm?" Sonny asks quietly. Rafael pulls him over to him.

"I read over the Shane Barton case. That guy really is fucking scary." Rafael says. Pulling Sonny in for a hug.

"We're still looking for him. But we found the gun he used to hold Adam. And some DNA in a hairbrush. But we can't find him." Sonny says quietly. "Adam is really scared and upset about it.”

"I'm proud of you." Rafael whispers. It makes Sonny's heart swell with pride.

“We got a new detective today.” Sonny says.

“Oh really?”

“Jacob Jefferson. He asked us to call him JJ. And I think I’m going to.” Sonny smiles. “He’s shorter than me, and a little heavier than I am.”

“JJ huh? That sounds worse than Sonny.” Rafael smiles.

"Lets go to bed, Rafi." Sonny smiles, before placing a loud wet kiss on the side of Rafael's head.

Sonny leads him to the bedroom, before slipping off his cotton tee shirt and his sweatpants. He helps Rafael out of his suit, throwing everything into the hamper, hanging his suspenders on the door. Rafael walks to the bathroom, Sonny in tow. They never took showers without the other. It used to be sexual, like all new couples that lived together. But now it was just routine, and tradition. It had been months since the other had taken a shower alone. They both enjoyed being in each other company, between their work schedules and sleep.

Once they got done, they toweled off and pulled on a pair of boxers. Sonny presses a kiss to Rafael’s temple and walks to the bed.

He smiles and lays down on the bed, letting Rafael wrap his arms around him tightly and pulling him into him. He smiles as Rafael places a kiss on his head, before drifting off into a deep sleep.