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The Marriage Act

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Desdemona Narcissa Lestrange is born on a Tuesday, December 13th to exact, in 1977.

She is born at home in the old Lestrange Family Manor as a winter storm rages on outside. Desdemona doesn't cry or scream when she enters the world. No, she only coos at the mediwitch who delivered her. Brown eyes wide and so dark that they also look as black as the thick curls already on her small head. Desdemona isn't welcomed warmly or with great joy, rather just placed into the arms of an indifferent mother. It was no secret that Bellatrix Lestrange was not fond of children. Even now as she held her tiny daughter in her arms the woman could stare blankly at the babe. Her father was no better. Rodolphus Lestrange wasn't even in attendance at the the birth of his first born child.

"What will you name her?"

The mediwitch asks waiting to fill out the birth certificate. If it were not for Narcissa's insistence a month prior to pick out names for the child than Bellatrix would be at a loss. Narcissa had also insisted in staying with the Black Family tradition of naming children after stars, constellations or other celestial objects. It had taken three hours to settle on names, Desdemona for a girl or Cygnus for a boy.

"Desdemona Lestrange"

Bellatrix responded blandly as she shifted to breast feed her newborn daughter. Originally she didn't plan to but Narcissa had persuaded her otherwise.

"A middle name?"

Bellatrix narrowed her eyes. She hadn't thought of a middle name. Maybe one of the other names that Narcissa had suggested? Bellatrix couldn't quite remember any of the other names, nor did she like any of them. A few more moments passed by before Bellatrix's eye caught the sight of the little green baby hat that Narcissa had knitted for the babe. Bellatrix finally decided.


The mediwitch smiled as she filled out the certificate before packing up her things.

"Congratulations again Mrs Lestrange on becoming a Mother. Have a lovely night." 


Desdemona is three when her mother, father and uncle are sent to Azkaban for the torture of Alice and Frank Longbottom. She doesn't quite understand why her parent's are gone, other people say they did something bad but her uncle Lucius says otherwise. She doesn't cry much when her aunt Narcissa explains that her parents are going away for a long time. She cries because she has to leave the Lestrange Manor to live with her aunt and uncle but the toddler doesn't seem too saddened by her parents absence.

It should be noted that Desdemona was a quiet child, smarter then most her age. She wasn't a fussy child either, unlike her baby cousin. She was content to allow Narcissa to dress her up and do her hair up as she wished with the promise of a new book of course. Desdemona was also rather fond of her baby cousin Draco. It was common place for Lucius or Narcissa to find her in the nursery with a child's book to read to her younger cousin. When Draco begins to speak he can't pronounce her name quite yet, instead shortening her name to 'Dessy'.

Desdemona spends majority of her life inside the bleak walls of Malfoy manor, rarely interacting with children her own age outside the pureblood play-dates that Narcissa brings her and Draco to. 

Desdemona is five when she learns just what her parents did to get locked away in Azkaban. Two wizards talking just loud enough that she can overhear them as her and Narcissa browse the aisles of Twilfitt and Tattings. 

"Her mother is Bellatrix Lestrange. She is in Azkaban for torturing the Longbottoms'. Poor thing looks just like her."

By the time she is seven Desdemona starts to disregard what her uncle and aunt say about blood purity and Lord Voldemort. She's read enough and heard enough from others to understand the wrongness of her families beliefs and the horribleness of her parents crimes. Desdemona doesn't say anything though, she smart enough to know not to challenge her uncle or aunt. She only nods. 

At Eleven as she stares into the mirror Desdemona can't deny what other people say any longer. 


She looks exactly like her mother and it is a curse just like the last name Lestrange.