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of rich girls and the beauty of trivial things

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Almost… there… almost… super close… ugh, just stretching a little bit more and she’d be set, ready to leave this crowd with a couple of boxes of her favorite cereal… just… had to get through this crowd, a bit further down…

Boy, sales in Japan were hard. Like, Black Friday at Macy’s level of hard, especially when the items were imported and absolutely the best ever. Her favorite in the whole world. And Momo got them, her fingers grasped on the nearest box, this close to snatching a box to herself, and-

“No, no, no!” she complained because suddenly, Momo was being dragged from the crowd, a firm arm around her waist as she stretched in a useless attempt to get her spot back again. “My cheerios…”

Pouting, she was pulled to the next aisle and she looked back at the person who got her out of there with a pout and puppy eyes.

“Why’d you drag me away? I had them! They’re my favorites!”

“I know,” Shoto said letting go of her so she could turn around and look at him properly, her back to the shell of cleaning products. “But don’t worry, Mineta got them through the back for you.”

“He did?” Momo said confused. “How? Why?”

“He’s small and cunning, and he wants to impress you,” he said matter-of-factly.

Momo rolled her eyes, and in doing so she spotted a bar of soap that she liked to use to wash her face.

“Oh, I love those,” she said passing by him to get the soap; she got a handful of bars and put them in the basket Todoroki was caring. “Don’t be silly, no one is trying to impress me.”

All the while he was watching her, and he raised an eyebrow at her words skeptically.

“No one? You sure about this?”

Momo shrugged and reached for a shampoo to look at the components on the back. Shoto stepped close to her, stood by her side watching her profile, and the proximity almost started to make her uncomfortable.

“What?” she asked glancing at him as she put the shampoo back.

“I like it when you’re doing mundane things.”

Momo scoffed and picked another shampoo.

“You’re so weird, Mr. Todoroki,” she said playfully.

“You really don’t know that many boys, do you?” he asked. “We’re all weird and trying to impress.”

She turned her head to look at him, but before she could out her smart reply his hand went to her waist again and he kissed her.

The act wasn’t exactly unexpected – they were openly dating for a few months already, after all – but it still made her heart skip a beat, and she gasped surprised before kissing him back.

Imported cheerios be damned, this was Momo’s favorite thing.