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He doesn't know how to beg for it, convincing enough; he knows the others are watching, and really, he would gladly accept to be fucked by them all, in any way they chose, as long as he gets his wish; as he gets to know the impossible explosion of pain that would probably make him writhe like a worm, but oh, how he wants it! It's really a physical ache, his need to feel it, to have Thranduil know he's really his, up to the last little cell in his body, his mind and soul.

The fact that the man keeps refraining from it could almost make Legolas hate him, for not taking him so completely, for not breaking him into a million pieces, in front of all these hungry viewers. He wants it so bad, to be destroyed utterly and to let everybody know how deeply he belongs to his master, and he hates himself for not being able to say it out loud, because at the moment he can only blabber brokenly and try to plead with his eyes, and that doesn't work!

He can't even push into the cane, to feel the taps stronger, because he has been ordered not to, and he can't disobey, at the moment that would be worse than death, and he cries and sobs now, so hollow inside because his master just won't take him, won't use him to the brim, just won't… God, it's beyond unbearable!

This stops him from entering subspace, too, because he can't stop fighting, desperately wanting it, can't go into that soft, pleasurable place, he needs the sharpness of the pain, the paralyzing state that grabs his whole being when he's right at the edge, craves it so bad! Why doesn't Thran just give it to him, just give him what he needs so desperately?

The tenseness and want explode brusquely into a dry orgasm, making him shake so violently that he's almost falling; but there's a strong hand supporting his back, oh, God, yes, this is so good now, but the moment it ends, the want comes back with a vengeance, the moment the cane returns to tease his aching cock he just snaps and pushes into it, and the drag is painful - dry, rigid wood on rigid, heated flesh, but sooo good! Yes! He rubs himself against it, desperate and wanton, and mumbles pleas, and cries when the implement is taken from his reach, he wants it so!

This waiting, this denial, it rips his mind apart, and he's not strong enough to take it, he just falls on the floor and crawls and grabs his master's foot and kisses it with all the longing he feels and manages, just barely manages to say “Please!”


Thranduil's blood boils in his veins and all he can do is restrain himself while he pushes two fingers inside Legolas' scorching hot ass, checking he's still open enough, and after that it would be a crime not to take him. So much passion, such a deep submission, it's so rewarding in itself that he has a very hard time not losing it without even a touch, but it's very clear the boy needs way more. He can't give him what he asks for, probably not ever, because that would mean falling into an abyss so deep, there would be no way out.

“No,” he says, decisively, and kisses the begging mouth. “No,” he says again, and kisses him again, as deep as possible, until both of them desperately need to breathe. “No, this will not happen, no way.”

The temptation is a devastating pain in his belly, to just give in to those desperate pleas and hit just once, knowing it would bring the boy a pleasure he didn't even dream of, but Thranduil knows viscerally that he is incapable to stop at one; and incapable to stop at just one time, so he will just refrain from it, keep things manageable, fuck! He pays attention to hit the prostate from the first, and two strokes are enough for his lover to convulse around him, so he stops and breathes, and then again.

He fucks him and damn this to hell, the boy is thrashing and flailing like a wild thing and dry coming again, and again, he's squeezing him way too much, he just has to move Legolas on top, lying against his body, and remove the cock ring, and doesn't even hear the lewd, hungry noises the others make, because he comes so hard he's in a different world altogether, welcoming the pain of being squeezed even when it's unbearable, because Legolas is way past any control, and yes, that's exactly how it should be.