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Daddy's Home (It's Time to Play)

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Will sat atop his daddy’s lap as he was read his nightly bedtime story.

He seldom followed the actual storyline of the fairytale. What Will really loved was listening to his daddy’s deep, soothing voice as each word formed smoothly on his tongue.  Will loved his father’s accent, too. Daddy had told him that it was because he was born in a far, far away place called Denmark – a place like the one in the fairy tale, The Little Mermaid.

One time, Will asked daddy what it was like growing up in Denmark. He remembered his father’s face growing somber, the happiness in his eyes fading away instantly at the topic of the conversation.

Daddy had said that both Will’s grandma and grandpa were no longer alive and neither was his aunt. It made his daddy very sad to talk about it, so Will never brought it up again.

Despite this though, every now and then Hannibal would teach him a new, Danish word. Will wished he could talk with Hannibal fluently in his mother language; he can’t help but think that his daddy gets lonely sometimes and wants to go back, but then Hannibal will scoop him up in his arms and reassure Will that his home is with him now.

Will loved his daddy so much.

The little omega nuzzled against his father’s chest, his eyes closed and a faint smile on his lips. His daddy smelled so good, like sandalwood and fresh laundry but mostly he smelled like the musky, warm scent of an alpha. Will took a long, deep breath, reveling in the comfort it brought him.

He was beginning to feel sleepy, his eyelids becoming heavier and heavier with every word Hannibal read. Eventually, he could no longer keep his eyes open. After a few moments of silence on Will’s part, Hannibal closed the book in his hands and placed it on the nightstand. Careful to not wake Will up, Hannibal gathered his son in his arms and slowly sat up from the rocking chair. He walked over to Will’s bed, the corner of the duvet already pulled aside in preparation for this moment. Hannibal gingerly placed his son on the bed and pulled the covers up, tucking it carefully around his small body.

To his surprise, Will stirred, drowsily reaching out to grip Hannibal’s hand. Will was almost never awake after story time.

“William, you have to sleep,” Hannibal whispered despite gently caressing his son’s tiny hand in his own. “It is late and you have kindergarten tomorrow.”

“Stay with me,” Will slurred back, his eyes still shut as he valiantly fought against the overwhelming urge to simply let sleep take him

Hannibal smiled fondly, reaching out to smooth down Will’s untameable curls.

“I will stay only for a little while.”

At that, Will smiled and then promptly drifted off into slumber.

Hannibal gently pulled his hand away from his son’s. He placed a kiss on the omega’s forehead before walking over to turn the light switch off. The room was only faintly illuminated by Will’s plug-in nightlight, casting shadows of stars across the expanse of the floor and the walls.

Hannibal stood in the doorway, gazing lovingly at his son.

Will was perfection.

When Hannibal had first met Will’s mother, he remembered not being as utterly repulsed by her as he was with the general population. She was a beautiful, ambitious woman – an omega from a middle class family determined to marry higher in life. It had been an unspoken agreement between them that their marriage was not one of love, but rather a mutual exchange. She had been given a higher status by marrying a rich, thoroughbred alpha while Hannibal was to be given heirs without the hassle of a doting, over-attached omega.

It had been such a shame that complications during William’s birth had rendered her infertile. Hannibal remembered her being tense whenever in his presence the first year Will had been born, wary of the fact that Hannibal could file divorce due to her barren womb. Hannibal, however, did no such thing.

He would need a helping hand during Will’s infancy, and of course breast milk was vital to his child’s health. It was only after Will turned three that he discarded his useless wife.

She had died quickly in a “car accident” on the way to a friend’s party.

Afterward, all of Hannibal’s colleagues had lamented his loss while simultaneously praising him for being such a good father in the absence of his wife; the ever sympathetic, widowed alpha, left alone to care for his son.

In truth, Hannibal wouldn't have it any other way.

Will was the best of his mother, inheriting her chocolate brown curls and ocean, blue eyes. He was a small, sensitive child – always quick to please and empathetic to others emotions, especially in the case of his father. Hannibal could just imagine what his son will be like once grown and matured. It is inevitable that his baby boy will grow up to be a beautiful omega. William will have many suitors; he will eventually take an alpha, lie beneath them and grow heavy with their child.

At the thought, disgust curled in Hannibal’s stomach.

Will was his flesh and blood and no alpha would ever be good enough for his baby boy.



When Will was ten, Hannibal had started looking for a new omega.

He loved Will dearly but he needed an heir to carry on his name.

The discussion he had had with Will had been a painful one. Will’s bottom lip had begun to quiver and his eyes had grown suspiciously misty.

“Can’t I be the only omega in your life?” Will had whispered hoarsely, his face the perfect picture of heartbreak.

“William,” Hannibal had said softly, reaching across the table to take hold of his son’s hand. “You know I love you more than anything, more than anyone. Taking a new omega will not change that.”

Will had pulled his hand away sharply though, not impressed with his father’s words. He had refused to look his daddy in the eyes then; Will had known that if he did, he would have cracked under pressure and let his daddy convince him that what he was doing was right.

“Will,” Hannibal's words had held a faint trace of irritation – his son had never been a problematic child, and although Hannibal could understand Will’s resentment, he had expected better of him. “My decision is final. I don’t need my own son’s blessing to start dating again.”

“The why did you even tell me?!” Will had shouted back, his lips curling back in a snarl. At that, he had rushed off, up the stairs and into his room, slamming the door behind him.

For the first time in a long time, Hannibal had felt anger and even resentment toward his son. He had not raised Will to be so uncouth, volatile, and rude.

A few hours later, Hannibal had quietly took Will back to his bed, laid him across his knee, and spanked Will until he cried. After, Hannibal had swept him up in his arms and laid them both down in his bed, whispering sweet words of how much he loved Will and how no one would ever come between them.

Will had cried himself to sleep that night, his father’s words a steady, unwavering mantra in his ear.

Since then, Hannibal has become acquainted with many omegas, none of which have met his expectations … or Will’s, for that matter.

After that unfortunate night, Will was much more discreet with his resentment toward Hannibal’s dating life. If ever Hannibal brought an omega home, Will was quick to turn a cold shoulder to them. He never outright said to their face the he hated them but it was evident in his judgmental gaze and clipped sentences.

One night, Hannibal had invited his latest companion, Bedelia, over for dinner. She was a fine woman, perhaps the best candidate of all the omegas so far. An air of sophistication surrounded her in addition to her intelligence and beauty. With an enormous amount of effort, she could even see past Hannibal’s rigid mask of tight smiles and polite behavior to what lay beneath. It was an impressive feat not to be taken lightly.

Despite this, Will was uncooperative as ever. During dinner, Bedelia had tried conversing politely with him, to which he responded with bored words and a dull voice, as if anything else in the word would be more interesting than talking to her.

Hannibal quickly took reign of the conversation aspect of dinner, careful to not let any of Will’s rude behavior offend Bedelia.

At the end of the night while Will was upstairs in his room, Hannibal walked Bedelia to her car, kissing her lightly on the lips and thanking her for a wonderful evening. It was the first time she had ever visited Hannibal’s home and it was most likely to be her last.

Once Hannibal reentered the house, quietly closing the door behind him, Will was waiting for him at the kitchen table. His back was straight and his hands were folded together on the table, a perfect display of carefully constructed politeness.

Hannibal took the seat opposite of him.

“Will,” he started, his tone holding no indication of playfulness.

“Hannibal,” Will shot back, his voice just as unwavering.

Hannibal’s eyes grew dark, his jaw tensing. “William,” he growled, his instincts screaming at him to make the omega submit. “Your behavior tonight was unacceptable.”

“Was it, Daddy? “Will replied, despite his slightly shaken confidence.

“You've been very bad, William.” At that, Will swallowed almost audibly, his gaze flickering to the table top. “Bedelia is a good omega and deserved to be treated as such. Do you enjoy disappointing me?”

Will began to rock back and forth in his chair, his head hung in shame.

“Nu-uh,” the omega responded in a small voice.

“No what?” Hannibal watched as Will shook his head, his long fringe obscuring his eyes.  

“Will,” Hannibal began, his voice still stern. “Tell me why you've been such a bad boy.”

The omega sniffled and looked up, his eyes brimming with tears.

“I don’t want to share you!” Will cried, rubbing at his eyes with his small, little fists. “D-daddy, I love you so much. None of them deserve you; not Bedelia or Beverly or Abigail. I d-don’t want you to leave me for them.”

Will could hardly stutter out his words as he broke down, his face crumpled in pain. “I love you, Daddy. I love you,” he kept repeating between his hiccups and tears. The thought of losing his father or even sharing him had brought Will to tears. His daddy was his and only his.

Hannibal felt his resolve slowly crumble at the sight of his son.

“Oh Will,” he whispered, a small smile tugging at his lips. His son loved him so much. His own, perfect creation would do anything for him.

He walked over to Will’s side of the table, bending down to pick him up. Although Will was slowly growing with each passing year, he still fit easily in Hannibal hold, his tiny legs wrapping around his daddy’s waist as his arms did the same with Hannibal’s neck.

Will buried his face in Hannibal's shoulder and breathed, desperate to smell his daddy’s comforting alpha scent.

“I thought we went over this before,” Hannibal’s words were calm and collected. “I will always love you the most Will. You are my baby boy but I want more children,” he said, truthfully.

Will was silent for a moment.

“Is that all?” the omega asked at last. “You want me to have a sister or brother?”

“Yes,” Hannibal answered. “And Daddy needs to be with an omega for that to happen.” Hannibal could take a beta if he wanted, but they simply weren't his tastes.

“Oh... Oh. You need a grown up omega for babies, is that it Daddy?” Will pulled away so that he could see his father’s face properly. A small smile graced his lips.

“Yes, you clever boy,” Hannibal grinned back, kissing Will atop his  button nose. Will finally understood. “That’s exactly it.”

Will’s beamed at his daddy, his face radiating happiness.

He knew exactly what his daddy wanted; he need only to be patient.