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SWTOR After Ziost

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Darth Nox sat on her bed, releasing the pressure valves on her leg and shoulder armor, and dropping them to the steely ship floor of her chambers with a loud clanking. Ashara appeared in the doorway, looking worried. “Leave me” Darth Nox said. Ashara bowed and tread away. Nox continued to peel off her remaining armor, tossing it in a pile in the corner of her chambers. She then reclined on the bed in her underclothes, examining her injuries. Her mind was a swirl of anger, regret, and still caught up in the earlier battle on Ziost. Then the immense human suffering and terror reached out at her again, a force-filled flashback of the utter decimation. The Emperor, bearing no tangible form still wielded immense power, once again a planet destroyer. He had to be pursued and defeated. She languished on her failure, and it fueled her rage. But she was spent for the moment, and thoughts selfishly shifted to Lana, Lana’s voice “whatever I need?” There had been an immediate attraction between them upon first meeting. Through their time together they had stolen moments of intimacy, a few kisses but nothing more. She was stunned at Lana’s parting words earlier “my love”. These words echoed through her mind over and over. She forced these selfish thoughts away returning to her anger and brooding.

Unable to remove herself from these thoughts, she reached under her bed and released a sedative pack. Just as she began to inoculate herself, a figure appeared in her doorway.
The gravelly voice uttered, “We need to talk”.
“For fuck’s sake Andronikos, not now. I’ve just witnessed an entire planet snuffed of all life, I’m bleeding everywhere, what could you possibly have that cannot wait?”
He continued, “I’ve been waiting, for months. It can’t wait anymore.”
His serious tone was in stark contrast to his relaxed form, leaning against the doorway, arms crossed. She had always admired his usual casual manner, but it was difficult to detect his motives, and he was quick to anger. Nox never had a sense of his intentions. She was shocked months earlier when he asked her to marry him, seemingly out of the blue. Their casual sexual involvement was certainly not romantic or intimate, at least not to her. She had turned him down but lessened the blow by suggesting things simply stay as they were. Though honestly she had tired of their fling and was not interested in an entanglement, at least not with a man.
She relented, “Fine, what is it?”
Andronikos scratched his head just above his eye touching the circular tattoo’s raised edges. “Are we done?” he scowled.
“Yes” Nox answered in an equally flat manner.
He looked toward down the hull, shaking his head then turned to glare at her. “I knew it, how long has it been going on?”
Truly perplexed, Nox inquired “What in the galaxy are you talking about?”
He continued, “I get it, I’m no catch. But I can’t believe you would throw me over for a Republic Spy, a Jedi’s son.”
Nox tried to interrupt, but he was on a roll.
“I had suspicions, you’ve been distant since that mess with Arkous. Then you barely made time for me on Rishsi, a pirate’s haven. And you risked your life to save him. On Yavin IV we hardly spoke and again there’s that Republic spy. But it finally sunk in when you streaked across the galaxy to save that Sith Lord and his ass on Ziost. What, you needed a younger guy, someone smarter and more… well adjusted?”
She stopped him, “What the hell are talking about?”
“I’m talking about Theron Shan, don’t deny it.”
“I certainly will”, she quipped. “You are entirely off-course.”
“You must take me for a fool” he said moving closer with fists clenched.
“Stop now” she hissed.
She breathed deeply, closing her eyes and focusing to push aside her anger at the accusation.
“Andronikos, you misunderstand me. I am in no way involved with Theron Shan. I barely tolerate him. I’ve been distant because you asked me to marry you, and in that moment it became clear to me that we were in vastly different places in our entanglement.”
“So what, I’m not good enough for the mighty Darth Nox?” he added with contempt.
“No, I mean of course you are but it could never be that way between us.”
“Why, don’t you care for me?” he asked with surprising tenderness.
“I do Andro, truly. But as a deeply admired companion and friend.”
“A friend? So that stuff between us was nothing?”
Nox measured her response. “I had a need and you fulfilled it, and beyond that you are an ally and trusted advisor. But we could never be a couple.”
“I’m not man enough for you, is that it?” he asked, genuinely confused.
Nox sighed and rolled her eyes, “You’re not a woman” she said softly.
It took a few seconds to sink in. The silence was punctuated by only the whirring and mechanical sounds of the ship. Andronikos’ mouth dropped open slightly, he was stunned.
“A woman, what you mean you prefer women?”
“Entirely” Nox said flatly. “Well then why sleep with me at all?” he questioned.
“You were there Andro, we had a connection, and we were both lonely and driven by similar passions. I can have sex with men, just not romantic intimate relationships.”
“Hmm” he pondered, “well why not Ashara then, or I mean, is it Ashara, are you seeing her?” He quizzed with a mortified expression.
“Of course not! She’s my apprentice, and practically a child.”
“She’s not that young, and she’s pretty hot” said Andronikos.
“Well by all means, give it a go if you’re inclined”, said Nox jokingly in an attempt to lighten the mood. It didn’t help.
“That’s not what I meant” he snarled.
“Andronikos, you know me better than most others, I am a very private person. I should have shared this with you before now, and for that I apologize” said Nox.
Moments passed, Andronikos appeared to soften, “So you’re into women, like really into them.”
Nox could see where he was going with this, “you can go into fantasy land on your own time, right now I need to inoculate myself and get some rest. If we must revisit this later we can.”
An epiphany registered on his face, “Hold on, it’s that yellow-eyed Sith Lord isn’t it, the blonde, Lord Beniko. Nice one, Nox. The one with the big-“
Nox stood up suddenly to meet him, sparks radiating around her hands “Stop there Andronikos, I’m not entertaining this conversation with you.”
“Fine”, he backed down finally.
Nox seized the moment to assert her authority. “I need time alone to heal. Get the crew and take the shuttle off base somewhere fun, Nar Shadaa maybe. Take a million credits and drink yourselves into oblivion, gamble, find some Twilek with low standards and lose yourself for a night. And take Ashara and Talos with you. Khem and Xalek are already away on some horrid blood spree on Hoth.
“Not Talos, he’s such a drag” Andronikos challenged
. “Well then send him off on some fabricated relic hunt, blah blah, something old and powerful, ghosts and archaeology, fill in the blanks. Just get everyone off this ship for a night.”
“Fine” he said again gritting his teeth, “but before I go, you wanna maybe for one last time-“
“Absolutely not!” said Nox, “Leave now”.
She stood in the doorway yelling into the hull, “I don’t care where you go, if this ship isn’t empty in one hour I’m forcibly removing any left aboard.” Then she faced Andronikos and whispered “Do not breathe a word of this conversation to anyone.”
“Right” Andronikos mumbled and exited.
Nox fell to her bed again, injecting herself and fell into silent, oblivious sleep.
The three toned call of the holorecorder drew her back to alertness. The ship was silent and dark, thank the stars they were gone. She stumbled groggy to her feet, continued on to the med bay and located a stim pack. First though she should answer the call to see if it was worth full awakening. She pressed the holocom and illuminated in front of her was Lana Beniko who looked surprised. At this moment she was suddenly keenly aware of her unkemptness. Her long black hair was askew, Blood had crusted on her forehead coating the tattoos above her eyes. She was wearing only her bra and lounge pants, which she had been too tired to remove.
“Dark Lord, are you alright? I didn’t realized you had sustained such injuries earlier”, Lana inquired.
“I’m fine, truly I’m groggy from a sed pack.”
“I see”, Lana hesitated, “forgive me you should sleep.”
Nox dove the stim needle into her shoulder and was thusly revived.
“Now see, I’m perfectly awake for you now.”
Lana held her hands in front of her face, shaking her head she admonished, “No, you shouldn’t have done that. Now you’ll be awake for hours, you need rest.”
“Well then, you must make it worth my while, what is it you need Lord Beniko?”
“Very well, but I’m afraid this must be in person, can we meet in private, when you are up to it?” she asked in a somewhat cautious manner.”
Nox replied, “Of course, when?”
Lana replied, “When you are back on the base, I must remain here for some time in case I am needed to debrief the Ziost incident.” Nox realized Lana was unaware that she was still docked,
“I’m still here on the hanger in my ship. I thought you might call on me.”
“And so I did” Lana smiled.
Nox continued, “Its private here, though lacking in terms of aesthetics and atmosphere. If you’re not above meeting on an old Fury ship.”
“Not in the least” she replied.”
“I acted badly upon my return and exiled my crew to Nar Shadaa” Nox confessed.
“Nar Shadaa, how colorful.
”Nox stared intently, “Come now”, she said in an overly demanding tone.
“As you command, Dark Lord”, Lana acquiesced and the recorder went static.
Nox raced to the refresher grabbing a medpack on the way to ease her aching body. She showered quickly and dressed in her casual black robe and pants. The shuttle door opened with an exhaled hiss of air. Lana stepped in to face her.
“How are you, really” she asked with a worried expression.
It was a question Nox could not answer simply. “I’m still raging from the battle, a bit hung over from the sedative but newly imbibed by the stim pack, I’m full of regret and anger, overcome at moments by the destruction of life, and currently alit with anticipation and longing for you. Tell me Lana, what is it that you need?”
“This is what I need”, Lana stepped toward her and kissed her passionately and without hesitation. Nox returned the kiss and a battle for dominance ignited between them. Lana pushed Nox against the ship wall, then Nox pushed her harshly toward the adjacent wall. The encounter was a medley of passion and combat. Lana pushed Nox again, grasping her neck. Nox’s head swam a bit from the head injury she sustained earlier, and Lana pulled back realizing Nox’s weakened state. Nox ungloved Lana’s hands. She held her hands in her own, in moment of sweetness, and waves of force energy crackled between them, a sensation never felt before by either of them. Passion reignited. Nox peeled off Lana’s cape and top and Lana did the same as they staggered past the C2-N2. The droid awoke and began to speak, but Nox casually raised her left hand shooting white sparks and promptly disabling him.
Lana laughed, “not going to introduce me first?”
Nox led her by the hand to the bridge and stood over the galaxy map and console setting a course to orbit the fleet.
“So no one can possibly disturb us” she said. She raised her head to look at Lana pale and illuminated by the map’s hologram. Lana’s expression changed just as Nox felt the warm sensation of blood dripping from her forehead.
“Easy” said Lana lowering Nox into the captain’s navigational chair. “That’s quite cut on your head.”
“It’s nothing” said Nox pulling Lana into her lap.
The Miralian wiped the blood from her forehead with a single finger and touched it to Lana’s forehead, drawing markings that resembled her own tattoos. The exchange was alarming to Lana but surprisingly sensual and evoked immense desire within her. Lana was straddling Nox now, in the chair. Nox leaned forward and held Lana’s breasts in her hands. She kissed and bit one nipple while cupping the other breast and pinching its nipple. It was pain and pleasure at once. Lana threw her head back, blonde hair tousling, and her heartbeat was a visible pounding in her neck. Nox kissed her neck and throat, biting the side and sucking blood to just below the surface.
Lana cried out, and breathlessly whispered “just like that my love”.
Nox continued to caress and stimulate Lana’s breasts while biting and kissing her neck with increased voracity. Lana was now thrusting into her lap. Nox dropped a hand to the narrow gap between her abdomen and Lana’s pubis. She touched between Lana’s legs feeling the wetness of her through her pants as Lana thrust against her hand.
“We should move to the bedroom”, Nox panted.
Lana protested, “No I’m almost there, finish me here like this.”
Nox rotated the captain’s chair and Lana stared out through the glass into the stars and black space surrounding them. Again she cried out repeatedly in time with her climactic final thrusts, leaning forward and firmly gripping a lock of Nox’s jet black hair. She rested there for a moment. Nox gazed upon her and found her eyes aflame, a deeper shade of yellow nearly orange. Lana stood and pulled Nox by the waistcord from the chair.
“Now show me to your bed.”
Nox led her there. Once inside Lana pushed Nox to the bed with a nearly frightening intensity. She pulled off her own and Nox’s pants. Lana positioned herself above her, straddling her again. She took a moment to admire the beauty of her lover’s body.
“You’ve muscles in places I didn’t know were possible.” Nox looked up at her quizzically. Lana added, “You’re exceedingly powerful and exquisitely feminine; you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
Lana traced her hands over Nox’s chiseled stomach and then the poignant curves of her hips. Nox shivered at the gentleness of her touch. What was this emotion? Vulnerability perhaps. Then Lana repositioned herself straddling her above her chest. She leaned back, extending an arm behind herself and began to circle Nox’s swelled and throbbing clit. The sensation was a flame that rushed through Nox’s chest and warmth spread to fingertips and toes. Lana arched her back, bringing her within Nox’s reach, and Nox grasped her buttocks pulling her to her mouth. Lana continued to finger Nox’s clit as Nox dove into Lana’s wetness. Sparse and short blonde hairs tickled her nose. They continued writhing and rocking rhythmically at a steadily quicker pace. Breaths shortened, quickened. Sweat rose silky and dew-like coating their bodies, and the room took on a sweet and salty pheromone aroma. All sense of time ceased, their lovemaking reached a hypnotic state. Possessed, they continued at this pace. Lana slid strong and expert fingers into the Mirilian, and the pleasure was so profound that at first Nox struggled to attend to her own focused task. Again though they found their rhythm, Nox’s face buried in Lana’s wetness and Lana plunging inside her. Then both shuddered and cried out. Lana’s chest flushed and she bucked sharply into Nox’s face, Nox instinctively grabbed Lana’s hand and pressed it firmly inside her as her muscles contracted in orgasm. Lana collapsed onto the bed beside her panting, and a cool wave rushed over them.