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I Wanna Watch the Way You Take the Stage by Storm

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It's the start of their second half of Junior year and Iruka was antsy, eager to get some alcohol into him.

He knew it was the last chance he'd get to let loose before it was crunch time. Iruka knew that he would have to bury himself in schoolwork, volunteer work, extracurriculars and sports to keep his perfect record attractive to potential colleges. Just thinking about it was enough to make his head explode!

Iruka weaved his way through a sea of students expertly, finding the cheap plastic laden with bottles upon bottles of alcohol: liqueurs, spirits, mixers, sodas, and colorful plastic cups. He sorted through the bottles, looking for his favorite brand of vodka.

An arm reached past him to pull out a bottle of Smirnoff. Iruka's eyes locked onto the bottle hungrily until it stopped just under Kakashi's nose. Kakashi smiled innocently and Iruka's eyes narrowed.

"'Kashi baby I love you a lot," Iruka said as he stepped toward his boyfriend and wrapped his arms around his neck… Tugging him harshly downward. "But if you don't give me that bottle now I won't be held responsible for any harm that might come to you."

Iruka could feel Kakashi gulp nervously against his chest, trying to keep Iruka from choking him. After a moment, he relented.

Kakashi handed the bottle to Iruka, who immediately poured a generous amount into his cup, before taking a gulp that looked to be the equivalent of at least two shots.

"I-Iruka you might want to slow down a bit."

Iruka shook his head, reeling from the intense sensations of the alcohol being swallowed so quickly. He glared at Kakashi and poked at the other boy's chest roughly. "No! Fuck you stupid seniors! You already know where you're going. I have to- I still have to be an Overachieving Oliver until apps are in!"

Kakashi sighed and tuned the younger man out; he'd heard this rant enough times that he could probably recite it from memory. But they were at a party right now, and the whole point of bringing Iruka here was to get him to loosen up… So he quickly silenced Iruka before he could get to the part about not having time to do everything because there were literally not enough days in the week- fuck Hermoine i need that time turner more than her! Who do I have to blackmail to get one of those?- and whipped up a fruity drink with more alcohol than one would expect, shoving it in Iruka's face.

The party was lively, and with Iruka loosening up, it was a lot easier for Kakashi to enjoy himself. He was with Ibiki and Raidou, a little bit bored at their conversation (about the books they were reading in English no less! Jesus, didn't these two know how to party at all? If there was a list of party going rules, "discussing Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky" would be right under "don't get yourself seriously injured").

Plus, he had better things to do. Like figure out where Iruka had wandered off to. He had last seen the bouncy ponytail following a bandana-covered head out into the back yard.

"Uh, sorry guys," Kakashi interrupted just as Ibiki was about to start a new discussion who the tragic hero really was in Antigone, "I have to take a leak."

He quickly made his way through the door to the backyard, gasping and taking in the crisp night air, as well as some stray smoke from Asuma and Genma standing by the ashtray. "Have either of you seen Iruka?"

Genma lazily flicked his cigarette in the direction going deeper into the Gekko family's backyard. "By the treehouse I think."

"Thanks." Kakashi nodded and quickly sauntered (Kakashi Hatake-captain of the track team, vice-president of the National Honors Society club, most probably candidate for valedictorian, and overall cool kid- does not fast walk. Fast-walking is for nerds that are always running late like Obito.) to the tree. He knew that the little wooden shack was placed quite high on the old oak tree. What if Iruka fell out of it in his drunken stupor? How did he even get up there? (Another thing the Kakashi Hatake does not do is fret like a mother hen. He prefers to calmly express concern. There is a difference, thank you very much.)

When he got to the tree, there was no Iruka in sight, but there were two of Iruka's friends standing under it, snickering conspiratorially. "Hey have you two seen Iruka?"

"Yep!" Kotetsu answered, smirking smugly.


"Yep!" This time, Izumo was the one that answered, straightening his already skewed bandana.

Kakashi frowned. Drunk Kotetsu and Izumo were even more difficult to deal with than sober Kotetsu and Izumo. He really did not want to deal with this right now. "Do you want to tell me where?"

The pair grinned at each other and pointed up. Curious, Kakashi followed hands, all the way up to-

"Kashi lookit this!"

Then Iruka was falling.

Kakashi had always thought that these types of things would go in slow motion- something about adrenaline gong through his system from seeing his sweetheart flapping around like a flightless bird jumping off a cliff. Something so that he could catch Iruka in the nick of time and they could hop in his '97 Honda and drive off into the sunset.

Iruka landed right on top of Kotetsu and Izumo, groaning and laughing. "H-Haha, ow I think I landed on my leg!" and something about that was apparently funny enough to cause the three juniors to burst out into giggles.


The giggling boy blinked up at Kakashi, "Yeah?"

"What the hell was that!"

Iruka tilted his head, not quite sure how to respond. His head was hurting quite a bit actually, and his leg was starting to go numb. His head lolled back, and he caught a glimpse of movement through the entrance of the treehouse. "Kashi?"


"I think you should-"

"Look out below!"