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The Tenth Impact

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The Doctor just stood there, apparently getting used to his new body. It was kinda freaky, realizing I had been doing this my whole life and now I was seeing it in person. Did I always look that insane?

“6pm...Tuesday...October...5006...On the way to Barcelona!” He listed, almost too loudly. He straightened himself up, and grinned at Rose. He was hopelessly in love with her, and he forget to explain what would happen when he died. Idiot. “Now then...what do I look like?”

“Like an idiot.” I smirked. “I knew it.”

The Doctor turned to me, giving me a look of mock anger. “Oh, you can hush.”

“Make me.” I challenged.

The Doctor shook his head. “Well, if neither of you will say.” He started looking over himself. It was super weird seeing him in Nine’s clothes. “Let’s see...two legs, two arms, two hands...” He flicked his wrist. “Slight weakness in the dorsal tubercle.” He reached for his hair, something every fangirl dreams of but I found extremely creepy. “Hair! I’m not bald!”

“Darn it. I liked making fun of your baldness.” I commented. The Doctor ignored me.

“Oh, Oh! Big hair!” His brown eyes widened once he found the sideburns. “Sideburns, I’ve got sideburns! Or really bad skin. Little bit thinner...” The Doctor slapped his stomach. “That’s weird. Give me time, I’ll get used to it.” Then, he had a look of complete concentration. “I...have got...a mole. I can feel it.”

“Seriously?” I asked, starting to laugh.

“Between my shoulder blades, there’s a mole.” He explained, looking up at me. He grinned. “That’s all right. Love the mole.”

“Moles are nothing. I have a birthmark shaped like a star on my stomach.” I commented, my hand going towards it. “Birthmarks beat moles. Simple rules.”

“They do not!” The Doctor argued. “And stars are just like circles, so they aren’t impressive.”

“It’s one of those five point stars, dummy.” The Doctor gave me a challenging look. “You’re just jealous of my superior birthmark.” I smirked, walking up to him in a challenge. This guy was fun. Nine was better, in my opinion, but Ten was alright.

The Doctor was grinning, like mad. He turned to Rose, as if wanting to get her in on the fun. “Go on then, tell me.” He stood up straighter, like a peacock ruffling his feathers. “What do you think?”

Her voice was almost a whisper. “Who are you?”

Being a profiler, I noticed the profound effect it had on him. It was like a boy being told Santa wasn’t real. Rose didn’t believe it was still him. The Doctor’s crush didn’t know who he was. It crushes a person inside to have someone you love look at you like they don’t know you. River Song taught me that. “I’m the Doctor.”

The blonde just shook her head. “No...where is he? Where’s the Doctor?” She got louder, glaring her brown eyes at his. “What have you done to him?”

“You saw me, I, I changed...” The Doctor pointed to where he regenerated. “...right in front of you.”

“I can confirm this was indeed what was witnessed.” I held up my hand. “Darn it. Your ears are normal. Does that mean I can’t call you Dumbo?”

He was still reeling over the Rose thing, I guess.

“I saw him sort of explode, and then you replaced him, like a...a teleport or a transmat or a body swap or something.” Rose explained, as if in shock. She came forward, poking the Doctor’s chest. “You’re not fooling me.”

“On one hand, this is really sad.” I commented. “On the other, it’s good that she cares.” The Doctor was still stunned silent. He rocked gently.

“I’ve seen all sorts of things. Nanogenes...Gelth...Slitheen...” Rose’s eyes widened.

“Let it be known to the court, that I don’t like the look in her eyes.” I commented.

“Oh, my God, are you a Slitheen?” Rose asked.

The Doctor finally got his voice back. He still looked heartbroken, deep in his eyes. There was a deep sadness there, like a cut open wound. “I’m not a Slitheen.” He sounded heartbroken at the mere suggestion.

She started shouting. “Send him back. I’m warning you; send the Doctor back right now!”

“Rose, it’s me.” He pleaded. “Honestly, it’s me.” She didn’t believe, but I could see that she was slowly believing. Maybe she remembered him from New Year’s Eve and he was dying? “I was dying. To save my own life I changed my body. Every single cell, but... it’s still me.

“You can’t be.” Okay. My theory might not be that far off.

“Then how could I remember this?” The Doctor walked closer to her. Rose looked almost afraid. “Very first word I ever said to you. Trapped in that cellar. Surrounded by shop window dummies...oh...” He reached out, trying to grab her hand. In her shock she let him. “...such a long time ago. I took your hand...I said one word... just one word, I said... ‘run’.”

Rose was in near tears. “Doctor.” She whispered. It almost sounded like a good-bye, and a hello. An Aloha.

The Doctor grinned. He thought Rose could see it now. That it’s all gonna be okay. “Hello.” He says gently. Rose sighed, almost tiredly. The Doctor runs to the console, pulling random levers and switches. “And we never stopped, did we? All across the universe. Running, running, running...” He laughed. “One time we had to hop. Do you remember? The three of us hopping for our lives.”

He started hopping. I laughed. That was a fun one, I remembered it.

“Yeah? All that hopping? Remember hopping for your life? Yeah?! Hop? With the...” His  voice dropped. “No?”

Rose still looked shell shocked. Yes, she believed it was the Doctor, but that does not mean it was her Doctor. I believed it was him. Not just because I had seen it on Netflix. When I was watching it I believed it was the same guy.

Only the Doctor would be this stupid.

She turned to me. “Can you change him back?”

I frowned. She was supposed to ask him that. Why did she turn to me when asking it? A part of her probably didn’t want to be rude to him, but I guarantee you he heard it. I gulped. “Do you want him to? I mean, really want him to?”

“Yeah.” Rose answered. She wouldn’t look at the Doctor.

“Oh.” I slowly nodded my head, a little disappointed in her. One look at the DOctor told me he was far more saddened than I.

A pause. “Can you?”

“No.” The Doctor replied in my place. He frowned. He looked down to the floor. “Do you want to leave?

Rose turned herself towards the Doctor. I leaned against the railings, watching it play out. “Do you want me to leave?”

The Doctor realized his mistake. He loved Rose, and never wanted her to leave. “No! But...your choice...if you want to go home…” Oh. that just made Rose sadder. He went up to the console to take Rose home. “Cancel Barcelona. Change to...London...the Powell Estate...ah… let’s say the 24th of December.” The Doctor smirked at Rose. “Consider it a Christmas present.” Rose slowly came up to the console. I did too. “There.”

He stepped back, folding his arms over his chest. It was the same way I had been doing it all these months. There was a shudder in the TARDIS as she changed directions. It would be kinda nice to see Mickey again. He was cool.

“I’m going home?” Rose asked, sounding disappointed. Well, everyone is just getting their heart broken today, aren’t they?

“Up to you.” The Doctor offered, giving all the power to Rose. “Back to your’s all waiting. Fish and chips, sausage and mash, beans on, Christmas! Turkey! Although… having met your mother...nut loaf would be more appropriate.”

I chuckled, almost loudly. Rose tried to hide her’s.

“Was that a smile?” The Doctor asked.

“No.” Rose lied.

“That was a smile...” The Doctor stated, smirking.

“I saw a smile.” I teased, grinning at Rose.

“No it wasn’t.” Rose lied.

“You smiled...” He teased.

“No I didn’t.” Rose snapped.

The Doctor frowned. “Oh, come on, all I did was change, I didn’t...” He gagged. The TARDIS shuddered again.

I ran to his side, holding out my hands protectively. His regeneration had gone wrong.

“What?” Rose asked, concerned.

“I said I didn’t...” The Doctor tried again, but the same thing happened. “Uh oh.”

“Er... is he all right?” Rose asked me. The Doctor coughed out the golden energy. “What’s that?”

“Oh... the change is going a bit wrong and all.” He gagged again. He fell to his knees.

“Dude, that’s a serious problem!” I snapped at him. Grabbing his arm, I carefully made myself support for him. His face was contorted in pain. “You need to get some sleep.”

“Look... maybe we should go back.” Rose suggested. “Let’s go and find Captain Jack, he’d know what to do.”

“He’s busy.” I snapped, not looking away from the Doctor. He was my friend, he was hurt, I knew what to do, but I couldn’t say anything. “He’s got plenty to do, rebuilding the Earth!”

The Doctor looked up, the lever catching his eye. “I haven’t used this one in years.”

“Probably a good reason for that.” I snapped. He yanked out of my grasp, pulling the lever hard. There was a violent shudder, and we all fell to the floor.

“What’re you doing?!” Rose yelped.

“Yeah, what Carolina Rose said!” I barked at him.

The Doctor just let out crazy laughs. “Putting on a bit of speed! That’s it!” He pulled more levers and knobs. I tried to grab onto the console, but the TARDIS kept shaking. “My beautiful ship! Come on, faster! That’s a girl!”

I looked over at Rose. She looked at me. We were both panicking, and the Doctor couldn’t see it. His regeneration was kinda making him a bit too excited. It was making all his insanity come to forefront. Made it hard for him to remember the danger. “Faster! Wanna to break the time limit?!”

“There’s a time limit?” I asked, sounding calmer than I felt. “Why is this the first I’ve heard of it?”

“Stop it!” Rose snapped at us both.

“Right, yeah. Bad thing.” I excused, as a sort of apology.

“Ah, don’t be so dull... let’s have a bit of fun! Let’s rip through that vortex!” The Doctor looked into Rose’s eyes. It seemed to break the spell over him. He looked at her, and tried to explain the danger. “The regeneration’s going wrong. I can’t stop myself.” He grimaced. I wanted to go up to him and make him feel better, but knew it was useless. “Ah, my head...”

“Doctor?” I asked him, legit worried.

He popped back up like a whack-a-mole. He looked even more crazy than before. “Faster! Let’s open those engines!” The Time Lord began pulling more knobs.

There was a bell ringing. “What’s that?”

“That’s the warning bell!” I growled, glaring at the Doctor.

“We’re gonna crash land!” He started laughing like it was the best thing on Earth.

The bell was getting louder. “Ya know, sunshine, that could get us killed!” I yelled.

Rose glared at the Doctor. “Yeah, do something about it!”

“Too late! Out of control!” He ran around the console, pulling random knobs. “Oh, I love it! Hot dawg!” He jumped up like a bunny on crack.

“That is not gonna be your thing!” I snapped. “Hot dawg is not a thing!”

Rose was still panicking. “You’re gonna kill us!”

“That much was obvious!” I almost yelled at Rose.

“Hold on tight, here we go!” The Doctor gripped onto the console. Rose did too.

Out of nowhere, I felt a hand grab onto mine. Looking up, I saw the Doctor holding my arm. There was a serious look on his face, as if he didn’t want me to get hurt. He pulled me up off the ground, and he gave me a once over with his eyes. Once he was sure I was okay, he turned over to look at Rose. She looked terrified.

“Christmas Eve!”