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Illusion IS Reality- Broken Timelines

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The cross-over that could have been

I was exploring yet another new dimension. Infinite possibilities meant there was always somewhere new to go. Somewhere new to discover. As my flat form sliced through the dimensional threads I immediately get a sense of unease. I was somewhere much farther than I’ve ever gone. A whole separate Creation. I couldn’t feel the AXOLOTL’s soothing, ever present yet passive energy. Normally I couldn’t travel this far without a massive energy boost but I’ve been growing even more powerful lately. I have overshot my destination multiple times when I miscalculated how much energy I needed for a shift.

I looked around me somewhat anxiously,  I’ve never been away from the multiverse created by the AXOLOTL before. The world around me was engulfed in fire. The sound of the roaring flames reminded me uncomfortably of the destruction of the 2nd dimension. The only thing keeping me from panicking was the color. These flames are red, not blue.

I gazed at the huge dark buildings and streets paved in flame. There were many little creatures running around. If I had to describe them, they looked like demons. All shapes and kinds, screaming. Was this a Hell dimension? I’ve seen quite a few of those in my travels.

The minds of the demons here were…odd. Nothing made sense, their thoughts and words scrambled and headache inducing. I shook myself and decided I would just have to find information…manually. Ugh. I haven’t had to do that in SO long~

A bit of investigation revealed this place was called the Nightosphere. That name seemed familiar for some reason but I couldn’t quite place where I’ve heard of it before. It didn’t seem like anything from Gravity Falls…am I missing something? As I wandered around I was startled when a large screaming creature flew up to me. I stared incredulously at the bulbous blue thing. It screeched at me. I blink slowly.

“I like your suit.” I say at last.

The creature blinks back at me before deflating into a blue skinned…man(?) with pointed ears and large eyes. His pupils were long pink slits and he gazes at me with an unreadable expression. “Thanks. I like your hat.” He says pleasantly.

“Name’s Bill Cipher. Who’re you?”

“Hunson Abadeer.” He smiles before leaning uncomfortably close. “What creature are you?” He stares at me unblinkingly and I refused to back down, staring right back. “Such a curious shape. I wonder how your Soul would taste.”

“And you’re a real Demon.” I grin at him. Huh…Teeth might like to come here, if only so he could meet a REAL demon, not one of those wimps we met in one of the ‘Hell’ dimensions. “Most of the other demons I’ve met aren’t even a fraction as impressive as you.” Again, I felt a strange twinge of familiarity. I know this guy. I should know him. But for the life of me I wasn’t sure why. Actually, scratch that, I shouldn’t let Teeth meet him. With my luck, this demon would immediately try to eat Teeth’s Soul.

Ugh. What IS it with people and eating Souls? I’ll eat pretty much anything but even I won’t try that.

“Well of course I’m a demon. I’m the Lord of Evil after all.” He says matter of factly.

“Evil?” Well…there WAS a rather pungent aura of Corruption around him…centered around an amulet around his neck. “That’s…neat. I’m a Dream Demon myself.”

“Oh how delightful. I don’t normally get guests, let alone fellow Demons. I would love to hear about you. Would you like to come over to my place and talk?”

I did a brief instinctual scan of his mind. It was…a bunch of incoherent screaming but the main things I got from him was Loneliness. A confused sort of loneliness where he wasn’t even aware of it. It was a very sad feeling. “Sure.” I agreed. I might have been projecting but he kind of reminded me of myself. The feeling I got was that even with all the other demons running around this world, none of them were close with this man. He was alone.

Like I was.

Like I used to be.

I couldn’t help but want to help him. Though I still felt uncomfortable in this dimension. Things just felt weird and…for lack of a better word, wacky. Also, that pendant around Hunson’s neck disturbed me. It felt pretty corrupt. I would be worried for Hunson’s sanity, wearing that thing cannot be good for you, but he seemed to have adapted to it well enough.

The two of us had a pretty grand time chatting and trading stories. I got the distinct impression that Hudson had no social skills to speak of. He had no concept of personal space, didn’t understand how his actions might effect others and didn’t have much in the way of empathy. He offered me a carton of bug milk and when I tried to pour myself a glass he just dumped the whole carton over my head. He reminded me of Ammy…and in a very odd way, my dad.

It was really weird how much Hunson reminded me of my dad. The way he absently disregarded my feelings, not out of any maliciousness (despite being the Lord of Evil) but because he didn’t realize his actions were incredibly rude. There was a childish selfishness about him. He took everything for granted and expected that everyone would be fine with doing whatever HE wanted. That people should just do whatever HE wanted because that’s how things were. He was also quite the absent ruler over his own Realm. Everything was chaotic (it wasn’t even the fun type of chaos that I enjoyed) and awful, his people were living in perpetual discomfort and apparently that was good?

Despite the horrible living conditions, his people weren’t…unhappy? They certainly were not enjoying the way the world was but none of them seemed to care all that much. A sort of resigned apathy towards their ruler and the world they lived in. I wasn’t sure if I should do something about this. I could…help to make this world better, less awful and stupid. But would they appreciate it? This was their culture, which, while alien to me, was familiar and normal to them.

Hunson didn’t kill his people. Hell, he barely interacted with them on a personal level. Everyone just…kind of did their own thing. I asked Hunson and his people if they were happy. They literally couldn’t understand what I meant. I really couldn’t stand it anymore. I told Hunson I had to leave, “Sorry. It’s been interesting here but I’ve got places to go and people to see.”

He grabbed at me desperately and I once more felt his emotions swirling into a twisted longing for company. An inability to truly understand WHY he felt so unsatisfied and restless. He didn’t understand that he was just sad. I wanted to help, I really did but what can I do for him?

“Look, Hunson. Go out. Leave the Nightosphere every now and then.” I told him.

“Leave the Nightosphere?” He asked in confusion. It hadn’t even occurred to him that such a thing was an option.

“CAN you leave?”

“I’ll need a portal.”

I helped him create his particular portal/summoning. Mainly, he just dumped bug milk on me as I was drawing and that apparently became part of it. It was very annoying when he insisted on what the summoning circle looks like.

“Draw a happy face.”

“Like this?” I grumbled unhappily. There were a few dozen circles spread around us. He kept critiquing my design. It was so obnoxious. “Ugh! Just draw it yourself then!” It took me longer than I wanted to leave, I realized pretty soon that he was just stalling to keep me here longer. I pretty much opened the portal and kicked him through it just so I could get out of there myself.

“Bye~Hunson~” I waved.

“We should hang out again sometimeeeeeeee~” He says as the portal sucked him through. I sighed. Not sure if I should come back here again. He’s just…so hard to deal with…

“Oh hey Bill. Where’ve you been?” Teeth asks when I stumble home grumpily. “Geez…rough day?” I looked haggard enough that even he noticed, and Teeth is pretty dense.

“Ugh…met an actual impressive demon. He was…just so obnoxious!” So far my track record with meeting other demons has been ‘Boring as shit’ and ‘Annoying as shit’. Not very good odds there. What’s next? A demon that was ACTUALLY evil? Because despite claiming to be the Lord of Evil, Hunson really just seemed…inconvenient to be around, more than being an actual bad person.

“Aw…so he wasn’t a cool demon like you are?”

“Pfth- If I find another demon like me, you’ll be the first to know…” I grumble as I float to the kitchen to grab some snacks. Teeth asks if I would like to watch a show with him, just to take my mind off what must have been a terrible day. Well, why not? Mindless entertainment should work wonders.