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The scene was as unexpected and out of context as the feeling that suddenly took over Shoto.

This was what he knew: that he arrived at the end of the band’s rehearsal and Yao-Momo was in Bakugo’s arms. Not like that, but like they were dancing or something. And that basically summarized it, he had no other information, just that scene in front of him and a sudden… rage in his chest. Not like the anger he felt toward other things (or people, like his dad), but different, new.

Todoroki Shoto wasn’t used to feelings. And he definitely didn’t know why there was some manifesting at the same time at such moment.

They most certainly weren’t because what he was seeing. He was not angry because Bakugo caught Momo mid-fall and had a hand on her waist; he wasn’t nervous because she blushed at the contact, and he definitely wasn’t anxious to see that she had laughed at something Bakugo said before carefully stepping out of the wires so she wouldn’t fall again.

No, Shoto wasn’t any of those things. He knew what he was.

“Hey, Todoroki,” Yao-Momo greeted from the distance as she helped their colleagues start to put their things away, and she waved at him smiling.

He waved back, feeling kind of stupid and perhaps a bit desperate. Jesus Christ, he was jealous.

What the hell was he supposed to do now?