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My Glee west side story

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Glee my version of West side story

Authors note: so I hate how Artie was forced into being a director. Mercedes still quit new directions do to Mr.Schue at booty camp but that's slightly before the play auditions

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee

So booty camp started a week before the auditions for West side story. Though they'd continue through time of play. Mr.Schue said," I will not be directing the play this year Ms.Holiday will be."

Ms.Holiday came in and said," Ok so for the play this year it will be West side story. I encourage anyone with any interest to audition." She kind of looked towards Blaine and Artie when she spoke this. She then continued, "All roles are open whoever earns whatever role that's the role you get. So audition to best of your ability. Even it means mixing it up a bit. Auditions start at 4 p.m tommorow." With that she left the room and Glee rehearsal began.

The next day at 4 p.m most of Glee kids came to audition. Though Finn opted out because he was afraid he'd hurt someone trying to dance in a play. Mike opted out inspite of Tina's encouragement partially because of his dad and partially because of Artie deciding to audition. Brittany decided just to support Santana.

Kurt auditioned first with greatest star. Then Rachel with somewhere. Then Blaine auditioned with somethings coming. Puck was next he opted to audition with an excerpt from the script. Then Mercedes auditioned with out here on my own. Then Artie auditioned with Don't let the stars get in your eyes. Rory,Quinn and Sam just auditioned with very now songs nothing to write home about. Then Santana auditioned with a boy like that. Tina sang some 1960's song that really didn't go with West side story. Everyone was kind of nervous about auditions but no one talked back stage while waiting for there turn. It was tough because they where only given few hours to prepare the night before and maybe in morning before school if woke up early enough.

Two days later the cast list went up.

Maria is now Mario:Kurt
Anita: Santana
Shrank:non glee kid
Krupke: non glee kid
Jets: Rachel,Rory and Sam. 3 non Glee girls and 3 non Glee guys.
Sharks: Mercedes,Tina and 3 non glee guys and 3 non Glee girls.

The date of rehearsals was to start Monday it was Thursday.Everyone who auditioned was at the sheet as soon as it went up. Blaine turned to Artie and said,"I think we should spend some time together this week so we can feed off each other well."

Artie said,"That sounds fine to me if Kurt doesn't mind."

Kurt said,"That's fine. Gender swaped Maria. I am Mario gay west side story so cool."

Rachel stomped her foot and said,"How dare I get such a minior role. My talent so isn't being appreciated. How unfair."

She continued doing this down the hall till she found Finn to complain to. Finn said," I know,I know but there are only so many roles to go around. It's someone elses time to shine."

Rachel huffed then Finn wrapped her in a hug. Mercedes was definitely disappointed. However Rachel's rant made Mercedes actually angry. She wasn't angry that Kurt got Maria as Mario. It was fact Rachel felt like she wasn't appreciated. Mercedes balled and unballed her fist a few times then walked away. She was pissed mostly because of Rachel and still kind of angry at Mr.Schue for booty camp and getting kicked out of glee club. Puck said," Bernardo I can be cool with that."

Santana said," Of course Anita was so the part made for me."

The main role where to get there script packet that day after school it was hard highlighted what there lines where. The minior roles tommorow as they where not in that many scenes. They where to quickly to learn it was edited abridged version. Artie,Blaine and Kurt head to the auditorium to pick up there scripts. Puck had to go to his locker for some reason. Santana had gone off for a quick celebration with Brittany in janitor's closet before collecting her script.

Artie asked," Blaine do you want to come over to my house today or tomorrow?"

Blaine said,"I was thinking you could come to mine."

Artie said," I don't know about that."

Kurt said," Blaine I think it will be easier for Artie at his place his parents have things set up to make it easier for him. It's very great that you just see a new friend but the chair can't be 100% invisible. There are things it effects like getting in a house with steps."

Artie said,"Thanks Kurt."

Blaine said,"So how about I come over for sleepover tonight? That way we can really spend a lot of time together. I can learn a few things."

Artie texted his mom real quick then said," My mom said it's ok. My dad will get us after Glee and we will swing by your house so you can get your PJs and sleeping bag if you need one."

The three grabbed there scripts and booked it to the choir room. They where not the last to arrive. Puck was for unknown reasons.