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The Magician's Tricks

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“Sorry,” Yosuke apologized for the fifth time that week. “I need to go, I’m running late for tutoring.”


Glancing at his partner, Yu raised an eyebrow. “Really now, partner? You’ve never cared before so why now?”


“Well, it’s just Ryuu-senpai wanted to catch that new movie if I finish early enough and then a bite to eat.” The auburn haired teen said as he turned and ran off.


“...” It was silent as everyone watched the retreating form of their friend.


“...that sounds more like a date then a tutoring session…” Chie said, eyebrows raising slightly in question. “This ‘Ryuu-senpai’ must be really pretty special to get Yosuke this interested in school. Man, he’s such a perv.”


It was quiet again as the teens stood there, awkwardly looking at one another. This time, Rise broke the silence. “Why don’t we follow him, to check her out.”


Yukiko looked uncertainly at Kanji, Naoto, and Souji. Naoto looked okay with the idea and everyone knew Kanji would follow his girlfriend anywhere, while Souji opted to simply shrugging.


“Guess it’s settled then!” Chie laughed as Yukiko sighed but, smiled sweetly.


“I guess.” She laughed gently.


“Well, we best get moving before we lose him.” Their leader suggested pointing in the direction yosuke had taken off.


With a cheer, the Investigation Team charged on.

They caught up with Yosuke and in front of the library, leaving with a male third year. The second year was  chattering away as he read some book, obviously quizzing the older boy but, completely missing the look of complete lust on Ryuu’s face.


“Wait a second…” Naoto said squinting. “I’m not sure if I’m right or not but, I think this tutoring session was just a ploy to try and date Yosuke-senpai.”


“That can’t be!” Chie exclaimed, refusing to believe that Yosuke of all people wouldn’t be able to tell if someone was hitting on him. “Yosuke would know if someone was hitting on him or something. He just has that kind of mind!”


“She does have a point.” Yukiko said placidly. “I mean, if you think about it, it could very much be the other way around.”


“... I highly doubt that reasoning…” Rise muttered as she watched the third year casually throw his arm around Yosuke’s shoulders, only to receive a confused glance from the younger teen.


Obviously, Yu and Kanji shared the sentiment as they snickered softly. Teddie looked confused for a few moments, lost in his own thoughts before finally speaking.


“Does anyone know this guy's last name?” the blond questioned. Everyone shook their heads confusion evident on their face. “Sensei, Kanji can you two give me a lift?”


With some surprising effort, the two managed to lift the first year high enough to see the duo. “Ah! I know him!”

⎯ ⎯ ⎯


A few moments later they were all seated behind some bushes as the ‘tutoring duo’ took a wait at a park bench.


“Nakamori Ryuu, just looking for a good lay.” Teddie started seriously. “Plays the tutor card if the target is dim, plays the savior card if the target is bullied.”


“But, don’t you think Yosuke would know about his dating reputation?” Yukiko question, looking at the duo through the bush worriedly.


“Well, Yosuke tends to keep his headphones on whenever we pass by someone…” Yu said under his breath glaring at the bush with all his might as if Ryuu will feel it through the leaves and branches. “And, plus we’re the only one who he ever talks to…”


“Hey, Chie-senpai… aside from us,” Naoto started. “Did Yosuke-senpai have anyone to hang out with? Any other… friends?”


“Err… no.” The martial artist shook her head. “Not that I can think of.”


“If you don’t mind me asking,” Yukiko politely interjected, pausing as if considering her words. “Why?”


“Teddie said he does after the bullied and the ones who needed help school work wise.” Rise explained, eyes narrowing in thought. “Now that I think about it, Yosuke-senpai is kinda isolated from the rest of the students…”


“And when I moved here,” Yu spoke this time. “Everyone was ignoring his entire existence in some form of way. Yukiko and Chie included.”


“So, he’s playing the savior and the tutor card?” Chie gasped, feeling horrified. “That’s… terrible.”


“Uh… guys?” Teddie called. “We have a BEARY big problem… They’re gone!”


Looking over, they saw the duo gone and Yosuke’s phone and textbook on the floor. The guy had taken off with the arcana user.


“Spread out and look for them.” Their leader ordered voice hard and cold. The IT nodded before dispersing.