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Loving You, It's Explosive

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Okay, so maybe Louis has too much uni work to do and he can't seem to be done with it all. It seems that the more he does it, the more he has to do. Which, right. It's his own fault, he knows that. Only if he hadn't left to do it all in the very last moment — damn it, he has three days to handle it all to his professors and he's losing his mind.

Even if it's his own fault for letting it get to this,  he still won't fully blame himself for it. He'll blame on his situation, if that is. He's an eight-hours straight working uni student and he also has to look after his little sister from time to time when his mother is working an extra shift at the hospital to make some extra money for some extra food in the house — Louis does the same, as well. Therefore, it leaves him with no time at all to finish his uni works and it sucks because, really, he wants to do it. He really does. It's just that there's no time.

When there's time left, he's having fun with his friends — he deserves it, really. He truly does, especially when it means he'll get to see him. Pretty him, the most beautiful green-eyes rosy lipped that will ever exist on this planet.

Louis sees him every day — they go to school together. Literally. They take the bus together because they live two blocks away from each other and it has been like this for four years now, ever since Louis was an annoying nineteen-year-old sucker — he still is, he's sure that's what his friends think — and he was a seventeen-year-old angel, just like now. Nothing ever changes, really.

So, yeah, Louis sees him every day, and maybe that would be enough for him to think: Yeah. since I've already seen him today, I can stay home and finish my work. Ha, if only. He can never get enough.

Jesus, Louis is so whipped.

Maybe this is why he can't get anything done — he's so head over heels for someone that he sees every day, basically all the fucking time, that there's no space left for him to think about school work.

Even when he's organizing the cleaning session isle at Walmart he's thinking about seeing the pretty angel face that he gets to call his best friend. Well, especially then, since that pretty little freaky is crazy about cleaning — he can clean the house and call it fun, really.

Damn, Louis has been whipped ever since Angel Face has moved to his neighborhood, introducing himself to him as I'm Harry Styles And I'm Graduating In Year 11 This Year From Newall Green High School. Which, Jesus Christ, Louis hadn't even asked his name nor what year he was in. He'd just gave the information away because Louis said hi when seeing him riding his bike down the neighborhood. They've been the best of buddies ever since.

Louis has been whipped ever since.

Which is probably why he can't ever get any work done now, giving that it's gotten worse over the past few weeks — who does Harry think he is being 21 and pretty and funny and so damn kind to everyone? It was already hard for Louis when Harry was 17 and chubby with baby hips and cheeks and wild curly hair; but now that he's grown into a 21 man, hell, it's too hard. He's so tall, taller than Louis, even; his hair is long enough that it's not so curly anymore, and he can even put it up in a stupid bun that Louis can't stand what it does to him. God, it's terrible. He looks so pretty Louis wants to die.

This is all Angel Face's fault — Louis is getting behind on his work because he can't stop thinking about him and spending time with him. He's really clumsy at work, as well, when he's trying to do his job at keeping the Walmart's shelves stocked and organized for all the wild costumers that can't get enough of there, but gets too distracted while thinking of Harry and his pretty eyes and ends up dropping a bunch of boxes to the floor.

Louis hates him from time to time, but of course, this is bullshit because he loves him more times than he hates him, which sucks. He wishes he could only hate him, it'd probably be easier. But then again, who the hell could hate someone like him? Louis would never. Not even if Harry punched him right in the face.

This is why Louis is sitting on his chair in the classroom as he waits for his Biochemistry class, staring down at his notebook on the desk and opened thick book on his lap, breathing deeply while thinking how the hell he is going to get all these reports and questionary done in three days.

"Morning, jackass."

There's Zayn, throwing his body down on the chair next to Louis as he drops his backpack on the floor. "Let me guess: you haven't done any work yet.", he states knowingly and Louis groans annoyed.

"It's none of your fucking business, asshole. Leave me alone."

"If only you would've listened to me when I specifically told you: Louis, get your work done at least one week before the due date, please."

"I'm sorry, teacher." Louis gives him an annoyed look, huffing.

"Where's Liam?" Zayn looks around the room looking for his soulmate — ha, Louis hates them both, that's true, because they have something he wishes he had with Harry: a relationship, which in their case is kind of terrible, since Zayn also has a relationship with someone else.

Ugh, Zayn is a terrible person.

"I don't know, Zayn. He's your boyfriend." Louis closes the book with force, quite pissed off at how he can't even read anything.

"He's not my boyfriend. Shh!" Zayn frowns at him, pinching his arm.

"Ow, fucker!" He slaps his friend's hand away. "You've fucked him a bunch of times, didn't you? You even went on dates. Sounds like a boyfriend to me."

"I have a girlfriend, Louis. Liam is my best friend."

"Excuse me? I'm not your best friend?!"

"What the fuck are you talking about? I'm not your best friend, why would you be mine?"

"Because you are too my best friend, sucker." Louis scowls. "You're terrible. Stop talking to me. Oh, there's Professor Hughman, my favorite person. He's a better person than you are."

Zayn glares at him for a moment but ends up laughing anyway, turning his body around to look at the professor walking into the room, greeting everyone with his big and kind smile.

"How's Harry?" Zayn asks him quietly, as if it was his task knowing where the hell Harry is and how he's been.

"How would I know? I haven't seen him since the day before yesterday."

Oh, there it is. That's probably the reason he can't even concentrate. He hasn't seen Harry in two days now, because Harry is better than Louis in many things, especially when it comes to working and school work — he's been studying for this test he's having today and that's why Louis can't concentrate.

"Is that why you're so moody? God, get away from me."

"With pleasure, jackass." Louis frowns at him but lets a smirk form on his face, making Zayn chuckle lightly as he shakes his head as if he can't believe the way Louis is.

As if they haven't been friends for half of their lives.

Louis pretends Zayn isn't there for the rest of the class because he wants to at least pay attention to what Professor Hughman is saying about whatever it is there's to say about Anatomy — Louis loves it, he really does, but he's too busy thinking about Harry in his own classroom taking his stupid test with his stupid beautiful mind and beautiful face and big soft hands holding his blue pen.

Louis hates him a lot. 




"Maybe we should go to a party tonight," Perrie, his best girl-friend and also the one Zayn has a relationship with as well, suggests when the both of them are sitting on the lawn outside, as they watch people get in and out the huge castle that human-beings have the audacity to call university. Louis thinks that Queen Elizabeth should be living there, really. What a joke.

Louis is looking at his friend with narrowed eyes, thoughtful, while he lets the rare sunlight burn his skin for a bit. "You know Zayn is fucking Liam, right?", it's what he tells her, instead of answering to her original suggestion.

Perrie blinks at him astonished before rolling her eyes and throwing her body back on the floor so she can lie down still, placing one of her arms over her eyes. "I know, Louis, you've told me that already and I've known before that, too."

"How come you're still dating him, then?" He asks, frowning.

Because, really, what kind of relationship is this?

"Because it's okay," She says and that's not good enough, no.

"Bullshit." Louis scoffs and lies down beside her, turning his head so he can look at her profile. He touches his hand against her elbow so she can put her arm down and look at him. She does so, and she looks annoyed. "You've been with him for three years and he's been fucking Liam's brain out for almost two."

"It's not just him."

"Well, hello, I know he fucks you too, Pez. Jesus." He rolls his eyes.

"No," She chuckles. "I mean. He's not the only one fucking someone else."

He sits up straight at that, looking down at her with wide eyes. "What? Who are you fucking?"

"You know," She shrugs as if it's not really important.

"I swear to God, if you say Harry, I will set your stupid blond hair on fire."

Perrie laughs out loud, shaking her head in disbelief. "Are you kidding?", she asks in between chuckles. "I'd never do that. I'd never do Harry. He's...Harry."

"Excuse me, Perrie, what do you mean by that?" He scowls because, really. That's offensive.

"He's Harry, Louis! We can't even talk to him properly without you eyeing everyone on the corner!"

"Well," He huffs, laying beside her one more time. "He's Harry." He says softly, a smile suddenly creeping on his face.

"God," He looks at Perrie when he hears her accusatory tone and finds her looking at him with a knowing smile. "Talk to him already, Lou."

"I don't know what you're talking about." He looks away. "And why are you changing subjects? Who are you fucking?"

"It's Jade. And Jeremy." She admits and he looks at her again, shocked. "Now, talk to him."

"I can't." He shakes his head no, turning onto his side and placing his right arm under his head, looking straight into Perrie's deep blue eyes. "He doesn't feel the same."

"How would you know? You've never talked to him."

"I'd rather not take the risk." He chuckles weakly. "You know I tend to talk a lot until someone stops me, and he won't. He never does. He lets me talk and talk and talk like he never gets fucking tired of my stupid voice. So I'll blabber until he realizes it's time for me to shut up and that will be it. He won't even want to see my face ever the fuck again."

Perrie is looking at him softly, a kind smile on her face. "You're silly."

"It's the truth, Perrie."

"He likes you, Lou."

"He doesn't."

"He does and you know it. Why are you scared? You could literally ask him the moon and he would try to give —"

"Hey, guys," It's Harry speaking above them.

It's Harry.

The Harry they've been talking about and who Perrie believes likes Louis as much as he likes him, which is absurd. It's absurd because there he is, looking down at them with a kind smile and eyes that have no idea what they've been talking about and that have nothing but friendship affection towards Louis.

That's it.

"Haz, hey." Louis stands up so he can hug his best friend hello.

Best friend, that's it.

"I've just come out from my Literature class. I've nailed that stupid test." Harry lets them know with the biggest smile and it does weird things to Louis' heart, as usual.

He's used to it by now.

"I knew you'd nail it. You're smart, you know that. You know you don't need to stay hours and hours locked away in your room with your face stuck in a book, I've told you. Which reminds me that because of that, we haven't seen each other in two days. Did you realize that? We should make up the lost hours and hang out at our spot. Perrie, you're invited."

"I've invited you to a party, first!" She complains. "And Jesus, you do talk a fucking lot."

Harry chuckles lightly and lets go of Louis after squeezing him a bit. "We could go to the party. Where is it?"

"Jade's flat."

"Man, are you serious? That's why you hang around there so much." Louis frowns as he gives her an accusatory look.

"What is it?" Harry asks, confused.

"She's fucking Jade." He whispers onto Harry's ears and the younger one widens his eyes, surprised.


"Fuck you both, alright? I'm off to look for Zayn."

"What a mess." Louis laughs loudly. "Love you, Pez."

She's gone before any of the two can tell her anything else, leaving them both to giggle at the situation.

"She's fucking Jeremy, too," Louis tells Harry as they sit down on the grass in front of each other. "Why won't she break up with Zayn?"

"Maybe they still love each other." Harry shrugs and Louis blinks at him.

I love you, he thinks and curses himself right after.

"Yeah, maybe." Louis sighs and looks away, up to the sky where there aren't any green eyes to stare at him with a soft and fondness he can't deal with.



Louis is already regretting his decision to join his friends at Jade's flat for the party — it's way too loud and there are way too many people for one small space. Isn't it Thursday? It's school night, why are people partying? Louis doesn't get this kind, really. He knows he's there, but he doesn't really want to be and that's conscious enough, right?

It's even worse that he has to stand there with a red cup filled with a terribly mixed drink Perrie's given to him and watch as Harry smiles brightly at that stupid friend of his from his English class. Who names their child Xander, anyway? Louis hates the guy. He hates him even more when he looks at Harry like he's a prey — why does Harry put up with him? Louis wants to punch him.

"Lou," He blinks out of his daze and looks at Liam standing in front of him.

"How long have you been standing there?" Louis frowns, trying his best not to look back at Harry and his bestie.

"Long enough to know you're about to murder someone. I won't even say his name." There's laughter in Liam's voice, but it's not funny for Louis at all.

"I hate his guts, Liam." Louis states and he can feel his neck burn. He's so angry. "He thinks he's so great. All tall and strong and...and...I could grab him by his stupid beard and...and...choke him with it."

"Here' I'll take this before you make a mess." Liam grabs the cup from his hand and just then he realizes he's been squeezing it enough to almost drop all the drink on the floor. "Mate, Harry doesn't like him like that. I know it as a fact."

"I will kill myself if you ever rhyme like that again, I swear to Satan."

"That wasn't on purpose!"

"Liam, look at them. They're perfect. Perfect for each other. They're tall and lean and strong and manly and they're touching each other."

"Harry isn't touching him." Liam notes as the two of them stand there with drinks in hands, creepily staring at Harry and stupid Xander being best-of-friends-almost-married.

"But he's smiling at him and that's the same thing, Liam! Catch up, will you?"

"Man, this is getting out of hands."

"Oh, my god, they're coming here." Louis widens his eyes but hides his surprise and — honestly — anger behind the creepiest smile he has ever smiled. "Smile, Liam, smile." He elbows his friend on the ribs.

"Ouch, Lou!" Liam hisses but smiles anyway.

"Liam, Lou, hi!" Harry greets them and Louis tries his best not to melt at the sound of his voice. "You've met my friend Xander, right? He's in my English class."

"I'm also in Louis' Genetics class," Xander tells them and Louis wants to murder him. He actually narrows his eyes at him and pretends he could kill him with just one look.

"What! Really? Lou, you've never told me about it! What a small world, innit? And uni, ha!" Harry chuckles at his own stupid joke and Louis wants to tell him to shut up and kiss him right after.

"And yet I never run into Beyoncé." Louis says and it sounds really funny to Harry and Xander, the best of friends.

Liam, though, seems to get how annoyed Louis truly is. "How come you're in Louis' Genetics class and also takes English classes with Harry?", he asks, then, to change the course of the conversation. God bless him.

"It's an optional class, don't you guys take one?"

"Ohhh, right! That makes sense," Liam chuckles and looks at Louis at the corner of his eyes. "I do, I do. I take Yoga classes along with Harry."

"You take Yoga classes? That's why you're so flexible!" Xander looks at Harry them, laughing as he nudges him in the arm.

Harry rolls his eyes but laughs anyway.

Liam widens his eyes but pretends he gets what Xander is saying and joins the laughter.

Louis rolls his eyes and walks away.