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The book

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After training you find Loki locked away in your joint chambers. Most days you would find him like this but today felt different, he looked almost.. upset today. That’s when you notice the book in his hand.

Sitting on the opposite sofa you smile. “You finished it then?”

“Love this book is so..”

“Sad? Depressing? Makes even your worst days seem like a walk in the park?” You say as he continues frowning at the book cover. “Sure I thought that was right up your street.”

He shakes his head, peering over at you on the opposite sofa. “Not really. I’m all for angst but I like a bit of fluff and at least a happy ending after putting me through all the angst.”

“I-I was not expecting that.”

Loki smirks before lifting his green eyes to meet yours. “What were you expecting?”

“Erm.. something like you enjoying all that depressing stuff because.. well.. you enjoy doing that to people. Making their lives a misery when they cross you.”

“I’m a better King than I thought if I’ve even fooled you.” He whispers, smiling when you roll your eyes.

“Who would have thought the God of Mischief and Lies liked happy endings.”

You felt his glare from across the room. “It would be best not to mock me right now.”

“Yes of course.. you are clearly in a fragile state.” You say, nodding in a sarcastic but sympathetic manner. “I just thought you weren’t into that sort of thing.”

“I like to read and be horrible to certain people but I’m not a complete monster love.”

You make your way over to him, gently take his free hand and lead him towards the fire that was against the far wall. “Why don’t we agree to never let anyone read this book again.. yes?”

Loki nods. “What will we do?”

“How about we burn it?” You say, looking up at him then down at the fire.

You look up at Loki again when he doesn’t say anything. No sarcasm. No backchat. No smirk. Nothing. His face is instead one of confusion and it makes you giggle a little. “Of all the things you could have said I was not expecting that.

“I like to surprise you sometimes.” You whisper, winking when Loki ignores the comment and looks down at the fire.

“So burning it is my little minx.” He says, throwing the book into the fire and wrapping an arm around your waist.

Resting your head on his shoulder you continue watching the flames rise. “I have such a good influence on you Loki.”

“And here I was thinking it was the other way around..”