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American Beauty/ American Psycho- Superhero AU- Book 2

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Voltron: The Group of Morally Ambiguous and Polyamorous Superheroes that are too Powerful to give a Shit



It had been months where no one had to worry about Zarkon. This left everyone to be normal teenagers. But usually one of them went on patrol of the city while Pidge used a police scanner that played in the background. They would all cheer when the scanner mentioned whichever of the group was out on watch doing something to help the crime rate in the area. Usually they were things like robberies or attempted rapes.

This lack of crime left the large group of heroes with way too much time on their hands. They all bonded as friends and some of them could sense the sexual tension between a lot if them. Things became more tense and awkward as more of the group realized the feelings of the others.

It was one day when Matt was out on city duty that they were forced to confront their feelings.


First, Lance took Shiro deep in their small shack and into the bedroom that he and Hunk shared.They came out smiling and holding hands which gained a few weird looks but not many questions.


It started the trend of dating within the circle of ‘friends.’ After Shiro and Lance started officially dating, Keith and Pidge casually dated, Hunk and Allura started their soft relationship, Lotor started out uninterested but when Shiro and Lance broke up, Lotor dated each of them a little. And for a while, the air was more comfortable and everyone seemed happier.


Room arrangements would change frequently, they would share rooms with the ones that they were dating as late night conversations got cute. The single team members randomly shared the extra rooms and the next thing they knew, the pairing had gotten together. No one was surprised when none of them turned out to be straight,


Everyone had developed. Especially on the tech side. Pidge and Matt upgraded everyone's super suits. Now Keith's suit was more flameproof, Lances suit wouldn’t heat up with all of the friction it was forced to endure, Shiro’s arm could now play all the pirated music that Pidge had collected over the years, they had created a suit for Allura that could melt into her body instead of just ripping off when she shifted.


But most importantly, They had created an electric resistant set of bracelets that that allowed them to touch again. Once they had perfected the design they had hugged for an hour straight. While crying. There was a lot of crying.


However, It wasn’t a complete solution. Both Matt’s and Pidge’s eyes glowed while they were touching and lights would occasionally go out but the consequences weren’t severe enough to count. They would often scare their teammates when it was dark with the creepiness of their glowing eyes. They got a few great screams from Lance and Lotor.


But things weren’t perfect forever. Keith and Pidge were taking the night shift, as they usually did. She was plugged into the cities camera systems when she reeled back and accidentally bumped her head against Keith, of whose lap she was comfortably sat on.


“Ow-” Keith muttered. “What’s wrong?” He said quickly after noticing Pidges frantic expression.


“He-he’s back… Oh god-” She was paler than normal and she was trembling ever so slightly.


“Calm down, who is back?” Keith tried to be a calming influence but he wasn’t very good. She leaned back against him and sighed.


“The guy that almost killed us all. Zarkon is back.




Pidge wasn’t going to admit that she had almost gotten into a panic attack. She had seen Zarkons unmistakable face as he looked straight through the camera that she was watching through. Right at her. Somehow he had known that she was keeping and eye out. His glowing yellow eyes held a chilling smirk and she had immediately forced herself out of the cameras and back to safety. Back with Keith’s arms around her waist and his head resting on her shoulder, obviously only seconds from falling asleep.


The decided not to wake everyone up as some of them had a long day of fighting crime. They just waited. Until Hunk woke up to make breakfast.


Hunk immediately knew something was wrong. He didn’t need empathetic powers to tell. Pidge was on her laptop like usual, with Keith full asleep with his head resting lightly on her lap. She had one had combing Keith’s hair and one hand resting on the laptop with her eyes closed as she normally did when she was working with technology.


Hunk could immediately sense an underlying fear coming from Pidge and he had to consciously stop himself from tackling her with a hug. Instead, he walked over gently to her and rested his hand on her shoulder and attempted to replace her fear with some form of ease and security. She didn’t even move when he did so besides the tension relaxing in her body. He couldn’t completely take away her fear as genuine as it was but he did as much as he could. He left the room to start Pidges favorite breakfast to help her feel better. And because peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars sounded tasty anyway. They were college age students with no real jobs and the lack of responsibility. Cookies for breakfast weren’t anything new.


Well technically they did have jobs. Lance worked as the best goddamn barista at the local coffee shop and Matt worked at a shitty tech shop after Pidge falsified his qualifications. But their main source of income was from bounty hunting and Pidge stealing money from billionaires.


Hunk didn’t believe that most of them had morals but he didn’t feel bad. Someone making thousands of dollars a day could afford to buy them ingredients for cookies. At least they weren’t homeless.


Soon the smell of fresh cookies woke everyone else up and they started to trickle into the main family room. Matt sat on the couch by Pidge and shook her lightly out of her work. Her eyes opened and the light ring in her eyes slowly faded as she leaned a bit on his shoulder. This was when he knew that something was wrong. Even after they had the ability to touch without causing shit, She had never been incredibly comfortable with lots of contact.


“You okay Pidgey?” He raised an eyebrow.


“He’s back…” She muttered before touching the computer screen in front of her before the multiple dark screens in the room turned on and showed a single dark, grainy image of Zarkon looking at the camera. Of which she had seen early in the morning before any of them had woken up.


The warm chatter of the room, which had previously matched the warmth of the newly baked cookies, had stopped as everyone saw the images. A small gasp had escaped from Allura’s mouth and Lotor had visibly tightened his jaw.


“I thought we were done with this bastard!” Lance grumbled. He had really not liked being mind controlled.


“It’s been months! I thought he had fled! Why would he be back?” Allura seemed to have to dampen her anger.


“He saw me… He knew I saw him.. He is coming for us.” Pidge muttered. Seeing Zarkon again obviously triggered some sort of traumatic memory. Everyone knew she had a few to choose from.


“There is no way we can go against him if he can control half of us.” Lotor said clearly with an air of some sort of authority.
“I can make some sort of resistant if we can detect his outward frequency…” Pidge suggested as she seemed to slowly recover.


“And how are we going to do that?” Shiro asked before yawning.


“I can do it if i can get close enough to him.” Pidge said in a determined tone.


“That is not a good idea.” Matt pointed out.


“He is going to be going after us. I would rather be ready this time.” She sighed. “And maybe this time he will be gone for good. Just leave it to me. I won’t even have to be that close. Just in the same building.” She tried to justify the idea.


“I don’t think we have any other choice. If Zarkon gets to us before we have any idea about how to prevent him from controlling half of us, we’re as good as dead.” Lotor said grimmly.


“Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine. But I do agree… We were lucky to get out alive last time. We have to be prepared. But I am worried. Pidge, Are you sure you’re up to this?” Shiro looked over to Pidge with a concerned expression.


“It doesn’t matter. If Zarkon can take control of any of us, He can kill you with a snap of his fingers.” Pidge snapped for effect. “The only reason he didn’t do it before was, I think, Because It takes quite the emotional toll to kill those that you care about. Because
if he has loose enough morals to use a living person as a battery than he would have no problem forcing us to tear ourselves apart.”


There was a moment of heavy silence.


“Can we discuss this over cookies?” Lance pleaded.