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Well, it was… fun, he guessed. To be honest, a lot of concepts still flew over Shoto’s head, but to be fair, he’d only been living as a normal teenager for about four months or so, not nearly enough time for him to have a clear view of the big picture.

Meaning, as normal as teenagers training to become superheroes could be normal, actually. The fact was, a lot of things still were new for him, and even though they were all competing that afternoon at the pool, they were also spending some quality time together, weren’t they?

“I would obviously win anyway,” Bakugo grunted putting on his clothes; the other guys all just sort of ignored him. “Again.”

“I don’t know, dude,” Kaminari replied absentmindedly. “It was a swimming challenge, and neither you nor Todoroki actually swam.”

“Don’t start that shit again!” Bakugo complained loudly, as usual. He was so over-the-top. And to think that they’d have to deal with him for the next couple of years and a half.

“Well, I think it’d be interesting to see,” Iida said closing his locker, but he was only talking to Shoto and Midoriya. “Midoriya beat me, and he was in the water, and he did a similar time you and Bakugo did.”

Shoto nodded passing the strap of his bag over his head. Honestly, he believed that any of them could win, even with him and Bakugo taking shortcuts. Midoriya was improving exponentially in record time, and every day he felt his second place at the Sports Festival would be long forgotten soon. He needed to work harder.

He sent a quick glance at Bakugo, whose back was to him, and frowned at all the muscles in the guys back. Yeah, he definitely needed to work harder. Needed to improve his cardio and muscle exercises to catch up with the other guys and be able to surpass them. He wanted to finish school on top of his class in everything, which reminded him that he also had a lot more people to surpass in grades too, like Iida and Midoriya and-

Shoto was so distracted in his thoughts that he didn’t watch where he was going and ended up knocking on someone else, the both of them tripping on top of each other on their way out of the pool area. Utterly embarrassed, he was mumbling apologies before he even processed that the person he knocked down was… Yaoyorozu.

“I’m so sorry!” he exclaimed red-faced. He had partially fallen on top of her and their legs had tangled somehow. To his despair, Yao-Momo was blushing as furiously as he was. Around them, their friends didn’t know if they should try and help them up or leave them to figure out by themselves. “I’m really sorry, I was distracted. I shouldn’t be. Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine,” she waved it off gently, her face getting back to its normal color.

“Are you sure?”

Yaoyorozu nodded with such class, he could swear his heart skipped a beat. How could she be so elegant even when she was on the ground?

The ground! Oh, God!

Awkwardly, Shoto got to his feet and offered his hand to help her up, and she accepted his offer, taking his hands gently. Sometimes he wondered if it’d be rude to watch her move around. She was just so graceful.

“Thanks,” she said when she got up; she was standing really close, and her hair hadn’t fully dried yet, the tips of her fringe glued to her forehead. It was only when she let go of his hand to push the fringe to the side that Shoto realized he still was holding her hands.

“My apologies again, Yaoyorozu, I-“

She smiled timidly as she tucked her hair behind her ear, and he felt his cheeks redden again.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like you, I believe,” she said ever so sweetly, and in a bold move, she cupped his cheek gently, letting the hand linger there until she decided to follow her friends out of there. “See you soon, Mr. Todoroki.”

Shoto swallowed nervously and glared at his friends, who were standing a few feet from him, Iida pushing his glasses up his nose absently and Midoriya smiling as if he had just figured something out.

“Erm…” Shoto started awkwardly, but never got a chance to finish, because-

“OUT OF THE WAY, NERDS!” Bakugo screamed in their ears. They were blocking the passage, true, but there was no need to be rude.

“Sorry, excuse us,” Kirishima saved and Bakugo just growled. They made space for them to go ahead, and decided to wait for Ochaco and Tsuyu near the gate; they’d grab dinner together, but all the while in the subway ride, Shoto could only think of one thing – that he was like anything Yao-Momo had seen. And he liked to think that was a good thing.