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Hiding in Plain Sight

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Danny woke with a groan as the voices in the apartment above him rose loud enough to wake the dead. Blearily glancing at the glowing green numbers on the clock he scowled at the time, 5:47 in the morning. Grabbing his pillow with both hands and covering his head with it he tried to block out the sounds and get back to sleep.


It was Saturday and Danny had really been looking forward to sleeping in. He didn’t have his daughter this weekend which was a bit of a downer and his partner was at a conference till the middle of next week. His partner who had a nasty habit at waking at the ass crack of dawn every day of the week and positively loved nothing more then hightailing it to his place, making Danny watch the sunrise with him. Very possessive was his partner when it came to Daniel but what did one expect of an over controlling Ninja Navy Seal who also happened to be an A+ Class Sentinel who was very similar to a 5 year old not wanting to share his toys.


So what should have been a luxury of a Saturday was turning out to be any thing but. Groaning again at the time it took him a minute to realize the sounds had stopped, replaced by an ominous silence. It was the sounds of a Colt 1911 slide being racked that had him jumping out of bed. Damn Steven for having taught him what that sounded like from the endless rounds at the shooting range. Grabbing his gun and badge he raced out his front door and up the stairs to the second floor apartments. He was just about to pound on the door, his hand raised to start when it was thrown open. A body came hurdling out, the yelling starting again from inside as the person crashed into the Jersey detective. The unexpected body contact was a surprise to both, even more so as the speed and force of the collision caused Danny and the other person to go tumbling down the concrete stairs. With a final pain filled thought, Danny decided somehow this was all Stevens fault and once he figured out how, he would decide which rant was needed. For now he surrendered to oblivion.




Kono was in the office at nine that Monday morning bright and chipper. She and Chin had been out at a family retreat all weekend and it had been awesome. Meeting up with old family members, drinking, eating, playing games it had been immensely enjoyable. Getting back late Sunday night Chin had dropped her off at her place before heading to his own where by both had crashed in their respective beds for a very satisfying sleep. Now she was sipping coffee as she prepared for the day. Looking around at the office as she entered, she was startled to see McGarrett at his desk working on something. Deciding to snoop she walked over knocking on his door. With a nod of his head he indicated she could enter.


“Hey Boss, what you doing back so soon?” She asked conversationally.


Steve looked at the younger cop for a moment before returning to his screen. “Nothing else needed for me there. Figured come back and do something useful.” Not to mention he had been pining for a certain loud mouth Jersey transplant.


“Ah, if thats the case thought you would have come in with Danny.”


Leaning back in his chair he looked up at native lady. “Thought about it but decided to surprise him by coming home early and catching him at work.” He didn’t mention that he had had the mother of all headaches the entire time he was gone. He didn’t know what it was about Danny, but just being around the blond made him feel better.


Kono dimpled at his answer even as she sipped at her coffee. Both knew how much Danny hated surprises due to all the crazy already in their lives. “Well, I’m looking forward to the rant that will cause.”


“Yeah you and me both,” chuckled Steve before something on his screen caught his attention. Kono took the hint and returned to the main room before strolling over to the large windows to take in the view of the morning. A taxi pulled up below drawing her attention and she wondered what kind of person would pop out from it.


She watched as the person slowly exited out of the cab one bit at a time. The first item to emerge wasn’t what she thought it would be, instead of an arm or let it was a crutch. Then another one to match followed by a right leg with a complicated and messy looking brace on it. Dressed in slacks which started to make Kono nervous, finally the rest of the torso emerged displaying a cap of strawberry blonde hair slicked back into a very familiar fashion. Dread filled her as she as she watched Danny pay the cabbie before limping up the stairs into the building. Turning around she raced to Chins office to warn him of the problem.


“Chin we’re in trouble. Like massive trouble with a capitol D.” She whispered as she burst through the door. Glancing over her shoulder she was happy to see Steve hadn’t reacted to her outburst concentrating on whatever it was he was looking at.


“Kono whats wrong?” He asked as he stood reaching for his gun.


Taking a breath, “It’s Danny I just saw him coming into work.”


“That’s not so bad…” he leaned back in his chair wondering what had his cousin so upset.


“No Chin he was on crutches and his bad knee was in a pretty serious brace.” The younger officer kept looking over her shoulder towards their bosses office.


Chin went a bit pale at the news. Both had standing orders about Danny when Steve was out of town. Keep a sharp eye on him and if ANYTHING happens call him instantly and report it. The fact that something happened to Danny and Steve didn’t know means shit is going to hit the fan.


Chin started putting file folders away in his desk before locking it. “This isn’t good. It’s obvious Steve doesn’t know since he’s here rather then glued to Danny.”


Kono looked pleadingly at his cousin for a plan. He thought a moment before grabbing his gear and heading towards the door. “Steve, Kono and I are going out for a bit, want to check on a lead about a cold case.” He called louder then needed really, a wave was his answer. “Lets go.” Together they did the only thing they could do, they ran.




Danny panted a bit as he stepped off the elevator and moved slowly towards the 5-0 offices. He hated crutches they were a pain in the ass and he was under orders to use them until he could schedule the surgery needed to finally fix his knee for good. Seeing the door he breathed a sigh of relief due to soon being able to relax in his own comfy chair. The doctor had told him to go home and relax but that was impossible. He didn’t like the place but he could afford it. The door swung open and he smiled down with loving fondness at his spirit animal. Sasha was a very large timber wolf with a thick coat the same color as Danny’s hair and bright blue eyes that saw everything. She adored her companion and didn’t stray far from his side. She also had a very short fiery temper, long memory and a hell of a lot of her own psi power. Danny had never actually heard of any other spirit animals displaying traits like hers but he also didn’t look to hard into trying to find out. He didn’t want to bring unwanted attention down on himself because of it. With her help and teachings on how to use his own Guide powers, none but his own true Sentinel would ever be able to find him.


Problem was his true Sentinel had found him even if he didn’t know it. When Danny had entered the McGarrett house a year ago to find the man standing over the champ tool box, Sasha had saved his ass. She had put so much power into disguising him right then allowing him to bring up his own shields and lock down everything that shouted he was a Guide. Steve had had no idea who he was but the bonding had already started. The next day he had come to his rat hole of an apartment and declared he was making Danny his partner. Then dragged him off to question a suspect, almost got killed by said suspect before Danny shot him. Danny had been so pissed he had actually forgotten who Steve was to him and moved right up into his face. The Navy man had put him into a wrist lock, giving him yet another link for the bond to take place. At that point, pissed off at the Seal and himself he put all his frustration into the right cross he had thrown.


Since that day Steve and he had become closer but it hurt Danny to have to deny his friend what was rightfully his. But he had worked too hard for over twenty years to throw it all away with less then a year left to go before he was free. Now that his 31st birthday had come and gone, he was safe and could finally tell Steve the truth. Which he had planned on doing this week when he got back from his trip but with his knee the way it was now he was going to have to wait.


Sasha kept the door open for him to limp through but stopped suddenly head up ears alert. With a startled bark she disappeared at the same time as Danny felt a huge surge of power feed into him. His own shields snapped up at full force and humming with automatic bond defenses. The only reason she would do so was because Steve was here. Moving down the hall he looked into his partners office finding that yes he was back two days early. That was both good and bad, good cause Danny wouldn’t have to figure out where he was staying for the foreseeable future. Bad because the Navy Seal was a very protective and possessive bastard, once he saw the Jersey Detectives condition, he wouldn’t let him out of his sight till he was satisfied he was healed.


Deciding to get it over with Danny called out “Steve?”




Steve was muddling through some less then interesting reports and forms. Inventory and cost assessments the bane of any hard working soldier that would rather blow the damn things up then sign them. He wished Danny was here so he could pawn them off on him but it wouldn’t really work either. Danny being a past master at ranting and railing at him to do his own work then pointing out every detail in the same voice he used on his young daughter. Afterward Steve would get so pissed that he would snarl and growl at his partner before telling him to bug off. Which would cause Danny to smugly walk off leaving Steve once again to the blasted reports. He had known him for a bit over a year and honestly couldn’t think of having anyone else in his life the way he did Danny, not even his own Guide which he had been looking for for years. Many times he thought Danny was it but the spark that should have been there telling him “this is my Guide” just never showed up. He always felt a slight disconnect between them and it led him into believing that Danny, no matter how much he wanted it wasn’t his actual Guide. So instead he just enjoyed his company and never noticed how much his life now revolved around his little blonde partner.


Speaking of Danny where the hell was he? He was due in a while ago but he hadn’t heard him. He was completely familiar with the sound of his foot steps, his breathing and the steady beat of his heart. He was so in tuned to those sounds that when they were not present it made him edgy, his world not right till he could hear them properly. All he heard was an annoying rubber squelch on the floor somewhere, a slightly out of breath wind and a harder then normal heartbeat. About to look up for the annoyance it was the sound of his name that had his head snapping up.




The sound of his partner calling his name along with the sight of him sporting a pair of crutches and a serious looking brace on his knee had him shooting up from his desk, chair flying behind him and hurtling through the office. Arriving at his partners side in an instant he began to take stock of every injury ignoring Danny's incessant complaining.


Trying to balance on one leg as Steve began his pawing he paid little attention to the man himself. “Steve? STEVE not here GOD DAMN IT!” he bellowed.The taller man wasn’t listening instead he was starting to sniff around till a sharp thwack to his head got his attention.


Blinking Steve looked in his partners eyes. “Huh?”


Rolling his eyes at his overly focused friend, “Dumbass your office now! I need to sit down,” he informed him. Steve blinked again before understanding what Danny was saying, helping him to the room in question. Lowering him down onto his couch, Steve began a meticulous catalog of all the damage to what he considered his.


Once Danny was able to sit down he let the brunette go over his body with his finely honed senses. Using his hands, he felt every inch of Danny, keeping his face close and inhaling deeply. Making note of each bruise, wince, and flutter of pain from the smaller man. Shoving his nose into the juncture of neck and shoulder he inhaled deeply. Danny pretended not to notice the wet spot that occurred when Steve touched the tip of his tongue to him. It was happening more often now as the bond fought to establish itself and Danny didn’t bother to fight what would happen soon.


Steve hummed happily to himself as he sniffed, touched and tasted the love of his life. He didn’t know exactly when he fell in love with the perpetually grumpy detective but he had and hard. All he wanted to do was take him away for a week or three and do absolutely filthy things to him and hopefully have the same happen to him. Problem was from the day they had met Danny had back off, don’t touch, not that way blaring away on his forehead. Steve didn’t mind to much and simply formed a plan of attrition to wear the guy down. Teasing, taunting, aggravation and anything else he could think of to break through to his chosen man. It had taken time but it looked like it had worked finally. Durning the last month Danny had relaxed quite a bit accepting touches six months ago he wouldn’t. Last week had been the real break through though, something had changed in Danny’s demeanor after his birthday. Steve didn’t know what it was but he was thankful for it. The Jersey man always so standoffish in accepting his attention didn’t fight it any more.


Puttering to himself as he explored his partners body, making sure nothing else was wrong he didn’t hear his name called until the third time.


“STEVEN!” Danny barked even as he thumped him on the shoulder.


“What? Oh shit sorry Danny.” He said sheepishly eyes still focused on cataloging his hurts.


Rolling his eyes again at his overly focused partner “Dude your supposed to zone when at crime scenes or looking 20 miles over the ocean. Not when you're pawing at my body needlessly,” he snarked but his eyes were amused.


“Hey I can’t see 20 miles away only around 12 and only in certain circumstances. AND I had to make sure you were okay.” Steve began to pout.


“Yeah sure,” Grabbing his crutches he went to stand only to have a firm hand land on his shoulder.”


“Where do you think you're going?” He demanded as he stood over him suddenly.


Scowling up at his partner he answered snidely waving his hands at him “Where do you think you idiot? My office, to work, like I had planned to do this weekend.” Throughly annoyed at his over protective partner.


“Na I don’t think so. You’re on medical leave till further notice.” He informed the shorter man in a no nonsense tone.


“Steve I don’t plan on sitting at home for weeks at a time when I have things to do.” Crossing his arms Danny knew he wasn’t going to win but he refused to go down without a fight.


Steve looked at his friend smirking, he knew just as well that Danny wasn’t going to win. But it did remind him that he hadn’t heard the story as to what happened in the first place, time to talk.


“Okay Danno what happened? And don’t tell me it’s nothing, not with you coming in here like that.” Crossing his own arms he leaned back on his desk.


Heaving a huge sigh Danny glared up at the taller man. “It wasn’t a big deal really. I was trying to help a neighbor at my apartment complex and ended falling down the stairs. Screwed up my knee completely, bruised some ribs other muscles, not much else to it.”


He didn’t believe him for a moment of it being that simple “Uh huh what else?”


“What do you mean what else?” The Detective growled.


“Why didn’t you call me? Did you call Chin or Kono like you were supposed to if you couldn’t get hold of me?” Now Steve was working himself up into a proper snit as the damage to his man started to filter through his brain.


With a huge sigh Danny attempted to explain things to the man who acted like a 5 year old who’s favorite toy was broken. “Steve you were out of town at a conference, you told me you couldn’t leave due to it being something to do with Army crap.”


“Navy Danny.” With a roll of eyes for the familiar snip between each other.


“Whatever, anyway since I knew you couldn’t do anything from 2000 miles and an ocean away why bother. You were going to be home Wednesday and would have found out then.”


“Chin? Kono?” He pressed.


“I’m not sure actually about that. I called both twice once on Saturday and once on Sunday but neither ever picked up.” He was honestly confused about the non response.


Livid Steve bellowed without thought, “WHAT????? CHIN KONO GET YOUR ASS’S IN HERE NOW!”


“Ah Steve I don’t think either are in the office.” Danny looked around out the glass and didn’t see either. A lone cup of coffee from Kono’s favorite shop in Chins office indicated that maybe they hightailed it out of there to preserve their own skin.


Growling he looked around before remembering they had run off just a few minutes before Danny had shown up. He would deal with them later for now he concentrated on his partner. “Fine,” he ran a hand over his face “For now you’re on medical leave no questions about it, if you want you can stay in your own office laying on your couch provided your blinds are open so I can keep an eye on you.”


“What you don’t want me in here?” That surprised Danny since Steve normally didn’t like it when he was more then 3 feet away from him when he was hurt.


“I have a few meetings today that I have to be here for since I came back early. Don’t want you being disturbed constantly with the in and out of those.”


“Plus probably doesn’t look good to people to see someone sleeping in the offices?” Smirked the non native.


“No, it doesn’t but I don’t care about that. You come first to me always.” There was no doubt to those words as Danny saw from his eyes.


“Fine but there is no reason why I can’t work on my computer a bit.” Holding up a hand at his partner who was about to protest. “Steve listen I can’t stay on a couch all day. Doc said it was okay for me to do very light duty like paper work as long as I didn’t move to much while doing it. At least till I get the surgery scheduled to fix it. I figured I would work on the computer some and lay down as needed.”


“Fine if you want but you need to keep that leg up. Now when is your surgery scheduled and what exactly are they going to be fixing?”


Danny blew out his breath glancing out the office door into his own office to see Sasha peeking around the corner staying out of sight of Steve. Only Sentinels and Guide’s could see spirit animals usually unless they wanted to be seen by regular people. Sasha made sure to always stay out of sight of both, especially Steve’s own spirit wolf who was just as stubborn and crazy as his companion. Danny had seen Loki many times but always made it seem like he never did. It throughly confused the poor guy but Danny had a plan and unfortunately Loki was going to need to deal with it. The midnight black wolf wasn’t around right now which made it much easier on Danny. No doubt he was hunting down Chin and Kono so that Steve could question them as to why they didn’t answer Danny’s phone calls.


“Surgery scheduled for Friday and I need reconstructive surgery for it. Broke some plates or something in there not sure what but they want to go in clean it all out and redo stuff. Bunch of mumbo jumbo stuff.”


“Why in the hell is your surgery for Friday?” Steve ranted waving his arms around in a move similar to someone else's.


“Steve easy I could have done it tomorrow…”


“Then why didn’t you? Call them up and do it now?”


“Whoa babe easy watch your blood pressure.” Danny held up his own hand for peace. “I didn’t schedule it for tomorrow cause I didn’t expect you back till Wednesday. I figured you would want to be there when I was having it. Rather then getting off the plane and finding out then that I already had it. Cause if something had gone wrong during surgery you would probably blow something or someone up just from your possessive rage you get when I’m involved.”


Unexpectedly Steve grinned at that comment, Danny knew him so well. Taking a deep breath he let it go. What was done was done and he could only go forward “Okay partner lets get you settled, you’re right I would want to be there so thank you for waiting till I could be. Think you can call the hospital and see if you can push it up?”


“Don’t think so those were the only two openings the doctor had, they are just massively booked this month. Think it's the month after surfing season or something on this god forsaken rock.” Standing he carefully placed his crutches under his arms as made his way to his own office. Sasha wasn’t visible but Danny could still feel her presence helping to support his own shields from his Sentinels prying instincts. Damn he couldn’t wait to tell him but he wasn’t looking forward to the dual reactions of Steve when he did find out.


No Guide should ever be able to hide from his Sentinels presence but Danny was so powerful in his own way and with Sasha to help he managed it for over a year. Danny feared Steve's reaction when he found out that his Guide which he had been searching for years had been right in front of him for the past year but he hadn’t wanted to bond with him at the time. Cause there would be no choice Danny would be bonding with Steve once the truth was revealed, his own feelings and needs were pushing for it. He would be happy he didn’t have to expand so much energy denying them. Then there was the actually bonding reaction when Steven did take him for his own and how it would work. Danny didn’t pretend he would be the one in charge when they actually bonded. The Commander would be to worked up with happiness and joy at finding him and the completion of his soul. For now it would have to wait till after his surgery and Steve had settled down into nursemaid mode.


Settling in his chair he smiled as Steve brought one of the visitor chairs around to prop his leg up. “Thanks Steve let me get some of those reports done, there were some cost and inventory reports I meant to get to this weekend but fate conspired against me.” The smile left his face as he looked up into Steve’s “What whats wrong babe?” Trying to stand and going to his upset partner.


Steve pushed him back down into his chair before shaking his head. “Damn it Danny why didn’t you say so?”


Confused again “What?”


“I’m just finishing those reports. I was getting ready to sign the last one when you came in.” he replied sheepishly.


“Really?” Delighted at getting out of some of the most boring reports on the face of the earth Danny leaned back and smirked at his partner. He could feel Sasha’s humor as well as she hid under his desk with her own smirk on her strawberry blonde muzzle.


“Yes, you smug bastard, now sit back and relax while I go and get some more work done since it appears I’ve done yours already.” With a laugh Steve turned to return his own office. Reaching it he sat down but tuned his hearing to Danny, he wasn’t about to miss anything possibly happening to his best friend.