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A Temporary and Practical Solution

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Draco: This is temporary, Potter.

Harry: I am aware.

Draco: This is not charity.

Harry: Not at all.

Draco: Where do I place my possessions?

Harry: Second floor, third door on the right.

Draco: This is quite a miserable place.

Harry: Do you have anywhere better to go?

Draco: I will find my chambers and stay out of your way as much as possible.

Harry: Your chambers?

Draco: Do not start.

Harry: I am not starting anything, I swear.

Draco: This is temporary,

Harry: Yes, you mentioned that.

Draco: And I will pay you back.

Harry: It’s a practical solution Malfoy, no sweat. This is kind of your place too if you think about it.

Draco: No. It is not my place. My place is at Malfoy Manor.

Harry: Well, that’s not really an option for the time being, so unless you want to go back to Azkaban…

Draco: You do not have to rehash your heroics.

Harry: Fine.

Draco: Perfect.

Harry: I’m going out.

Draco: No need to inform me.

Harry: See ya.

Draco: Right. Third door?

Harry: On the right, second floor.

Draco: Go on then, what are you waiting for. I do not need a guided tour.

Harry: This should be fun.