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Tell Me What You Want

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The loud sound of Hugh’s electric razor echoed outside of the bathroom into the bedroom and you jumped up immediately when you heard it. Running into the bathroom, you grabbed it from his hand and glared at him as you set it down on the bathroom counter. “Why the hell are you shaving? I love your beard!” Your whiny voice had him chuckling and rolling his eyes while he reached for the razor again, ignoring your protests.

“Hugh!” The stomp of your foot on the ground had him raising his brow and glancing up at you, as if shocked that you were throwing such a tantrum over this.

“Babe, I have to be clean shaven for the awards tonight. Why is it such a big deal anyways?” He had no idea why you loved his beard so much because you’d never told him, mostly because it embarrassed you.

Rolling your eyes and removing your hand from his razor so he could grab it, you huffed your way out of the bathroom and back into the large empty bedroom, unaware of how red your cheeks had become from the encounter with him. The feeling of his stare on you was impossible to ignore as he followed you out, close behind you and he grabbed your hips and held your body tight to him, your back pressed against his chest.

“I know there’s a good reason why you don’t want me to shave,” his words were quieter than before, laced with a tantalizing tone that couldn’t be ignored, his body dangerously close to yours before he turned you around and had you laying back against the bed.

His large hand gently gripped your chin and he pulled your head up to look at him, his hazel orbs now meeting with you and his gaze stayed locked with yours. “Tell me,” he emphasized each word, insistent on winning this time, but you pulled from his grip a bit and sat up, trying to ignore his actions on you.

“It’s embarrassing,” you murmured in a quiet voice just loud enough for him to hear, now unable to ignore the intoxicating feeling of his fingertips rubbing over the skin along your face.

He used his other hand to push back on your shoulder so you were laying back against the bed and his body hovered over yours, the most devilish smirk plastered over his face before he dipped his head down into the crook of your neck and placed kisses over your skin. Immediately from the feeling of his stubble, you couldn’t help the small moan that slipped past your lips. He had won without even knowing. You didn’t want him to shave merely because you fucking loved how good his beard felt when he did this, or even better, you wanted to know how it would feel while he was between your legs.

His movements stopped when he heard the nose that came from you but he didn’t change his position, his hot breath was fanning over your skin and you were sure you could feel his lips curving into a smile. “So is that why you love the beard so much? You love when I do this, don’t you?” A nip below your ear, making sure he let his beard scratch against your smooth skin, eliciting another moan from you but louder this time, more needy.

“And.....” your voice trailed off, too nervous to finish the rest, to request what you wanted from him. You just tilted your head to the side and let him continue his ministrations on your neck, knowing there would be marks all over you but you didn’t mind.

Both of his hands gripped at your waist as he pulled your hips close to him, your clothed core pressing against him, he was hard and you wanted to feel him, but you wanted something more than that. “And what, baby? Tell me,” his hips grinded into you, making sure to press his covered erection hard against where you needed him most, a grunt coming from him when he glanced down and could see your wetness soaking through your panties and shorts.

“I want....fuck,” two fingers were pushed past your panties and he was rubbing them in slow, slow circles over your clit, but he stopped when you didn’t finish your sentence.

“Tell me,” one finger pushed into your soaking entrance, curving to hit just that right spot inside of you. “what do you want?” He pulled the finger out of you and went back to rubbing sinfully slow over your clit, the wetness from your core on his fingers making it easier for him.

Your hips jolted when he dipped his finger into you again, but he just as quickly removed it and elicited a loud whine of protest from you, your body craving more. “I want to feel your beard,” two fingers pushed into you and you grasped tightly at the blankets from the sudden intrusion. His fingers were thick, rough, and brushing at your walls inside of you.

“Go on,” he urged and pulled his fingers out only to thrust them back into you with more force, curving them up to hit the spot he knew you loved so much. Your hips moved in time with the thrust of his fingers, he already had you a writing mess underneath him.

“I want to sit on your face,” you finally blurted out and a rush of red filled your face as you realized what you had said. His fingers halted inside of you before he pulled them out, but you were too scared to look down at him to see his reaction to your words.

Silence filled the room for a few seconds, though it felt like minutes in your embarrassed state, you had never mentioned doing anything like this with him. When you finally risked a look to him, he looked the exact opposite from what you had expected. Smirk plastered across his face, lips wet from running his tongue over them when you had finally shared your request, eyes hooded with lust.

He stepped away from you and went to climb onto the bed, laying back on it and placing his hands behind his head, his eyes still watching you through all of it. He was waiting. For you.

“Come on then, I’m waiting,” his voice was purely filled with hunger at this point, your request was something he couldn’t deny.

You finally moved from your spot and went over to where he was laying on the bed, your fingers shakily working at getting your shorts off and he could see how nervous you were so he intervened. In one quick motion he had both your shorts and panties off, exposing your soaking core to him once again and he let out a low growl. He placed both of his large hands on your waist and guided you as you moved your legs to straddle each side of his face, his breath hitting your most sensitive area and causing your body to jolt slightly but his grip was firm on you.

“Please Hugh,” you begged for him but he just blew more hot air over your entrance, loving the way your body reacted to his actions.

His tongue pressed against you and you cried out at the sudden impact, especially when he flicked it over your clit, his own groans filling the room along with your noises. He pulls back though and stops altogether, eyes staring up at you filled with lust. “Tell daddy what you want again baby girl,” one of his large hands moves from your hip up to your breast and massages over it, taking your nipple between his two fingers and teasing at it.

Your voice comes out in a whine and you’re now pushing your hips down against his lips, already missing the feeling of his warm tongue lapping at your wetness. “Please, I want you to fuck me with your mouth,” you whimper when he flicks his tongue over you again at your words, but this time he’s not slow in his movements.

His lips wrap around your swollen nub and he sucks, torturously hard and he’s got you in a writhing mess on top of him. Hands grasping at his hair as he works his mouth over your clit, letting the tip of his tongue push past your barriers every so often.

And his beard, it feels so fucking good against the soft skin of your inner thighs. The prickly hairs that cover his face are scratching at your skin and with every time he dips his mouth lower into you, his beard scratches at your clit sending you into a moaning euphoria.

“Fuck!” You cry out when he delves his long tongue completely into you, using his thumb to rub fast over your clit while he’s got his tongue buried in you. He groans lowly when you press your hips down into him, sending his tongue even deeper into you and between the feeling of his mouth working against you and his groan that’s vibrated through you, he’s got your legs shaking and your hands looking for something, anything to grab onto.

You glance down at him and immediately regret it, his eyes are staring right back at you but he’s completely lost in the taste of you, lost in how your body is reacting to every single thing he does. The familiar warmth inside your stomach spreads and you know you’re close, and you won’t last long with the way he’s completely devouring you.

“I’m so close,” you warn him and grind your hips down against his face, his stubble scratching against you each time you move your hips. He’s got his tongue flattened over your clit now and he’s letting you do all the work, you are purely just fucking his mouth at this point and he’s enjoying every fucking second it.

“Cum all over daddy’s mouth, princess,” he urges when your grip tightens on his hair and you grind your hips even harder down against his tongue, the sound of your loud moans filling the room along with his grunts each time you press more into his mouth.

His hands clench at your waist to hold you still as he feels you start to come undone on top of him, your walls clenching around his tongue while he drives it deep into you to lap up everything you have to offer him. The feeling of his warm mouth pressed against your clit and his prickly beard playing at the now extremely sensitive skin around your thighs has you whimpering throughout your orgasm. He doesn’t let up with his tongue, he only fucks you more and more throughout your orgasm, trying to prolong it while your body shakes and trembles from the intensity.

Once you’ve finally come down from your high, he licks a long stripe along your clit and your hips jolt from your sensitivity, a smug look across his face when pulls away from you. He lifts you up and gently places you on the bed next to him, but he doesn’t give much time to let you catch your breath before he leans over and catches your lips in a deep kiss. His tongue pushes past your lips and you don’t fight him for dominance, you only swirl your tongue around his and moan into his mouth when you taste yourself on him.

His stubble pricks at your lips when he pulls away and presses his forehead against yours, now trying to catch his breath along with yours. “You should ask for that more often,” he chuckles deeply and presses one last kiss to your lips before rolling off the bed, making his way back to the bathroom to finally start shaving.