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Golden Glow

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As a child, Magnus had never believed in mermaids or magic, despite the tales his mother always told him. He had not believed that there were people living in the sea. He had not believed that there was a thing such as magic, making plants grow with just the power of one's mind, healing people from sickness. Giving life. Creating wonders. And he definitely had not believed that his father allegedly had been one of them.
As he turned fourteen years of age, Magnus watched his mother waste away from the fever. And he wanted to believe in magic, he desperately searched for his father's alleged power inside of him to heal his mother, to save her or to at least take the pain away. His mother smiled up at him as a golden glow spread from his fingers, running warmly through his veins. She  closed her eyes, finally at peace and then she was gone.
And at sixteen, Magnus would grow to believe in mermaids as well.