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Alone and Forsaken

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June 12th 2005,
“Hey Dad where are we going?” A child excitedly yelled from the back of a moving car. “Be patient Ren! You’ll see in a few minutes” The father responded.

The Amamiya family were on their way to Shibuya, Tokyo. They were there to surprise their son, Ren Amamiya, for his 6th birthday.

“But Dad you said we were going to a fun playground! This isn’t a playground this is the city!” He cried out in a mix of mock anger and frustration.

The mother, Akane Amamiya, looked back at the young girl sitting right next to Ren, eagerly looking out the windows and smiled. “Naoto, has your observation skills been rubbing off on your cousin?”

Naoto looked back at Akane and folded her arms. “Of course not! I’d never do such a thing! Hmph!” She proclaimed angrily.

The father, Shin Amamiya, looked over to his wife. “Don’t get mess with them too much, they are just kids you know?” Akane sighed. “Yes and for that reason it’s funny to tease them a bit.” Shin laughed heartily. “Wow, now who’s the witty one Ms.Amamiya!”

He looked back at the road and smiled. “Hey kids we’re here!” Suddenly both Ren and Naoto’s attention was fully drawn to the front of the car as they saw a slightly big apartment complex next to a few other buildings.

They all got out of the car, with Akane holding a bag full of food to eat, and approached the door. The door had a large handle, with the label “NIIJIMA” plastered right on the front. They hit the handle against the door a few times until someone came to the door.

The man at the door was a large, built man with silver hair and red eyes. He wore a small button up shirt with dog tags right wrapped around his neck. “Shin?” The man asked. “Norio? Oh my god it’s so good to see you!”

They both hugged each other really tight, while Akane smiled enthusiastically, and Ren and Naoto looked at each other with confused looks on their faces. Both Norio and Shin released each other from their bear hug.

Shin look at the woman who had appeared next to Norio and smirked. “It’s a pleasure as always Hikari. Still as menacing as ever to the kids?” Norio and Akane both laughed, while Hikari mirrored that smirk. “The pleasure’s all mine Shin. Still as comedic as ever I see. And Akane! Nice to see you again! It’s been a while since we talked.”
Akane smiled. “Yes well, both Shin and I have been busy with our own jobs as you know. I believe you’ve met my child Ren, and this is my Husband’s niece Naoto Shirogane.” Hikari looked down at the two kids, who were shyly hiding behind their father.

“It’s nice to see both of you again! I remember you both when you were still in your diapers.” They both blushed, as Norio ushered them all in. “Come in, come in, we’re still cooking a bit. I had a feeling you’d want to help Akane, seeing as that was your area of expertise.” Akane playfully shoved him, as Hikari stopped and looked at both Naoto and Ren.


“Naoto, Sae is on the kitchen counter working on homework, go talk to her, she’ll love to play around with you.” Naoto ran off to go see Sae Niijima who was diligently working on homework. Hikari kneeled down to be eye-level with Ren.

“Ren, Makoto is on the couch in the living room watching tv. I’m sure you too would hit it off great. We have a nice Sega Dreamcast, with a few games you both can enjoy! I’m sure you two would love it.” She walked off to go talk with the other adults, as Ren looked around and saw the couch in question.

There he saw a young girl with brown hair, and a small headband on her head watching Buchimaru on the TV. He slowly walked over to her and sat right next to her, and just watched the show with her for a while.

After a few minutes, Ren was the first to break the silence. “H-hello, my name is Ren Amamiya, what’s your name?” They looked into each others eyes. Makoto's eyes were a deep crimson that mesmerized the young boy. Likewise, Ren's eyes were a dark black color that left the girl blushing out of shyness. “My name is Makoto Niijima. I-it’s nice to meet you.” She shyly held out her hand, and after a moment’s hesitation, Ren smiled and shook it energetically. “It’s nice to meet you too! So what do you want to do?”

Makoto looked back at the TV and saw that her program ended, and she put her hand to her chin thoughtfully. “Well, we can play a few games if you want!” Ren’s smile stretched massively. “I’d love to! What games do you like?” Makoto’s hand never left her chin as she was still in thought. “Hmmm, well my mom got me Capcom vs SNK 2 for my birthday, and that’s a really fun one.”

Ren was still grinning. “Ooooo, I’ve wanted to play that game for a while, can we please play it?” She smiled heartily in response. “I’d love to!” She walked over to the TV and put the game in the console.
She sat right back down next to him, as they were both holding their controllers. Then Makoto grinned and looked at the boy excitedly bouncing up and down next to her. “Be warned though. I’m really good at this game and I won’t go easy!” He looked right back at her and mimicked that same grin. “Right back at ya! I can’t wait to beat you!”

They both shared a laugh and picked their characters. And as they played match after match, with screams of joy, anguish, and excitement mixed in between, neither of them realized that from that day forward, their fates would be forever intertwined. Because what no one had realized was in that room an eternal bond had been forged that would last many years to come.
The Fool and the Priestess
The Joker and Queen
Ren Amamiya and Makoto Niijima

Pain. That was all Goro Akechi felt as he struggled to keep himself upright. He had just made it out of a devastating battle against the Phantom Thieves and a cognition of himself. He had sacrificed himself to save those thieves, the ones he believed he despised. There was a battle.

Both him and his cognition shot each other, and before the shadows closed in to kill him, Akechi unleashed his persona one last time taking out the remaining shadows and cognitions in the room. He had made it out just barely, and now he was struggling to keep himself upright as he was bleeding profusely, and had made it away from the Diet Building and was currently crawling into a small alleyway in Shinjuku.

As he finally made it, he collapsed. He looked at his chest and saw that it was still bleeding. He sighed, and looked up at the sky. Akechi had accepted his death, and was willing to die with the knowledge that his friends were safe. The last thing he saw before he fell unconscious however, was a white van pull up and a group of heavily armed men approach him.

Akechi gasped as he felt the familiar feeling of oxygen rush back to him. As he was breathing heavily, he looked around and saw he was in a dimly lit operating room. He looked down and saw an IV connected to his arm, with straps on his arms and legs. He also saw a machine wired directly onto his table. There were many flasks and chemicals in the room around him. He also saw people in lab coats hustling around from place to place. He looked to his left and saw other operating tables. Nine to be exact. He looked straight forward and saw a man in a black suit and top hat talking with another man in a lab coat.

He was wearing black gloves, and there was a plague doctor mask covering his face. The man in the lab coat looked stressed. “Sir, Shido’s not going to be happy that you took his assassin from him. The masked man scoffed. “Please, Shido’s a patsy. I practically gave him Ren Amamiya wrapped on a silver platter. I spent so much time developing those drugs, and he lets it all go to waste by failing to make sure he was dead! Shido’s time is over. Very soon we won’t need him anymore.”

He looked behind him and looked right at Akechi and approached him. “Ah! The subject wakes. Good morning Mr. Detective Prince! How are you feeling?” Akechi leaned up and spit blood right on the man’s mask. The masked man just laughed. “Well that’s a normal reaction to being bound and drugged to an operating table. Oh! I almost forgot to introduce myself. I’d rather not say my true name. Privacy reasons and all that, but for now you can just call me the Plague Doctor. Or just Doctor! As Plague Doctor is quite a mouthful. Tell me can you understand what I’m saying?” Akechi leaned back and nodded. He then looked to the other operating tables, and then back at the Doctor.

“Who are they?” The Doctor looked at the operating tables, and then laughed. “Wow who knew the Detective Prince was such a comedian? They’re experiments Detective.” And as he tightened the straps on his arms and legs, flipped a few switches on the machine, and put his hand on the lever attached to it, he stressed three words out loudly. “Just. Like. You.” He then pulled the lever. And just as he heard the man cackle maniacally, he felt thousands of volts of electricity run through him, and he cried out in agony. It was at that moment as he was being tortured that the Detective Prince realized something: he would’ve much rather died in that alleyway.