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30 Whizzvin NSFW Challenge

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“Whizzer. I need to get up. I have work…” Marvin pokes Whizzer’s sleeping face, and the man just shifts, holding Marvin closer. Marvin sighs and shakes Whizzer's shoulder but the man just groans. Marvin moves his hand down to Whizzer’s bare ass and squeezes, eliciting and moan from the man laying on top of him.
“Marvin…” Marvin smiles at his lover and places a soft kiss to his head.
“Whizzer I really have to go…” Whizzer groans as Marvin finally pushes him away.
“Call in sick!” Marvin smiles at his lover and gives him a kiss.
“I did that yesterday. I have to get money somehow!” Whizzer pouts and crawls over to the edge of the bed where Marvin has just stood up. Whizzer grabs Marvin’s naked thigh, and Marvin sharply turns around. “Whizzer…” Marvin gives Whizzer a look and Whizzer kisses Marvin thigh before letting go.
“Alright. When you come home though I expect you to make up for this…” Marvin sighs but nods. Whizzer smirks and lays back down in bed, watching Marvin’s perfect ass as he gets dressed.