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Indecent Display

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Discarded gym outfits, underwear, socks, and shoes were strewn around the ground. Beads of sweat formed on Izuku's forehead, and dripped along the side of his face. A nervous grin was formed on there as well that he couldn't remove even if he tried. The sensations of having his dick sucked by Ochako were too numerous and amazing to even describe. His hand twitched as he kept it on top of her head, attempting to somewhat guide her in the task. Every time he glanced down at her, he felt his entire body tense, including his already firm penis. He wasn't sure what possessed either of them to leave during the outdoors exercising activity to come over to a secluded spot behind a giant crate that was mostly ignored by students and staff alike in order to fulfill their dirty desires, but he was trying very hard to put those thoughts aside. A very difficult task for Izuku indeed.

Pulling away from him, Ochako looked up at him, some of his cum dripped down her chin. "My turn~" With that, she settled herself on the ground, spreading her legs wide for him to look. Blushing, he silently accepted her invitation, and began to close in on her. "Just be gentle, Deku, okay?"

"R-right." Izuku's face was only a few inches away from her vagina. It was much different looking at it like this than it was in a book or a computer screen, and his mind continued to pump out numerous observations about the way she looked, smelled, and...tasted once his tongue met her labia.

Biting her bottom lip, she resisted the urge to moan. Several feet away, their classmates were still exercising or fooling around in the physical education field. Any loud sounds might bring unwanted attention to them. Though the idea of being caught did entice her, and she became further aroused at the idea of all eyes being on her and Izuku.

His tongue grazed over her outer lips gently, and he was surprised by how moist she was already. Closing his eyes, he decided to continue exploring, and hoping that the motions would be enough to satisfy her. As the tip of his tongue circled around the nub between her legs, he could feel her tighten up in a similar way to him when she had his member in her mouth, and he began to realize he was at least doing something correctly here.

The sound of a huff prompted Ochako to look up, even as ecstasy was beginning to take over, and her eyes widened when she saw Bakugo standing just a few feet away. Her naked body was now in his sights, and he was watching Izuku work between her legs. Although he was scowling and seemed to be seething that they were doing this, she could tell Bakugo was also quite interested in what was happening. Her mind was screaming at her to stop, and how embarrassing this was, but her body wouldn't allow her to stop even when she saw Iida and Tsuyu walk up behind Bakugo, both much more shocked by the sight than he was. "D-Deku, yes! Mm, yes!" This was all too much for her to handle, and all she could do was express how gratifying she was finding this experience.

Her exclamation drove him to lick her faster, his tongue swirling rapidly inside of her. He paused for only a moment to say something naughty to her. "You're really wet, Uraraka... You must've been wanting this for a while, huh?"

"Yes, Deku! Lick my clit! Please! More!" screamed Ochako as he began to poke around her pussy again, not caring who heard her. Her hands practically digging into the ground as he obeyed her request, and focused on her throbbing clitoris.

More students from class 1-A began to gather in the spot behind the crate that the couple was using to have their 'fun'. Most of them were too shocked to say anything, and just watched while some were whispering commentary about the erotic goings-ons.

Izuku still hadn't noticed the crowd behind him as he mounted Ochako, slowly easing his pulsating cock inside of her. A grunt was emitted from him as he felt her vaginal muscles contract against him, and his eyes fluttered. It just felt so good, and the sensation was all he could think about. Quite awkwardly he began to thrust quickly. Ochako placed her hands on his back, arching her back, and trying to mimic the same movements down below. "Take me! TAKE ME!" Ochako seemed to be losing her self control, and Izuku was more turned on than he ever had been in his life.

Pumping into her as fast as he could, he began to shout as well. "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?"


Bakugo scoffed, seemingly agitated by the sight, even though his hard-on was poking at his pants. In fact, all of the on-lookers were also showing signs of arousal in one way or another. Their passionate fucking was definitely something they never expected to witness.

When Izuku's body began to glow yellow as he activated his powers, some trepidition began to stir within everyone including the couple. However, Izuku felt he would be okay, using only enough of his power to spice up the sex, and increasing his strength and stamina. Ochako held on tight as he pounded into her for several minutes, her expression displaying how much pleasure she was receiving. The heat inside was building, and she tried her best to keep the momentum going for as long as possible. Alas, Ochako's orgasm prompted her to tremble, the cream flowing onto her partner. Izuku followed suit, his penis slowing down while the jisms were pushed into her.

"Pathetic." Bakugo's voice filled Izuku with dread, and he turned to see him and the rest of his class gawking.

Before Izuku could even react properly, All Might made his way over to the group. "Class, just what is--" Izuku's face became pale as he felt his mentor's eyes pass him and Ochako over. The pair instinctively got on their feet, which merely gave their instructor and classmates a better view of their nude post-sex bodies, glistening with perspiration, skin flushed, and cum dripping down their legs. All Might's face reddened, and he turned around. "Well, we should, uh... Let's go back inside while those two..." Clearing his throat, he attempted to usher the kids away.