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Forbidden Love

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I ambled through wrought iron gate of cemetery. Two of my bodyguards stopped by the entrance to guard it while others dispersed into different directions.  The whether was windy... brisk air blew , sending chills through my body- it was October . Orange leaves rustled with each other as the wind blew, creating beautiful music. Birds chirped sitting on the leafless branches.


The cemetery was deserted as it was mid of the week and as well as working hour. Yeah, I know usually people don't go to cemetery in middle of the week . But I didn't know why of all days it had to be Wednesday.  


'Because all your meetings were cancelled and you're the boss, so you can go wherever you want or whenever you want!' rational part of my  brain replied.


I walked on the pathway leading to my father's grave. I signaled two of my guards to stay as I continued to walk. 


As I reached his tombstone, I took a deep breath and started head up.


 I was walking , when suddenly I saw a familiar figure. I halted in mid tracks and looked at who it was. 


The boy had his back towards me and was standing with hunched shoulders. He was tall and had black hair. I tried to remember who it was because first I meet a lot of people on daily basis and I have a great memory to remember everyone's names and their jobs which of course benefits me. I know everyone that live in my territory but I didn't know who he was.


 I continued to walk, when I was near to my father's  grave,  I heard a sob. 


I turned my head towards the boy , who now was placing flowers on the grave. I narrowed my eyes to see the name on grave.


Robert Lightwood was written. Uh a Lightwood - I remember it now. How could I not remember him. He was the boy ,that I couldn't get off my mind since...


My smile faltered as the boy raised his head. My breath hitched as I  was met by the striking pair of hazel eyes. I couldn't tear my eyes away from those sad pair of eyes ...same as the last time I met him. 


I knew that I was openly staring and that it was not appropriate but I couldn't stop.I don't know how long I have been staring because the boy shook his head away, turning his back towards me.


I  blushed because of embarrassment. Get a grip, Bane!. You are not sixteen!.


 I faced my father's grave and didn't dared to turn my head in his direction after that.


 One month ago.


I was standing with Raphael in the cemetery as one of our old friend ( my dad's friend) died. We were at his funeral. 


I was feeling uncomfortable because standing here brought  back my worst memories of when my father( The Great Asmodes Bane) died. I was terrified because I was only twenty two and heir to our Bane corp and Downworlder' capo Dei capi I couldn't take such burden. I had eyes on me . Everyone expected me to be great leader like my dad. And of course , I had Valentine who was planing on getting my territory. But thanks to Ragnor ( my father right hand and my guardian) helped me.


I was brought back for my flashback by a piercing cry. I jerked my head in the direction from where the heart wrenching cry came. There standing was Mayrse Lightwood, widow of Robert - calming a young teenage girl with ebony hair.


Few women came and grabbed the girl by her arms and walked her away from the casket to sit on a old wooden bench .


"Who is she?" I asked in a low whisper.


Raphael raised his head and looked in the direction which his boss had pointed, "Isabelle Lightwood, daughter of Mayrse and Robert" he monotonously replied.


My heart dropped at that. Girls are always close to their dads . I knew that Robert' daughter was close to him," Poor child! She is too young to bear such thing" I remorsefully said and Raphael nodded.


"She is only fourteen".


"How many children did he had?"  I asked, my eyes still on the broken girl in a woman arms, who was trying to calm her with whispering assuring words to her.


"Three I guess... Alexander seventeen, Isabelle fourteen and Maxwell nine" he replied.


The crowd was standing beside coffin . I let out a groan when my eyes set on Valentine. He was whispering in a boy's ear and the boy was nodding his head bowed and I noticed that  his shoulder were slightly shaking, he was silently crying. The boy with blond hair intertwined their fingers. 


"Who is Valentine talking to?!" I asked with distaste and Raphael looked at them.


"Alec lightwood the black haired boy and Sebastian, the blonde one... Valentine' son".


 "Oh..." I said but I abruptly stopped as the boy lifted his head . Everything around me stopped as the boy raised his head in slo-mo ( I know it was normal but for me it was like that everything and everyone had stopped moving) and I was met by the most beautiful pair of hazel orbs. I didn't know how long I stared . The boy wiped his tears away with the back of his hand , I suddenly felt the urge to comfort him. 


I was about to take a step forward when suddenly I realized , what mistake I was going to make. 


Yeah our relationship with Lightwood's was not the same as it was few years ago. The Lightwoods' were the middle men or neutral ground between us and Morgenstern. But in few years everything changed as Mayrse Lightwood started to work for Valentine.


I didn't liked that at all. I knew Robert was loyal to both sides but Mayrse....


I shook my head to get away from those thoughts.


Raphael gave me a worried look, ' I had to change the subject '.


"Do you know the cause of his death?" I asked , my eyes still on the eldest Lightwood.


"The rumors are that he committed  suicide because he was financially broke and he had to pay a lot of debt to Morgenstern that his wife took" Raphael answered. 


We stood for awhile,  while I stool glances of Alexander from time to time. 


I was infuriated by blond , who was hugging and kissing his forehead. I wanted to be the one to comfort him.... WHAT?!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, BANE?!


The funeral ended and everyone started to pat Alexander' shoulder and depart.


"We should also go now, Magnus" Raphael spoke and I nodded. We walked towards them. 


I was feeling nervous as I stood in front of him.


"Babe , everything is going to be fine" Sebastian assured and Alexander nodded. I was furious at this. Was... Were they together?.


What if they are together!. That's none of my business!. But still I couldn't shake off this unpleasant feeling that suddenly set in my stomach. Was this jealousy? .... HOW COULD BE MAGNUS FREAKIN' BANE BE JEALOUS?!!!.


I was brought back from my inner  turmoil as Raphael coughed- trying to get attention of the two teens. Alexander and Sebastian turned their heads towards us.


"I'm Raphael Santiago and this my boss Mr. Bane" Raphael introduced us and I noticed Alexander eyes widen at that.


"We are sorry on your loss. May his soul rest in peace" Raphael said and Alexander nodded.


I was stunned by the beauty standing in front of me. I have never seen such beauty. My heart beat quickened and I couldn't breathe.


Few seconds later, Raphael nudged me with his elbow.


" Ouch!" I cried out and was brought back from my daydreaming. I glared at Raphael and he gave me a pointed look , like ' seriously,Bane!'


I quickly realized that I was ogling this young boy...or may I say Angel!.


I jerked my head in his direction and noticed that he was frowning while the blonde was looking daggers at me.


" I- uhmmm... " I stuttered out and Alec gave a lopsided smile. Oh...his smile! His beautiful, beautiful smile!


Sebastian coughed this time to bring my attention back. He possessively wrapped his arm around Alec's waist and held his chin up, telling me that Alec was his and I should back off. Alec looked uncomfortable with the death grip around his waist.


I felt that unpleasant feeling again at that. I should pay my condolences and get out from here as soon as possible before I make myself a  fool in front of these teens!


" My condolences ... I wish I could help you... If you need anything, please don't hesitate" I said sympathetically and he gave a weak smile.


"Thank you , Mr. Bane" he said. Oh his voice!... His voice was  like angels.


"But I ..." he was interpreted by Sebastian.


"Oh come on. I'm getting tired standing here....And listen Bane we don't need your help. I can help him!" he snapped and Magnus gritted his teeth. Before he could say anything, he was interjected by Alec.


"Sebastian! Please... Can you please shut your mouth for once!" Alec hissed while glaring , making Sebastian visibly flinch. Magnus smirked at that.


"But...Alec... You can't talk to me like this!" Sebastian stammered , Alec gave an eye roll.


Alec waved his hand dismissively "Sebastian , please I'm not in mood to argue about this!" he tiredly sighed and shook his handoff that was resting on his hip.


"Fine!" he huffed and stomped his feet childishly on the green grass and walked off to God knows where. Two men in black following him.


"I'm sorry for his behavior" Alec apologized .


"Its totally fine. And I know that your loss is  greater... And seriously, when I say that I know your loss... I know because I went through this time myself... So , if you need any help.... Call me" Magnus handed him a business card. Alec took it hesitantly.


"Okay, I will... If I needed your help" Alec thanked. Raphael phone beeped, indicating that he received a text.


"Magnus, we should leave now... Ragnor texted" Raphael announced while reading the text on his phone. Magnus nodded his head.


"We should go now. And give my condolences to Mayrse" .


"I will" Alec simply nodded his head while stuffing the business card in the back of his black dress pants. Magnus smiled at that. 


They said their goodbyes and started to walk out from this stuffy atmosphere.


As Magnus was walking out , he saw Sebastian , who was leaning against a tree trunk, smoking a cigarette and glaring at him. 


Wasn't he underage for smoking?. Of course he was Valentine's son , that was normal for him. 




After, spending good fifteen minutes, talking to his dad. He glanced at the other man grave in order to see Alec. But he was disappointed because he was not there. 


He sighed .


It was no use for him to stay any longer because the excuse (Alec) for which he came had gone. 


It wasn't his first time to see him... Actually he came here innumerable times in hope to see him and talk to him but his nerves would always come in his way. He had seen Alexander few times. 


 After death of Asmodeus , Magnus never paid visit to him . But after meeting the hazel eye beauty, his visit became quite frequent to cemetery.


"I'm sorry for being selfish, dad!" he apologized to his grave and placed a bouquet of Turkish Halfeti roses.


He thought that today , he was going to talk to him. But he lost his chance . He sighed in defeat and started to walk out of gate, two body guards following behind him. 


He halted in mid tracks, when he heard a familiar voice.


"No!... Come on, Lydia!" he hissed on phone.


Magnus tried to hear the conversation . He signaled his bodyguards to be quiet.


"Please you promised me that you will give me a ride . Now, how I'm going to go home!... Don't call me again!" he said, angrily and cut the call  . He sighed as rubbed his forehead in stress.


Magnus thought it was his cue to walk. He stood beside his car. But Alec didn't acknowledged his presence. So he coughed to get his attention.


Alec turned his head towards him and smiled.


"Hi" he said.


"Hey "


" How are you, Mr Bane?" he asked.


" I'm fine , darling. And please don't be formal, Alexander... Don't call me Mr Bane. Mr Bane was my dad... Its makes me sound like I'm way older!" he dramatically sighed and the latter giggled at that . He wanted to make him laugh like that. 


" Call me ...Magnus, Alexander" he smiled .


"Its Alec" he quickly corrected.


" Okay ... Alec but I like Alexander" he said and Alec sighed , not arguing about it.


A pregnant silence felt between them , Magnus broke the silence "Need a ride?... I'm sorry for eavesdropping but I actually overhead your conversation on phone" he admitted, sheepishly .


" I'm fine ... I'm just going to hail a cab" he made an excuse while fiddling with the strap of his bag pack.


" Alexander, look you and I both know that there will be no cab coming overhear... It's one of a dangerous territory. And the raining will start anytime, now. So... I can give you a ride back to your home " he softly explained . Alec looked up at the black clouds looming above their heads, he bit his bottom lip, contemplating whether he should take offer or not .


"Look, I'm not a stranger and I'm not going to kidnap you" he jested, earning a chuckle from young man. His heart melted at that. He is so beautiful! 


"Okay... I will go with you " he smiled ,making Magnus  grin . 


They walked towards a black Range rover that had black tinted windows.


The drive towards Alec's house was filled with silence.


Alec received innumerable texts and with every ping he was getting antsy . Magnus looked at him worriedly but didn't uttered a word. Alec was fumbling with his ring when a text came again. Alec opened it and read....the color drained out of his face.


Magnus reluctantly placed his hand on his bicep"Is everything alright?" he  asked worriedly and Alec jerked up at the touch and his ring slipped from his fingers and fell on the car' floor. Magnus quickly let go of him with disappointment.


"Yeah... Everything is fine. Just my sister's texting me.... She is worried because I left school early" he lied and he nodded, not pressing him further. 


When they reached his house. He started to panic. His face became pale as he looked out of car' window.


"Alec ? Are you listening to me?he asked worriedly as his breath became irregular. 


"Alec? Alec?" he called his name. Alec closed his eyes and tried to compose himself.


"Yeah... Could you... I mean that could you drop me  few houses away" he stammered and Magnus only nodded , not knowing what to do,"Yeah... Of course I can" .


They drove few houses away from his house.


" Thank you for giving me ride" Alec said as the car stopped.


" It was my pleasure,darling!" he grinned and Alec shyly nodded. He opened the door and stepped out, " Okay, bye!" he waved his hand and flung his bag over his shoulder.


" Bye... I hope I see you again" he said and Alec only smiled and closed the door and started to walk on the pavement towards his house.

Magnus ordered his driver to follow him. He walked off to his house greeting two man, dressed in black clothes.


 As they were going back he saw Morgenstern men and their motorbikes with circle - a symbol of Morgenstern.


He frowned at this, as why Alec suddenly got a panic attack.


As they were driving back to his office , he saw a ring on ground. Magnus crouched down and picked it up. 


It was a white gold ring with letter 'L' engraved on it.


'Maybe Alec forgot it. Another opportunity to meet my angel!' he thought and placed a kiss on it and after that tucked in his blazer' pocket.




At night, he casually sprawled on his expansive red couch with his head resting against the armrest. He was playing with Alec' ring while thinking about early day event. He couldn't get Alec out of his mind. He didn't know what was wrong with his angel. And he wanted to help him. 


He wanted to make him his and protect him from everyone...from this cruel world. If protecting him meant to keep him under lock and key ... Then he was willing to do that.  He would do anything to keep his angel safe.


Magnus was concerned about him... Of why he got a panic attack. Every time he closed his eyes, the image of a pair hazel eyes would flash.


He wanted to kill Sebastian... He hated how he was lucky to have him.


' You are just jealous of him , Magnus!' the rational part of his brain replied.


Wanting Alec was a foreign feeling for him. He had never pinned for anyone like he was pinning for Alexander.


In simple words he wanted him be his and for that he was willing to do anything.


He had actually stalked him online...well he had some intimate picture with Sebastian like hugging him and kissing him. But he didn't looked happy...the smile that he gave didn't reached his eyes. In short they all looked forced.


' You're just making this up ' he thought.


He even started to take the route that had Alec' school in way . He would park his car just few feet's away from his school gate, just to catch his glimpse. And for Magnus that was enough.


" I want you to make mine!... I'll give you all luxuries of life ... just be mine!" he whispered , playing with ring. He brought it close to his lips and then pressed his lips to it.


He was thinking about him , when suddenly his phone ringed , indicating a call. He sat up on his couch and leaned in to grab his phone.


Ragnor Fell name flashed.


' Why was he calling at this hour of night?' he thought worriedly.


He took a deep breath and accepted the call, " What's up, Cabbage?" he greeted.


" Don't call me that. You know how much I hate this nickname!" he sighed, irritated by him.


He loved to annoy him ," You know , I can't do that" he let out a chortle and Ragnor sighed at it.


"So, why did you called at this hour of night?" he asked while walking towards his mini bar . He poured himself amber liquid in glass.


" It only what twelve am?...Anyway, I called to inform you that Morgenstern is making some plan to take on small area of our territory" he replied .


Magnus gulped the drink in one go and then slammed the glass on the bar.


" What is his problem?!" he snarled .


" Magnus... Magnus , calm down... Anger will only do bad for you" he tried to calm him down.


" And how will it do bad to me? " he frowned.


" Because if you will frown like this , you will get crows feet" he stated matter-of-factly. And Magnus laughed , previous anger long gone.


" Okay ... I won't frown , Cabbage" he smiled and Ragnor rolled his eyes.


After a moment of silence , Magnus asked" So... What are we going to do ?" .


" Don't worry about it, dear. I'm here to solve it. How are the kids ?" he asked. Magnus smiled at  his best friend.


" They are fine . Just doing what teens do" he fondly said .


" Okay... Now go to bed and take your beauty sleep. Let me do my job ... Of screwing that arsehole " he ordered.


" Okay , mom!" he jested and heard a curse on the other side of phone. He switched his phone off and shook his head fondly.


He changed into his silk pajamas and slipped under the sheets. 


He was hovering above a tall , muscular man, who was panting his name, " Ahh... Magnus, f-fuck me!... I-uh...want you inside me!" the man begged, hoarsely.


Magnus stopped sucking his nipple and looked straight in the eyes of his hazel beauty.


" Don't worry darling, I'll take care of you" he purred and kissed him passionately and Alexander kissed him back while tugging his hair, making him turn on more.


Magnus jerked up in his bed with heavy breath. He ran his hand over his face to wipe away sweat .


' That was damn hot!' he thought.


As he was leaning to grab his phone to check time, he felt his hard erection twitch under the silk sheet," You are so screwed, Magnus!" he sighed to himself.


Magnus removed the sheet and slipped his hand into his boxer. He took hold of his throbbing member in his hand and let out a moan. He started to jerk it slowly while thinking about stretching Alexander' tight asshole.


He let out a guttural moan as he imagined Alec withering under him while crying to fuck him.


His jerks became rough and quick until he came while crying out ' ALEXANDER!'.


Magnus closed his eyes and dropped his head on the headrest, "Ah.... Al-Alexander Lightwood you're going to be death of me !" he panted out.




Few weeks later.


I was driving in rush because Raphael called me to inform that Morgenstern men were trying to get in my territory. 


I  stopped my car at red signal, when suddenly someone knocked on my car's  window. I jerked my head to see two pairs of hands, staining the window red.


Was that  blood!.


I quickly opened my car door without thinking .


And my eyes went wide at the boy's sight.


"Please... Please help me!" he cried desperately.


I was bewildered at seeing my Angel's face stained with blood and tears.


" Mr- Ma.... Magnus, I need your help" he stuttered while gasping for air.


" Okay... Darling I will help. What do you need?" I asked bewildered.


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Alec anxiously closed the car's door and started to walk towards his house. He knew that Magnus car was following behind him but he didn't dared to look back.


He took a deep breath and started to take long strides towards his house gate , which was being guarded by two bodyguards.


He immediately knew that Sebastian was at his house.


"Good morning" he greeted with a fake smile and both guards nodded.


He opened the door and was locking it , when suddenly he heard a crash.


Alec left the door unlocked and rushed towards living room from where sound of Sebastian yelling came.


As soon as he reached the living room, his eyes widen at scene.


Sebastian pushed Isabelle roughly and she fell on the ground with a loud thud.


"Where is he?" Sebastian yelled at Isabelle with waving his gun in air.


Tears were streaming down Izzy's face  while her left leg started to bleed from being scratched. 


Alec was shocked at seeing this... at seeing his sister looking so small , scared and vulnerable.


Isabelle curled into ball, trying to hide herself from him,"I ca- called ....him but...." she stuttered, incoherently.


"B... But what?!" he mimicked her by interjecting her.


" I'm here" Alec finally announced, stepping into the living room. Sebastian jerked his head up in his direction, anger quickly dissipating into thin air. A smile spread across his face at seeing his boyfriend sight . 


"Alec!" he grinned and walked towards him and hugged him tightly.


" I missed you so much " Sebastian breathed out as he buried his face in crook of his neck.


Alec wanted to strangle him so badly but he couldn't. 


He gave an apologetic smile to Izzy . Who nodded her head - forgiving him. Sebastian pressed a kiss to his lips but Alec didn't returned it, "Where were you , babe?" Sebastian inquired.


"I - uh ... Went to cemetery" he answered.


" Okay... But why weren't you answering my calls and texts?... You know that I don't like it when you ignore me!" he pouted and Alec wanted punch him so badly.


' How could he think that his pout worked on him?!... Oh yeah you once thought that it was cute' he thought.


"Come on , Alec!. Are you even listening  me?!" Sebastian voice cut his thoughts.


Alec blinked his eyes, "Uh- what? " he asked and Sebastian gave an eye roll.


"I said that we should go to your room" he sighed.


Alec didn't wanted to go up and sleep with him but he had no choice, " Okay, lets go" he agreed reluctantly and Sebastian grinned, grabbing his hand and dragged him upstairs.




Alec entered dinning room, Mayrse and Isabelle were having their dinner. Alec took a chair and sat down.


" How was  your day big brother?" Izzy asked while passing him bowl of meatballs and spaghetti that he cooked before going to school.


He grabbed the bowl  and muttered "Fine" but Isabelle knew the meaning behind one word, she remained silent.


Alec started to eat while thinking about ways to end his relationship with Sebastian. He was too deep in his thoughts that he didn't listened to what his mother was saying . Well...that was until his mother asked him about money.


"And I need money" she finally uttered.


Alec head jerked up in her direction, "What?" he asked as he didn't paid attention towards her conversation.


" I said I need money for Max' school fee" she explained.


"But I gave you that a week ago, mom!" Alec incredulous said.


"Oh, that... I actually spent it" she simply shrugged, not caring at all.


"What?! I gave you and I paid bills and Izzy's school fee. Where did you used it?!" his voice raised and Mayrse flinched at that.


" I actually bought a necklace for my friend's party" 


' What! A necklace?!'


"Really?!...Your necklace was more important than Max's education?! "


"I want to maintain our status" she said matter- of- factly  and he shook his head in disbelief. He couldn't believe , how could a mother  be so selfish .


Alec raked his fingers through his hairs, tiredly," Mom, you know we are not rich anymore more. After dad's death... our whole company went financially broke"he tried to reason but he knew that all of this would go over Mayrse head.


She pursed her lips, trying to think of a way. Alec sighed ,' Thank God...she didn't argued ' he thought.


After a moment of thinking she said," You could ask Sebastian"


Alec balled his fists that were resting on table, "Mom ! How much will his father pay, huh?... He is already financially supporting us. Izzy and Max schools fee, rent and electric bills and all other expanses, he is taking care of it. I can't ask for more" he breathed out, to control himself.


" Oh... ask him for a gift , then" Mayrse suggested, nonchalantly.  Izzy stood up and left, with tears running down her face.


" You are unbelievable, mom!" he clapped his hands, sarcastically.


" So what should I do?... I have needs too"


"He is already paying enough... Or in your words gifts.... You both were selfish..." he stood up, his chair screeching on the marble floor.


"We were selfish?! " she incredulously asked and then continued, " We accepted you when you came out!" she stated like it was huge favor they did for him.


Alec ran his tongue over his teeth,"Oh shut up!... You guys only accepted me because your boss son was interested in me!" he seethed.


She stood up and set her hands on the table, palms up" ALEXANDER!" she warned.


Alec held his hand to stop her,"No ... Let me speak. You only accepted me because you wanted a great future... A Great Future. And you are still using me as a credit card!" he interjected and Mayrse balled her fists . She huffed out and stormed out of dinning room.


Tears welled up in his eyes, he slumped down and sighed out as he raked his fingers through his hairs.


He was so so tired!




Alec rubbed his eyes and sat up in his bed , Sebastian was peacefully asleep by his side.


Alec hated him so much. He wanted to throttle him in his sleep but he couldn't.


He shook his head and stood up to wear his sweat pants and shirt. He stretched out his muscles and walked towards nightstand to grab his phone. He checked time , it was 7 o clock. Alec sighed and padded towards his desk , where his homework was laying.


Alec turned on the lamp and started to do his homework.


An hour later, Sebastian woke up,"What are you doing?" he asked in sleepy voice.


" Homework" he replied, monotonously.


" Leave it and come here" he ordered .


" No ! I need to finish this" Alec seethed, irritated by his behavior and Sebastian huffed out.


Few minutes later, Alec heard ruffling of sheets.


Sebastian sat against the headrest and lit a cigarette to smoke.


" Please don't smoke here" he scrunched up his nose as the smoke invaded his nostrils .


" You are no fun, babe!" he sighed  but continued to smoke.


Alec closed his eyes, trying to control his urge to take a puff too but he couldn't go back to his old ways. He needed to chew Nicorette gum.


" You should leave studies and enjoy life like me... C'mere I want to fuck you again!" he ordered. 


 He was like Sebastian before his father's death. His life revolved around drugs, alcohol and sex. But after Robert' death , all of his family' burden set on his shoulders. He cringed at thought of himself... He knew that Sebastian was bad influence on him but he didn't care. He thought that he was in love with him that he didn't care how he degraded him or how abusive ( physically and mentally) he was towards him and his family.


Alec shook his head , "No... I want to complete my studies, so I can take care of my siblings" 


He rolled his eyes ," Oh come on. You are talking like adults,now" he sighed out, clearly irritated by his boyfriend' behavior.


Alec shook his head in disbelief,"Seb, I'm thinking about my future, here" he retorted while pointing finger towards his books and Sebastian shook his head," Don't you know my dad?" he arrogantly asked.


Alec turned his head towards him,"A mafia lord" he deadpanned.


"Duh..." he said as it was obvious.




" So that he can pay our expanses. And you don't need to work hard because I'm gonna provide you, babe!" he stated, proudly. And Alec became frozen.


' Was he ! He can't be'  he anxiously thought.


" Uhmm...but..." he stammered and rubbed his neck, nervously.


" But what , Alec?!" Sebastian frowned and Alec saw red. He quickly started to think about ways to change this subject.


Sebastian eyes widen as realization hit him," You don't think we are endgame?!" he demanded, voice raising slightly.


" No- no... I was thinking that you have two brothers . So technically they will take your father's place"he rambled and saw Sebastian expression change. A deep frown appeared on his forehead as he tried to comprehend what Alec said. Alec smirked at that.


 It was true that Sebastian wasn't the brightest. He always knew how to handle him. He went back to his work. He knew that he will take time to answer.


"But he loves me..." he mumbled to himself after some time. 


"Hmmm.... What? Did you said something?" Alec asked , not paying much attention as he was too engrossed in his homework.


" Nothing... I was just saying..." Sebastian tried to think of an excuse. " That I should order pizza" .


Alec stopped writing and turned his head towards him," I can cook dinner, if you want" he offered and Sebastian loved his cooking but he wanted sometime alone... away from him.


He stood up and walked towards him and wrapped his arms around his shoulders , Alec flinched at that.


Sebastian trailed kisses from his  neck to his jaw,  " No... I love your cooking but you are tired" he made an excuse and kissed his temple. Alec closed his eyes...controlling himself from shoving him away," I'm not that tired and Izzy will be hungry too ... As we haven't heard any fire alarm go off , yet" he jested and Sebastian giggled.


" Okay... I'm going to order some pizza and  garlic bread" he padded towards nightstand to grab his phone and was about to go out when Alec yelled," No!... Don't go out like this..." his face was beetroot red and Sebastian raised an eyebrow, asking him 'What?'.


Alec gestured his hand towards his body. Sebastian looked down and an ' Oh!' left his lips.


He quickly grabbed his boxer and wore his boyfriend' shirt , which was discarded on floor.


" Yeah, Izzy is young and I don't want to put awful images in her mind!" he reasoned and Sebastian let out a chortle .


" You don't think she knows what we do in here? Don't you?!" he laughed .


Red crept over his cheeks.


" Aww... You look adorable being all flustered. I love you so much..." he cooed and kissed his cheek and left the room.


As soon as he left, Alec opened a drawer and popped a gum into his mouth.


He dropped his head in his hands,"God!... I can't do this" he sighed, helplessly. Suddenly, he remembered Isabelle. He quickly stood up and strode towards her room.




Isabelle was sitting on her bed with a book on her lap , when her room door knocked.


" Come in!" she said and Alec entered her room. He saw that Izzy had already tended her wound as there was bandage wrapped around her knee. Alec felt furious at himself but he knew that he had no choice.


Isabelle raised her head from the book ," Is he still here?" she asked . He nodded and she sighed.


He padded towards her bed and sat in front of her. He took her hand in his," I'm sorry for his behavior, Iz" he apologized and Isabelle looked up.


" Don't be... He is a douche bag and I know how much you are going through at this time. So don't be sorry for him. His always high and you have to deal with him, mom... a-and us" 


Alec shook his head, " You and Max are not burden on me. I love you guys...more than anything!" he assured her.


She smiled and mumbled ," I love you too, big brother" as she hugged him and Alec hugged her too. They remained like this , not caring about the world. 


" Why are we seeing such time?" she whispered into his chest . Alec closed his eyes...trying to think about the explanation.


" We did nothing to upset God but still we are facing such problems, why?" she asked , tears streaming down her face.


" It's a test , Iz!" he breathed out and then continued," And we have to stay together and be each others strength. Our mom is failing badly at this but we..." he took his sister hand intervening their fingers...  Izzy looked at their joined hands.


" We need to stay strong like this!" he squeezed her hand and Izzy nodded.


" Promise me, you will not leave me like mom and dad" she whispered, tears staining her beautiful face and Alec wanted to cry , seeing his little sister so vulnerable.  He raised his hand and brushed them away," I promise you, Iz!".


Suddenly, Sebastian barged into her room without permission," Knock knock!" he jested as he leaned against the door frame.


" Who's there?" Isabelle asked while looking daggers at him and Alec rolled his eyes.


" Not funny!" he whined, childishly and Izzy threw raspberry at him. Before these both could start an argument, Alec had to stop them.


" You both are being childish!...For God sake Seb , you are seventeen! So act like one!"  Alec sighed and Sebastian pouted," You always take her side, I hate you!" he shouted and left them alone. Alec shook his head in disbelief.


" Go , make it up before our baby goes back to his daddy to whine about his boyfriend" she mocked and Alec stood up and left to search for him.




Few days later.


Sebastian and Alec were in bed . Sebastian on his phone texting someone while Alec was searching jobs for himself and contemplating whether or not he should ask for money from him. Mayrse have been stressing him with this for few days, now.


" You can't do nothing but be his whore for free!" she spat at Alec's face.


" Now go and ask him or your little brother will be kicked out from his school!" she snarled not caring about Alec.


Sebastian who was typing, glanced at his laptop screen. Suddenly, his demeanor changed .


" What are you doing?!" he seethed, making Alec flinch.


" Wha- what? Just nothin.... I was just looking for j-job..." he stuttered out and Sebastian glared. He slapped his laptop screen, shutting it in process .Alec got scared at the sudden change in his demeanor.


" Why are you searching for jobs, huh?"Sebastian yelled and Alec flinched .


" I- uh... Was just wanting to earn some money" he whispered.




" Yes, your father do but I need to earn more. For my siblings, Sebastian" he corrected him, glaring.


Sebastian shook his head," Look , I love you more than your siblings but still you give them your attention and love!... I need you, Alec . I want your time, your attention and love... You just want to get rid of me, huh!" Sebastian yelled and his eyes were red rimmed , glistening with unshed tears while his lower lip trembled .


Alec didn't know what to do. Sebastian wasn't like this before. He was sweet and caring. Always thinking about him first. But now he was obsessed with him. Alec was scared of that. If he would hurt Sebastian, his father would hurt him and his family in return. He didn't cared about himself but he was scared for Isabelle and Max.


Alec quickly took his hand in his, trying to calm him down," Seb, you are misunderstanding this. I want to pay fee of Max's school. Sebastian, Please don't cry. Please!" Alec implored. Sebastian wiped  his eyes with the back of his hand.


" Okay, I won't cry. You could have told me that you needed money. I wouldn't have blinked an eye and given you" he stated and Alec let out a sigh of relief. Sebastian opened his arms and pouted. Alec shook his head at this but hugged him,anyway.


" You didn't have to create drama for this" Sebastian mumbled against his shoulder and Alec stilled at that.


" Promise me, you won't leave me?" he asked.


" I promise" he forcedly uttered with closed eyes.


Sebastian withdrew from him and turned towards the nightstand and grabbed his Rolex . He threw it in Alec's lap, not caring where it landed.


" Here that's a branded watch . It will be enough to pay his school fee" he droned. Alec had tears in his eyes...he felt like a trash for that.


" Y-yeah" he whispered with a trembling voice. " I need to go to bathroom " he lied and stood up to go . 


Sebastian shrugged" Whatever" and started to scroll through his phone.


Alec quickly ran towards bathroom and locked the door. He turned his back towards door , a let out a sob. He slumped down on tile floor and started to cry .


He had no dignity left. He hated himself. Yes his mother was right, he was just a whore, nothing more!.


 " Why did you do this to us?... Why?" he softly whispered to himself. 


After crying for few minutes, he stood up and walked to sink . He looked himself in mirror, his eyes were red and puffy. He turned on the tap and splashed cold water on his face.


He composed himself and walked out of bathroom. He saw that Sebastian was buttoning his shirt.


" Are you leaving?" he asked and sat on his bed.


Sebastian didn't looked up, " Yeah... Dad called... He wants me for dinner" he grinned and added, " Its been a long time since we had any meal together" he ruefully sighed  and grabbed his phone from nightstand.


He then crawled up to Alec and pecked his lips, " I'll come by tomorrow" he smiled and Alec nodded not looking up.


Sebastian sighed and stood up and went out off his room.


Alec waited until he heard the front door shut and noises of motorbikes engines being start.


He stood up and grabbed the watch that Sebastian threw at him. And marched down stairs to his mother, who was sipping coffee while watching some show in lounge.


 Alec stormed in and slammed the watch on the coffee table making her startled but a grin spread across her face at the sight of watch.


" Here, I had asked him for money and he threw this at me like I'm nothing, mom!" his voice cracked at the end of sentence but Mayrse paid  no heed too it. 


" Now pay his fee and I'm not gonna ask for any more money again!" he yelled and left the house.


"Whatever" she said and grabbed the watch with Cheshire grin.




Few weeks later.


" Hold on... Please!" I desperately pleaded as I pressed my jacket to her wounded leg. 


" I- I ... Uhmmm  going to find some help, please don't sleep... Please" I begged and she nodded.


" Okay I w-will try!... Ahh...lecc p-please come quickly... I...uhhh....c-can't hold much longer!" she moaned while weakly pressing jacket to her wound.


I nodded and came from behind the garbage bin that she was leaning against.


I desperately walked towards the street in searching for help.


I asked every person, who was walking by the street but no one stopped. They all were scared for their lives because if anyone helped me then they would have to lose their lives, too.


I was helplessly running on the asphalt and suddenly, all cars stopped at the red signal. I ran towards the first car  and knocked on the window desperately, staining the window red with blood.


The door suddenly opened and a man came out.


" Please... Please help me!"  I cried, not caring - who the man was.


When I raised my head, I was startled because Magnus Bane was standing in front of me. 


" Mr- Ma.... Magnus, I need your help" I stuttered out while gasping for air.


He placed a hand on my bicep , so that I could calm down," Okay... Darling I will help you. What do you need?" he asked me and I choked, ' Thank God for sending help!'.


" My- my sister Izzy is wounded. She was s-shot ... I need her to get to hospital" I rambled and he nodded.


" Where is she? " he asked and I beckoned him to follow me.


We ran towards ally , where she was laying - half unconscious.


" Izzy ! We got help!" I ran towards her and took her in bridle style.


Magnus eyes widen at the bloody scene . We quickly walked towards his car .


He opened up the car' door and helped me lay her on the backseat. 


" You should get in" he said and I nodded. I sat in and laid Izzy' head carefully on my lap. 


Magnus quickly started the engine and we drove towards hospital.


" Ah...leec , y-you!" she gasped.


Alec shook his head, " No... We're going to make it to h-hospital and you'll be saved!" I assured her while crying. I couldn't loose my only family member just because of them!