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One Way To Go

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Stiles smiled kindly as Scott rubbed his wife's baby bump. Allison giggled and shook her head of curly dark hair as Scott made not-so-manly cooing noises. Stiles made an awkward grunt in the back of his throat as he fidgeted, Scott looked embarrassed as he straightened with a chuckle then moved to Stiles's side by the cottage door.

"Good luck you two." Stiles and Scott shared a look before Stiles gave Allison a strained smile.

"Thanks, we'll need it." Scott looked completely relaxed as Stiles was a shaking, nervous wreck.

The two made their way into town where girls and boys alike were herded to four different tables to enter their names in the raffle. Stiles caught sight of Jackson, who was staring at the two of them with a creepy smile until Lydia nudged him forward.

When it was finally Stiles's turn, he watched in slight horror as the lady behind the desk pricked his finger with a needle. Blood welled up and dripped onto the blank piece of paper before the lady handed Stiles a pen. He took it and hesitantly signed his name onto the paper. The lady swiped the paper from Stiles's grasp once he was finished and slipped it into a locked, metal box. Sealing his fate.


Stiles met up with Scott and Issac to go out for lunch. The three went into a nearby bar and Scott ordered hot wings while Issac ordered a beef and swiss burger. Stiles made a face and ordered a Caesar salad, they ate in peace.  After Scott had ordered Allison a pasta dish, the three went separate ways. Stiles walked down the dimly lit streets to his cabin. His father, John the sheriff, sat on the porch in a rocking chair. A beer in hand as he watched Stiles walk up the creaky front steps.

"How did it go?" John asked and Stiles shrugged.

"The same as every other year." Stiles quipped and went into the house for some much-needed silence. The choosing ceremony would take place tomorrow by the Forbidden Forest where the beast lurked. Stiles shivered as he thought about the screams last year as one of his older classmates had been torn apart. Deciding not to freak out until tomorrow, Stiles got ready for bed and prayed it wouldn't be him.


The sun had just reached its peak in the afternoon sky as the town had gathered around the stone gate leading into the shaded woods. Stiles shifted from foot to foot as the mayor of the town said his rehearsed speech like he did every year.

"Ladies and gentleman! We all know what this tragic day brings. But with death, comes life! We must sacrifice ourselves for the sake of our way of life! Let the choosing begin!" It was silent as an elderly woman stuck her hand in a glass bowl to pull out a slip of paper.

"Scott McCall."

Stiles's breath left him with a choke. Scott looked at Allison, who was starting to tear up. She was pregnant and Scott was the father.

"No..." Stiles muttered, not loud enough to hear. Jackson and another man, both with guns, started toward a trembling Scott. The two life-long friends made eye contact and Stiles cracked.

"Take me!" He shouted, and everyone turned to him.

"No way Stiles. I can't lose you like I lost-" John started but Stiles glared at his father, and without thinking, bolted through the stone arch and into the woods. People were screaming his name, but he knew they wouldn't-couldn't follow. He had to do this. For Scott. For Allison. For Melissa. For the town. So he kept running, even when he heard the beast howl.


Being the human he is, Stiles had to eventually slow to a walking pace to breathe. His asthma was kicking up and Stiles leaned against a tree to take deep breaths to get his lungs working again. He tensed as a twig snapped in front of him, peering up, Stiles gasped as red eyes glowed like rubies within the shadowed forest. It looked like a man but pointed ears adorned the mans head and sharp teeth poked out from the man's top lip. His fingernails an inch long that were carve-your-guts-out worthy. Stiles stepped back but bumped into a tree, he was trapped. The wolf-man in beta form lunged forward and Stiles closed his eyes with a whimper. When no pain came, Stiles peeked a hazel eye open to see the wolf-man's claws were centimetres from his throat. The man in beta form huffed in frustration then tried to rip Stiles's throat once again, only to pause a breath away from killing him. This time the wolf-man snarled in rage and swiveled to punch an unlucky nearby tree, making it splinter. Stiles's breath was coming in short pants, a panic attack washing over him. The wolf-man turned to look at Stiles's rapidly paling face in distress.

"...can't..breathe-" Stiles choked out and the wolf-man backed up a few steps. Stiles quickly sat down and pulled his knees to his chest, focusing on getting the precious air into his lungs. The wolf-man turned its head to peer into the woods with a growl before sprinting away. This action allowed Stiles to relax and regulate his breathing easier. After a few painful minutes, Stiles breath came in deep, powerful pulls. He looked around for any sign of glowing red eyes and finding none, decided to go tell the town about his important findings about the beast.

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Stiles tried his best to stumble through the woods and find his way back to the path that lead to the stone gate. He heard the people before he actually saw them. Knowing he was forbidden to pass the stone arch, Stiles slowed to a stop a few feet away. His father spotted him first the nudged Scott and Allison. In seconds, he had the whole town's attention.

"I don't have much time. The werewolf can't ki-" He was cut off by one if the town's protectors.

"It's coming up behind you son!" The men raised their guns and prepared to fire. Stiles dropped onto his stomach to get as low to the ground as possible. Shots were fired, and growling was heard. Stiles heard a chuckle and looked up to see Jackson's smiling face. Cocking the gun, Jackson aimed the barrel at Stiles.

"No one can save you now Stilinski..." Jackson gave him a disturbing grin before pulling the trigger. Stiles closed his eyes and heard the bullet pierce flesh and a wet substance dripped onto Stiles's back. His eyes snapped open as he realized a warm, very naked body was covering his own like a shield. A fierce growl rumbling in the person's chest, the firing instantly ceased. Stiles glanced up to see the townspeople looking at him in awe and slight horror, the wolf-man above him lunged toward Jackson but hit the mountain ash barrier and stumbled back with a hiss. Figuring the wolf-man wouldn't be able to rip out Jakson's throat, it decided to creep back until it stood over where Stiles lay stunned on the ground.

"It will be alright Stiles." His father assured as Scott looked about ready to come and drag Stiles across the barrier.

"I know dad." Stiles replied before the wolf-man gently pulled Stiles to his feet and herded him back into the woods.


"You can't keep me here!" Stiles called out to the curled up wolf form by the cave's entrance. He received a growl in response as if to say 'watch me.' The wolf's wounds were still trickling blood from the bullets but were slowly healing as the wolf swipped his tongue over the bullet holes. Stiles froze.

"Wait...can you understand me!?" The dark wolf gave Stiles a blank stare but it's lips curled in a silent snarl as Stiles dared to creep closer to the wounded beast.

"I'm Stiles. I've heard stories about you since I was little, but I didn't really believe them until I was older and saw you-do you remember that? I was about 12...maybe it was a different werewolf? But I heard about how your family died in the fire-" Stiles's rambling was cut off by a terrifying snarl, he scrambled back into his corner. Stiles wrapped his arms around his knees and curled into himself. Now it was going to kill him, you and your big mouth Stiles! When the wolf's wrath never came, Stiles peeked one of his eyes open to see the cave was absent of the furry beast. He sighed and turned his head, only to be face-to-face with the shamelessly naked wolf-man. With a startled cry, Stiles scrambled away and attempted to sprint out the mouth of the cave out of pure adrenaline. He got about four steps before the wolf-man gripped his ankle, causing him to fall flat on his stomach, only getting his upper body halfway out of the cave. The wolf-man climbed over Stiles's back, growling lowly, looking around for the threat that had scared the human.

"Get off! Get off! I'm fine damn it!" Stiles flailed around, knocking the wolf-man in the jaw in the process. With a huff, the wolf-man backed away from a panting Stiles, who lay belly-down on the dirty ground. As if on cue, Stiles's stomach grumbled loudly.

"Ugh...I'm starving!" Stiles whined while pushing himself to his knees. He absently rubbed his empty stomach but snapped his gaze up as a furry, pure black wolf brushed past him and out of the cave. Stiles pulled himself to his feet with the help of the cave wall to follow after the wolf. It turned to growl lowly at Stiles in a warning before trotting gracefully into the woods. Stiles being Stiles, gave chase. The wolf snorted at him in anger, but slowed it's pace so Stiles could keep up at a slow jog.

"So...Wolfy, where are we heading?" Stiles got a warning snarl in return from trying to name the beast.

"Okay, okay. No nicknames, got it." Stiles muttered with a wheezing breath. His asthma was starting up again, forcing Stiles to slow his pace to a stop. Stiles leaned over to place his hands on his knees and sucked in deep breaths. His brown eyes snapped to look at his left as the wolf approached Stiles with a low whine.

"I'm fine. Just let me take a breather." Stiles wheezed. The wolf nudged at the back of Stiles's legs until he was seated on the forest floor, then the wolf smacked it's large paw on the ground a few times before Stiles understood what it wanted.

"You...want me to stay?" Stiles pinched his lips together to fight a smile. The wolf nodded its monstrous head in approval then turned to trot out of sight.


The wolf came back a few minutes before dusk with an enormous, bloody, dead stag slung across it's shoulders. Dropping it a Stiles's feet, the wolf surprised Stiles when he shifted into his beta form. Quickly looking away with a blush, Stiles felt the deer's carcass being gently pushed against his sneakers. Swallowing the urge to vomit up stomach acid, Stiles kept his head turned away from the mess. Oh god, all the blood...

"I-I...can't-" With a pathetic whine, Stiles promptly threw up bile with a wet cough. The wolf-man looked shocked at first, but it gave way to worry and panic within seconds. The wolf-man seemed unsure as to what to do for Stiles's panic attack. Stiles knew for a fact, that's what gripped him in his freak out. Taking shuddering, deep breaths, Stiles fought to control his racing heart. When a large, warm hand touched Stiles's cheek, he swears his heart stopped. Not like in a romantic movie, Stiles wasn't a damsel that needed saving dammit! Snapping back into reality, Stiles realized his attack had subsided.