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Is this your card?

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Annie was sitting alone, again. Reiner and Bertholdt were outside “talking”. She knew that they were probably making out behind the barracks. She would never admit it, but she was jealous that they had found that comfort in each other.

If she was being honest, she was very lonely. Of course Reiner and Bertholdt were there for her, but lately she had been feeling like a third wheel within the only group she could trust. Without that small connection, Annie knew she was truly alone. Alone in all the ways that matter, in all the ways that kept her human.

She slowly ate her mashed potatoes, the food tasting bland as it slid down her throat. She sat alone, attending to the chore of feeding herself, and she was blissfully unaware that there was another blond in that room who knew her same loneliness.


Armin looked up from his unappetizing plate to see Jean fuming as Mikasa planted a light kiss on Eren’s cheek. The blonde chuckled to himself, he was glad that Eren had come to his senses where Mikasa was involved. Armin was however noticing the more openly in love they were, the less time they spent with him. He was either alone or third wheeling, and although he was happy for his friends he was not infinitely patient.

As Armin sat contemplating the scouts and his friends lives he felt the familiar knot of anxiety radiating out from his chest. He started to wish desperately to have anything to do with his hands. His gaze wandered as he fidgeted, and he came upon what he believed to be the most perfect face he'd ever seen. There was Annie, sitting alone, pushing her food around disinterested in eating it. He wanted to approach her, but his own weak nerves were stopping him from breaking the ice. Armin sat for quite some time, staring at her, memorising her features as if he would never see her again...

"Oi Armin! What do you say?" Armin jumped in his seat as his quiet contemplation was ruined by Coney as the man threw an arm around his shoulder. "So are you in?"

"For what?" Armin sputtered, still rattled by the sudden change of pace.

"Weren't you listening? Poker."

Armin slowly smiled as he realised that his night was about to get a whole lot better.