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A Slow Day At Wright Anything Agency

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It was a slow day at Wright Anything Agency. It was a late afternoon on a sunny Friday, where most teenagers and adults were just trying to get by until the weekend rolled around.

Apollo started to think maybe school wasn't so bad after all. At least he had stuff to do, however boring it was.

Right now, all Apollo could really do was play with his hair in the reflection of the mirror as he waited for a client to enter the door. His phone was running out of battery, and Phoenix wasn't in the room at the moment.

At that moment, the door began to creak open. Apollo's hopes fell as fast as they rose when he saw Athena in the doorway rather than a potential client.

"Hey, Polly!" Athena greeted, chipper as ever. Apollo could only mumble a small "hello" in return before going back to dying of boredom. Athena looked around the room, her expression shifting from its usual glee to confusion. "Say, where's Mr. Wright?"

Apollo shrugged, playing with the buttons on his suit. "I dunno. My best bet is that he's fucking the Chief Prosecutor, though."

Athena giggled. "Ew, don't put that image in my head!" She said.

Apollo could only smirk in response. He checked his watch. "What else would he be doing if he was this late?"

Athena returned his smile as she pulled up a seat next to him.

"At least they're not doing it in the office," he added, sticking his tongue out in response. "Though I'd prefer it if they stopped making those lovey-dovey eyes in court."

"Hey, don't act like you don't do that with Klavier," Athena teased.

Apollo's face grew red. He was silent for a moment, before his face shriveled in irritation. "What are you talking about? I don't care about Klavier," He huffed, crossing his arms.

"Oh, you don't have to be shy about it," Athena playfully smacked his chest. "I mean, the way you stare at him in court? The way you talk about him? The fact that you say you don't like The Gavinners, yet you've listened to all his albums?"

"Just because I like his voice doesn't mean that I like Klavier!"

"I heard my name!" As if on cue, Prosecutor Gavin entered the door. "I hear Herr Forehead is talking about me?"

"Like always!" Athena responded.

Apollo's face was almost as red as his suit. "I wasn't talking about you," he retorted.

"You don't have to play coy, Herr Forehead," Klavier pulled up a chair and joined the two. "I'm honored that you talk about me," he said, flicking Apollo's hair.

Apollo swatted his hand away from his head. "I don't talk about you!" He countered, though his face said otherwise. "You and your stupid pretty-face..."

"I heard pretty!"

"Shut up!"

Athena giggled in the mist of the two's banter. "So anyways, Klavier, what're you doing here?"

Klavier looked at Athena, his hand stroking Apollo's hair. "Oh? I just wanted to see if Herr Edgeworth was here," he explained. "I couldn't find him at his own office, so I figured this would be the next most likely location."

"Well, he isn't here," Apollo responded hastily. "So, how about you go to his office and wait there?"

"No need to be hostile," Klavier replied, smiling. "I'm always happy to be here."

Apollo blushed once again, averting his gaze from Klavier.

"Well, to make you feel better Apollo," Athena began. "I've found myself thinking of Maya lately..."

Apollo's annoyance quickly shifted to surprise. He looked at Athena with slightly wide eyes. "Really? Maya?"

Athena nodded. "And Ema, at times."

"What's up?" Ema was suddenly at the door, hearing in on the conversation. "I heard my name. Are you guys talking about me behind my back?"

Athena smiled. "Hey, Ema!" She greeted. "We're just talking about crushes and stuff like that."

"Oh, really?" Ema asked. She walked over the desk the group was gathered at and leaned on it. "Well, I'm not gonna ask who has a crush on me, but have any of you seen Mr. Wright?"

"Edgeworth's," Athena and Apollo stated in unison.

"Ah," Ema nodded with understanding. She crossed her arms, scowling slightly. "The one day I need to talk to him, and he's off with his boyfriend," she drawled, crossing her arms.

"Well, Fraulein," Klavier began. "Care to share what's on your mind? Or rather, what's in your heart?"

Ema shook her head. "Nah, I'm not really into relationships right now, but you guys can continue," she said.

Nodding, Klavier added his own contribution to the conversation. "Well, don't tell him, but I think about Blackquill at times..."

"Oh, no 'Herr' Blackquill..." Apollo whispered to himself, slightly fuming. Klavier only responded by reaching his arm around Apollo's shoulders, pulling him in a slight hug.

"Don't worry, Herr Forehead. You're always my number one."

Apollo blushed slightly, gradually giving in to Klavier's hug.


Everyone's attention turned to the door, where Prosecutor Blackquill stood. He looked serious as always, but there was the slightest twinge of awkwardness in his eyes.

"Am I...interrupting something?"

Apollo immediately pulled away from Klavier, who didn't seem to mind. He was staring at Blackquill with a grin.

"No, you aren't, Prosecutor Blackquill," Klavier insisted. "I take it you're looking for Edgeworth?"

Blackquill nodded. "Yes. I couldn't find Edgeworth-dono in his office, so--"


"I figured," Blackquill responded, taking their explanation with no questions.

"We're just sitting here talking about love," Athena said. "Wanna join us?"

Blackquill held up his hand to signal 'no'. But still, he didn't leave. He walked up to the desk and just stood there.

"So, how are you, Cykes-dono?" Blackquill asked, trying to make small talk.

"I'm good, just a slow business day," Athena replied, smiling.

Ema walked behind Klavier and Apollo, who were pretty much just leaning on each other now, and bent forward.

"Don't say anything," she whispered. "But I heard that Blackquill was pretty fond of Fulbright when he was on patrol..."

"Who told you that?!" Blackquill demanded, his stoic persona suddenly shifting into anger.

"Gumshoe," Ema answered calmly. Blackquill seethed.

"That man can't keep a secret..." He muttered to himself.

From there, the group just continued their conversations about crushes and unrequited love. Apollo and Athena bonded over childhood romance, Ema and Klavier confessed their short-lived mutual interest in Edgeworth (who seemed to charm many men and women alike), and Blackquill admitted that he's even thought about Gumshoe at times, which is mostly why he felt comfortable talking about Fulbright with him.

At one point, Trucy and Pearl came back after an afternoon date and joined in on the conversation. Soon, all seven residents were bonding about romance over snacks and tea.

As the clock struck at 5:00 PM, the door creaked open once again.

"Mystic Maya used to talk about Franziska a lot--" Pearl dropped her sentence mid-sentence as everyone's attention turned to the door.

"Sorry we're late!"

In the doorway, Phoenix and Miles stood, blush tinted on both of their cheeks, with messy hair and lazy jackets.

"Are...are we interrupting something?" Phoenix asked, surprised at the group meeting that was before him. Miles stayed quiet, crossing his arms.

"No, Mr. Wright," Apollo said. "I-It's fine. We didn't get any new clients today."

"Oh, good," Phoenix exhaled with relief. "It's just that-- Miles--" he was elbowed by his partner. "Edgeworth and I had a...a...."

"Private meeting," Miles finished, trying to compensate. But both of them knew they weren't fooling anyone.

"Papa, why is Mr. Edgeworth's ruffly thing in your pocket?" Trucy asked, pointing at Phoenix's jacket pocket where Miles' cravat was popped out.

Embarrassed, Phoenix quickly gave Miles his cravat back, earning him a glare from him.

An awkward silence filled the air. No one knew what to say or do.

Miles cleared his throat. "So...what was the topic of your conversation?"

"Past love!" replied Athena.

Phoenix chuckled. "Oh boy. I'm kind of an expert in that, honestly..."

Trucy's eyes lit up. "Really? I thought the only person you liked was Mr. Edgeworth!"

Phoenix chuckled again, though it was shaky. The blush came back to his face.

Ema looked at Miles. "How about you, Mr. Edgeworth? Anyone else besides Phoenix you've thought about?"

Miles thought about for a second, before nodding. "Yes, actually. On my travels in Europe, there was this one man by the name of Shi-Long Lang. And I have to admit, he was quite...dashing." He looked at Phoenix. "How about you, Wright? Why don't you add onto this amusing conversation?"

"," Phoenix tried to think about a past lover, a past memory. "There was this one girl in college, Dahlia...or Iris, I guess? I don't know, it was--"

"Convoluted?" Miles asked.

"Confusing," Phoenix returned. "And there was Kristoph--"

"KRISTOPH?!" Apollo and Klavier exclaimed at the same time. Phoenix nodded uncomfortably.

"It was...short-lived. Good riddance," he muttered.

"Good riddance," Apollo repeated. Klavier just nodded solemnly.

"Was there anyone else?" Phoenix scratched his chin in thought. Then, he looked up in realization. "Oh, right...."

Miles waited for him to finish his sentence, but Phoenix just drifted off. Apollo snapped his fingers in his face.

"Mr. Wright? Are you there?"

"Oh, what? Yeah..." He took a deep breath. "Okay, so...this may sound weird, but..."

"Go on," Miles said, slightly tense. Everyone was on the edge of their seats to hear who Phoenix had a crush on.

"Is it Mystic Maya?" Pearl squealed, eyes lighting up.

Phoenix shook his head. "No, sorry. It was actually...Godot."

Reactions were varied. Trucy, Pearl, and Athena gasped, Apollo, Klavier, and Ema's eyes widened, Miles arched an eyebrow, but other than that he didn't look particularly surprised, and Blackquill could only mutter a small "Who's...Godot?"

Phoenix laughed softly. "Yeah, it was a bit weird. I mean, my old mentor's ex-boyfriend? Like, he was pretty hot, and he had a nice voice, but other than that he was just a short-lived thought," his hand made its way to Miles'. "And now, I have time for more long-term thoughts~"

Miles smiled, gripping onto his hand. Apollo moaned.

"It's bad enough that you were late to work because of this, you don't have to act all mushy here..." he whispered, but received a small smack from Trucy anyways.

And from there, the conversation continued. Topics switched between work details and the latest episode of "The Pink Princess", as all of them took a single day to talk and relax as friends.

In the middle of Ema and Blackquill's reenactment of The Pink Princess' climatic battle against the Evil Magistrate (with some accuracy criticism from Miles), Phoenix leaned into Apollo, who was resting his head on Klavier's shoulder.


Apollo immediately snapped out of it and separated himself from Klavier, who was mostly invested in Ema's acting. "Y-Yes, Mr. Wright?"

A smirk tainted Phoenix's face.

"You're paying me back for the snacks."