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The One-Shot Collection

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“This is going to be the last time,” I tell myself that yet again for the fifth time as I drive down the lonely highway to his house. “He only calls to moisturize his dick with your pussy.” Again I tell myself this for the millionth time; why do I keep going back to him?

I arrived at his dorm, making sure no one followed me, I called him to open the gate. The slight creak sound that it gave told me that it had been a while since he'd used it. After I parked in the garage, I step out of the car, pulling the thick long brown coat closer to me. The elevator doors open and he steps out looking around, then he smiles that adorable smile of his, and comes over and grabs my hand. “Bri, come on let’s get inside, it’s cold out here.” He guides me into the dorm’s elevator. The elevator continues its ascend to the fifth floor, and I still keep my head down, the urge to ask him how his day went, is heavily laden on my tongue but, I fight the all to caring words down my throat and keep my mouth shut.

Soon enough we are greeted with the front door of their dorm, we stepped inside and removed our shoes, then proceeded to his room. I knew all too well what their dorm looked like; it was simple really, five rooms, one and a half restrooms, and a kitchen with a gas stove. The floor was hardwood except for in the bedrooms. At one brief point, I saw him pick up a pair of boxers off the floor, muttering to himself, “Man that’s embarrassing.” Sighing, I thought to myself “Why act all shy now, you haven’t been doing it this whole time.” We both finally made it into his room, “All of the members are out for the night.” He said while rummaging through a drawer to find a condom. I slowly unbuttoned the brown coat, the thought of just running out of there full speed was still heavily on my mind.

I laid the coat on the dresser and laid in the bed on my stomach; I don’t want to look at him, I’ll get greedy if I do. Finally, he finds what he’s looking for and makes his way to the bed. Instead of getting undressed immediately like he always does, he stares at me, licking his lips. “Damn you look sexy as hell.” He tells me then quickly removes his clothes. I turn my head a bit more; I must look at him one last time, why do I feel like crying? I scoot over in the bed, giving him room to get in as well. He starts kissing me, and a million sparks fly. I began to lose my resolve. Tonight, his touches seemed to linger on my skin longer; his kisses leave me in pure ecstasy. What is this feeling? He’s holding me like he never wants to let me go. No its just my imagination. He leaves hickey’s all around my neck and chest, why is he doing something he never does?

As I ran my fingertips across his toned six-pack, a moan escaping my lips, he gripped my thighs tighter. His kisses traveled back to my mouth, growing hungrier by each second. I can feel him getting harder, his dick rubbing against my clit, he's driving me crazy. I never want him to stop. Soon enough he lays me down and puts the condom on. He kisses me, slowly entering me and moaning once he's entirely inside. He bends his head down taking one breast in his mouth. I end up grabbing his head and pulling him closer; the sensation is almost too much to bear. He started moving at a slow yet powerful pace; then he switched to sucking and licking the other breast.

“Go faster” I moan. Wonsik’s not fucking me right now; he’s making love to me. It's…not right.

I love the way he’s kissing me, he’s holding me with such longing.

It’s addicting, so addicting.

Sweat gathers at our brow; legs tangle in a mass of four and our hearts beat as one.

I love him, and I can’t get enough of him.

Every time I think that this will be it, I ’m pulled back into his embrace.

He’s not fucking me into oblivion tonight; he’s …he’s making love to me.

“Briana I’m coming!” he screams, and as he’s coming down from his high, he whispers into my ear three words I thought I would never hear from him; “I love you.”

“It's not true; it's not true, it's not true!” I inwardly scream all this time it has been casual sex, all of this time it was me who loved you. It was supposed to be only me, and even then I was going to get over it myself.

He kisses me once more repeating “ I love you.”

Tears run down my face, and I tell him just above a whisper…”I love you too.”

With this, I came holding onto his shoulders for support.

I can’t deny it any longer.

I love him, and I can’t get enough of him.