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Pawn to Queen’s Knight 4

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“Oh, God.”

“Quiet,” Spock spoke harshly in Jim’s ear.

 Just how was he supposed to be quiet with Spock thrusting deeply into him?

The Vulcan changed the angle as he shifted behind Jim in the very limited space of the closet they had snuck into on campus.

Jim moaned.

“I said to be quiet. It is your fault we are here and you said you would be silent.”

Spock’s fingers, which were currently wrapped around Jim’s hard cock, tightened the grip even as Spock thrust deeper into him from behind. Jim scrambled for purchase, his hands falling blindly on the closed closet door directly in front of them. It was not locked. An oversight they were likely not to repeat.

Spock’s other hand shifted between his legs for a moment, spreading him wider, not very easily, considering the encumbrance of Jim’s cadet pants. The hand moved back to land on Jim’s hipbone, holding him in place as the Vulcan cock drilled into him.

“Spock,” Jim gasped out.

Spock bit his neck. “You are definitely going to be punished for your disobedience.”

As if that was the way to get him to be quiet. He bit back on the words, ‘hot damn’.

Spock was getting close, Jim could feel it where their bare skin touched, hear it in the very slight hitches of Spock’s breath, the sudden speeding up of his deeper thrusts, the faster jerking of Jim’s throbbing erection. 

And Jim? Jim was…God. Yes. His cock jumped in Spock’s grip, pumping out cream colored jets of spunk all over Spock’s fingers and the floor in front of them.

At the smell of Jim’s release, Spock pushed hard against him, once, twice, three times, and then he was gripping Jim tightly, pouring his own release into Jim’s still shaking body.

For a moment or two they stood where they were, just breathing. Jim leaned back against Spock, Spock kept one arm snaked around Jim’s waist.

He was definitely the reason they were in this cramped little supply closet just outside Spock’s classroom. They’d been done for the day, ready to leave, and Jim was perhaps a little too flirty with his Vulcan because the next thing he knew they were opening the closet and going at it.

Jim finally moved, taking pity on Spock and their situation for he really did not want Spock to get busted. The academy had been notified of their relationship, which was all right so long as they were not student-teacher, but that didn’t mean Spock should be caught literally with his pants down in a supply closet.

He pulled his pants up, tucked himself back in, and fastened everything just right before turning to do the same for Spock. He smoothed down Spock’s hair and then handed him some wipes for his hand. Jim bent down to clean the floor, as best he could in the dark, and then disposed of all wipes into the pocket of his trousers.

“I’ll go out first to make sure we’re okay and then I’ll clear my throat when it’s safe for you, all right?”

“Very well,” Spock replied coolly.

Jim kissed him quickly and then fumbled for the door. He opened it a crack, peeked out, and then opened it wider to slip out into the corridor.

Thankfully, there was no one around. He hadn’t really expected there to be as most classes were done for the day, but he couldn’t take that chance. Jim cleared his throat and the closet door opened and Spock stepped out.

“That was most illogical,” Spock said in his ‘reprimanding’ voice.

“Hot though, right?”

“It is inexplicable how I let myself be talked into this sort of sordid behavior,” the Vulcan said primly. “We could have simply gone to my apartment.”

Jim started walking and Spock fell into step beside him. “And we will. That’s next. But God, I’m starving. I need to pick something up on the way.”

“You are not starving. That is a gross exaggeration.”

His steps faltered a bit but Spock didn’t seem to notice so Jim kept going, his head bowed a little. He chose not to reply and anyway, Spock was right.

As they made their way off campus, though, Spock had clearly noticed his lack of conversation for he kept stealing glances at Jim.

Once they were off Starfleet property, Jim turned to give Spock a reassuring smile just as Spock opened his mouth on a query. Of that much Jim was sure.

“Do you care if I get a hamburger?”

“As you wish, Jim,” Spock said agreeably.

There was a small grocery store just a block away from Spock’s apartment that also sold things like sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs. They made their way there by mutual silent agreement. It was a common stop for them since they’d started this, whatever it was. Well, besides amazing sex.

Jim had been half in love with Spock when he’d only really known him as ‘Knight to Queen’s Bishop 3’ and Spock had known Jim as ‘Pawn to Queen’s Knight 4’. Well, that and his crazy crush on the Vulcan who came for tea where Jim worked.

But over the three weeks they’d been basically inseparable, Jim had fallen in way too deep. Not that he’d say those three words to Spock. Not yet. And sure, maybe he was waiting a little bit for Spock to say something first. Who could blame Jim? Spock could have anyone in the universe and Jim was well…Jim.

He was trying to tread carefully. Jim wasn’t always the best when it came to connecting with people or humanoids. He could count on one hand how many real friends he had. Even his relationship with his mother was…strained. He didn’t want to blow this with Spock. And he was fully aware he could at absolutely any time.

The store was more crowded than he would have liked and Spock moved into the produce section as Jim stood in line for the hot food. He noticed one of Spock’s fellow instructors enter not long after they had and gone back to the area of the store Spock shopped in.

Jim knew this guy. He’d had a class with him the first semester Jim had entered the Academy. And he’d made it pretty clear from the get-go that he did not like Jim.

So, he was unsurprised when the man’s loud voice drifted his way. Unsurprised, yeah, but pretty mortified.

“Are the rumors true then, Spock? You’re shacking up with Cadet Kirk? I gave you credit for more smarts than that.”

Jim felt his face heat as he reached the counter. “Um, a cheeseburger, please. No mayonnaise.”

He slid his credit chip across the device and waited for his burger. He heard nothing from Spock nor more from the other instructor, but likely because currently there was a buzzing in his ears. He was blocking out the world. Pretending he was anywhere else, anyone else.

He smiled as he snatched the bag with his burger and headed straight out the door and into the night.

Ten minutes later, Spock came outside, clearly looking for him.

“Oh. Hey. Got done.”

“There was nothing else you wished to get?”

He’d forgotten to get cream for coffee but he wasn’t going back in there so he shrugged. “Nah, that’s all right.”

This time he fell into step beside Spock, following him the rest of the way home. Spock’s home. Sure, Jim spent almost no time at his Academy dorm anymore. Something Bones grumbled about actually. But technically the apartment still had nothing to do with him other than if he wanted to see Spock, he had to be there.

One time they’d gone to his dorm, but ended up being so loud that facing Bones the next morning had been a huge detriment to their ever spending the night at Jim’s again.

Spock didn’t mention the other instructor so Jim didn’t either.

The lights came on immediately upon entering the apartment. Jim liked it here. He felt happy and safe here. It was only the one bedroom, a rather smallish living room and a kitchen with a breakfast nook where Spock had set a table and two chairs. But it was cozy and warm and felt and smelled like Spock.

“Sit down and have your hamburger before it loses its optimal temperature.”

“Probably already has,” Jim said with a grin but did so anyway. He unwrapped the burger while he watched Spock put away his purchases. He noticed that though he himself had forgotten the cream for his coffee, Spock had not. Warmth infused his chest. “What you get for yourself?”

“A grain dish to heat up. It will only take a moment.” When Spock was done heating his food, he joined Jim at the table. “You have grown very quiet this evening.”

“Just a mood. It’s nothing.”

“You heard what Professor Simmons said to me in the store.”

Jim shrugged. “Sorry.”

“For what do you apologize?”

“Well, despite what Bones thinks, there are lots of people who don’t like me. Guess Simmons is one of them. I’m sorry he took it out on you, though. Probably won’t be the last time someone questions your judgment for being involved with me.”

“Simmons can, as you might say, go fuck himself.”

Jim burst out laughing, surprised. “I never thought I’d hear you say something like that.”

“Nor would I have expected it, but the sentiment stands. Simmons is a fool who should have retired from teaching twenty-five years ago. His opinion of either of us is completely and in all ways irrelevant.”

Jim smiled.

“I told him so in the store.” Spock tilted his head. “But there is more, is there not?”


“You became quiet after copulation. If I have dissatisfied you in any way, I—”

“Oh, Hell no! Spock, you couldn’t. You wouldn’t.” He reached for Spock’s hand. “You’re the best, at well, everything, I’ve ever had or known.” Jim bit his lip. “And it’s way too early to have this conversation, honestly, but I have certain…triggers, if you will, about food and starvation and it’s absolutely nothing to do with you or anything you said, it’s all on me. And I’d really rather forget we even had this conversation.” He paused. “Please?”

Spock stared at him with these dark, soft eyes that made Jim want to melt into a lovesick puddle or something. He thought maybe he’d tell Spock anything if he just asked, if he pressed, but he also knew Spock never would.

“How is your hamburger?” Spock asked instead.

And just like that the heaviness in his chest dissolved and he felt warm and safe again. Jim took another bite. “Delicious.”


The sound of the slap, loud and smacking, in the quiet of the room was nearly as much of a turn on as the actual paddle stinging his ass cheek as it whacked down upon the soft round flesh.

Jim whined against the pillow he’d buried his face in. He lay naked in the middle of the bed, stomach down, ass up, legs spread wide so Spock could view his hole clench while he smacked Jim. 

He lifted his face away from the pillow enough to ask, “How-How much punishment am I going to get?”

A stinging reprimand was his answer and Jim moaned.

He’d never imagine the two of them could be as into this as they had ended up being, both of them. Their first time together, Jim had made references to being spanked, Spock had gone with it, had been very much into it, as had Jim, and well, here they were three weeks later. With Spock’s enthusiastic approval, Jim had even obtained the leather paddle for their use.

The spanking wouldn’t last, it never did, for Spock always became too aroused to delay their mutual gratification too long.

Spock was nude too and kneeling behind Jim as he brought the paddle down against his cheeks. Now he smoothed his hand over a red buttock.

“Perhaps next time you will think twice about pulling me into a closet for coitus.”

Jim smiled, though Spock would not see the curve of his lips. “Probably not,” he said in blatant defiance. “That was really hot.”

The paddle came down on his left cheek and Jim gasped, his swollen, hard cock pressed and trapped against the mattress. His arms were raised above his head, he hadn’t received permission to touch himself. 

“Please, I-I, please.”

“You should beg more often, Cadet,” Spock said coolly. “It is most becoming.”

Spock tossed the leather paddle off the bed and to the floor. Jim held his breath as Spock scooted to near the end of the mattress, and gripped Jim’s inner thighs.


The only answer he received from the Vulcan was a tongue lashing out to flick across his perineum. 

“Fuck,” Jim breathed, burying his face in the pillow before him once more. The arms above his head were beginning to feel the strain of not being able to move but before he could ask about touching himself, Spock’s tongue pushed into him, past his puckered hole.

Spock shoved Jim’s legs farther apart as he got to work thoroughly rimming Jim’s ass. It was a good ten minutes of tongue fucking before Spock finally seemed to get enough. Jim wasn’t sure he ever would.

His right cheek was nipped by sharp Vulcan teeth and then Spock was straightening up. Jim looked over his shoulder to watch as Spock squirted out lube from an industrial sized bottle and coated his very prominent erection. That was one thing Jim could definitely say about Spock, his cock was huge. Big, fat and long with double ridges. And all his. Or about to be anyway.

“Face forward,” Spock ordered.

Jim quickly did as he was told, which man that was weird, but he was completely and utterly into Spock dominating him.

“Can I—?”


Jim groaned in frustration as Spock squirted more lube and Jim hissed as two long fingers entered him. The burn eased as Spock inserted them further into him, wiggling a little as they spread him for the eventual insertion of Spock’s cock.

“You are being such a good boy,” Spock said softly.

Jim bit his lip, trembling. All this shouldn’t be this good. And yet…fuck, it was.

“I-I want to be good…for you.”

“I know. But sometimes you want to be bad so I will punish you.”

Jim could not deny that so he said nothing as Spock thrust another finger into him. He rose up a little and then down, rubbing his cock against the friction of the bed for some relief.

“But now you are being good, so I will allow you to touch your phallus with your left hand.”

He shivered at the use of the word ‘phallus’, not even knowing why, and lowered his arm down from above his head and toward his crotch just as Spock withdrew his fingers.

“Oh God,” he whined out more than said. He was filled with an almost unbearable anticipation of what came next.

He knew. Spock would enter him, practically split him open with the girth of that incredible cock. He wiggled his hips and spread his legs.

“Be still!”

Jim sucked in a breath and stilled instantly as Spock’s hand hovered hit butt cheek.


He moistened his lips. “Can-Can I proceed?”


Jim squeezed his hand between his torso and the bed and the slipped his hand down to his throbbing dick. He wasn’t sure he’d ever been this fucking hard.

Spock had now placed himself directly between Jim’s thighs and his hands grasped Jim’s cheeks and spread them as he aimed the tip of his cock at Jim’s hole.

Oh a shuddery breath, Jim pushed back against Spock’s groin just as he thrust forward, impaling himself on Jim.

They moaned in unison as they joined, Spock moving quickly within him at once. Jim lifted himself up on his elbows then curled his fist around his shaft, stroking himself in time to Spock’s thrusts.

For several minutes they just moved together, no words needed. Each time Spock thrust into Jim, he rubbed against Jim’s prostrate, bringing Jim ever closer to losing his mind. 

He was spiraling fast and when Spock’s fingers slid into his hair and he tugged on Jim’s hair, pulling his head back and exposing his throat, Jim screamed himself hoarse as his cock jerked out cum all over his coaxing fingers and the mattress below.

It was only three thrusts later when he felt Spock come inside him.

Moments later, Spock moved off the bed and returned with means to clean Jim up and the bed as well, all the while murmuring, “Such a good boy.”

When Spock returned to the bed and pulled Jim close, he drifted off at once, feeling unbelievably cared for. For the first time in…well…ever.


Bones looked up from his PADD when Jim entered their dorm the next morning. “Oh, do you still live here?”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Funny.” He flopped down in a chair and propped his feet up on the dining room table.

“Not funny. I’m being serious. Aren’t you living with Spock now?”

“No. Geez. He hasn’t asked me. And we’ve only been together like three weeks.”

“Three weeks you’ve spent every night over there anyway.” Bones shook his head. “In fact you two lovebirds seems to spend every waking minute together.”

Jim blushed. “No, we don’t.”

“Sure sure.”

“I like him.”

“Just like him?”

“Well.” Jim shrugged. “Is there any coffee?”


Jim got up and went over to the cabinet for a cup and then to the coffeemaker to pour some. “You know. And other L words.”


He snorted. “Well, duh.”

Bones shook his head. “I can’t picture it.”

“Picture what?” Jim opened the fridge and took out the cream, which he poured into his coffee.

“That pain in the ass Vulcan in a passionate clinch with you.”

“Would you like to? I mean, we can probably arrange to film it and send it to you.”

“No, thanks. I can view porn online like anyone else. I just don’t see him unclenching long enough to be some hot lover.”

“Then you’d be surprised. He’s intense. In pretty much everything he does.”

“He certainly knows how to bore his glare right through your skull, I’ll give you that. So if it’s the L word that isn’t lust and like, why haven’t you moved in with him?”

“I told you he hasn’t asked. It’s kind of too soon, isn’t it?”

“So, what, then? You come home just to drink my coffee because you two are too shy to admit you want to spend your lives doing the hokie pokie together?”

“Hokie pokie?” Jim burst out laughing. “Do you actually hear yourself?”

“Hmm. No class today?”

“Nope. At least not one I’m going to. I just have a lecture class in the afternoon and I’m skipping it.”


“Nah, I think I’m going to quit the teashop.”

“No more discounts for Spock.”

“His mom bought him a lifetime supply anyway,” Jim assured him. His communicator chirped. He flipped it open. “Hi Spock.”

“Speak of the devil,” Bones muttered.

Jim shot him a look and moved away back into the kitchen, clutching his coffee. “What’s up?”

“My mother has expressed an interest in you attending dinner. They are nearing their return to Vulcan.”

Jim leaned against the counter. “When?”

“I believe they intend to return within a week.”

“No. I mean, when does she want the dinner?”

“This evening.”


“You can decline if you wish.”

He could not see Spock’s expression, of course, so he could not see how Spock really felt about the dinner. People thought Vulcans didn’t betray much with their faces, but Spock did, at least to Jim. He’d learned a lot about him in the three weeks they’d been what they were. But Jim heard the tiniest warble in Spock’s voice. Almost undetectable. Unless you were so in tuned to Spock you missed nothing, like Jim was.

Despite what Spock’s words said, he did not want Jim to decline.

Jim bit his lip and took a leap. “Sure, yeah, tonight’s good.”

A tiny huff of breath. “If you are sure?”

“I’m positive,” Jim said, ignoring the looks Bones was giving him. “What time?”

“Is seven agreeable? I will come by your dorm and we can go together.”

“Yes, that works.”

“I will see you then. Spock out.”

He smiled and closed it, amused by the way Spock ended their communications. He glared at Bones. “What?”

“Getting pretty serious.”

“Well. Yeah. I mean. I guess.”

Bones nodded but picked up his PADD like he was going to leave it be for now. Jim hoped that was the case.

“I need sleep,” Jim announced around a yawn.

“Didn’t you get any…you know what? Never mind.”

“Yes. Probably a good idea. Anyway, that’s why I’m skipping the class this afternoon. I’m going to spend the day in bed. Sleeping.”

“Spock’s not coming over?”

“Not until tonight for the dinner. He’s got classes to teach.” Jim smirked. “Including yours. If he’s allowed you back in.”

“I’m back in,” grumbled Bones. “Go to sleep then and stop annoying me. And drinking my coffee.”

Jim went over to the door that led to his tiny bedroom with the single bed. It had been quite challenging the one night Spock had been there. “Say Bones?”


“What should I wear? You know. Um to the dinner.”

“Do I look like a fashionista?”


Bones tossed a pillow at him. “Go to sleep. And just, you know, nice pants and a nice shirt.”

“So your closet?”


Jim laughed. “Kidding.” Bones glared. “Not really kidding. But I’ll wash it later. Kisses!”

He closed his bedroom door and prepared to crash. He was definitely going to need the sleep.