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Glass crashes to the ground and pain races through Jungkooks body. A kick to the side, a punch to the face, a knife tracing patterns in his back, and a searing pain from the ill stretched back side. Everything comes down as one big bundle. So big that Jungkook thinks that he has grown numb to everything around him. The sanguine look from his youth long gone.

Every feeling locked inside his heart waiting. Waiting even if it takes years. Yearning for release from the pain if only for a second.

A grunt sounds from above him as warmth spreads within his body along with it, dread. More and more pain come down onto his back and all he can do is lay and wait for it to be over, to hope that this is the only thing they plan for the night. Hope that slowly dies with his eyesight as it all fades to black.

The morning comes slowly as Jungkook slowly comes back into consciousness. He slowly gets onto his feet as wetness slides down his thighs. He winces as he walks up the stairs being careful not to wake up anyone else who might still be home, particularly his father.

He slips into a black shirt and jeans being careful to avoid his new wounds as he picks up his backpack. Slinging it onto his back, he rushes out of the house. Before he could reach the door, he is forcefully yanked back by the end of his shirt.

“Thought you could get away?” The alcohol on his fathers breath is hardly concealed by the smell of vomit and cigarettes.

Jungkook makes no movement towards answering as he is thrown to the floor and kicked until a loud, satisfying crack resonates throughout the room. Pain blooms from his ribs, yet not a single sound escapes through the young boys lips.

More kicks and punches follow until the familiar taste of copper covers Jungkook's tongue. He wanted it to end. Eventually it did, but not without the sound of more cracking coming from the weak form that is Jungkook. All sound paled in comparison to load footsteps inching closer from upstairs as a female voice called down.

“Leave that worthless piece of shit and come back to bed.” The feminine voice did little to cover the disdain that laced the venomous voice.

Jungkook didn’t bother moving until after the pound of movement coming from the footsteps of his father silenced. Getting up, he ignored the raging pain in his arm as he began to walk to his school.

Jungkook walks through the door of his school for the first time in months. The burning rays of the sun replaced with genital rays that caress Jungkook's skin as drifting leaves make their way to the floor. Summer leaves as fall returns, and with it coming the first day of school.

Jungkook makes his way into the gymnasium that is currently holding every student of the school as they anxiously wait to be told their classroom assignment. Jungkook here's mummers as all of his classmates eagerly chat with their friends after the long calm summer.

Where all his classmates feel melancholy at the start of the season, Jungkook feels as if he has been lifted of the heavy burden of staying inside a house too bruised and bloody to even step a toe out into the prominent sun.

A few mummers reach his ears as he stares blankly towards the front of the room.

“Have you heard?” A light cheery voice whispered.

“Heard what?” The deep voice contrasted against the high pitch of his obviously buoyant companion.

“Our school is getting six new additions this year.”

“So?” The male said clearly disinterested in whatever the female had to say.

“The males are all from a group that is forming under a music company. Rumor has it that they are all here to finish their education as their company continues to look for another member.”

Just as her friend is about to respond, there is a big ding that catches everyone's attention. An aged man takes center stage as he begins to list off the school rules, regulations, policies, goals, and educational suggestions.

Jungkook zones out and doesn't even notice when the old man moves to leave room for a younger man to take his place. He moves to the microphone and begins to speak.

“As some of you may know, there will be six idol trainees attending classes here. We are still looking for a seventh member for their group. Because of this, we would like to enlist someone from this school into the group. If you are interested please come to additions that will be held after school in the dance room.”

Jungkook perks up once he notices everyone getting up and chatting. He moves over to the wall that has all of the assigned rooms. Jungkook searches for his name before looking to see the number of the classroom he will spend the rest of his year in. Room 967.

He begins to make his way through the halls before something grabs firmly onto his shirt and rips him to the ground. The pain from his wrist returns as he crashes to the floor. The pervious pain and aches in his body come back full force as he looks up at the ceiling waiting for the pain to stop. He turns his head to the side to see a man glance in his direction. Their eyes meet for a fraction of a second as the man turns and continues his walk into his classroom. The beautiful and stunning eyes leave him on the floor as harsh kicks come and leave his bony flesh.

The pain stubbornly clings to his mind, yet it doesn’t control it as those eyes take command of his every thought.

Class begins as Jungkook makes his way to his seat. The teacher doesn't comment on the blooming bruises that cover his limbs or the fact that he is at least five minutes late to class. He limps to his seat as everyone continues to introduce themselves to the class without sparing a glance to the man who falls ungracefully into his seat.

Jungkook slumps onto his desk as he listens to the introductions. His interest completely captured once a silky voice slinks its way into his ears. The most beautiful and deep voice he has ever heard resounds inside the closed off room.

“I’m Min Yoongi. I rap and will be performing with a group called BTS throughout this school year.” He says simply before sitting down.

The teacher looks satisfied through the room and begins the lesson completely ignoring their newest addition in favor of explaining the beginnings of algebra.

Jungkook couldn't take his eyes off of the beauty that had introduced himself as Yoongi. So enraptured by his beauty that he didn’t even notice the weird looks he was getting from the people around him.

That is until he catches sight of the bold blue lines that lazily draw themselves up and around his arms.

Shock and happiness fill every inch of his bones as he realizes the meaning behind the lines. His happiness doesn’t seem to have too much time to continue as the bell rings and someone grabs hold of his arm and drags him out of the classroom. He looks up expecting it to maybe be his soulmate before his eyes land on the coarse back of someone he knows all too well. All hope fades from his eyes as he is thrown against a bathroom wall and violently pushed against it as grimy lips lock with his. A knife pushed precariously against his throat as his breathe comes out in short pants.

“Shut up and take it.” The filthy voice whispers into his ear as he feels something hard knock into his leg.

Pain. That is all he feels over the duration of what is supposed to bring pleasure and happiness to both parties involved.

The door slams open just as the guy begins to reach his climax. Jungkook lays sluggishly against the wall as the bruising thrusts get deeper and sloppier.

His eyes look up and lock, once again, with the eyes that take his breath away for completely different reasons than disgust and blatant air deprivation. The man seems to glance their way before doing his business and leaving. The man releases inside of Jungkook before pulling out and zipping up his pants.

“Hope you enjoyed it.” His eyes shined with mirth the glint getting even brighter as he catches sight of something being written on Jungkook's arm. He leaves as Jungkook glances down.

Breathe catching in his throat as he reads the words sprawled out in fine print against his pale skin.

‘I guess most schools have a slut. Just met the one that goes to this one.’

Tears have never gathered so fast in his eyes as rejection settled in.

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Jungkook could only stare liflessely at the words as he begins to stand and leave the bathroom. The school day still had three more periods left, yet Jungkook couldn’t make himself turn around to go back into the room that currently holds his soulmate. He follows his familiar trail into a hidden, and the only, dance room in the back of the school.

The only place that he can ask for comfort without having to give into silence.

His tears fall from his eyes as he looks at himself in the mirror. Standing in front of his reflection allowed him to see why his soulmate would reject him. His eyes looked dead, all happiness wiped away replaced with a dull brown color. His neck permanently scarred leaving a trail down into his shirt. Faint lines littered parts of his body as his bones jutt out of his starved skin. Making it look as though he was within an inch of death Although the lines can only be seen up close, they still stood out against the whiteness of his skin.

How could he have even hoped someone would want him after seeing his appearance.

All the frustration, pain, sadness, hopelessness built up until all he can do is let his limbs move. They follow a silent beat as he move gracefully falling to the floor and executing the dance he knows by heart, the only dance he could only hope to ever remember as his one year in dance paid off. He wished he could have continued, if only his father never found out about where he had been sneaking off to.

Even years of pain and torture could never beat out his love for dance and singing. His actions being the only thing that comfort him in time he feels like giving up.

He was so absorbed in his dance that he didn’t notice the eyes carefully watching him from the sidelines. Nor did he hear the door open as someone made their way across the long expanse of the dance room.

He doesn’t stop until his dance slows and he finally opens his eyes to see the new addition to the room. He winces and stands still as he looks at the reflection of the man behind him. A single word drops from the man's lips seeming to have enough power to knock Jungkook out of his daze.


The single word weighs heavily in the silent room until Jungkook turns around to face the man.

The man looks from Jungkooks face to his neck before making their way down and back up his body. His eyes linger on the statement still elegantly written out on his wrist. He seemed to be in thought before he opened his mouth to break the silence.

“I’m Bang PD. You are?” He held out a hand waiting for Jungkook to take it.

Jungkook hesitates before putting his hand into the others before saying a quiet “Jungkook.”

“You were amazing. Do you have a passion for dance?”

Jungkook shrugs. “It’s the only thing keeping me going beside singing.” The meek voice cracks as it is used for the first time in what seems to be months.

Bang lights up at the statement before looking down again and then meeting Jungkook's eyes. “I’m here to recruit for the new band BTS. I’m sure you probably heard from the opening ceremony. Are you going to show up to auditions after school?”

A frown takes hold of Jungkooks face as he remembers the last time he returned home late. An involuntary shudder racks through his body as he shakes his head no.

“Can you sing for me?”

Jungkook hesitate before opening his mouth and letting words flow freely through his lips. His voice cracks with underuse, but he still manages to sing relatively decent.

Bang seems satisfied as Jungkook wrapped up his performance.

“It could definitely use some work, but I think you would be the perfect addition to the team. How would you like to be an idol?”

Jungkooks face lights up before he begins to think about what possible consequences his father could impose on him if he were to accept the offer.

Seeing his hestances Bang sighs before speaking again, “How about this? I will give you a week to decide whether you want to take this chance or not. Here's my card. Contact me if you have questions or an answer.”

Jungkook looks down at the innocent paper lying in his hand as he glances back up at Bangs face.

“Thanks.” Jungkook said as he bows slightly before standing up straight and pocketing the card.

Bang nods. Satisfied with the result he got just from wandering the school.

Who knew that such talent was hidden away in a dark room during school hours.

He left the room and silence once again settled in as though it was never meant to disappear. Jungkook, still feeling the sadness and rejection from the statement drawn out on his wrist, decides to continue with his dance. Barely noticing the new words that are stretching the expanse of his wrist.

“He hasn’t shown up to class, no wonder no one seems to like him.”

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Jungkook stayed in the room alone for longer than he thought. By the time he was broken from his daze, it was already close to the time the school would let out. Instead of staying and risking the chance of being beaten on his way out, Jungkook decided to leave the building and head home a little early.

The way to his house was eerily silent. Completely void of any life that once adorned it. Everyone hidden comfortably inside their houses or stores as they go about their day. With the young children still having a bit of time before their school lets out, the streets seemed to have a dreary feel to it.

Jungkook finally enters his house. The silence is unnerving, but it still comforts Jungkook. Silence is good. Silence means that his parents might not be home, that they might not return home.

Of course the silence doesn’t last very long.

Jungkook lays on the floor with his pillow and blanket pulled up around him for comfort taking a nap. He learned very early on that any sleep he can get is worth it. Any second not spent writthering from pain on the floor or sleeping, not from choice but from pain, should be spent in the little comfort provided from the single torn up, old blanket.

Jungkook stays deathly still as he hears the door to his room slam open with a bang. He doesn’t even flinch. He hopes that if he stays still, his father might mistake him for a corpse and leave him alone. If only it worked that way.

A kick to the side confirms that his father isn’t going to be leaving any time soon. His father flips him over onto his back as he slides on top of his sons slim figure.

“Missed me?” His breath fans over Jungkooks face giving away the fact that he was more or less under the influence.

Jungkook doesn’t bother humoring him with an answer as he stares at the ceiling. His father doesn’t take kindly to this and decides to slap his face.

“Look and pay attention to me when I’m speaking.” His voice rasps as he begins to apply pressure to Jungkooks wrists digging the limb hard into the hardwood flooring. A hiss escapes Jungkook's lips as his hurt wrists is grinded into the ground. He closes his eyes making it so that he doesn’t see the gleaming knife until he feeling it being pulled over his stomach.

His eyes fly open and look into an identical, older pair that stare down with burning hatred. This hatred is intensified once he gets a good look at what is on Jungkook's wrists.


The words of what will be Jungkook soulmates, but of course Jungkook isn’t allowed a soulmate. He’s allowed happiness in any form.

Jungkook's father forces Jungkook up by his neck.

“I see that you have a soulmate. Have you already touched them with your disgusting skin? Can they feel the pain.” His words are accentuated with a squeeze to Jungkook's neck as he is pulled down the stairs, but as he does this, his eyes catch the sight of multiple writings on his arm. “You even have more than one, do you think they will all feel the pain? Have you touched all, or just one? Ah, what am I saying, who would ever willingly touch you?”

Jungkook hardly whimpers, but after hearing those words, the sound just come out of instinct.

A door opens revealing stairs leading further into the ground. Jungkook feels every inch of his body getting injured as he is shoved down the stairs of what's supposed to be his home. He hears footsteps following his descent as he is once again forced up and into a wooden chair.

“I guess I need to keep you here for longer.” His father says as he wraps his arms and legs down to the splintering chair. “Don’t even try to escape.” His father says as he grabs a knife from a shelf in the corner of the room. “Don’t even scream, you remember the last time you screamed don’t you?” His father asked with enjoyment lacing his tone.

Jungkook gave a meek shake of his head showing that yes, he indeed remembered what happened. He hadn’t been able to walk properly for at least a month.

“I guess there shouldn’t be any holding back.” The cold words sent a shiver down Jungkook's back as he feels the first slice forming on his arm.
Jungkook doesn’t even have the energy to lift his head. He has no knowledge as to how long he has been down here, but it certainly has been for more than a few days.

Bangs deal repeats like a broken record within his head. All Jungkook wants is a way out.

The black consumes his thoughts as more and more of his blood seeps from the wounds he has accumulated throughout the days.

A small ray of light filters into the dark room from upstairs and Jungkook revels in the small amount of light offered. He can’t wait to feel the sun back on his pale white skin.

His thoughts are cut short as he hears his father walking back downstairs.

“I see you have woken up.” He says cruelly as he stares at his son.

Jungkook hangs his head not even responding to the words. His father kneels down before him and smirks.

“No response? I see you haven’t learned your lesson.” He pulls down the chair onto the ground and takes a gallon of water. Forcing his son's mouth open, he forces the water down his throat. The burn down his throat makes Jungkook's eyes water up as he chokes.

Please, save me. His mind thinks as his vision fades to black.

The rest of the days he comes in and out of consciousness. Sometimes he wakes to an unbearable amount of pain as a knife slices into his puffy flesh. Other times its to silence and painless thoughts.

The next time he returns to full consciousness he finds that all his limbs have been untied from the unsightly chair. He rubs at the sore and raw flesh of his wrists and ankles.

He moves sluggishly as he makes his way up the stairs. He notices that the sun is just barely rising above the horizon. He looks at the time and notices that school will start in approximately an hour. He sighs as he realizes he was purposely let out so that he could go to school.

He snatches some bread from the cupboard as he looks at the date and realizes he was down in the basement for an entire week, yet no one has searched enough to actually try to rescue him. No one cared to.

Ignoring the now depressing thoughts he makes his way to his bag and walks out of the door. His limp telling him that he will need to use the entire hour allotted to him in order to make it to school on time.

He walks into the school and into his first period classroom. Everyone is already seated as he makes his way to the seat. No one comments on his tardiness nor do they comment on how he looks like he just came back from hell.

As they go through the lesson for the day, Jungkook fingers the business card sitting innocently in his pocket.

He finally made a decision, he's going to take the job. Although that was the first time his father kept him in the basement for longer than three days, he's still happy that he let him go just before the offer Bang gave him expired.

Once the bell rings, Jungkook is out of his seat and running as fast as he can with a limp to the library before anyone could catch up to him.

He signs in and sends an email to Bang.

“I’m in.”

Chapter Text

The response is almost instant.

“Great. You can come by the company building today and see the boys practise and pick up the forms to make it official.”

A smile breaks out on Jungkook's face. He might not know the full contents of the deal, or much about it, but at least he will be able to dance.

He turns away from the computer just to come face to face with Yoongi.

“Move.” Yoongi said sounding annoyed and agitated.

Jungkook quickly scrambles out of his way.

He hears one word as he moves past the male.


He spares one last glance behind him as he leaves the library. Refusing to let a single tear drip from his eyes.
He makes his way through the crowd as he approaches the Big Hit building. He can feel the bubbling anxiety that hits him as he looks up at the looming building in front of him.

Walking in, he can’t help but be astounded at the magnificent architecture wondering how such a big place could exist.

“Jungkook.” He looks up and sees the warm face of Bang PD.

“Thats me.” Jungkook says with a meek voice.

“Glad you accepted my offer. We held additions all week, but still haven’t found anyone quite as talented or natural as you.” A bright smile adorns his face. “First, let's bring you to my office so that we can get the forms and documents done and over with. Do you have a guardian that can sign the forms?” He asks leading Jungkook through the large building and past many doors.


They walk down various halls before they finally enter a nice office that has an obvious theme of black and white. A black couch stands in the middle of the room as the windows let in light allowing for the office to give a sophisticated, yet open, aura.

“Please sit.” Bang says as he gestures to the couch. “Would you like anything to drink?”

“Water would be nice.” Jungkook can’t help but admire the exquisitely decorated room.

A few minutes later and they are both settled in with their choice of drinks. Jungkook sips on a cup of water while Bang sips on tea. A stack of paper now sitting in between the two men.

“These are all the terms and conditions along with additional requirements. Essentially it says that you will go to school then have an hour to yourself afterwards. Once that hour is up, you must be in practice doing dancing, singing, language classes, or anything that would potentially benefit your career as an idol. You must practise as a group for three hours a day, no exceptions. If you are hurt or ill, that's another story, but there must be no voluntary misses. In addition…” Bang pauses as he looks up at Jungkook unsurely. Jungkook just raises an eyebrow.

“Go on.” Jungkook prompts as he continues to sip his water.

“You will have to live in a dorm with the rest of the group with a curfew of 10 PM on weekends and 9 PM on school nights. But the thing is, the rest of the group are soulmates.”

Jungkook chokes on some water in his shock. The news crashing down on him. He doesn't have one, but six, soulmates.

“Their all soulmates?” Jungkook says as he sets down his drink slowly recovering from his coughing fit.

“Yes. I know that it is a lot to ask for someone independant of the bond to share space with them, but they have a four room dorm. Which includes a kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms. If you accept you can either sleep with the six of them or in your own room. If you choose to sleep as a group in one room, the additional room will be converted into a production room for each member to use if they decide to practice later than 9 or 10. Do you still accept?”

“Yes.” Jungkook emphasizes his word with vigorous nods of his head. “I don’t mind living with six,” Jungkook swallows and continues, “soulmates.”

Bang nods before asking, “So which arrangement would you prefer.”

Jungkook thinks for a second before replying simply with, “I would like to sleep in my own room for the time being.”

Bang nods at the statement before standing.

“Would you like to meet them today? They should be in practise.”

Jungkook nods and accepts the contract being handed to him by Bang as they make their way out of the room.

The sounds of shoes scuffing the dance room assaults Jungkook's ears as they move closer and closer to the dance studio. Bang knocks on the door before entering. Upon entrance, Jungkook can see each boy bow to Bang before straightening and locking eyes with Jungkook.

“Is this your mysterious dancer Bang?” One of the boys asks. His pink shirt swaying as he moves his feet back and forth obviously nervous about meeting the new member.

“Yes. This is Jungkook.” bang gestures to Jungkook as he plays with his clothes suddenly extremely happy that he decided to go with a turtleneck and not a regular t-shirt. It makes him feel less exposed to the six pairs of eyes. “He will not only be practising with you guys now, but will also be living with you. Not negotiable.” His stern voice shows off how serious he is. “Today he will sit out, but as soon as everything is confirmed he will be practising with you guys.” Bang leads Jungkook to the corner of the room and mummers a “Just observe” before leaving.

Jungkook sits in the room for a few silent minutes before looking up into the shocked faces of the six boys. All of them looking at Jungkook with either looks of shock or awe. Everything was quiet until Yoongi decided to break the silence.

“How did you get in?”

Jungkook shrank at the harshness of the tone.

“Hyung, don’t be so mean to the newbie. Besides look how cute he is. Like a bunny.” One of the males pikes up. Jungkook looks up to see a box smile showing brilliantly on his face. He flushes as the smile is directed at him. “I’m Taehyung.” The guy says with an outstretched hand.

Jungkook flinches and Taehyung quickly retracks it to try and avoid the awkward atmosphere that comes after a handshake is rejected.

Taehyung doesn’t comment on Jungkook's abnormal behaviour as he turns to the rest of the group and starts pointing and labeling people.

“This grump is Yoongi. Also known as Suga.” Taehyung starts as he points back at the glowering man. “Don’t wake him up from a nap and you will live. He’s harmless. Over there is Hoseok.” Taehyung points to a man whose smile can rival the sun. “He goes by J-Hope. Over there is Seokjin.” Tae points to the man in pink who had broken the silence earlier. “Then there is Jimin.”

Jimin jumps at the mention of his name, but still waves awkwardly.

“Don’t let that adorable face fool you though. Behind all that, he’s got abs.” Jimin's face turned red as he turned around and began to ignore Taehyung as he finished up introductions. “And then there is our leader, Namjoon. Or Rap Monster, Rapmon, or RM. Either one, he responds to all of them with varying levels of agitation.” Tae smiles as Namjoon begins to protest Taehyung's last statement, but stops after realizing he was just being ignored.

“Nice to meet you all.” Jungkook says as he bows slightly to all of them.

“Whens your birthday Jungkook-ah?” Jin asks.

“September 1, 1997.”

A sudden exclamation caught everyone's attention as they turn to the source. Tae stands with his arm pumped in the air.

“I’m finally not the youngest. I get to be called Hyung.” He says with his box smile on display.

Jungkook can’t help the chuckle that falls from his lips at the action, but the glare he receives from Yoongi makes all traces of the laughter leave his face.

“Let’s get back to practice.” Yoongi says as he gets back in position. Judging by the looks on all the others faces, Yoongi must not make the suggestion too often.

Jungkook watches as everyone gets into the positions and begins to dance. Their bodies perfectly on beat with each other. The music guiding the movesand allowing for the group to be perfectly in sync with each other. Not one person is out of place and Jungkook can only look on with astonishment at the perfection of the group.

Soon the music dies down and the boys all get into their final stance. The boys repeat the same moves and song over and over each time getting better and better than the last.

Later that night, after Jungkook goes home, he looks down at his arm to notice six colors all saying something different.

“Yoongi, come and snuggle.”

“Everybody, it's time for dinner. Get your asses down here.”

“I just walked in and saw two people making out on the kitchen.”

“Not again.”

“Jin gives the best kisses.”

Jungkook gets out a marker from his bag debating whether to respond or not and alert them of his presence. The choice is made for him; however, once he glances down and sees one single statement off to the side. It looked to be maybe thirty minutes old as it was smudged and smeared across his skin, but it was still legible.

It read, “That guy in practice was the slut. Stay away from him.”

But that wasn’t the thing that really bothered him, he already knew that Yoongi thought he was a slut. The thing that bothered him were the small smudges of agreements that lay around the simple sentence.

Chapter Text

Jungkook really should’ve been more careful with the contract papers. He really should’ve hidden them better than just under the floorboards of his room. If he had hidden them better, then he wouldn’t be bleeding out on the floor of his room after his father decided to see how sharp his knife was.

Now the papers lay in a shredded bloody pile next to the withering body. Jungkook moved his head to stare at the papers that held his dreams, now, just a pile of mush.

A load bang sounded from the floor below Jungkook. A shudder passed through his body as he began to hear yells of the familiar voice that haunts his dreams. He hears the overly familiar sound of multiple footsteps get louder as they slowly got closer to the closed off room.

He counts three pairs. The dread grows in his stomach with each second. It's never good when his father invites people over.
Jin panted as he walked over to his water bottle and downed the amazing liquid. He barely even registered the sound of the door opening, but he did hear a grunt. He looked to see Bang PD standing not too far from him. He quickly realized how rude he was being and bowed to the elder man.

“Jin, I haven’t heard anything from Jungkook for three days, and I went over to the school to find out that they didn’t know the whereabouts of the child. I would like you to go over to his house and check up on him.”

Jin would’ve said no, afterall he was extremely busy between school and the company, but the worry lines etched into the elders face made him reconsider.

With a sigh Jin said, “Fine. What's his address? I'll check his house first.”

Bangs face automatically brightened as he shared the address of the boy. Not even questioning why the school would give away the personal information to some random person.
Jin looked down at the paper and then back up at the house. He couldn’t believe someone could even live in a house like that. The roof seemed to be caving in on itself as the overgrown grass tangled with each other. He can only wonder how a human could live in such a place.

Jin sighed thinking that Bang PD gave him the wrong address. He turns around to leave the property, that is, until he hears yelling coming from the house.

The curiosity got the better of the trainee as he turned back to approach the house. The yells got louder and eventually he could hear things breaking.

Thinking that someone was in trouble, Jin ran into the house and up the stairs. He saw an open door and quickly ran for it. Jin got a clear view of what was in the room.

Red decorated the walls of the small room as a large figure hovered over a small one that seemed to be the source of all the red. The blood seemed to be seeping from the body as though it were a porous bag of water.

He gripped his mouth as he doubled over and vomited. The sounds of the throw up sloshing onto the floor seemed to be ignored in favor of the larger man thrusts into the near lifeless body.


A kick to the side and a grunt confirmed that the smaller human was indeed alive despite the many cuts and slashes he harbors along his skin. The blood made it look as though his skin were red. Every inch covered in the precious liquid.

Two men stood watching the larger one take what he wanted from the defenseless figure underneath him. Not a sound passed the lips of the young boy. It almost seemed as though he didn’t care who it was as long as they weren’t shoving a knife into his skin.

Jin couldn’t believe his eyes. He would at least think that whoever was on the ground would care who was inside him, but it seemed as if nothing mattered to the boy.

Jin couldn't help the horror and disgust build up in him as he turned away from the scene deciding to give them privacy. It doesn’t matter. As long as Jin isn’t involved.

He waited for them to finish. The only thing keeping him from leaving the house was the thought that the young boy would die out on the floor if no one tried to save him in time. He at least has some decency as a human being.

It took thirty minutes for all three men to have their way before they left the room. They ignored the male that was waiting outside of the room. Instead of stopping the person from reaching the almost passed out male bleeding on the floor, they walked downstairs to get some beer.

Jin reached the man and noticed his face. Recognizing the face he bent down a nudged the guy being careful to not touch his skin, he wouldn't want to touch such filth.

“You still alive?”

A groan is his only answer. Jin determines that it would just be better to support the man and take him outside of the house.

“Would you like to go to the hospital?” Jin can’t help but ask the question knowing that if this were to get out, it would be all over the news in a matter of hours.

This seems to be Jungkook's train of thoughts as well if his answer of ‘no’ was anything to go by.

Jin takes off his jacket that he threw on after practice and wrapped it around Jungkook trying to hide the wounds. He then drags the boy up and puts his arm around his waist. As he does this, he catches a glimpse of his hand, noticing that it was a shade or two darker than normal. He disregard the information in order to drag the boy down the stairs,.

He passes the kitchen where all the older men were sitting down to drink. One looked shocked as Jin dragged Jungkook away. Jin didn’t hear the chuckle falling from the man's lips.

“Sluts got friends, won’t be long till he's crawling back here.” The statement caught the attention of Jin as he turned to him. "You should probably know that he thoroughly enjoys it. Take care of it.”

The man spoke as though Jungkook was an object, yet this fact went neglected by Jin as he gave him a blank stare.

“I’ve already been warned. Don’t worry, I won’t touch him.” Jin said turning to leave the house.

“Ignorance will be your downfall yonge man.”

The statement stayed in the air as Jin left the property. He didn’t even want to think about what the man meant by ‘ignorance.’ He was in no way ignorant of Jungkook's situation.

He was a slut. What more about it?

Chapter Text

Jungkook woke up in a unfamiliar environment. He only remembered leaning on somebody else. Almost immediately, panic took over his mind as he scrambled up from what looks to be a bed. He hears a door slowly creep open and looks over to see a familiar man. Not caring how familiar the figure is, Jungkook runs for the open door. Only one thought crowded his mind, escape.

Fear overtook his every instinct, becoming even more apparent as the man reached for his clothed arm. He recoiled almost immediately. He looked up into the eyes of the man only to see confusion.

“Glad to see your awake, but you should really be staying inside a bed for the time being.” The man said as he placed down what seems to be food on a nearby table. “I haven’t treated your wounds yet. Every time I tried you would always cry, yell, and scream. I couldn’t get within a foot of you without your loud mouth bothering the other members.”

Jin moved closer to Jungkook and reached out to grasp him. Just for the appendage to be ripped out of his reach.

“I need to treat your wounds Jungkook, not matter if you like it or not.”

“Where are we?” Jungkook needed to know the answer. They couldn’t be at his house or anywhere he’s ever been before. Jungkook wanted to know he was at least a little safe.

“We are at the dorm. Now let me treat your wounds.” Jin, once again, reached out for the limb just to have it ripped out of arm's reach once again.

Jungkook didn’t want Jin touching him. One touch was all it took for him to feel his pain as he knew they were soulmates. Jin obviously hasn’t touched his bare skin and completed the bond, if he had, he probably wouldn't be looking so relaxed. Not at all in the pain that he should feel from their bond.

Jin grew agitated and forcefully grabbed Jungkook's arm, not paying attention to where he was touching. Searing pain took hold of his arm. A warm embrace caught him before he was completely on the floor due to the shock of pain sending him tumbling. The comforting arms only fueled the pain, causing for the unbearable feeling to take over every nerve. A scream of agony escaped his mouth, quickly muffled by a warm hand.

“Shhhhh. It’s okay Jin. Let’s get you on the bed.” Jungkook carefully laid the twitching form on the fluffy bed before moving out as far away from Jin as possible.

“Jungkook. Are...” Jin could barely make it through a sentence as he tried to ignore the pain. “Are we soulmates?” Jins breaths get deeper and deeper as he realizes what the pain ment.

A small “yes” confirmed his suspicions and Jin couldn’t hold back his laugh.

“Just our luck.” Jin looked at Jungkook with a serious and somewhat dangerous look in his eyes. “Don’t you even dare touch the other members. They don’t deserve this pain.”

Jungkook recoiled back not knowing how to respond to the statement.


Jin seemed to be in deep thought for a minute or two before stating one thing that made Jungkook lose all hope in ever getting Jin to accept him. “You know… you can do whatever you want with your body. That's really your choice, but now that I have a chance of feeling everything, I would appreciate it if you didn’t whore yourself out.”

Jungkook could only look up and into the eyes of the elder wanting to scream that he wanted none of the cards dealt to him in life. He didn’t want the pain. He didn’t want this path and just wanted to drag himself out of the pits of hell. Jungkook wished he could say anything he wanted, and have someone believe him. If only he had enough confidence to do such a thing.


The apology was the only thing that seemed to be able to escape Jungkook's mouth. He looked down at his hands finding them more interesting than the intense hatred that he knew was probably in Jins eyes.

Jin only sighed before his eyes lit up as realization hit him.

“Shit. We need to get you cleaned up.” Jin eyes the blood that still littered Jungkook's form. Disgust curled in his stomach as he remembers that Jungkook laid in the same bed as he was in right now while he was that bloody.

“Oh god.” Jungkook reached for a blanket to try and wipe off his blood. Jin, who seemed to get over the intense pain, leaned over to take the blanket from Jungkook. While doing this, his skin once again made contact with Jungkook's and pain spiked up from the point in which the contact was initiated.

“I’m never going to touch you.” Jin said as he withered in pain.

“Sorry.” Hurt rushed through Jungkook. Even though the statement was justified, Jin didn’t want the pain. Didn’t want Jungkook.

“Whatever.” Jin calmed down enough and sat up in his bed. “If you feel that much pain, I’m shocked that you can even move.” A humorless chuckle fell from the beautiful mans lips. “Let’s get you into the shower.”

Jin rises from the bed. Making sure that there is fabric in between the touches, Jin grabs Jungkook's arm and begins to lead him to the bathroom. As they make their way through the halls, they hear a screech. Turning, they see Hoseok staring at the two males as though he just walked in on them having sex.

“What the hell is going on.” Hoseok asked directing his question at Jin.

“Found Jungkook.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but notice the lack of honorific. Not even a shi adorned the ending of his name.

“Where? The back of an ally?”

“Close.” Jin said as he continued their journey to the bathroom. “Found him bleeding out on his floor after whoring himself to the people he lives with.”

Jungkook ignored the words as he stripped and entered the bathtub.

“And you decided to bring him here?” The disbelief in Hoseok's voice made it obvious that he disapproved of the decision even if Jungkook was majorly hurt. “If this gets out we could be in trouble. This is dangerous.” Hoseok worried for the groups image. The thought of what their almost nonexistent fanbase would say if this situation got out made him shudder.

“I know. But it would be just as dangerous to have left him to die. Can you imagine what it would look like if one of the people considered for our group turned out dead? Besides, bringing him here instead of a hospital is lowering the chance of this getting out. And before you say something about how a hospital is better than here, Jungkook barely got here without having a panic attack. I was not going to have him wake up in a hospital. So I will wash him down and take care of his injuries. You can go and continue what you were doing. Sorry for bothering you.”

“Hyung.” Hoseok wanted to protest, he really did, but folding to the order was easier than going against it. “Alright.” He finally said. He left the two in the peace of the bathroom. He kinda wished that Jungkook wasn’t part of the group. It would solve so many problems. With this thought in mind, he went back to playing video games.

Jin turned towards Jungkook to observe his cuts. He walked and turned on the water. Completely unaware of the flinch the action brought out of Jungkook. Jin turned away to find a first aid kit. He almost missed the words that were being spoken from the quiet man behind him.

“Please… Please don’t tell the others yet.”

Jin let out a sigh.

“It’s your choice if you want to tell them or not. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. As long as you don’t touch them or me, then I don’t care if they know or not. But they do deserve to know. Just make sure that you tell them.They will inevitably find out. Now do you want me to patch you up or yourself?”

Jungkook looked up into the blank stare of Jin before letting out a small, “I’ll do it.”

Jin left the supplies near the bathtub and moved towards the door.

“I’ll see if we can keep you here in the dorm. You obviously need to have supervision on you. You really are an inconvenience.” Jin muttered the words lowly, but they still rung loudly in the room. Despite the water running, Jungkook didn’t miss the uttered phrase.

Mixed emotions swirled within Jungkook as he watched the pure white door close behind Jin. Happiness at the possibility of being able to stay somewhere that was not his childhood house, but also sadness at knowing that his soulmates would rather have him gone. He really was only trouble, but behind all of these feeling, there was a flicker of hope. Hope that he will be accepted. That he will get the chance at a better life with his soulmates. Living with them was just the first step.

Chapter Text

Jin was quick to come back. After only fifteen minutes, he was knocking on the door to make sure Jungkook was semi okay. It didn’t take long before Jungkook was patched up and wearing clothing to cover up his newly acquired cuts.

“I know that you don’t want to tell Namjoon about this yet, or anyone for that matter, but he’s the leader. We also don’t have your forms so you can’t really stay in the dorm. But in any case you are not allowed to go back to that home.” Jin pulled out his phone to text Namjoon that he needed to come home.

The two boys sat in silence as they waited for the rapper to arrive at the dorm. The silence suffocated Jungkook as not a word left either of the boys mouths. Jin stared at his phone while Jungkook tried not to make a sound despite his discomfort.

Eventually, the door opened to reveal Namjoon. His cheeks were flushed showing how he probably ran to see what was wrong after Jin texted him.

“Hey.” Namjoon looked shocked at finding Jungkook sitting in their kitchen. “I see you found Jungkook.”

Jin turned slightly and nodded before he got up to leave the kitchen.

“I think he needs to tell you some things. It’s none of my business so I’m just going to leave as my presence is unneeded.”

Jin exited the kitchen without a single look back leaving the two males to stare at each other.

“So, I was told there was an emergency?” Namjoon sat down confused as to why he was called back. Finding Jungkook shouldn’t have required his assistance.

“Yes.” Jungkook mumbled then looked down at his hands.

“I don’t really know why I’m here, care to explain?” Namjoon curiously watched as Jungkook stared more intently at his hands. The silence answered Namjoons question. He couldn’t help but sigh as Jungkook began to nervously scoot around in his chair. “The only thing that Jin told me is that he would like you to stay here so that we can watch over you, but you don’t have your forms. Is this true?”

A slight nod was the only confirmation Namjoon could pull from the younger man.

“Well, legally, you can’t stay here unless you have permission from a parent or guardian.”

Jungkook looked up at this statement already expecting to be faced with the fact that he couldn’t stay in the dorm with the other men where it was at least a little bit safe. Namjoon just stared at Jungkook noticing how Jungkook was moving as if uncomfortable with the conversation.

“Jin doesn’t seem to keen on letting you go home; however, which means that there is something more going on then just you not having a place to go. I need to know what is going on particularly with all that sleeping around.” Namjoons calculating gaze bit hard into Jungkook. Jungkook curled up slightly, not wanting to spill anything to the other man despite his yearning of wanting to stay and telling at least one of them the truth.

Silence, once again, took over the room. Namjoon waiting for Jungkook's response and Jungkook waiting for some type of interruption not wanting to deal with the important issue at hand.

“Listen, I just want to know, what is really going on?” Namjoons tone suggested that the topic will not be dropped anytime soon.

Jungkook looked up into the uncaring eyes of Namjoon as he let a single word drop from his lips, “please.”

Namjoon looked shocked at just getting the small boy to talk to him. His shock didn’t last long as it was quickly covered up by a professional mask.

“Sorry. I didn’t catch that.” Namjoon said as he leaned further onto the table in order to get closer to Jungkook.

Jungkook kept the eye contact with Namjoon as he finally said, “please let me stay.”

A sigh passed Namjoon's lips as he was beginning to give up on talking to the man in front of him.

“Just a week, please.” Jungkook didn’t want to go home for a little bit of time in order to avoid his father's outrage if even for a little while.

“Fi-.” Namjoon was cut off as the sound of the kitchen door opening up reached both men's ears.

“Namjoon we need to…” Hoseok's voice sounded loudly in the kitchen, bordering on the line between a yell and a scream. His sentence was cut off as he noticed that it wasn’t just Namjoons presence in the kitchen. “Oh, Jungkook.” Hoseok's voice lacked the brightness it did when he entered the kitchen, and now, can almost be described as bland. Masking any emotions he might be feeling.

Jungkook ignored Hoseok in favor of looking expectantly at Namjoon.

Namjoon just sighed as he repeated the words he meant to say before getting interrupted.

“Fine, you can stay here for the week. I don’t know what you will do beyond that. I’ll talk with Bang PD to see if we can extend it or make it permanent. There might be a loophole.” Namjoon then turned to talk to Hoseok. “Now what were you on about when you came in here wailing like a banshee?”

“Just wanted to tell you that we had to get going to practice if we wanted to get there on time. Jin is already at the studio and ready for recording. We should go.” Hoseok said as he awkwardly stood in the door frame. He didn’t want to come into the kitchen and risk being in there alone with Jungkook for any reason.

“Okay. Should Jungkook come? He could probably use this experience as he only at in on the dance practice last time.” Namjoon turned to look at Jungkook. The look in his eyes showed that he didn’t really care if Jungkook came or not as if he had only made the offer just to be polite.

Despite this, Jungkook saw no reason to not sit in. He could maybe learn something.

“Sure.” Jungkook said as he ignored the glare Hoseok shot him that was obvious even though Hoseok was making an effort to not let it show.

“Great. Let's walk there then.” Getting up, Namjoon headed for the front door not even looking to see if either of the boys were following him.

Jungkook approached the front door to notice that he didn't recognize any of the shoes in the unorganized mess that was six boys collections of various shoe brands.

“Where's my shoes?” Jungkook asked out loud.

“Where else could they be? They should be here.” Namjoon said as he looked at the pile noticing that it looked no different from any other day. No new additions adorned the chaotic mess. “Thats weird. Did you not bring shoes?”

Jungkook could faintly remember the comforting weight of shoes on his feet right before he passed out, but the fantom feeling was slowly fading from his mind. As though the memory was fake, and for all Jungkook or the other two men were concerned, it was a trick of his mind.

“I guess not.” Jungkook murmured still looking at the pile hoping that he could find at least a familiar pair that could be his.

“Here use these.” Namjoon handed Jungkook a pair of battered, old shoes before leading the way out.

Jungkook could’ve sworn that he was at least wearing one shoe when Jin had brought him back from the hell that was his house. Considering that he couldn’t find his pair he decided to submit and wore the old pair of sneakers before the small question of where his shoes went faded out into the void that was his mind.

Chapter Text

Jungkook, along with Namjoon and Hoseok, made their way to the Big Hit building in an awkward, strained silence. No one wanted to say a word as they walked in the streets of Seoul.

Once they were at the building, they made their way to the dance studio. Music echoed in the hallway as the three approached the closed door.

Hoseok decided to be the first one to step in followed by Namjoon. Jungkook watched as their backs disappeared behind the closing door as he prepared himself to enter the room in which the rest of the boys would certainly be in.

He walked through the doors with his head down. The previously loud music was turned down upon his entrance into the room.

“What’s he doing here?” Yoongi asked with barely hidden resentment lacing his tone.

“Yoongi, chill. He will be staying in the dorm until further notice. Get used to his presence, and before you ask, he is here to observe the practice. If he would like, he can even participate in it.” Namjoon ignored the glare he got from his soulmate in favor of beginning his stretches.

Jungkook stood in the corner until a person Jungkook faintly recognized as Jimin stood in front of him.

“Hey, I’m Jimin. What’s your name?” Jimin held out his hand for Jungkook to shake, but the handshake was met with no movement from the taller teen. Jimin quickly retracted his hand and forced it into his pocket.

Jungkooks confusion only grew at the gesture. They have met before, was he so forgettable that his soulmate couldn’t even remember meeting him?

Jungkook was pulled out of his thoughts by a voice that seemed to have overheard the conversation.

“Jimin, you’ve met Jungkook before. He sat in on a dance practice, remember?” Jins questioning voice was met with a look of confusion before the face was morphed into one of recognition.

“Oh yeah, Jungkook. The new guy Bang wanted to join the group.” Jimin looked over at Jungkook with a blinding smile. “Sorry I forgot you. I don’t usually have this issue.” The sincerity in Jimin's tone drew a small smile onto Jungkook's face. He could barely remember the last time someone has spoken to him like that.

“It’s fine.” Jungkook mumbled.

Jin quickly lost interest in the conversation and decided to walk away, no longer wanting to talk to the one guy he doesn’t even want in the group. Jin could barely even hold himself back from wanting to rip Jimin away from the conversation, but felt as though he would only be met with complications. When Jimin wanted to talk to someone, he was going to talk to that person.

“So, are you going to participate today?” Jimin looked up at Jungkook with hopeful eyes as if begging him to say yes.

“I guess.” Jungkook couldn’t help but agree to the mesmerizing dark brown puppy eyes that Jimin used to convince him.

Jimin fisted the air. The energetic look that he sported as he started to stretch himself out, gave Jungkook hope that he might have a chance with at least one of his soulmates.

The dance practice went by in a blur. Few mistakes were made by Jungkook despite this being his first time ever to dance in a class in many years. Even with the harsh glares sent his way by over half the group, Jungkook couldn’t help but get lost in the music.

After the practice was let out, Bang entered the room. He looked shocked by Jungkook's presence, but completely masked it with a serious face.

“It’s good that all seven of you are here, but I will have to talk privately to you Jungkook after I make this announcement.” His eyes told Jungkook that he would have to explain his presence, as he technically wasn’t supposed to be with the group until after he turned in his forms. “Now, since all of you are here, I would like to do some pre-debut recordings to show off your capabilities. Your guys’ sponsors are all looking to see what their investment has amounted to. Jungkook, even though you aren’t part of the group officially, I would like you to also do these recordings. The recording order goes from oldest to youngest, so Jin will be first.” Bang PD looked at the seven of them for a second before dismissing them to do start their journey to the recording studio.

Once everybody left the room, Bang turned to Jungkook

“So, why are you here? Although I don’t mind your presence, I still need your paperwork.” Bang decided to avoid beating around the bush and got right to the point

“I need a place to stay for a little bit. I’m having a bit of trouble with my parents, they won’t be able to sign the documents.” Jungkook glanced up just to be met with the stern look Bang had on his face. A sigh fell from the older mans lips.

“I guess I can pull a few strings.”

Jungkook looked up into the elder man's eyes. Hope sparked within him.

“Thanks.” Jungkook mumbled.

“You can't stay in the dorm for too long as you don’t have the proper forms. Once you have the ability to leave the dorms, please do so until you have everything signed, turned in, and processed.” Bang paused before adding on, “you can leave now. Go and record, I will show you to the room.”

Jungkook exited behind Bang as they both walked to the recording studio where Jungkook could faintly hear someone singing.

“You are welcome to listen to the others sing before you go in.” Bang said as he opened the door for Jungkook to enter. “I’m sorry I can’t stay, I have things I need to work out with various different people.” Bang sent Jungkook a smile as Jungkook walked through the doorway. The door shutting softly behind him.

Jungkook saw Taehyung finish his recording as he stepped out of the booth. He quickly noticed Jungkook and passed him some head phones.

“Let’s see what you got.” Taehyung said as he walked away from Jungkook to stand near the others.

Jungkook was nervous, but pushed down the feeling in favor of stepping into the silent, small room.

He awkwardly approached the microphone before a loud voice said, “Just sing a random song, I’ll press record.”

Jungkook nodded and began to softly sing into the mic. His voice sometimes missing some of the notes making the song sound horrendously horrible.

Jungkook walked out of the room. Looking up, he noticed that the atmosphere from before he sang and now was drastically different.

“Damn, I really hope you can sing better than that. You really will just hold the group back. Don’t know why Bang wants you so bad.” Yoongi's voice filled the room as the other members could only stand back either silent or agreeing with Yoongi. “You really should give up.” Yoongi said as he turned to leave the room leaving Jungkook alone with the six other members.

Jungkook was sad that he apparently couldn’t satisfy Yoongi, or the other members if their silence was anything to go by. Jungkook could only stand there and watch as the other members trickled out of the room leaving him and Namjoon. Namjoon walked over to collect the recordings.

“I’m going to give these to Bang PD. Your fine finding the dorm right?” Namjoon distractedly said as he made his way to the door.

“Yeah.” Jungkook said as he watched Namjoon leave the room.

He waited for a few minutes before exiting it himself. The only thought in his head being that he wasn’t good enough, his voice unfit for an idol according to his own soulmates.

Chapter Text

Jungkook heard talking coming from the dorm room. He grabbed onto the handel and walked into the dorm noticing that the noise automatically stopped upon his arrival.The silence doesn’t take too long before it is broken by Namjoons deep voice.

“You will be staying in the guest room. The same one you woke up in.” Namjoon gestured to the room Jungkook will be spending most of his time in from now on.

Jungkook nodded his head slightly as a show of thanks before he slipped into the room and into his bed. He quickly notices how the unfamiliar feel of the bed irritated him. It irritated him enough that he got up with the blanket and moved to the floor, not thinking too much about it before his eyes slipped shut.

Sun filters into the room casting an orange hue into the white room. Jungkook layed on the floor cuddled into himself conserving his body heat. He doesn't wake up until he hears his door open and a squeak.

“Jungkook, why are you sleeping on the floor?” The question was spoken with a tight voice as though this shouldn't be a regular occurrence.

Jungkook sat up slowly stretching slightly before he shrugged his shoulders. He honestly saw nothing wrong with sleeping on the hard floor, he had done it all his life.

A sigh drew him to look up at the source, and into the bright eyes of Jimin.

“Get ready, we have to leave in a few minutes for school. I should’ve woken you up earlier, but I woke up only five minutes ago. Start getting ready.”

Jungkook looked around the room allowing for a single realization to dawn on him, he didn’t have any clean clothes. He stood up unfazed at his discovery as he submitted to having to wear the same clothes as yesterday.

“All right, let's get going.” Jungkook said as he walked toward the doorway. Jimin stopped him before he could exit with a hand on his chest.

“Jungkook, aren’t you going to change?”

Jungkook mumbles out a soft, “no,” before he tried to exit the room for a second time. Once again, he is stopped by a soft hand on his chest.

“You are not wearing the same clothes as yesterday. You can probably fit into some of my baggy clothes particularly with how thin you look. Come on, let's see if I can find you some clothes.” Jimin said grabbing Jungkook's hand to drag him into a unfamiliar room.

Three bunk beds stood in rows. Each containing a bed, one for each member. On the far end of the room, there was a king sized bed big enough to take up a large portion of the small room. Jimin caught Jungkook staring at the end of the room and followed his gaze to the large, dominating bed.

“We normally all sleep on the large bed, but when we first got here, we slept on individual beds as to not crowd ourselves too fast with the presence of each other. We still have the beds just in case if we decide we want to sleep away from the others.” Jimin explained as he turned his attention back to his clothes. He dug around a little until he pulled out an oversized, blue sweater. “Put this on to see if it fits.” Jimin resumed his digging in search of some oversized pants as Jungkook put on the sweater.

Jungkook didn’t honestly believe that he would fit in any of Jimin's clothes, but the sweater seemed to fit. Maybe a little more oversized due to Jungkooks nonexistent fat, but it still was enough to get him through the day.

Jimin flung a pair of big sweatpants at his face, and Jungkook quickly changed into them coming up with similar results. No fat, little muscle due to not having enough time or energy, or time, to go the gym, and little eating seemed to pay off for Jungkook as he slipped into the pants.

Jimin turned and didn’t even try to hide his shock when he saw that Jungkook had actually fit into his clothes.

“Wow, I didn’t think you would actually fit. I guess you're thinner than I originally thought.” Jimin said before he looked down at his phone, and the same time, they heard the door to the dorm open then slam shut. “Shit, we’re going to be late. I assume that was the rest of the band.” Jimin grabbed onto Jungkook's thin wrist, ignoring how thin the wrist really was in his hand in favor of dragging the younger out of the dorm.

They all make it to school with the help of Bangs car, and for the first time in months, Jungkook is on time to his first period. And with the promise of Bang picking them all up after school, Jungkook begins classes without the worry of limping to the dorm. The day passes and Jungkook doesn’t get beaten as much as he usually does as his extended absence forced his bullies to seek out new victims. He actually thought that he would be able to get away without anyone hurting him until the last bell rang.

He was walking down the hall when a hand clamped onto his upper arm forcing him to take a different route than the one that would allow him to leave the school. They exit through a back door and Jungkook is thrown against a wall. He hears the chuckles of a few other boys giving away the fact that it wasn’t just one guy who wanted to hurt Jungkook, but multiple.

“Thought you could get away huh?” A harsh chuckle fell from the lips of the guy towering over the quivering form of Jungkook. “Think you are strong enough to not look like a good target?” The guy kneeled down next to Jungkook, and when he got no response, he stood up to kick Jungkook in his stomach. Jungkook ignored every word that fell from the groups mouths as he took the beating that was being handed to him.

He was already used to the pain enough to not even scream out, that is, until he felt hands grasp the back of his sweatpants. He began to thrash in the hold of his perpetrator already knowing where this is heading. Managing to turn himself around, he saw familiar eyes looking at him from behind the layer of boys surrounding Jungkook.

Taehyung stood staring at the actions of the boys knowing it was Jungkook that was in the middle, but making no move to help. He locked eyes with Jungkook, yet still couldn’t force his legs to cooperate and help the struggling boy. He didn’t want to get hurt, and he is already aware of the knife being passed to the front of the group. There was no reason for him to get hurt. Taehyung was searching for Jungkook after Bang discovered the lack of the younger before they left the property. Taehyung wasn’t the only person out on the campus looking for the thin, small male. The rest of the group, along with Bang, were searching for Jungkook.

Taehyung made a step forward intending to help before he decided against it and turned away. The only solution to the problem that he could think of was to tell the group that he spoke with Jungkook who told him that he was going to walk home.

Taehyung walked away leaving Jungkook in the presence of the other guys who were on him like sharks who found an innocent, weak fish. Jungkook ignored the pang in his heart as he watched the retreating form of Taehyung disappear behind the walls of the school. He was left to defend against the strongest guys in the school, and he had no support to help him.
Jungkook walked to the dorm. The limp in his leg slowing him down. The pain in his back and the fresh blood that printed a word on his skin dripped down staining the borrowed pants. He already knew that he had missed the hour of free time, and probably already missed most of the dance practice. Once he entered the dorm and discovered the time, he decided to give up. He fell down right were he looked at the clock and fell asleep already used to the cold seeping into his skin from the contact with the floor.

He doesn’t wake until he hears the dorm door open and six boys walk in. He stands up to make his way into his actual room, but as he passes the other members, he is stopped by a hand clutching his wrist.

He looks up at Namjoon before he averts his gaze onto another part of the room.

“Why weren’t you in practice?”

Jungkook didn’t respond still staring off into space.

“You do realize that part of being an idol is practicing. If you aren’t serious then you should probably leave. I just wanted to tell you that the voice recordings you did the other day have disappeared. Bang was going to tell you on the way home, but you never showed.” Namjoon said before dropping Jungkook's hand and moved around the still body. Jungkook stands there as the rest of BTS move around him and into the dorm. He waits for a little bit before he begins to move into his room where he laid down for the night.

He didn’t expect to be woken in the middle of the night. Nor did he expect it to be Taehyung to wake him.

Light floods his eyes as he looks up into the anger of the usually joyful eyes of the second youngest.

“Jungkook.” The anger in his voice woke Jungkook up completely as he looked at his soulmate. “Are we soulmates?”

Jungkook didn’t answer giving Taehyung all the answer he needed.

“We are, aren’t we? When were you planning on telling us?” Taehyung said as he glared down at the younger. “I can’t even believe that I had to find out after accidently looking in the mirror just to see the word ‘whore’ written in red on my back. That is no way to find out about this.” Taehyung turned around to display the messily written word.

Just looking at it reminded Jungkook of the feeling of the knife piercing his skin. Moving all different directions on his back to form the word on the previously blank skin.

Jungkook averted his gaze to the floor Taehyung stood on, not wanting to see the emotions on the others face.

“I can’t believe this.” Taehyung said before he took a step out of the room. “Don’t go near the others I know as well as the next guy that soulmates can feel each other's pain. The others don’t deserve that.”

With that, the door shuts leaving Jungkook to stare at it as though it had just killed his family. When in reality, all it did was stop him from watching the retreating back of his soulmate that had spoken to him and destroyed enough hope that he couldn’t stop a tear from falling from his eyes.

He laid back down and curled into himself more than he ever had before. The only thing keeping him grounded was the thought of Jimin's accepting smile.

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

Jungkook woke up the next morning feeling as though something was off. As though something big was going to happen. He quickly ignored the feeling as he pushed himself up and off of the surface he was laying on. Deciding that the clothes that he wore yesterday would suffice for the long day ahead, he just exited his room.

He heard murmurs coming from the kitchen as well as a heavenly smell filling the air. He creeped into the kitchen without really thinking. He barely noticed the fact that all the noise seemed to disappear upon his arrival into the new room. All he could focus on was the food that was being made in the pot on the stove. Jungkook averted his eyes from the food remembering the conversations from the other day mentioning how he wasn’t trying hard enough as a trainee.

Silence filled the dorms kitchen as the members waited for someone to say something. It was quickly broken when Namjoon spoke up.

“Jungkook, we have practice this morning. Don’t miss it.” Namjoon got up and moved to leave the kitchen. He passed Jungkook, but before he completely got out of the kitchen Yoongi's voice called out to him.

“Namjoon, just remember what we talked about.” The statement rang out in the small room as Jungkook started to move closer to the walls of the enclosed space. Yoongi stood up sending a glare to Jungkook who ignored the sign of hostility in favor of looking at Jin with pleading eyes. His eyes and silent plea were ignored by the eldest who simply started to pack up the food upon seeing that breakfast was obviously coming to a close.

Jungkooks stomache ached with hunger, yet he didn’t say anything. He just watched as the food was put away barely acknowledging anything until everyone who was previously in the kitchen was gone and going about the rest of their morning routines. The conversation the others had being a mystery to the youngest.

Jungkook was left alone in the room wanting to get food, but just thinking of what Jin would say if he discovered made Jungkook reconsider eating anything within the kitchen.
Jungkook had ignored his bad feeling he had ever since he woke up in the morning for the entirety of the drive to the company building. The awkward atmosphere within the car made Jungkook wonder, not for the first time, what the conversation in the kitchen was about in order to have this kind of impact on the boys. To make them have this tense unpalatable feeling surround the car. Even Jimin seemed to be acting strange. The normally cheery demeanor on the dancer seemed to have dimmed.

Jungkooks curiosity didn’t last long upon arrival to the dance practice as the high intensity workout left him tired. He barely even acknowledged the glares being sent his way by Yoongi and Taehyung. Despite Taehyung being so positive about Jungkook in general, upon the discovery of them being soulmates, it was obvious that the positive became tainted with dislike.

The group was herded about their schedule, and despite Jungkook's initial tiredness from dance practice, he was able to go through the day getting everything done to the best of his ability. Eventually, the entire group was rounded up for an announcement.

Bang stood in front of the seven members with a smile adorning his face.

“I’m glad to announce that BTS is going to be getting a TV show in order to garner fans!” The smile seemed to grow even brighter upon observing the shocked faces slowly morphing into smiles of the seven young males. A smile makes its way onto Yoongi's normally stoic or glaring face allowing Jungkook to see the expression for the first time on the elders face. “We will be starting today actually. The filming will be occurring throughout the week and some of it will be done today. We were able to get footage of today in the dance studio that we will be putting into the first episode/ There are cameras set up in the dorm and as your contracts say, we can film you.”

Jungkook didn’t miss the casual glance thrown his way a the statement, but decided to ignore it. Nothing could change the fact that he has yet to get a signature from a legal guardian, but it seems as though Bang already knows that nobody will care if he is seen on TV as his parents haven’t even attempted to look for him.

“The show will be done to allow fans to gauge a somewhat fabricated personality of all of you. It is meant to show your good sides or exaggerate certain aspects of your life. We would like to present BTS as a family that supports each other which shouldn’t be hard considering that it is true to some extent. The first episode will be airing in a few months.” Bang ended the meeting at that and left the seven to their own devices as he decided that they deserve some free time after the revelation that not only will they have their own show, but they also were being filmed during their dance practice without any of them realizing.

Everyone went about doing what they wanted with Jungkook deciding to go with Jimin to the gym while the rest headed back to the dorm.

The two of them fell into a comfortable silence as they began to work out. The two boys working out different parts of their bodies with Jungkook running on a treadmill and Jimin working on his abs. Sweat glistened on their foreheads as the strenuous exercise wore down on the rest of their energy.

After a while, Jimin began to get ready and left the gym while Jungkook stayed to continue to work out. He decided to leave shortly after and began to pack up just as Jimin had before he exited the gym. He walked on the sidewalk taking his time to look around this surroundings. He felt as though this would be the last time he would be able to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the outside. Despite his gut feeling, Jungkook chose to ignore it and continue on his way to the dorm.

It was getting late, so Jungkook entered the dorm as quietly as possible. He heard a conversation going on and decided to figure out what was going on as the members were acting a little more weird than normal. He was able to make out a bit of the conversation out and quickly realized that the topic being discussed was he himself.

The members talked with scorn as Namjoon commented on the trouble he has caused Yoongi just adding on to his statements. He heard Jin repeat the same conclusions about certain events he has had the displeasure of experience, picking up Jungkook being one of them. He listened to Taehyung discuss his bad traits focusing on his attendance for certain events involving BTS. He heard Hoseok discuss his disgust at the newest member despite having little contact with him. The only saving grace being Jimin with his timid voice speaking out about how Jungkook is trying his best.

Eventually Jimin got on the nerves of the other members as the conversations began to quiet down.

Eventually Namjoon decided to voice the unspoken questions running through the other members minds. “Why are you so defensive of Jungkook? If he were your soulmate would you want him with all his flaws?”

The question seemed to stump Jimin as no one spoke for quite some time. It seemed as though the silence answered Namjoons question.

“See, even you wouldn’t accept him as a soulmate.” Yoongi decided to voice. “I mean, it's understandable. Who would want to hang out or be with that mess up?” Yoongi's words hurt Jungkook, but what hurt more was Jimin's silence. The silence that was slowly becoming too drawn out. Despite Jungkook's best efforts at holding back, tears began to run down his cheeks.

All his hope fading the longer Jimin said nothing. Eventually, Jimin just made a soft statement that he would head to his room instead of answering the important question as avoiding seemed to be what Jimin decided to do.

A sharp pain ripped through Jungkook as he realized that, even with everything and their interactions, when it comes down to it, Jimin prefers silence over defense. The silent rejection burned through Jungkook's veins as he felt like he was suffocating. He needed to leave. With that thought in mind, he ran a little to loudly out of the house. The door slamming behind him. He didn’t even bother looking back as he continues to run for miles just trying to get away from the other members.

Eventually, the gym and workouts pulled him to a stop as he entered an ally in an unknown area of Seoul. He looked up to the sky to see that the sun had set and was slowly receding behind the horizon. Jungkook watched the brightness fade as his emotions began to make him feel numb.

He has been rejected by each of his members with little to hang on to. He knows what happens to those who are rejected by their soulmates as that was the one warning that is told to every child.

If rejected by ones soulmate, the rejected will face a fate worse than death. A life forgotten by those meant to love him. A life forgotten by everyone including the rejected. Everything is erased whether it be footage or material objects, it will eventually fade just like the memories of every single person that has ever met the unfortunate soul.

They have all heard the stories of the rejected fading just to appear in a town millions of miles away from his soulmates with all of their memories erased.

Jungkook tried to keep his memories for as long as possible before deciding it wasn’t worth the effort. Why put off the inevitable?

He looked up and was greeted by the sight of the sky and a bird flying above his head. He watched the bird land wishing that he could just as free as the small creature that landed not too far away. A faint smile made its way onto his lips as his vision began to fade and blackness took over his consciousness.
Bang sat watching the footage taken for the first episode in a darkened room. Something seemed to be missing from the footage, but he couldn’t remember what. He watched as six men danced in the practice room in sync with each other. They performed it perfectly, but it seemed as though the footage taken earlier that day was tampered with. He swears that there should be another, yet the phantom member doesn’t show up anywhere on the screen.

The contemplation is slowly wiped from his mind until he just accepts the fact that there are only six members of BTS showing for a dance ment for seven.

Chapter Text

2015 -- two years after BTS debuted

Night was a time in which the loudness of the dorm was calmed by the serene feeling of encompassing darkness. The silence of the night was interrupted by whimpering quickly causing to wake Jimin up from his dreamless sleep. He disentangled himself from Hoseok's arms. Walking towards the source of the sobs, he ended up at the bottom of Taehungs bed.

He slipped into the bed with the younger man hoping to provide some form of comfort. The movement caused for Teahyung to rouse from his sleep. The whimpers began to quieten down as consciousness took hold.

“Are you okay?” Jimin's voice rang out in the room as Taehyung turned to look at the elder before answering.

“Not really,” tears soaked his pillow as Taehyung remembered his nightmare. A phantom knife slicing through the ones he loved. Taehyung knew it was just a dream, but he couldn’t help but remember the memory from so long ago.

“Is it about ‘the incident?’” Jimin couldn’t help but ask. The question was answered by the small movement of Taehyung's head. It was indeed about the event that no one in bangtan mentioned. He remembers the time when Taehyung decided to open up to the members about what has caused him to gain a fear of knives. About the memories that haunt Taehyung.

~Flash back~

All of the members were gathered in a room waiting for Taehyung to tell them why they found him sleeping restlessly. They had all had experiences in which they comforted Taehyung in the dead of the night after a bad nightmare, and although they don’t want to pressure Taehyung into opening up to them, they still were wondering what the cause of the dreams were.

Taehyung sat in Joonies lap looking out at the expectant faces of his soulmates before he took a deep breath to tell them his story. The reason why he hates knives, and about the feeling as though he disappointed someone special to him due to his fear, even though he can’t remember such a thing happening. He told his soulmates about watching his loved ones fall to the hands of a sharp blade. About how he watched those close to him bleed out on dry pavement due to a large gap, and how he could do nothing to stop it. The thoughts still haunt him and it has only become worse since their debut as idols. The feeling that they are missing someone and that Taehyung's fear has somehow contributed to the disappearance has made the nightmares occur more than they should.

The members understood the fear as they started to assure Taehyung that it was alright. They all have the feeling that something, someone, is missing in their lives and that they contributed to it. They assured Taehyung that it was alright to have a fear of a weapon capable of killing. Especially because he had personal experience with a knife killing someone he once knew and loved.

~~End of Flash back~~

“It’s okay Taehyung.” Jimin pulled the younger into his chest hoping to quell his tears. Jimin wished that he could take all the memories from his soulmate, but he couldn’t. All he could do was feel their physical pain, not their mental. And he sure couldn’t take their pain onto himself.

The two eventually fell asleep with Taehyung cuddled up to the larger, comforting frame that was Jimin.


Morning came with the smell of pancakes and meat filling the air. Jimin slowly detached himself from Taehyung as he followed his nose to the kitchen where Jin stood cooking breakfast. He didn’t notice Jimin at first, but once he did, he immediately gave him a plate piled high with many types of food. Some of which were going against their diet.

“Hyung, your going to make me fat.” Jimin couldn’t help but point out the fact as he started eating his food.

“I’d prefer fat than underfed,” Jin said as he continued cooking breakfast for the rest of the group.

Jimin chuckled a little before walking to the kitchen table to eat. He watched his hyung walk around the kitchen. He was making too much food for just six people. It was almost as if he subconsciously felt as though they were missing someone. He overmade all of their food. Jimin remembered the first time that their hyung overmade food a few months, before they were debuted as a six member group. He remembered the drastic change in his hyungs behaviour as his already motherly actions became even more prominent. It was almost as though he was overcompensating for some action against another person.

Many of the members noticed the change in their hyung, but everytime they questioned him they would always get the same answer. ‘I don’t know why I do it. It just feels as though I should be doing it in preparation for someone's return. For the return of someone that I have done wrong by.’

Hoseok walked into the kitchen and got his serving before sitting next to Jimin.

“I woke up by myself,” Hoseok said as he began to dig into his food.

“Yeah, I left in the middle of the night to tend to Taehyung. He had the nightmare again.”

The answer seemed to calm Hoseok as he relaxed.

“That’s good, I thought it might’ve been because of something else…” Hoseok frowned into his food before a bright smile took up his face. “Anyway, have either of you seen Yoongi or Namjoon?”

Both Jimin and Jin shook their heads.

“No, I think Yoongi is still locked up in his studio, and Namjoon is in a meeting with the producers. Namjoon told me that we have dance practice to attend today.” Jin said as he plated breakfast for the rest of the members and turned off the stove.

Hoseok rolls his eyes. “Namjoon always takes his career too seriously. Always saying things like, ‘Don’t be late to practice. Being an idol means practicing’ or ‘If you aren’t serious, just leave.’ It feels as though he’s gotten more harsh.”

Jin and Jimin both nodded in agreement. Many things have changed since they debuted. With both Namjoon and Yoongi stepping up and dedicating all their time to music and production, their attitudes towards everything has changed. Sometimes they neglect their own health in favor of producing, or talking to managers about their future. It’s come to the extent that their own soulmates won’t see them for days on end.

With two members becoming more and more involved in just music production, Hoseok has began to cave. Ever since they buted as BTS, an aura of depression began to hang in the dorm. This caused Hoseok to feel as though he needs to be the sun of bangtan. He has taken it upon himself, ever since the unexplainable change in feelings during predebut, to always brighten the days of the other members with the help of Taehyung's silliness.

The feeling as though they are missing one member has affected all six in certain ways. Jimin can’t help but notice the change, even in himself.


After all members have eaten, with the exception of Namjoon and Yoongi, they all head out to dance practice. Jin packed away the extra few portions he accidently made. They stop off at Yoongi’s studio with his meal, and insured that everyone made it to dance practice. Namjoon was already there having come straight from the meeting to the dancing room.

Dance practice passed with Taehyung and Hoseok trying fruitlessly to lift the mood. Sometimes Jimin wonders how the group managed to come this far with this change in disposition in the members. Then he remembers the feeling he gets whenever the stress has gotten rough. The feeling as though their missing person is waiting for their next song, their next dance, their next interview, their next everything. As if there is seventh person missing from the group, watching their actions as a way to gain their own hope in life. This feeling was shared by the group, always making them work their hardest on everything concerning their career. They don’t want to feel as though they’ve let the person down yet another time.


Dance practice lasted the whole day causing for the group to come home exhausted. Yoongi, although tired from the physical activity, went back to his studio with Namjoon following closely behind.

The rest of the group decided to eat dinner before going to bed.

Jimin climbed into his and Hoseok's bed before Hoseok entered the room looking gloomy.

“Are you okay?” Jimin asked as he stared at the usually happy elder.

“I am. I’m just going to sleep with Taehyung today.”

Jimin felt a piece of him break, but he hid it carefully and put on his best smile.

“It’s okay,” Jimin said. “I’ll be fine. Just make sure to get a good night's rest.”

Hoseok looked guilty as he stepped out of the room turning off the lights as he went.

Jimin watched Hoseok's back disappear behind the door as a tear slipped down his cheek.

All the members have changed, and Jimin was no exception. Everytime he was left by himself, he was left to think about the absence of someone. He was left to the feelings that has developed ever since predebut. The feeling of being left to fend for yourself in a place with no one else. A place lacking warmth and love.

Jimin laid down forcing his head deep into the pillow to muffle the silent cries. He just wanted whoever it was that left to come back to them.

Chapter Text

Jungkook sat in the white, pristine bathroom. He wanted it to stop, wanted the thoughts and feelings to come back, yet to stay away forever. He slits another gash into his scared arm. One more would only add to the collection and would allow him to physically feel. As mental feelings, like happiness and anger, seemed to have disappeared with his memories.

The blood dripped down staining the white floors a vibrant red. Jungkook looked on emotionless as he thought back to the time when he woke up not having remembered a single thing with the exception of how to speak and basic concepts like multiplication or how to cook. A tear made its way down his cheek as he thinks to the only thing that had saved him during this time, music. It was the light in the never ending darkness that he had found himself drowning in.

Music seemed to be the only thing that held him up. Specifically, the music of the band BTS. Jungkook remembers vividly looking at the six guys as they performed on his TV. Watched as they danced with sharp movements and clean vocals. He remembered staying up all that night listening, and for the first time, feeling an ounce of something in his chest even if he couldn’t identify the feeling. It was almost as if the music was calling out to him, as if the performers had some connection to his forgotten past. He remembered looking them up and figuring out everything about the six boys. Even though he knew he would be nothing more than a fan to them, he still felt a deeper connection than he did with anyone else in his miserable life.

He knew the reason as to why he couldn’t remember, and just that knowledge made him want to die. But for some reason, he could never bring himself to do it. Could never bring himself to cut just that much deeper in order to end his life. Each time he would be stopped by the phantom voices of BTS that had saved him, saved him from himself.

He’s seen his scars, he knows that the life he led before he woke up on the busy streets of Busan was anything but easy. The feeling of emptiness; however, made feeling positive and happy feelings seem like a distant, unachievable dream. The feelings of resentment, rejection, and anger he once held had quickly vanished being replaced by nothing. Nothing but rejection and understanding.

He knew that he wasn’t ideal. Just look at him. He walked with scars littered on every inch of his skin. He walked with too much fat and too little muscle. He had nothing to offer, not a job or even a penny at the beginning. After waking up, he understood why someone would have rejected him.

Jungkook was left with nothing and no record of himself. He couldn’t even try and figure out anything of his past life as he knew that fate didn’t work that way. When someone is rejected, they are wiped from all systems and every possession fades out of existence as well as memories.

With no connection to his past like, he was forced to dig himself out from the bottom of the hole. He had to pick himself up and better himself. Even after all of this, he still couldn’t bring himself to stop adding to his collection. The only time in which he feels is when he creates the artwork on his skin or when he sees the numbers on his scale go down lower with every forgotten meal.

He made more and more cuts into the arms that never had enough time to heal, as once it gets its chance, it is forcefully ripped away when even more scars join the healing skin.

Blood drips out of the open wounds and Jungkook finally drops the knife onto his floor. He looked down and noticed the amount of weight he had lost in the past month. He was quite satisfied with himself having lost 3 kilograms a week. Even though he knew that it was unhealthy to do so, he couldn't stop himself.

Standing up, he left the bathroom and walked out into his small apartment. Looking over, he saw his college textbooks laying on the table next to his work uniform. Dread filled him as he walked over to put on the new set of clothes. He had to leave for work in a few minutes. A sigh left his mouth as he looked down at his books and knew that today was going to be a hard.

Even though he knew that he wasn’t supposed to be in college, as his looks suggests he is supposed to be in high school, he still decided to go and jump into the challenge. He needed to work hard now in order to try and get back the soulmates that had rejected him. Jungkook knew that they rejected him for a reason, yet he hoped that the new changes he made to himself (with the exception of the new additional scars) would maybe make them reconsider. Sometimes Jungkook wondered if they missed him like he seemed to missed them. He wished that he could still see the writings and artwork that his soulmate might’ve drawn to see if he too felt the absence of his presence.

If only fate had been that kind.

Once he woke up having been forgotten to everyone, even to himself, he had also lost all connection to his soulmate or soulmates. He didn’t know whether or not they were female or male, pretty or ugly, nice or mean, slacker or hard-worker, if there was one or multiple, he didn’t know a single hint. The only thing that seemed to have stood out being the voices of six special people, he just didn’t know the connection BTS had to his past. The only assumption that he could make was that BTS’s music had saved him even before he had been rejected. Maybe they were the reason that he could make it through his obviously painful life as they were the only reason that he was still alive at that moment.

Jungkook shrugged and went to grab his keys and walked out the door strolling to his part-time job at a restaurant. After working, he would have to rush to class. His wounds were still very much open and spilling his red life essence, but he couldn’t focus on that. He needed to get his work done and eventually prove himself. Then he can maybe become a part of the music field and maybe even meet BTS even if it is as a fan.

He knew that it was risk to go into such a thing as entertainment, but it was the only thing holding him up after he had fell. He needed it in order to feel somewhat alive if only for a few minutes.


After the tiring day, Jungkook layed in bed checking his phone. Just as he is about to turn it off something catches his eyes. An ad popped up telling of a BTS fanmeet occuring in Busan about two mile away from Jungkook. Of course this isn’t the first time BTS has come to the city, but this is the first time that Jungkook had enough money to splurge and go to one. A quick decision was made, and Jungkook paid for his tickets deciding that he should meet all of the people that had unknowingly saved him all this time, even if they don’t care. Even if they hold the key to a painful past, he wanted to know their connection to his life.

Chapter Text

Jungkook woke up early on the day of the fan meet dreading going to work and then a lecture. The fan meet was going to be held around 8pm and Jungkook already knew that he was going to show up tired. He started his routine and was on his way to work in a short amount of time.

He walked up to the restaurant in which he worked and began his day as he ignored the stares he received when his sleeve slipped up just that one inch to reveal evidence, of not only depression, but also his past.

Going through all the duties of the day, Jungkook finally got off his shift just to automatically attend the lecture that he knew would take up the last of his energy. As much as he liked college and learning new concepts, he didn’t like having one right after he worked for several hours while having little to no sleep.

The lecture was, as always, informative and slightly boring. He walked out a little smarter each time, and a little more satisfied with the improvements that his choices were making on his life.

Once he got back to his apartment, he got dressed for the fan meet. He didn’t have enough time to focus on anything else but changing from his work uniform, that he wore to his lecture since he didn’t have enough time to change, into more casual clothing. He felt a grumble in his stomach that alerted him that he indeed needed food to live and despite not even remembering the last time he ate, he continued on in order to arrive at the bus stop on time.

After about five minutes, he was out the door and running to the location that was a decent distance away from where he lived. He ran to catch the public transit just to barely make it on in time before the doors closed. He breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on a chair knowing that it would take about another hour before he was anywhere close to the location and then another ten minutes to actually get in and settled. He looked out the window to see the passing trees and buildings as the bus drove through the streets of Busan.
Jungkook felt anxious as he looked at the building in which the fan meet was supposed to take place. He knew that this would possibly be the one and only time to ever be in the presence the people who had unknowingly saved him. The anxiousness only seemed to grow larger with each footstep he made toward the door.

Eventually, he made his way through the building and to the room where BTS would interact with each other before they sat down to interact with fans that had paid more for the short amount of time to see their idols up close. Jungkook had indeed paid this extra amount in order to be included in this bunch as he knew that this would be his first and (most likely) last time to see the famous idols in any event.

He just didn’t have enough money to waste on such things as seeing his idols multiple times in his lifetime.

Eventually, the event came down to the point in which Jungkook had been anticipating. Everyone who was allowed to began to line up in preparation for their time to go on stage and talk for a few minutes with their idol where they could do whatever they wanted like give the idol a gift or have the idol sign something for the fan.

Jungkook watched as one by one the line got shorter and soon it was his turn to go up on the stage. He walked up onto stage and, as the members were organized from youngest to oldest, met the first member, Taehyung. At first, the youngest seemed to have been in shock from seeing Jungkook, but he quickly snapped out of it before giving him a box smile.

After his interaction with Taehyung, Jungkook slowly made his way down the line of the idols until he finally got to Yoongi. Yoongi seemed to have been dazed as he stared at Jungkook almost as if they had met before, but that would be impossible. Jungkook greeted the idol and received no response. He only had a limited amount of time and as he tried to talk to Yoongi, it felt as though he were talking to air. Finally, the guards asked him to step off as he was taking too much time. And even though Yoongi hasn’t said a single thing to the other male, he still turned around to take his leave.

Jungkook shrugged off the hurt he felt at not even getting a single response from the idol and began to turn away, but as he did so, he felt someone grab his arm. He looked over to see Yoongi clutching onto his sleeve as though it would keep him from leaving. He tried to get his arm out of the others grip, but failed to do so. Despite his obvious attempts to get out of the situation, the guards still seemed to think that he wasn’t trying and, once again, told him to move so that another could take his place.

“Sorry, um, the security are telling me to leave. Can you please let me go?” Jungkook looked away and felt his arm drop to his side when the other let go of his limp arm. He saw the idol eye his arm and Jungkook knew what the other probably saw on the appendage knowing that there was only one thing that would make anyone stare. He decided to ignore the broken and sad look in the idols eyes as he moved to leave the stage, but before he could accomplish the task, he felt his feet slip out from underneath himself. Darkness began to consume him as he fell to the ground with a thump.

~~~~~~Yoongi’s Point of View~~~~~~
It had been a long day for the idol. All he wanted to do was get back to the hotel and sleep for an eternity, but he knew that he had to do this before he inevitably would be hustled onto a plane to be hauled back to Seoul.

He mindlessly made jokes with other members as well as sign things and interact with the fans that were attending the fan meet that also acted as a fan sign for a small portion of the guests. He put on the figurative mask that many of the idols wore as he knew that one step out of line could cost him his career.

He honestly didn’t think that anything interesting would happen that night until a fan came up in front of him. Looking up, he made eye contact with a doe eyed, beautiful man that he would honestly have mistaken for an angel if not for the dead look that lingered in the males eyes.

As he examined the boy he started to feel something connect and it solidified the minute the male opened his mouth. He felt a tingling and his mind was telling him to reach out and keep this man in his arms forever. To never let go of the precious young man that had eyes that told a thousand stories and yet told nothing at all. Almost as if there was something missing.

He knew the risk that he was about to make, but he couldn’t let the man go, not without something. Even if he didn’t know what that something was. A relationship? A conversation? Interaction? Or maybe even just to keep the man right where he should be and in his arms. Even if he knew that he probably didn’t deserve the young man, he couldn’t just let him leave. Without thinking for a second more, Yoongi reached out as his hand clasped onto the wrist of the man with too little stories for his age.

The man turned to look at him before trying, and failing to, rip his arm away from the idol and in that second Yoongi finally came back to his senses to realize that the male was telling him something.

“Sorry, um, the security are telling me to leave. Can you please let me go?” The fan asked and Yoongi finally let go. He looked down at the wrist just in time to see angry red lines peeking out from beneath the shirt. He suddenly felt responsible for those cuts. As if he was the one who caused them, but that would be ridiculous. The male was just a fan, they haven’t even met before. Not even a greeting would’ve passed eithers lips if not for him being an idol and the other a fan.

Yoongi wanted to reach out again to stop the male from leaving, but found himself holding onto air. He felt tears well up in his eyes and he wondered why the strange fan never turned to look back at him. He watched as the man walked away before he collapsed. Yoongi saw as the younger male fell to the ground just a few feet from the table with barely a sound.

Another fan had already taken the place of the male, yet Yoongi still ignored them in favor of running over to the unconscious teen that already had a crowd forming around him.

Yoongi forced his way to the front and noticed just how thin the man was. Just how pale and worn out he looked. He might have resembled an angel, but as he laid on the ground, he looked as though he were a child. A child who needed love that the world refused to give. Yoongi found himself wanting to give him that love.

Chapter Text

The suffocating smell of antiseptic made its home in Yoongi's nostrils as he sat in the waiting room of the hospital. He sat, staring at his clasped hands thinking about what he had witnessed just an hour ago.

He couldn’t help remembering the feelings that coursed through his body as he stared down at the unmoving body. It shouldn’t have had such an impact, yet it did. It made him feel as though he would risk it all just for a chance to stay with the mysterious stranger. Just to try and make the stranger's life that much better.

Everything he had worked hard for, he would throw it all away if it meant that he would see the strangers smile. It made no sense to Yoongi. The feelings, the actions, the unspoken words. He hadn’t even met the person for more than a few seconds, and yet the stranger managed to evoke such reactions from the normally stoic idol. Yoongi had felt less emotions towards people he had known for his whole life, yet this person managed to get through all the barriers Yoongi had with just a wave of a hand. He just doesn’t understand it.

He knew that just being at the hospital was a risk for his career. Yet here he was in the waiting room waiting to see the fan. He just knew that he would never forgive himself if he didn’t see the fan alive and well before they moved on to their next location or event.

Yoongi was shaken out of his thoughts by a hand on his shoulder. He looked up into the eyes of Namjoon who likely had just gotten there. A smile played at the youngers lips as he looked down at the elder who seemed to have unconcealed questions lingering in his eyes. Namjoon just smiled down reassuringly at the idol before taking a seat next to the other. Silence consumed the two, but the comfort of the others presence put Yoongi at ease.

Yoongi looked back down at his hands and thought back to the fan sign. He remembered how the paramedics had gotten there ripping the idol away from the fallen boy. Yoongi refused to leave the others side leading him to following the stranger onto the ambulance while the others stayed behind to finish the event.

Low mummering hit Yoongi's ears drawing him once again out of his thoughts. He looked up to see Namjoon speaking to the doctor. Yoongi had barely even noticed him leaving his side. Yoongi could hardly hear what they were conversing about, but he could assume that it had something to do with the doe eyed boy currently laying in a hospital bed.

Namjoon seemed to be frustrated as creases made an appearance on his usually flawless skin. Yoongi was hit with concern at the expression wanting to just get up and join the conversation, but thinking that it wouldn’t be a good idea, stayed where he was waiting for Namjoon to join his side once again.

Namjoon eventually turned around and sat back in his original seat.

“This fan is worrying me. I swear, I never thought I would ever see someone who was rejected by their soulmate in real life, but I guess I was wrong.” Namjoon spoke with a somber tone that really made reality seep into the two males.

“What do you mean?” Yoongi spoke harshly as his worry for the fan increased.

“I mean that the fan, Jungkook, was rejected by his soulmate, or so his records state. In addition, the doctor told me that they found evidence of abuse and self-harm on the boys body. They have him hooked up to an IV because he fainted from malnutrition and dehydration which leads to the assumption that the kid also has an eating disorder of some kind or doesn’t take care of himself. The doctor isn’t even supposed to disclose this information to me, but considering that the boy had no contacts or anyone the hospital could contact, we are literally the only people here for him. This is concerning, Yoongi. I don’t want to leave him here alone. I don’t even know the kid, but I know that I want to help him.”

“I feel the same way, Joonie. I just can’t believe this, we can’t leave him by himself.” Yoongi placed his head in his hands feeling exasperated at the turn of events. He never thought that he would be in a situation where he would want to take in someone who was a fan of their group. Particularly someone who obviously has a bad past.

“I know. I just have to think of something. I’ll have to talk to the managers to see if we could possibly take him in and move him to our apartment in Seoul. It’ll be a big change for him, but we have to do something.”

Yoongi nodded agreeing with Namjoon. If taking in this ‘Jungkook’ would save him from feeling miserable, something that he has felt, ironically, since they first debuted, then he would take it. Those few seconds he had with the other male made him feel whole, like he had found the missing piece that would pick up the pieces to his life.

Namjoon stood and made his way to the managers who had arrived just a few minutes ago. This was when Yoongi noticed the presence of the rest of the band. They all had curious looks on their faces as they stared at Yoongi. Yoongi just looked away ignoring their looks.

The group hadn’t seen this much emotion coming from Yoongi even during the time in which they were trainees. Even then, the emotions they did see during their training days were all negative. Now the group saw Yoongi have expressions of sadness, worry, and concern. Which, while in their own way still negative, were still able to show how Yoongi somehow cared about the fan currently passed out in a bland hospital room.

Namjoon walked back over to Yoongi with a smile adorning his face. He looked happy and content with himself as he slumped back into his seat for the third time that day.

“The managers said that they will arrange for it. Once Jungkook wakes up, we will ask him to live with us.” Namjoon said with the happiest voice that Yoongi had ever heard come from their leader.

After a few hours of sitting in the hospital waiting for any news on Jungkook, Yoongi started to feel a dull pain in his stomach and along his arms. Thinking nothing of it, Yoongi ignored it. That is, until it became a striking pain. Yoongi's face contorted as he looked down at his arm to see little dots of red along his arms. He touched them expecting to feel the cool wetness of blood on his fingers, but when he pulled away, his fingers were completely dry.

Yoongi was so distracted with what was occurring with his arm that he barely noticed the doctor approaching the group of seven and the managers.

“It seems that Jungkook has woken up. You seven can come and visit him since he specifically asked about the group.” The doctor spoke in an emotionless voice that knocked Yoongi out of his little freak out.

The words processed in the rappers brain slower than normally. As the word seeped in, so did realization. Yoongi wasn’t stupid, he can connect the dots. He just couldn’t believe what was happening.

They had found their last link in their soulmate bond.

Chapter Text

Yoongi and the rest of BTS got up from their spots and began to make there way to the room in which Jungkook was held in. Yoongi could barely hold back his frown as the pain in his arm intensified and his stomach raged on against his will.

Although Jungkook was their soulmate, Yoongi hoped that he would not touch the other members. If only to protect them from the raging pain that seems to consume his, and Yoongi's, bodies.

The six members stepped into the white, blinding room and took in the frail, sickly male that laid in the bed in front of them. Jin could barely hold in his gasp at the sights while Yoongi struggled to keep his tears at bay. It felt as if they had found Jungkook too late. As if they should have found him sooner in order to protect him from his pain and himself.

Yoongi approached the bed first reaching out to graze Jungkook's arm only for the appendage to be ripped from his reach. Shocked, Yoongi looked up into Jungkook's eyes just to see fear, pain, shock, and loneliness written in the deep chocolate eyes. The room fell into silence as Jungkook's actions processed within the six members.

Jungkook, upon realizing what he had just done, looked into the eyes of the six shocked faces of his idols. A small ‘sorry’ slipped from his lips. With that one word, the atmosphere seemed to tense.

“You don’t have to apologize.” Yoongi said as he got closer Jungkook. As he came closer, he noticed just how younge the guy was. Just how vulnerable he must have been in the world without his six soulmates watching out for him and his health.

Jungkook looked up and stared into Yoongi's dark eyes. That is, until they were interrupted by an awkward Namjoon.

“Jungkook. Do you want to stay with us in Seoul?”

Jungkook changed the direction of his eyes and looked at the other idol before answering the question.

“I can’t just leave my life in Busan behind.”

At the refusal of the offer Yoongi reached out to grab the smaller boys hand. For once in his life, Yoongi felt as if he found something that he shouldn’t just let go of.

Jungkook turned his eyes to Yoongi's hand intertwined with his. A pang of something filtered through Jungkook's heart making him gasp at the contact as emotions filtered through his body. He hadn’t felt something so warm and cuddly before.

“Please, Jungkook, come with us. I know that it is a lot to ask, but I feel like I can’t lose you. It's almost as if I had lost you once, although impossible, but I can’t stand the thought of not seeing you at least decently well before sending you off to your life. You are in the hospital, it will take a bit of time for you to get back to your normal life anyway,” Yoongi begged through his eyes as he tightened his grip on Jungkook's slack hand, “at least come with us and stay in our dorm for a month. Please. It doesn’t have to be forever, just enough for us to know that you are well and are not going to die through starvation, or worse, yourself.”

Yoongi didn't realize, but tears were slipping from his eyes. All the members stood in shock as they watched their strong willed, unemotional, and cold member break down begging for someone, that they hadn’t even known for long, to stay with them.

At hearing this, Jungkook couldn’t help but tear up himself. He knew that what Yoongi was saying was true. The minute he got out, he would likely not be able to just go straight back into his regular life. Jungkook let his head go up and down singing to the six that he would go with them once he got out of the hospital. Jungkook felt warm arms envelope his small frame. A shudder left him at the warm and unfamiliar feeling.

“Thank you, Jungkook.” Yoongi whispered into his ear only loud enough for Jungkook to hear.

Yoongi pulled away all too soon leaving Jungkook missing the warmth, but quickly focusing on other things such as the six other bodies in the immaculate white room.

The six others looked at him in approval before starting up a conversation. The seven talked about meaningless things and observations. Gone was the tense atmosphere and sadness replaced with happiness, giggles, and laughter. Jungkook preened in the presence of the seven, but even as he looked on at the six faces, he couldn’t help but feel as though he had forgotten something important about the six. Something that could change everything. Letting go of the feeling, Jungkook ignored it in favor of adding onto Taehyung’s jokes.

Eventually, they were interrupted by a knock on the door. They looked to see the doctor staring at the with fond eyes as if basking in the youthful glow that resonated from the seven. The doctor had known that Jungkook was depressed, the cuts on his arms being a testament to that, but looking in on the room, the depression seemed to melt away leaving behind a glowing, shy smile.

“Are you seven his soulmates?” The doctor asked when he noticed the seven staring at him. Six shook their heads as Yoongi ducked his head, refusing to admit to the fact as he didn’t want the revelation to possibly impact the bond that the seven had started to build. The doctor looked confused, but still accepted the answer. “Well, I’m sure that you seven want to know when Jungkook will be allowed out. In which, I would like to inform you that he will be discharged tomorrow morning as we have been notified that you six will be bringing him home or into a space that will monitor his actions so that he doesn’t hurt himself and will get back into better health.”

“Yeah. We will be bringing him back to Seoul with us. Our managers have already sorted out everything, so we will be leaving for Seoul tomorrow night.” Namjoon told the doctor before focusing his attention back onto Jungkook.

The doctor nodded in approval before leaving the room, and the six fell into a comfortable silence.

Jungkook looked at the six idols wondering why they would put so much effort into trying to help someone like him. Someone who was thrown away by their own soulmate, but he eventually let it go in favor of letting his eyes slip shut. He was tired. After all, he is still injured.

As he drifted off to sleep, he couldn’t help but think of his life, of his misfortune. A frown graced his features as he submitted to the black void of sleep.

If only he could see the irony.

Chapter Text

BTS brought Jungkook to Seoul after he was discharged from the hospital. Each member made sure to be careful with the boy that looked as though he would collapse with a single nudge.

The ride to Seoul was silent. Jungkook looked out the window and watched as the scenery slowly changed from Busan to the bustling streets of Seoul. Not a word was spoken the entire time
Dinner was much the same as the ride to Seoul. All the boys stayed silent even if all of the members wanted to start comforting and snuggling the young boy that had somehow managed to land himself within their arms.

They all went to bed with a foreboding feeling ringing within their guts.
That night, Yoongi woke with tears streaming down his face and a scream leaving his lips. He didn’t know what he had just been dreaming about, but it was bad enough to put him into a state of shock. Bile rose in his throat.

His hands came up to scratch at his head as though the pain would mute the torture that was going on in his mind. Flashes of pain, violence, and sadness filtered through his head as sobs shook his body.

He stepped out of his bed and walked down the halls, hoping to get some cold water to distract from the pain that he was experiencing.

He knew that he was dreaming of memories, but he had no clue who’s memories they were. He had never experienced so many painful and cruel emotions as he walked down the long stretch of a hallway.

When he got to the bathroom, he noticed the lights turned on. He knocked on the door before opening it. Their bathroom door didn’t have a lock and all the bandmates were used to others walking in on them, and right now, all Yoongi needed was some place to throw up and be miserable. Even if it was in the company of another member.

The light stung his eyes and as they adjusted, he heard the clattering of metal hit the floor. He looked up to see Jungkook standing in the bathroom with a knife at his feet. Blood trickled down Jungkook's arm, and upon seeing the red fluid, Yoongi immediately woke up.

He rushed to the first aid kit and grabbed the gauze. He rushed to wrap the man's arm and stop the bleeding. He didn’t even realize when he began to cry.

It wasn’t until a thumb whipped away his tears that he looked up into Jungkook's lifeless eyes.

“You… care.” Jungkook murmured before his eyes slipped shut and he fell backwards.

Yoongi caught him in time before his head hit the bathtub, but in that moment, it didn’t matter.

Jungkook had already lost consciousness.
Jungkook woke to the concerned mummerings of people around him. He groaned and tried to shut it all out and go back to sleep. That plan, however, was crossed out when someone began to shake him.

“Please Jungkook. Please wake up.” Came a voice. “We can’t lose you after just meeting you. Please wake up.”

Jungkook's eyes slipped open and he stared into Yoongi's eyes. The minute he did so, he felt himself being engulfed in warmth and love, something that he had never experienced before.

He heard Yoongi repeating something and he focused in order to hear what the man was saying. And to his surprise all that was slipping from Yoongi's lips was the words. “Thank you.”

Jungkook felt a pair of lips and delicately on his head.

“Thank you.”

It was then that Jungkook decided that he would live, if not for himself, for the men that seemed to care about his meaningless life.
A week had passed and Jungkook had finally began to adjust to his new lifestyle. BTS couldn’t stop their schedule, so, with a lot of protest, they had to continue on with preparing for a comeback.

Throughout the week, Yoongi had noticed something off with all the members. They all walked around sluggishly and with a sense of dread whenever night came. As though they were scared to go to sleep. He, as well, walked around with the same dread filling his gut.

It wasn’t until Yoongi woke to the screams and cries of one of the other members that he understood that it wasn’t just him suffering from the horrible night terrors.

Even though they weren’t detailed, the dreams were bad enough to freak out the entire band. The only one that seemed to be saved from the nightmares was their newest addition, and for that they were grateful.
Months passed until finally, for the first time, Yoongi uncovered the truth through an extremely violent and vivid dream.

The minute he woke up, only one name was on his lips:


And it was in that moment that he knew that he would never be able to make it up to Jungkook. He would have to go through his life trying and failing to forgive himself for something that Jungkook couldn’t even remember.

Despite how selfish it was, he wished that he had never met the man named Jeon Jungkook, but this feeling was quickly outweighed by relief. Relief at knowing the Jungkook was now safe and that nothing like that would ever happen to him again.
It didn’t take long for the other members to be haunted with the same vivid terrors that were clear enough reveal exactly what had happened. Some of them got it worse, while others were saved from the brunt of the terrifying memories.

They all kept it hidden from Jungkook. Meanwhile, Jungkook finally got what he had always wanted: a home.

And the members worked hard to keep it as that. They were his shield from the world even if they weren’t there in the past. They were his saviors even if they no longer viewed themselves as such.

They knew that they would spend the rest of their lives making it up to the single man that they had let down. The single man that had only tried to find acceptance in the dark, bleak world.