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My Own Masterpiece (On Your Skin)

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It has been a month since the group meeting has happened. The members were so affectionate and careful with him, he loved it. He could confidently say that the were his boyfriends too. They had also filmed for their debut and it was set to be posted in a couple days and he couldn’t be more excited (though it had taken the makeup noonas so much foundation to cover up the colors the members left so often).

Changkyun could also say that their relationship was very stable. They talked out each others’ feelings at least once a week and it seemed to be going well. Well… that is if they could work out their jealousy. If the colors had faded and weren’t replaced by new marks (which was a rare occurrence) they members made it a competition to see who could be the first to make as much of their color appear on Changkyun’s skin as possible. It was like a turf war with Changkyun’s skin being the area they need to cover. Changkyun just let it happen, ignoring their true intentions and paying attention to the affection they gave him instead.

Today was one of those days. Changkyun skin was mostly clear and the boys had first noticed when he had come fresh out the shower. There were faint red and silver marks on his hands and arms, and the yellow-orange was so faded it looked like discolored skin (which it was, technically, but let’s not get into technicalities).

Hyungwon and Wonho were watching a drama rerun on the couch when they had saw Changkyun. They had given each other a look before dashing towards an unsuspecting maknae. Hyungwon’s long legs had given him an upper hand but Wonho used his advantage against the light turtle member. Strength. Wonho had shoved Hyungwon off his path to leave oceans across Changkyun’s skin and made it to him first.

“HAH, I’m first!” Wonho triumphantly reached out for the maknae but was cut off when someone had stolen him away. Hyungwon smirked as he pushed himself off the ground. “You seemed to forget I had my phone with me. I texted the group chat about him.” He said smugly.

Wonho could only gape as Kihyun as he lead Changkyun over into his room. “Let’s get your hair dried, Baby. We wouldn’t want you getting sick now would we?” Silver spread up and down Changkyun’s bare arms and Kihyun threw a victorious look at them over his shoulder.

Kihyun’s hands made their way from his arms to his waist, spreading around Changkyun’s bare upper body, before disappearing behind their room door. Wonho and Hyungwon quickly recovered and both of them walked off to plot their next plan of action.


Meanwhile in Changkyun and Kihyun’s (and also Jooheon and Minhyuk’s) shared room, Kihyun had sat him down on Minhyuk’s bed and pulled out a hair dryer. Kihyun turned around to grab an extra towel to drape across the youngest’s shoulders, but when he had turned back around, Jooheon and Minhyuk arrived and latched onto Changkyun. Jooheon had taken his left and Minhyuk his right, looking like two koalas fighting over the same eucalyptus branch.

Kihyun clicked his tongue in annoyance, glaring at the two beagle members. Jooheon grinned mischievously at his hyung. “What wrong, hyung? Weren’t you gonna dry Kyunnie’s hair?” Minhyuk also had a crooked grin on his face as he and Jooheon let their hands roam.

Yellow-orange and red flowed across Changkyun’s shoulders and body, running along his stomach and disappearing beneath the towel that was still loosely wrapped around his waist. Kihyun was irked the entire time; he ruffled around Changkyun’s soft dark chocolate hair, hot air from the hair dryer was a constant feeling against the maknae’s head.

Once Kihyun had determined that Changkyun’s hair was dry, he turned off the hair dryer and put it away, along with the towel. He glanced at Changkyun’s face noticing halfway through the session his head lolled onto Minhyuk’s shoulder.

When he peeked around Minhyuk’s body (When did he get on Minhyuk’s lap?), Changkyun had fallen asleep. His eyes were barely closed and he mumbled a garbled “hyung..?” Kihyun had cooed softly as his pinched Changkyun’s cheek, silver smeared across his right cheek.

None of them had wanted to wake him up, considering the busy schedules they'd had since their debut was so close. They gently coaxed him into a pair of boxers and one of Jooheon’s oversized hoodies and tucked Changkyun into Minhyuk’s bed.


When Changkyun woke up, he realized then wasn’t on his bunk and the view was a lot lower. After a bit of looking around, he deducted that he was in Minhyuk's bed. Also notable that none of the other members who slept in this room were in sight. After a bit of searching, he found his phone and squinted at the bright display. It read 1:27pm. He sat up, rubbing his eyes tiredly., and somehow found the strength to step out of the warm covers and stumble to the living room, where he was promptly pulled into someone’s lap.

He looked up to see the leader’s smile and just went limp in his lap. He sat with his eyes closed (not really helping the fact that he was about to fall asleep again), letting his hyung run his hands up and down his arms and experiencing what felt like invisible water flood over his thighs where they touched Shownu’s. The green mesmerized him and he slowly drifted back to sleep before hearing a slightly shrill voice. “Baby! You’re awake!”

Kihyun rushed to Changkyun and the piercing sound immediately woke him up again.

“No more sleeping, Kyunnie. You been asleep all morning and you need to eat.” Kihyun nagged.

Kihyun dragged his still fatigued body up from Shownu, tugged his body over to their dining table, and sat him down. After a couple minutes, Kihyun came back out of the kitchen with a plate of pancakes and took a seat next to Changkyun. He told Kihyun that he was full within minutes. Kihyun just frowned at him, out of the 5 pancakes he had given the maknae had only eaten 1 and a half.

Wonho walked in at that moment. He approached the quite distressed looking Kihyun and the just woken up Changkyun.

“What wrong Kihyun-ah?” Wonho asked as he sat down in the seat on Changkyun’s other side.

“Changkyun won’t eat,” Kihyun reported to him.

Wonho looked at Changkyun but the maknae was avoiding his gaze.

“...Am I in trouble hyung?” Changkyun whispered, looking up at Wonho and Wonho couldn’t help it. His heart melted and pulled Changkyun into his lap.

“You’re not in trouble, baby,” crooned Wonho. “We just want to make sure you’re not starving yourself. How about I feed you the rest of the pancakes, hm?”

Changkyun giggled as Wonho tickled his sides and wriggled around on his lap. Wonho looked pleased with himself as he had made Changkyun smile. He picked up the fork and knife, and cut the flat cakes to little pieces to feed them to Changkyun, who hesitated at first, but soon opened his mouth to devour the pancakes.


After Changkyun had finished, both Wonho and Kihyun were done kissing his cheeks and praising him for eating all the pancakes, he made his way back into the living room. There was a new person on the couch alongside Shonwu. Hyungwon and Minhyuk were watching some new movie, and Changkyun marched straight towards them and dropped himself right in-between them.

Both Hyungwon and Minhyuk grunted at the sudden force of Changkyun’s weight. Minhyuk recovered and looked happy as he wrapped his arms around Changkyun’s waist and Hyungwon latched himself on his shoulders.

“What do you think you’re doing, baby?” Hyungwon acknowledged him by pressing a chaste kiss against Changkyun’s temple. Changkyun whined faintly at the nickname, but snuggled closer into the limited space between his two hyungs anyways.

Oceans took over the left side of his body, spreading and mixing with the bright sunshine on his right, and Changkyun couldn’t help but grab both their arms, tracing his own designs into their skin.

Soon, Shownu leaned over to the clumped up boys and rested his head on Minhyuk’s lap and idly wrote random things over Changkyun’s legs. Green made its way around the skin and he loved the feeling.

Eventually Jooheon came back from the studio and Wonho back from the gym.

Jooheon looked exhausted, with bags deep enough to carry all of his equipment in the studio, he turned his attention to the couch and immediately brightened. His posture straightened as he made his way to the couch and laid on Hyungwon’s side. Jooheon lounged himself on Hyungwon’s other leg and interlocked his fingers with Changkyun and kissed the back of the maknae’s hand.

After Wonho had come out of his room in search of Shownu, he noticed the big pile of people on the couch, and couldn’t help but grin as placed himself on the floor next to Shonwu’s right leg. Wonho took it as his liberty to also start spreading purple all across Changkyun’s leg.

Kihyun slumped into the living room after doing all the house chores to find everyone (except him) crowded against Changkyun. A soft expression took over his face and he strided up the the group and stuck his hip out and put his hand on it sassily.

“How come I wasn’t invited to the party?” Kihyun accused without any actual bite to it.

“Couldn’t find you” Jooheon slurred with his eyes closed.

But Kihyun knew that knew none of them tried. He wasn’t mad, he knew this was a spontaneous thing that just happened. He sat down next to Changkyun’s unoccupied leg and leaned his head on the youngest’s knee. Silver flowed down his leg, starting from Kihyun’s head down and the comforting feeling started to make Changkyun drowsy.

Being surrounded by his boyfriends was very comfortable and he let himself fall into a deep sleep. Eventually they all fell under the spell of sleep and honestly,

it was all they could ever ask for.